Chapter 18

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Harry held Voldemort's gaze for a fraction of a second and then pulled away from him,

"I'm not going to spill out my secrets to you. You think that you can just coax me into that false sense of security and make me tell you all my secrets. That's not going to happen because I'm not a child and I'm not weak. Whatever you're trying to do, won't work."

Harry was about to walk away when he felt Voldemort grip his arm. He didn't look at him and continued to stare at the door,

"There is a connection between us. Do you not sense it?"

Harry had felt it. He had felt it every time Voldemort had touched him. Before this, it had been in the form of pain and now it was just unexplainable. He couldn't put it in words. Harry shook his head and spoke,

"Yes, there is a connection between us that you seem to have forgotten. We're enemies. You're supposed to kill me. Neither can live while the other survives."

Voldemort continued to hold onto Harry's arm and observed him. He knew that Harry had felt what he had felt. He was extremely fascinated by it and fully intended to investigate it. Why did Harry make him feel the way he did? He knew that he could say the same about Harry. He had seen it in Harry's eyes. He had seen that conflict of emotions and feelings burning in those emerald orbs. Harry was trying to avoid it. Dumbledore had said that love was Harry's greatest strength but where was that love now? When he had looked at Harry before, he had always seen an irritatingly determined brat who wore his heart on his sleeve and prided himself on it. But this Harry was different. This Harry was closed, bitter and cautious. He finally spoke,

"Harry, just tell me."

Harry shook his head,

"You can't know."

He tried to pull away his arm from Voldemort's grip but to no avail. Harry sighed in frustration and spoke again,

"Let me go."

Voldemort pulled Harry close and forced him back into the chair,

"I shall not be releasing you from here until you tell me."

The chains reappeared and restrained Harry again. Harry closed his eyes and leaned back in it. This was just perfect. Voldemort was back at it again. Why couldn't the bastard just give it up already?

"I'm not going to tell you anything."

Voldemort looked down at Harry and felt slightly amused. Well he would see how long Harry could last in those chains. He had no doubt that Harry would grow tired of them very soon. He finally spoke,

"Do you remember the challenge you set for me?"

Harry knew that Voldemort was talking about. He kept his eyes closed and finally spoke,

"You gave that challenge to yourself."

Voldemort chuckled and Harry felt his finger trace his lips. He wanted to pull away but he couldn't move,

"Do you remember what prize I sought to have in exchange for fulfilling that challenge?"

Harry knew exactly what Voldemort meant and tried to appear as unaffected,

"No, I don't."

Voldemort continued to trace Harry's lips, drew closer to him and bent over him. Harry felt Voldemort's warm breath on his lips but didn't dare open his eyes. His heart was burning with desire. He wanted Voldemort's gentle lips on his own. Where had that desire come from? Harry just couldn't understand why he was feeling the way he was feeling. He tried to remember if he had ever felt this way about Cho or any other girl for that matter. All of that seemed like a lifetime ago. Harry resisted the urge to open his eyes. Seconds turned into minutes and it grew apparent that Voldemort wasn't going to kiss him. Harry grew irritated and opened his eyes to see Voldemort towering over him. His head a few inches away from his,

"Are you going to stand here all day? Because if you are, then can you please not invade my private space and step back a little."

Voldemort chuckled softly,

"You wanted me to kiss you, Harry. You want me to invade your personal space. It is written all over your face."

Harry damned his expressions and his feelings. Had it really shown on his face? He doubted it but maybe it had or maybe Voldemort was just playing games with him again.

Harry looked away and spoke,

"Let me go. You have a job to do and I have a job to do now too. Thanks to you."

Voldemort didn't look away from Harry and neither did he draw back. Harry saw Voldemort's perfectly soft lips through the hindsight and he just wanted to claim them. Maybe he should take the initiative. A second voice in his head suddenly woke up. Maybe he was going insane. What was wrong with him? Why was he feeling this way? Where had all these feelings come from? But the biggest question of them all was, why was he feeling all this for Voldemort, a man? Harry had a hard time coming to terms with that. He had no room for this in his shortened life but he just couldn't ignore the desire, no matter how hard he tried. Maybe it was a one-time thing. Maybe the desire would go away if he fulfilled it now.

Voldemort watched as Harry was completely engrossed in his thoughts. He knew what Harry was thinking. He knew what Harry was going to decide. He wanted to say something but he knew that if he interrupted his thoughts now, Harry would retreat to his bitter self. Finally, Harry turned to look at Voldemort and their gaze met. Voldemort understood what Harry wanted. He could see the desire burning in those emerald orbs and he knew that Harry could see that same desire reflected in his eyes.

Voldemort leaned in, so that his forehead rested against Harry's. They closed their eyes. Both their breaths shook from the exhilaration they both felt. Voldemort gently leaned in and kissed Harry's warms lips. Harry felt a wave of electricity run through his body at the contact. He kept his eyes closed. They pulled apart and drew in shaky, shallow breaths.

Harry somehow knew that Voldemort was feeing exactly what he was. He realized that the chains had vanished from his arms and wrists and he could move. Harry couldn't contain himself anymore. He held Voldemort's head in his hands and pulled him into a fiery and passionate kiss. Everything fell away at that moment. Harry couldn't think at all. Nothing mattered to him except for the fact that Voldemort was reciprocating his desire. This wasn't an act. They weren't playing games anymore. Voldemort arms were wrapped around his neck, holding him close, while his lips crashed against Harry's like a tidal wave hitting the shore.

When they finally pulled apart and opened their eyes. It felt like they had been kissing for an eternity. They stared at each other, deep into each other's eyes. It was as if they were seeing each other for the first some. Voldemort's eyes were full of wonder and affection, Harry's were full of anguish and despair. No words were spoken between them. There was no need for words when their eyes could communicate their feelings so well.

Harry was the first to look away. Voldemort understood that the moment had passed but he wanted more. He needed those lips back on his. He wanted Harry in his arms. His heart had ached when he had seen the anguish in Harry's eyes but he decided not to push it. Harry would tell him everything when he was ready to. He just had to be patient.

Harry watched as Voldemort exited the courtroom in silence. He sighed and moved his fingers through his hair. What had he done? He had kissed Voldemort. But Voldemort had kissed him first. They had kissed each other and they had both enjoyed it. Harry closed his eyes and tears rose in his eyes. His heart ached as he remembered the affection in Voldemort's eyes. Was it really affection? It was, there was no mistaking it. How had this happened? How had they grown so close? How could he have allowed it to happen?

Harry wept. He wept his heart out as he realized that he couldn't have what he wanted. He was going to die and there was no avoiding it.

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