Chapter 93

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He shook his head and pulled off his robes as Harry watched, tongue between his teeth. Then Harry turned and was gone, leaving him to hustle after him. By the time he caught him he was standing in the enormous bedroom, pants discarded, the black fabric of his briefs stark against his pale skin. He licked his lips because he suddenly had the urge to taste every inch of him. Harry chuckled,

"Hey, Hungry Eyes. My face is up here."

His attention snapped up to Harry's face and the smile curving his lips and the glint in his emerald eyes had a mischievous quality to them. Whatever was running through his mind was anything but innocent. He stepped closer to him and grabbed his hips as he sank to his knees and kissed his belly, starting at the ridge of his lowest rib and working down toward his hip. His fingers curled under Harry's briefs as he nuzzled against his warm skin. Harry moaned, sliding his fingers into his hair and muttered,

"Aw damn. There goes my motivation to try out that bed"

He tugged Harry's briefs down, leaving the elastic to hug at Harry's thighs as he bit the tender skin of Harry's hip. Harry exhaled shakily and groaned,


He grinned up at him. He had learnt to take that as a compliment long ago. He had never been on his knees for anyone before but something about Harry made him take an obscene amount of pleasure in doing this. Harry could have anything he wanted as far as he was concerned. He climbed to his feet when Harry urged him to, and Harry's hands wrapped around him, holding him close as they kissed, and Harry turned them until his knees were against the edge of the bed.

He sat hard, dragging Harry to him before he could get away. He kissed Harry's belly and chest as he tugged him to stand between his legs. Harry settled his hands on his shoulders, then slid a finger under his chin and tipped his head back. As he looked up, Harry traced the lines of his face so gently his fingertips barely touched the skin. His emerald eyes were burning up with love and it was a sight he had never thought he'd see. He gazed up at him adoringly, his heat banking under the intimate caress. Harry's fingers trailed down to his throat before pausing.

"Damn, I love you."

He pulled him down and kissed him. He let his lips just slide over Harry's as he guided Harry back into the bed with him. Harry pulled away at the very last moment and the mischief in his eyes made him groan,

"You know I was just thinking."

He rose to his feet. This couldn't be good,

"What were you thinking about?"

Harry took a step closer and rested his hand on his chest,

"You might not be a proper virgin but you're a virgin where it matters, right?"

He raised a questioning eyebrow and Harry sighed,

"I can't imagine you allowing anyone to ever top you."

He couldn't help but feel a bit puzzled by Harry's train of thought. Harry took another step closer and spoke,

"I want to do it."

His shock must have been apparent on his face because Harry chuckled before his expression grew heated again and lust shone in his eyes,

"I want to top you. I want to be the first, the last and the only person to claim you."

Heat rushes down across his flesh straight to his groin. Why was the idea so appealing? He had never let another being dominate him. Why did the thought of Harry claiming him set him on fire? He supposed he should have expected this from Harry. He was anything but compliant and he had a knack for being unpredictable. Harry ran his hands down his body as he murmured,

"Will you let me?"

Harry's soft lips brushed against his. The kiss was needy and vicious. One of his hands slid around the back of his neck to hold him in place as he deepened the kiss. His tongue was hot and powerful as it dominated his mouth. He was about to say something, but Harry's hand squeezed around his cock through his clothes, and the words left him as he unwillingly thrust against him. He gripped Harry's face on both sides and held him in place while he kissed him back hard. Harry's deft fingers were soon unbuttoning his shirt and yanking them down his shoulders. Something about the way he was taking control made him want to give in and he breathed out,


Harry pulled away from his lips and looked him in the eyes for affirmation. He reassured him, and a smile blossomed on Harry's lips as he made quick work of unbuttoning his pants and then pulling them along with his briefs down his legs. He stepped out of them and noticed a bit of doubt on Harry's face,

"Umm…are you really sure?"

He cupped his cheeks and spoke,

"More than anything else."

Harry ducked his head and murmured,

"I've never done this before."

He lifted his chin and pressed a light kiss to his forehead,

"I am certain that your instinct will guide you."

Harry held his gaze and spoke,

"What if I hurt you?"

He shook his head and with a flick of his wrist conjured a bottle of lube. He handed it to Harry and Harry finally grinned when he looked down to see what it was,

"Use it well."

Harry finally broke into raucous laughter that filled the room and lit it up,

"Seriously, that's the worst thing you've ever said to me."

He was about to take a step back when Harry pulled him back towards him and spoke,

"I appreciate your trust."

He couldn't help but smile at that and kissed Harry again. When they parted Harry was back to his confident self,

"You can have your turn after I'm done."

He licked his lips at the prospect. He couldn't wait for that to happen. Harry must have read the desire on his face because he flashed him a smouldering grin. That smile was pure sin, but he knew that it would get him whatever the hell he wanted. He couldn't help but feel that he was in trouble. Harry reached up and gripped the side of his neck. Their mouths fused together again and all the apprehension disappeared. When Harry kissed him, he made him lose himself in him.

They kissed until he was dying for release. Harry finally pulled away, and his voice was husky and demanding as he growled,

"Get on the bed, Lover."

He ran his fingers through his hair and attempted to shake away the nerves and the disbelief. He had never even dreamt of this and it was happening. He had always imagined himself on top in each and every fantasy he'd had. This was just…bizarre and against everything he was but it didn't feel wrong, so it must be right. He had told Harry he would give him anything he wanted and if Harry wanted this then he would give him this. Harry grumbled and gave him a shove onto the bed,

"Lover. Get on your knees and let me claim you."

Harry's words fuelled the fire that had been burning inside him and his cock jolted,

"I never imagined you would be so domineering in the bedroom."

Harry smirked and winked,

"If it's any consolation, I never imagined it either. But now that I know what it feels like, I can tell you that I love being in charge."

He couldn't help but grumble,

"So do I."

He climbed onto the bed and eyed Harry over his shoulder. He was absolutely gorgeous. He was running his fingers through his hair and trying to hide his nervousness, but it showed in his lean frame and his eyes. Harry's lips quirk up on one side,

"Anyone ever tell you that you have a nice ass?"

He snorted,

"Anyone would only say that If they wished to perish."

Harry growled,

"Bend over, Lover."

His nerves were tight with anticipation, but he obeyed because Harry had him just about ready to explode with his orgasm. He mentally chided himself for being so weak, but resistance was futile when it came to Harry. The bed dipped as Harry climbed on behind him. His palm was warm on his back and he craved more of that warmth,

"Relax, Lover. This is going to feel good."

Harry sounded like he was trying to reassure himself more than he was trying to comfort him. He exhaled and nodded as Harry popped open the cap on the lube. The sound unnerved him, and he wondered if he should have used magic instead. Harry rubbed the tip of his finger down the crack and a shiver rumbled through him. Harry was oddly silent and it was apparent that he was focusing very hard on getting this right. Gently, he pushed his finger inside. It didn't hurt…just felt different…very very different. When he started moving it in and out, he couldn't help but let out a hiss of air. It felt good…it felt very good. He was beginning to understand why so many of his death eaters had been eager to jump into his bed,

"Do you like that, Lover?"

There was a hint of doubt in Harry's voice and he had to reassure him that it was fine. He groaned and pushed back against his finger, meeting him thrust for thrust,

"It feels exquisite, but I want more."

Harry laughed softly and pressed a kiss to his back,

"I have to prepare you before you start begging me for my cock. Oh, and I did tell you that there will be a lot of begging involved."

Harry's confidence was intoxicating. He was about to retort but then Harry started working another finger inside and stole his breath. It burned a little, but he enjoyed it. The jolts of pleasure zapping through him from deep within reassured him that this was right and nothing else mattered in this moment. He was Harry's and Harry was his in this moment. That was the only thing that mattered.

Harry prepped him in some magical way that had him pinching himself to pull himself away from the edge of orgasm. He wanted to save it for his turn. He would get his turn. Harry spoke teasingly, his free hand affectionately gripping his hip,

"You won't kill me if I tell you that your ass was made for me, right?"

He growled, and Harry chuckled,

"I'm going to try another finger."

He tensed in anticipation, which only made him completely aware of the foreign fingers inside him. With a deep breath, he relaxed again just as Harry started pushing another digit inside him. He cursed verbally as a thrilling shudder coursed through him. Harry stilled and caressed his lower back as he spoke, his voice low and husky,

"I'm so turned on right now."

He glanced over his shoulder, and sure enough, raw lust was shining bright in his emerald eyes. He was so close, and he was afraid that his orgasm would overwhelm if before Harry was even inside of him. He ground out

"Harry, I'm ready."

Harry smirked, which made a fresh wave of pleasure surge through him,

"Patience, Lover. You know it's going to hurt."

Harry slid his fingers out of him, and he felt so empty. Harry's palm slapped his ass, and for a moment he was shocked to the core before he regained his composure and glared at him over his shoulder, Harry laughed,

"Calm down, Lover. You'll get your turn to pay me back."

He heard the lid snapping open again and then after a while he felt Harry's tip start rubbing against his entrance. He groaned because he knew that Harry was purposefully tormenting him, and he didn't have the patience for it. He wanted him. All of him. Harry growled,

"So eager. You're driving me absolutely crazy."

Harry pushed slowly into him and a delicious fire burnt through him as he entered him inch by slow inch. It was too much but not enough. He wanted it. He wanted it all. Harry slid the rest of the way in and then paused. The sensation was intense and sent ripples of pleasure zapping through him. His body was on fire and he wondered if Harry could feel the heat. He had never felt this good. He had never experienced pleasure like this before. It made everything all the more perfect. Harry was made for him and to have this with him only served to reinforce the love he felt for him. The sound of Harry coughing forced him out of his thoughts but before he could ask him if he was alright, he slammed into him, effectively cutting off the words, and he roared as he fisted the sheets. Pain mixed with pleasure pulsates through him. It intoxicated him. Each time Harry thrusts forward, he nailed that sweet spot inside of him and he nearly came. He pinched himself again. He didn't want to come yet.

Their groans and moans echoed in the massive room. Harry went slow at first but when he grew fairly certain that he wasn't hurting him, his strokes grew more purposeful. He thrust into him hard and without apology and he didn't want it any other way. Pleasure built up within him…deep inside him…and he grew closer and closer to the edge…But, the thought of having Harry underneath him gave him the control he needed, and he exhaled and staved off his climax.

Harry cried out over him as he came inside him, and his fingers dug into his back. It was intense and felt absolutely amazing. He clenched his ass which made him hiss, and a grin pulled at his lips. He may be under him, but he liked that he could control his cock with one simple movement. Harry pulled out suddenly and collapsed on the bed beside him. His body was flushed, his eyes were closed, and his breathing was choppy. He winced as he turned on his side and ran his fingers through Harry's tousled raven black locks. A lazy kiss blossomed on Harry's lips and he spoke,

"I think I just lost my mind. Give me a minute to find it."

He caressed Harry's cheek and then traced his finger down his neck. A soft moan escaped Harry's lips and his eyelids fluttered open, revealing his gorgeous eyes that were filled to the brim with satisfaction,

"Can't wait for your turn?"

He shook his head and Harry grinned. He rolled them into the middle of the mattress, getting Harry under him. Harry stretched out, spreading his arms over his head and pulling one knee up.

He stared for a moment, entranced, and Harry closed his eyes and let his hand travel down his own body, palm sliding over his inner thigh as he arched his back. Harry purred,

"I'm still not sure about the bed though."

He moved his hand from his thigh onto the mattress. He grabbed the bottle of lube from where Harry had dropped it and growled,

"Allow me to assure you."

His breathing was harsh, and he was painfully hard. He ran his fingers up the inside of Harry's thigh, urging him to spread his legs wider, and then he kissed the inside of Harry's knee. Harry moaned out,


He hummed as he dragged his tongue up the inside of Harry's thigh. Harry breathed hard through his nose, laid his head back, and closed his eyes, so he pushed one of Harry's legs to the side, kissing his neck as Harry opened up for him. Harry's silent submission was enough to snap his patience and he prepared Harry as swiftly as possible. When he was absolutely sure that he wouldn't hurt Harry, he gave into his desire, and started thrusting into him, past the clenching muscles and in deep despite the resistance from Harry's body. Harry cried out in agonized pleasure, body bowing and writhing. Heat coursed through him, and he grabbed at the sheets above Harry's head as Harry pulled both knees up and squeezed at his waist, laying himself open and letting him take complete control.

He worked his hips until he was buried inside Harry, and then he stretched out over Harry to cover his hands. They laced their fingers together. He breathed against Harry's lips,

"I love you."

Harry managed through an overwrought groan,

"If you knew half the things I want you to do to me tonight…"

He pressed a kiss to the corner of his mouth,

"So, tell me. But I have a feeling that this will not last long if you do."

Harry pulled his knee higher and hooked his ankles at the small of his back and moaned out,

"It has to last."

Harry was completely hard again and looked like he was tethering on the edge of climax. With a grunt of effort, he flipped them over, and Harry wound up astride him, His hands grasping his thighs. He pulled up his knees behind Harry and used the angle to thrust into him.

Harry's back arched as he rode his cock, rolling his hips and groaning. His eyes closed, and his head fell back as he rocked deep inside him. He insisted as he gripped Harry's hips,

"Open your eyes, Love,"

Harry forced his eyes open and met his gaze, rolling his hips and whimpering. Harry's body shook as he lifted up and sat down again, knowing just how to get what he wanted. He slowed his rhythm, either trying to stave off the orgasm or torture him. Possibly both.

It was what he wanted to see and feel and hear, that inevitable snap of intense pleasure when Harry lost all control. Harry's body trembled over him, his breathing coming in gasps and pants. He had to fight with every ounce of control he had not to come inside Harry as he watched.

Harry maintained their gaze as long as he could, but he closed his eyes and cried out when the orgasm hit him again and he curled over. He held on to him as the climax ripped through him, keeping Harry in place while he thrust his hips up over and over, claiming Harry through it, jutting into those pulsing muscles until he couldn't stand it any longer and rolled Harry onto his back again. He took him hard and fast, forcing him into the mattress, hiding his face in Harry's neck, until he was yelling as well, his body jerking in Harry's tight embrace as he came in a series of loud and entirely gratuitous moans.

He collapsed against him once he'd spent himself. He was careful as he pulled out, kissing Harry so he could taste Harry's gasp when he pulled free, then rolling sideways with a plaintive huff. Harry rolled with him, still panting as he kissed him desperately. Their lips mashed and tongues got caught between teeth, but they kept at each other like they'd been starving for it. Harry finally stopped it by catching his chin in one hand and spoke breathlessly

"It's okay. I'm never going to leave you again, I promise."

He rubbed his nose and cheek against Harry, eager to just feel and smell him there so close. He was finally his,

"I love you."

Harry kissed him again,

"I will never get tired of hearing that. I love you too."

Harry drew him to himself, not paying any mind to the mess of cum splattered between them.

They lay quietly for a while as their breathing calmed, and he felt Harry smile against his cheek. Harry sighed as he looked up at the ceiling, and then he rolled onto his side and pushed himself back against him in a silent demand that he be cuddled,

"Did I manage to assure you about the bed?"

Harry shrugged and made an uncertain, almost negative sound as he snuggled into his arms,

"I don't know."

He pressed a kiss to Harry's head,

"You are still uncertain. I think I shall have to replace it since it has failed to satisfy you."

Harry buried his face into his chest and spoke innocently,

"I'm just saying. I think we should check it out again…you know…just to be sure before you replace it."

He held Harry close to him and sighed fondly,

"You are insatiable, and I utterly adore it."