Chapter 103

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Harry leaned back in his seat and spoke,

"You're going to wear a hole in the floor if you keep up with your furious pacing."

Voldemort paused and stepped closer to him,

"Harry, I…"

The door opened, and Deus stepped in looking as timid and coy as ever. Harry crooked his finger at him and he stepped closer to the desk,

"Tell him all about what happened yesterday."

Deus looked at him for a moment and then asked uncertainly,


Harry grinned,

"Yeah, all about Dumbledore's visit."

He knew Deus would get the point. Voldemort glared at Deus and barked,

"Well, get on with it."

Harry got up to his feet, pulled Voldemort down in the chair and then settled into his lap,

"There's no need to be so grumpy, Lover. You know Deus is very sensitive."

Voldemort grumbled,

"Yes, well, you should not have hired him then."

Harry pecked him on the cheek playfully,

"Don't be so harsh. Deus is the perfect assistant."

He turned to Deus and cooed,

"Don't let him bring you down. He's just in a terrible mood."

Deus started narrating yesterday's events and he watched as Voldemort listened avidly. All through it, he felt his grip tighten on him, as if he was afraid that Dumbledore would step through that door again and hurt him or steal him away. When Deus was done, Voldemort beckoned him closer,

"Show me your memories."

Harry knew that Deus could easily manipulate memories, so he wasn't really worried. He was about to get up from Voldemort's lap, but Voldemort wrapped an arm around his waist and inquired,

"Where do you think you're going?"

Harry smirked,

"I have work to do and you do too. You're back after so many days, I'm sure your death eaters are dying to meet you."

Voldemort held onto him tight and pulled him back to his chest,

"And what makes you think that I shall allow you to leave my sights?"

Harry ran his fingers through his hair,

"Because I know you won't deny me anything."

Voldemort rested his forehead against his,

"I can deny you this. I am allowed to be protective of you."

Harry clicked his tongue,

"You're allowed to be protective not overprotective."

Voldemort sighed and ran a thumb over his lips,

"I love you. Please just stay here in my arms. For my peace of mind…Please…"

Harry nodded softly and kissed him on the lips,

"I love you too and I will never deny you anything either."

Voldemort smirked, and Harry rested his head against his shoulder and summoned a file while Voldemort watched Deus's memories of yesterday. When Voldemort was done, Harry spoke,

"Get something to drink, Deus. You look pale as a ghost."

Deus settled down on the couch and downed the glass of water in one. When he looked better, Harry asked,

"What's on my agenda today?"

Deus conjured a folder and began going through it before asking,

"Now that the Dark Lord has returned, your schedule is empty, Sir."

Voldemort laughed softly and pressed a kiss to his head,

"That means that you have the entire day to rest."

Harry closed the file and spoke,

"I guess."

Deus conjured the envelope Dumbledore had left yesterday and offered it to Voldemort,

"I checked it for curses and other enchantments, My Lord. There was nothing."

Voldemort took the envelope and ran his own tests over it just to be sure. When Voldemort was done, Harry snatched it from his hands and opened it up to pull out a card. He read through it quickly and spoke,

"We're definitely going there tomorrow night."

Voldemort's hold on him turned almost painful and he gritted out,

"No, this has all the markings of a trap. You are not going anywhere near him…Not in your current condition. What makes it worse is that the old bastard knows all about it."

Harry cursed loudly and spoke,

"What do you mean by my current condition? I have cancer…it's not going to get any better…it can only get worse…"

He coughed, and Voldemort pulled him to his chest and rubbed his back gently,

"Harry, you have to understand that he can hurt you."

Harry pushed him away and got up to his feet,

"It's not like I'm asking you to let me go alone. You'll be with me. And I'm perfectly capable of protecting myself but, if for some reason I can't then you'll protect me, right? You said you would."

Voldemort got up to his feet and the defeat was evident from his crimson eyes,

"If I say yes, would you please relax."

Harry raised an eyebrow and crossed his arms over his chest,

"Say yes then. Say that you'll take me because I can't bear to let Dumbledore think that I'm terrified of him. I want to show him that I have you…that we're stronger together…that we'll defeat him together."

Voldemort pulled him into his arms and murmured against his ear,

"Yes, I shall take you to the ball tomorrow night."

Harry wrapped his arms around him,

"I love you so much…so bloody much…"

Voldemort ran his hands down his arms and whispered softly,

"I love you more. I worry about you…You need to let me take care of you."

Harry closed his eyes,

"I'm all yours."

He coughed again and fisted Voldemort's robes as his chest and stomach ached. He wanted to curl over and Voldemort must have read his thoughts because he was instantly pulling him down on the couch and laying him down. He curled up instantly to relieve some of the pain and felt Voldemort rubbing his back and pressing kisses against his head,

"Breathe, my Love…"

He realized that he wasn't breathing and struggled to get some air into his lungs. When he felt stable enough, he sat up straight and noticed how pale Voldemort and Deus looked,

"I'm…I'm okay…I'm breathing…"

Voldemort pulled him to his chest immediately. Harry looked at Deus and spoke,

"I want you to have my will drawn up today."

He sounded hoarse. He felt weak…exhausted...like he would fall asleep if he closed his eyes…That was definitely not a good sign,

"Take me to Rabastan's place."

He didn't know where the request came from but now that he had voiced it, he wanted it. Voldemort gathered him in his arms before picking him up and addressing Deus,

"Cancel everything."