Chapter 113

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Harry sat curled up in Voldemort's lap by the fire in the middle of the forbidden forest surrounded by death eaters, vampires, werewolves and the rest of their allies. He just knew that Dumbledore wouldn't show up. He was sure that Voldemort knew that too. Voldemort ran his fingers through his hair soothingly and murmured,

"Stop fretting, Love. I have told you that victory shall be ours regardless of the fact that Dumbledore surrenders or not."

He nodded silently and Voldemort pressed a kiss to the top of his head. The venomous glares he received stung his skin Sometimes, he couldn't believe that this was the same Voldemort who'd so openly hated him, who'd tortured him in that graveyard in front of all his death eaters. Today, he was displaying his affection so openly. He was being so tender with him in front of everyone who might have never considered him capable of it. He tipped his head back and pressed a brief kiss to Voldemort's lips,

"Whatever happens, I love you…I'll always love you…"

Voldemort's crimson eyes instantly glossed up with tears but he saw the way he clenched his jaw to hold them back,

"Yes, you will. We have an eternity to spend together and I am the only one you are allowed to love."

He closed his eyes and nuzzled his head into Voldemort's chest. The sound of the fire crackling and everyone's chattering proved to be the best background noise for him to relax. Voldemort continued to stroke his hair and spoke gently,

"Sleep, Harry."

He shook his head and fought it off. No…Voldemort didn't know what he was telling him to do. He wouldn't be able to wake up if he drifted off now. Voldemort tightened his arm around his waist and spoke,

"Nothing is going to happen to you…Nothing…I shall not allow it."

He turned his head and Voldemort kissed his lips again, renewing his will to live, revitalizing his soul, breathing life back into him and anchoring him down to this plane. Nicholai came to stand beside them and cleared his throat. Voldemort pulled his lips away from his before regarding Nicholai coldly. Nicholai spoke,

"The hour is nearly up."

Harry felt the way Voldemort visibly tensed against him,

"You should be glad about that, Nicholai. If the battle resumes, you shall get another chance to sate your unquenchable blood lust."

Nicholai nodded and spoke,

"That is all well and good but my people have suffered losses and I want compensation for that."

He rose to his feet and faced Nicholai,

"Compensation? You want compensation? Must I remind you of what I'm capable of? Must I reveal all the ways I humiliated you to your people? I'm sure they'll appreciate you a lot as a leader when they hear all about the ways I had you chained up and starved…."

Nicholai passed him a withering gaze. Harry was about to retort when darkness veiled his vision and he felt his knees give out. When his vision returned, he was out of breath and his heart was jack rabbiting in his chest. Voldemort was holding him tight in his arms,

"Harry, please. You need to rest. You need to breathe…"

He drew in several deep gulps of air and clutched Voldemort's robes tight. Nicholai spoke derisively,

"You're nothing now, Harry."

Voldemort clutched him tight and was about to say something when he clamped his hand over his mouth,

"No, Lover."

They couldn't afford to lose Nicholai's alliance now…not at this point. Voldemort was about to pull his hand away but he implored him with his eyes. Voldemort pressed a kiss to his palm and he slowly pulled his hand away. Voldemort finally spoke,

"I'm taking you back to the shrieking shack."

He wanted to argue. He wanted to accompany him but the way he'd just passed out...It wasn't viable. They were just about to apparate when the cracking of twigs and approaching footsteps caught their attention. Footsteps…They were far too many and Harry instantly knew that something was wrong. He pushed Voldemort down to the ground and collapsed over him just as a volley of flying curses swished over their heads.

Voldemort gripped his arm tight and tried to apparate but they were trapped. How could they have expected Dumbledore to play fair? Voldemort looked at him and the fear in his eyes just said at all. He tried drawing a portal but that didn't work either. Finally, he cupped his face and spoke,

"Don't worry about me."

Voldemort looked like he wanted to argue but he nodded his head silently before rising to his feet. Harry got up with him, The adrenaline pumping through his veins was the only thing keeping him on his feet at the moment. It took him everything he had in him to unleash the magic, Deus had taught him. The feeble cloud of black smoke that flowed out of his hands was soon joined by a more powerful and Harry looked to his side and found Deus standing by his side. With Deus's help, he maneuvered the smoke and watched with extreme satisfaction as their opponents choked to death on it. He ran his gaze around, looking for Voldemort and spotted him deeply engaged in a duel with Dumbledore.

Deus tugged at his arm, pulling his attention back to the battle that was going on all around him. It took them a while but they managed to enslave most of the order members while the rest were killed. The only duel that was still going on was between Voldemort and Dumbledore. Harry saw the strain showing on Voldemort's face and sought to help him but he didn't want to break his concentration. But if this went on, Harry was sure that Dumbledore would win. He tried to use his magic to intervene but it didn't work. When he looked beside him, the hopeless look on Deus's face told him that he'd attempted it as well. A wicked grin lit up Dumbledore's face and Harry's heart sank. No…No…No...It took everything he had inside him to shout out,