Chapter 98

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Harry leaned against the dungeon wall and stared at Bella and Nicholai's chained forms. Voldemort had been working day and night to concoct a potion for him and he'd taken his first dose about a week ago. Voldemort hadn't told him the ingredients, but Harry knew that it contained unicorn blood because they'd been discussing it and he'd very firmly said no to using it. But seeing the fear and apprehension in Voldemort's eyes had made him drink it up. The point was that it was making him feel much better and stronger. But Voldemort had been gone for a week now, looking for a cure for him or a means of immortality. Harry wanted to travel with him, but Voldemort had declined and left him with Deus. He missed the man desperately.

He stepped closer to Bella and cupped her cheek. She was gaunt and emaciated. Her once blood red lips were now colourless and her hair were a right mess. He snapped his fingers and his sword appeared in his hand. Deus had been teaching him all sorts of useful things and now he didn't really feel like he lacked magic,

"I'm so sorry, I couldn't come earlier, Bella. I've just been so busy."

He raised his hand and showed her the ring and watched excitedly as her eyes widened,

"Guess who gave that to me?"

Bella's nostrils flared, and she would have been screaming in rage, if she hadn't been gagged but Harry wasn't in the mood for a headache,

"That's right, Bella. He's mine forever now and you can't ever have him."

Bella struggled against the chains and Harry laughed,

"To be honest, you never stood a chance, Bella dear."

Harry grabbed her throat and squeezed it until her eyes bulged,


He kept his tone gentle as he plunged the sword into her side. Bella tensed. Eyes widening, body shuddering. Muffled screams rumbled behind her covered mouth.

"Come on, Bella. Don't be like that. Where's your arrogance now?"

Harry curved his mouth as he stared at her,

"This is a kindness."

He pulled the sword out slowly and took a step back to see the inhumanely hungry expression on Nick's face at the sight of Bella's blood,

"Don't worry, Nick. I won't let you die. You can have all of her when I'm done with her."

He turned his attention back to Bella and watched as her body shook and her throat worked. He made a few shallower cuts over her arms and face and revelled in her muffled agonized screams.

Once he was done, he surveyed his handiwork. Bella's blood coated the dark blade, dripping small dots onto the floor next to his feet. The sight of blood loosened the tight grip on his chest, but not by much. That brick of guilt over Rabastan's death sitting in his stomach wouldn't ever go away.

The choking sounds Bella made commanded Harry's attention, so he refocused on her,

"You have a few minutes left. Don't fight. Let it happen, because it will."

He made a few more cuts and waited. Bella's muffled wheezing echoed. Death was taking a mighty long time to come for that one and that was a good thing. He wanted to prolong her suffering. Tears blurred his vision as Rabastan's memories played on the forefront of his mind but he refused to wipe them away. The sound of footsteps made him freeze. Even Bella's agonized sounds faded quickly. With his back to the entrance, Harry felt him.

Like the sun on his nape. Like the weight of his body pressed to his, like the stroke of his fingers down his back. He felt his comforting presence everywhere. Bella's eyelids fluttered open and as Harry watched, his gaze followed those footsteps. Harry's fingers flexed around the hilt of the sword and he turned to his left, towards where the footsteps halted.

Voldemort stood there, shoulders against the wall. Dressed in a black shirt along with dark pants and shoes. No robes, shirt tucked into his waistband. Hands in his pockets. Ankles crossed. Something happened when they got in the same room. When their eyes met. When they breathed the same air. A dangerously potent something.

Harry grabbed him by the collar, hands slick with Bella's blood digging into him as he drove him backward. One step. Two. Three, and he slammed Voldemort into the wall he'd been leaning against earlier. His lover chuckled, eyelids lowered. Harry inhaled him, his exquisite scent that stayed in his nostrils. Absolutely intoxicating. Voldemort breathed his name across his lips and Harry forgot all about being mad at him for staying away for so long. Damn him,

Voldemort wrapped an arm around his waist, holding him just as tight. Despite Harry's hand at his collar, Voldemort bent forward until their foreheads were pressed together.

"Did you miss me?"

The question, it sounded innocent. Nonchalant. But those four words ripped a response from Harry,


He tightened his fingers on his collar and said it again,


The smile on Voldemort's face wrinkled the corners of his eyes and curved his mouth wider. Happiness and relief. They brightened him, putting a shine on the dark and dangerous that was barely concealed in his crimson eyes. He pulled him closer and growled,

"Don't you dare leave me like that again."

Harry kissed him, hard and fast, sinking his tongue deep. Delving beyond that for the taste he craved. He wanted everything Voldemort had to offer. And he got it. Hot and slick on his tongue, rocking him backward. Voldemort held on to him and their tongues battled the way they always did.

Chest to chest, heads angled, and mouths fused as they came together with greedy swipes. Harry forgot about Bella dying mere feet away. He forgot about Nick. They were connected, he and Voldemort. Connected by blood and by this crazy unexplainable and emotional need they had to be near each other. Touch each other. Taste each other. Harry had realized how deep their connection was in the past week. He had literally burned for Voldemort every night and If Deus hadn't forced those dreamless potions down his throat, he'd been a wreck by now.

But he tasted him now. All of him and he ached to get closer. He tore his mouth away, throat tight, chest heaving. Voldemort's open-mouthed pants blasted him. As he watched, Voldemort sucked his wet and swollen bottom lip into his mouth, drowsy gaze lifting past Harry's right shoulder.

"I see you started without me."

Harry glanced over his shoulder to find Bella's head had rolled to the right, and she was watching them with slitted eyes. The rage and defeat so obvious on her face,

"I was bored."

Voldemort lifted an eyebrow,

"Ah. So, you're taking your time with her?"

Harry released Voldemort's collar and stroked his cheek, leaving smudges of blood behind,

"I was but something more important came up."

He snapped his fingers as he vanished the sword and enjoyed Voldemort's shock as he brought two fingers to his mouth,

"Wet them."

Before he finished speaking, Voldemort had swallowed his fingers, eyes closed, moaning. Harry could tell that he had missed him just as much. Harry stroked his other hand down Voldemort's front, past his chest and torso, stopping only to unbutton Voldemort' pants and yank the zipper down.

His lover was aroused already. But he grew harder in his grasp. With that knowledge came immense power. Voldemort sucked his fingers hard, and in turn Harry stroked him.

Rough enough for Voldemort to groan, the sound echoing around his soaked digits, making Harry's entire being vibrate. He removed his fingers with a pop then brought them to his own mouth, sucking off Voldemort's taste while holding his lust-filled crimson stare. Burning normal to ash. Voldemort' taste spread through his bloodstream and he smiled.

With one hand, he tugged down Voldemort's pants and briefs to just past mid-thigh. His other hand, the one with fingers slick with saliva, he brought it down and around, between his hips. Stroking the tight hole waiting, already yearning for him. He caught Voldemort by the chin and pressed in.

Voldemort' sharp inhalation echoed in the dungeon and his lashes fluttered but he didn't close his eyes. No. He rose on tiptoe. Lips parted. Jaw flexing. He went up on his toes and then he came back down. Slowly. Opening just enough for Harry's fingers to push in. The way he immediately moulded around him was utterly beautiful. The trust he gave him. His life. His body. His pleasure. Voldemort trusted him with all of it and no one else

Harry held all of it close, probing, delving into the molten heat of Voldemort. Knuckles deep. Transfixed by the reckless perfection of it. By the simple abandon that played across Voldemort' face as he took what Harry gave. Out. Then in.

Harry gave them pleasure. Voldemort's was apparent, but in that moment, Harry got his from watching Voldemort. The telling lines of his body as he rose and fell around Harry's fingers. The guttural needy sounds that rumbled in his throat.

Through it all Voldemort watched him, gaze just as greedy as the body that sucked at Harry's fingers. Voldemort's voice cracked,

"Is this penance? Is this your penance?"

He swallowed, hooking the fingers inside Voldemort,


His lover's hips jerked hard, cock pressing into Harry's hip,


Voldemort' voice vibrated in time with his body and he groaned,

"Your touch kills me. It's the sweetest murder, and I want it again and again."

Fingers crooked, Harry went deep in search of that knot. Stroking it,


Voldemort fisted Harry's shirt, yanking him closer than they already were. His eyes rolled back in his head, and his head followed, banging against the wall,

"I don't…Please."

His throat convulsed,

"Harry. Please."

Knuckles pressed to his prostate, Harry gave Voldemort his release and he cried out his name as hot cum poured into his palm, and tight muscles squeezed his fingers, Harry swept back into his mouth. Taking him again and again. Gentler than before, but not too soft, and when Voldemort's body eased up on the shaking, Harry pulled out of him and slid down his body.


Voldemort caught his nape, staring down at him. Harry pressed his lips to the inside of Voldemort' right knee, resting his forehead against his lover for a moment as he breathed. It wasn't easier to do that, of course not. But it wasn't as difficult as it once was. It didn't ache so badly. Trembling fingers tunneled through his hair, and under his lips tremors still made Voldemort shudder. He whispered the words into Voldemort' skin,

"I love you."

He hooked an arm around Voldemort' thigh and lifted his head, meeting those crimson eyes. They waited for him and he spoke,

"I love you too, Harry. More than anything."

Voldemort pulled him up to his feet and looked over his shoulder as he righted his clothing,

"Time to put Bella out of her misery. I do not believe that she enjoyed our show."

Harry turned around and grinned,

"You see, Bella. I told you he's all mine. I'm so glad you got to see proof before you died."

He felt Voldemort's arm wrap around his waist and felt his lips brush against his temple. Harry summoned his sword and spoke,

"I wanted to torture you more but I believe that there can be no better torture for you than what you just witnessed. So, I guess this is good bye."

He walked forward and snapped Nicholai's chain with his sword and watched with utmost satisfaction as the starved vampire tore her apart and fed on her.