Sort of an Epilogue

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"I couldn't have dreamed up a better welcome home."

Harry looked at Voldemort leaning against the open doorway to the bathroom and couldn't stop his grin. It had been two months since he'd laid eyes on the man in person and even in wrinkled clothes with dark circles under his eyes, he was a fantastic sight. He wore the black dress robes embroidered with fine green and silver silk, Harry had gotten him for an early Christmas present. They had cost him a small fortune, but it was worth it. And to see Voldemort wearing them after he'd been out of the country…

His body started reacting immediately when Voldemort began taking them off.

Naked was always better with Voldemort.

Harry sat up in the ridiculously huge bathtub and rubbed suds off his chest as he watched all that gorgeous skin being revealed,

"No giving me a hard time about the bubble bath. Being master of death is no easy job and every muscle in my body is pissed."

Voldemort's hands halted at the zipper of his pants,

"So maybe company isn't such a good idea?"

Harry gasped,

"Are you kidding? Most of the pain disappeared the second I saw you."

Plus, it looked like Voldemort needed the tub and some serious cuddle time.

Crimson red eyes narrowed as he slowed the striptease down. He opened the fly of his slacks, then slid both hands inside the material and down his hips. Harry swallowed hard, eyes locked on the gorgeous body he never tired of seeing. Voldemort was seriously fit, and though Harry knew he was no slouch in the fitness department, Voldemort had him beat with sheer size. Voldemort gave Harry a fantastic backside view as he finished removing his pants. Harry's gaze locked on his ass and stayed.

Voldemort looked over his shoulder, pegging Harry with a curious gaze and a mysterious smile when he saw where Harry was looking. He turned, slowly approached the bathtub and climbed in, sitting on the other side to face Harry. Immediately, he slipped wet legs around Harry's to trap him against him even as he winced,

"It's too hot."

Smirking, Harry leaned back and relaxed, sliding the outside of his legs along Voldemort's,

"Hot is the best."

The sultry grin that stretched Voldemort's lips sent even more heat spiraling into Harry. Then Voldemort leaned his head back and closed his eyes, a tired sigh slipping from his lips. Steam began to curl the black hair around his forehead.

Damn, it was good to see him. It was the longest they'd been apart since they'd gotten together and Harry hadn't been prepared for how lonely he'd felt. He put his hands under the water and rubbed Voldemort's shins, digging his fingers into thick calf muscles to massage away tension and drag a long, deep moan out of Voldemort.

One eye opened and the lazy smile playing on Voldemort's lips made his heart stutter. Voldemort moved one foot to Harry's crotch and rubbed his toe down his hard dick,

"Missed me?"

Harry whispered, breath hitching as Voldemort nudged his foot under his balls. Maybe Voldemort wasn't too tired for more after all.

"A lot."

Voldemort pulled his foot completely free of Harry's crotch and lunged across the tub to take his mouth. Damn, the man could kiss. He kissed the way he did everything else, with a ruthless, conquering drive that gave him the upper hand. He took control and never apologized. Harry was completely addicted to it and didn't see a time in his future when he wouldn't be. He opened his mouth, pulled Voldemort's hard body close and shuddered when his hard, wet cock slipped along his own.

When he finally came up for air, he nuzzled Voldemort's sweaty neck, licked at the salty skin. He whispered, thrusting his hips up to rub against him,

"I missed you so bloody much."

Groaning, Voldemort turned and took his mouth again, pushing his tongue into Harry's mouth over and over until he grew dizzy with need. He loved Voldemort wet. Stroking his hand over his slippery back and down, he grabbed his hips and thrust against him. Two months. It had been way too long. He hated to be away from him even for a night.

He pulled back, gasped air into his starving lungs and rolled his hips against Voldemort as he tried to gather his thoughts,

"You haven't started dating someone else, have you?"

Voldemort went still, pulled back. He was panting, his pupils blown and it looked like it took him a second to gather his thoughts,

"Have you lost your mind."

Harry snickered,


Voldemort said, rolling his eyes as if he refused to acknowledge that that was even a possibility,

"I love you…Only you…"

His cheeks turned faintly red, which could have come from the steam. He loved hearing Voldemort say that. It was his favorite thing to hear. He slid farther down into the water and worked his legs out until Voldemort fell between them. He grabbed his ass and pressed him back against him—this time with his legs open as wide as the bathtub would let him. Luckily, it was a big tub.

Another groan rumbled from Voldemort as he slid strong hands underneath Harry to lift him into his body. Crisp, wet pubic hair rubbed against his cock and Harry threw his head back—cracking it on the edge of the tub. Hard.


Low chuckles puffed air across his cheek before Voldemort's mouth was back against his. Voldemort asked between kisses.

"Are you fine?"


Was all Harry could get out. The man was scrambling his brain, sending more heat into his body than the ridiculously hot bath he'd drawn,

"We need to get out, so you can claim me."

Voldemort shuddered, then reached down to wrap his long fingers around Harry's cock. He squeezed, let go, then grabbed the soap off the side of the tub. He watched Harry as he rolled the soap in that hand. Over and over until it was white with thick foam.

Harry held his breath, licked his lips. Voldemort's gaze flicked down to watch. He murmured,

"It has been two long, bloody months. If I get you off now, do you think you will be ready for another round in a few?"

He dropped the soap and shoved his hand back into the water to grab Harry's dick again. This time, his hand slipped up and down easily as he squeezed. Harry panted,


Voldemort's smug grin was hot, then he increased the speed of his hand and came back down to mercilessly attack Harry's mouth again. He licked into it over and over until Harry got lost in a haze of pleasure that pulled a groan out of him that felt like it came from his toes and travelled through his entire body. He pulled back and cried out as the pleasure drew up his balls and made him shoot into the hot, soapy water. He shuddered and shook and moaned over and over before opening his lips against Voldemort's and sucking his tongue deep into his mouth.

Dizzy, he fell back against the tub again and had to fight to open his eyes. He was relying on Voldemort to keep his head above the water because his muscles were bloody useless. When he finally gathered his strength and flicked his gaze up, Voldemort was staring down at him with an expression that was full of love and affection.

And right then, what he was feeling, made Harry curl his toes in the hot water and stare. His belly tightened and his dick actually gave a jerk as if it was already trying to fill again. Hell, if anyone could bring it back to life that fast, it would be this man. This one man who had changed everything. This man who had rocked his world to its core. Harry spoke,

"Let's take this to bed. You can bury yourself inside me and forget all about the last couple of weeks."

Voldemort finally let go of his cock, but he caressed it gently goodbye as he moved his hand away

"I want that. I want that badly."

"Come on."

Harry waited until Voldemort sat back before climbing out of the tub. He handed Voldemort the towel he'd set out for himself, grabbed another and watched as he stood. Water sluiced down all those beautiful muscles and Voldemort never took his gaze off Harry as he dried himself.

He dropped the towel on the floor and backed through the doorway, grinning as Voldemort stepped out of the tub and sped up his towel. He tossed it and prowled toward Harry, wrapping his arm around his waist and literally lifting him off his feet as he growled and took the last few steps to the bed. He dropped Harry onto the soft comforter, stalked to the bedside table. Harry waited until Voldemort had crawled across the bed to hover over him.

"Missed you so bloody much, Love"

Harry grinned and Voldemort lifted on eyebrow, muscles tightening,

"What did you do?"

Harry's grin widened,

"I came here a month ago, but you weren't here. I buried my face in your pillow, inhaled your scent, and brought myself off with my hands."

He made sure to tighten his fingers at the bottom of Voldemort's cock. Just the way he liked it. Voldemort closed his eyes, thrusting into his fist,

"You jerked off in our bed while I was gone?"


Harry breathed, stroking the man's dick slowly, steadily,

"I did."

He tightened his fingers again,

"I took the pillow away with me. I'm pathetic. A sap. Or an addict."

"Not pathetic… Damn…"

He moved his hips so his cock moved hard in Harry's hold,

"Hurry and spread your legs. Just the thought of you jerking off has me ready to come."

Harry spread his legs and groaned when hot, lubed fingers found his ass. Voldemort rubbed and stroked and finally, finally thrust a finger inside him. Nothing on this earth felt as good as Voldemort moving inside him. Nothing.

"You have no idea how hard it is for me to live without you."

He leaned down and buried his nose in Harry's neck. Harry could only groan because he wanted it too. Badly. He wanted to feel that stretch. That burn. He wanted his man plowing into his body, stroking him from the inside. Hard. Until he did that thing where he sped up and held his breath because it was so damn hot, it always made Harry come like it was the first time.

Voldemort got up to three fingers while he opened his mouth over Harry's neck, collarbone and shoulder. He pressed them deep, crooked them, and grinned when Harry arched up off the bed.

Within seconds, he was pulling out, coming over him and pushing inside with a long, drawn-out groan,

"I love you so much,"

Voldemort breathed, pressing deeper.

Harry spread his legs, lifted his hips, and reached out to bunch the sheets into his fists. He stretched his head back into the pillow and shoved his hips up to meet Voldemort's thrusts. He couldn't believe how much he loved this, how much everything affected him…the pain, the mind-numbing pleasure. Voldemort hit his prostate, stroking over it until Harry saw stars.

He let go of the sheets, clutched Voldemort's hips, and yelled his head off as another orgasm ripped through his body. Words poured from his lips, but he hadn't a clue as to what they meant. Voldemort loved pushing him until he babbled like an idiot.

Voldemort let out a hoarse cry…a helpless sound that drew another wave of pleasure from Harry's body. Knowing he brought this powerful man to this…this level of release and vulnerability…

Voldemort collapsed on him, kissing his jaw, his mouth, even his nose,

"I missed you,"

He whispered over and over even as more shudders shook his body. He finally rolled to the side but pulled Harry half under his body, tucking him in like he didn't plan to move all night.

Harry couldn't help but chuckle when a soft snore sounded in his ear moments late. He'd been so homesick…

Homesick…That was something he'd never thought he'd feel. But Voldemort had given him a home. He'd given him a place to return to… He'd given him everything he'd never thought he'd feel.

Voldemort pulled him closer in his sleep, tightening his leg around Harry's thigh and his arm around Harry's chest.

Sighing, he felt sleep hovering along the edges of his mind and this time, he knew he'd get some real rest. Yeah, he was turning into a sap. But he didn't care. From the way the man was holding him, it seemed Harry wasn't the only one who'd felt ripped in half during their time apart.