Chapter 7

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Harry sat silently on the edge of the bed. Voldemort had left him blushing and now Harry just wanted to kill himself. He had been so stupid. Why had he reacted like that in front of Voldemort? He knew that Voldemort was playing with him. The man was devoid of any emotions. Buried his face in the pillow and punched it. He had to get out of this place. He had to get away from Voldemort. Harry had risen to his feet when the door opened and Narcissa Malfoy stepped in, holding a tray. She closed the door and spoke,

"Sit down, Potter."

Harry remained on his feet. Narcissa Malfoy set the tray down on the side table and Harry realized that it contained flasks and phials that held various coloured contents. She pointed her wand towards him and spoke,

"I have been authorized to use any means possible to make you well again."

Harry laughed bitterly and turned his back to her,

"You are going to fail pathetically."

Harry instantly felt himself being pulled backwards and thrown on the bed. He was about to get up when black restrains appeared and bound him to the bed. Harry struggled against them,

"Let me go."

Narcissa removed his shoes and socks with a wave of her wand and then smiled vindictively,

"I hope that you are comfortable, Potter."

Harry stared up at her venomously and didn't reply. She got to work and picked up a flask from the bedside table. After examining it closely, she uncorked it and held it to Harry's lips.

Harry kept his lips shut tightly. Narcissa forced Harry's mouth open and then tipped the flask. Harry struggled against her. He didn't want to swallow the potion but he was gradually running out of breath. Harry felt himself suffocating and then he unwillingly swallowed the potion and drew in a deep shuddering breath.

Narcissa stepped back and spoke sternly,

"I highly recommend that you drink the other potions without any resistance."

Harry was still busy in feeding oxygen to his nearly starved lungs and ignored her. She uncorked the next potion. Harry braced himself and shut his jaw tightly. Narcissa sighed and set the potion back down,

"Maybe I should let the Dark Lord deal with you."

Harry didn't want to be anywhere near the man especially after what had happened a while ago. Harry opened his mouth in resignation and Narcissa fed him the foul-tasting potion. Harry retched. Narcissa tsked and spoke,

"Do not throw it up. I shall feed it to you all over again."

Harry resisted the urge to vomit. He nearly swooned when he saw her uncorking another potion,

"I don't want to drink another. How many potions are you going to feed me? Do you feed Draco that many potions?"

She wordlessly held the potion to Harry's lips and tipped it. Harry swallowed it unwillingly and struggled against the restraints,

"Two more to go, Potter."

Harry turned his head and buried his face in the pillow,

"No more."

She tsked and uncorked a phial. She forced Harry to turn and force-fed him the potion. Harry retched again and nearly threw up. Narcissa cast a warning glare towards him but Harry felt too sick to care. He struggled against the restraints again,

"One last potion, Potter."

Harry shook his head. Narcissa held a purple coloured potion to Harry's lips and Harry recognized it immediately. He drank it and his head fell back on the pillow. Harry's eyelids drooped almost instantly and he felt relieved when he finally fell into sweet, blissful sleep.

Narcissa was about to vanish the restrains when the door opened and Voldemort stepped In. She immediately grew still and bowed. Voldemort drew closer to Harry and checked the restraints,

"It is far more convenient to keep him restrained."

Narcissa nodded her head and spoke solemnly,

"As you wish, my lord."

Voldemort took a closer look at Harry and then vanished from the room. Narcissa collapsed in an armchair and looked deplorably at Harry. She despised him and wished that he would just die. This boy had made Draco's life so difficult at school and now he had come here to bother everyone. If it were up to her, she would slip him a poison and be done with it but she couldn't. The Dark Lord would not be merciful if anything happened to the boy.

She leaned back in the chair and wondered what had happened to change the Dark Lord's mind. He had been bent on killing the boy a few days ago but ever since the boy had been brought here, the Dark Lord had been bent on making him well. She rose to her feet and looked at the clock. Draco would be back home any moment. She picked up the tray and left the room quietly.

Voldemort stood outside Pivet Drive and looked at the property distastefully. He stepped over the porch and walked into the deserted house. His gaze travelled over the padlock on the door to the cupboard under the stairs. Voldemort cracked the lock with incredible ease. He opened the door and examined the tiny space. How had Potter lived here for eleven years? He made his way up the stairs. It was if he had been here before. Well he had seen enough of those muggle's memories to know where Potter had lived and the circumstances he had lived in.

Voldemort opened the door to the room Harry had used to occupy and stepped in. The room was a mess. His gaze travelled around the room and he found what he had been looking for. He made his way to the trunk and opened it with a wave of his wand. He pulled out the books from inside of it and his hand encountered something soft. He closed his fingers around it and pulled it out. It was the invisibility cloak, one of Potter's most prized possessions. He rummaged through the trunk and finally found what he had been looking for. He pulled out the blank piece of parchment and smirked to himself. He had found what he had come for.

He vanished the cloak and the parchment and then made his way to the bed. It did not surprise him when he saw that the bed clothes were blood stained. Potter must have slashed his wrist here. He waved his wand and a kitchen knife flew into his hand. He traced his finger over the blood-stained blade and looked at it intently. There was something wrong with Potter other than this psychological state. He needed to find out what it was. He would have to coax it out of him.

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