Chapter 27

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It didn't take long for Voldemort's expression to turn murderous. He dismissed Bellatrix and Umbridge with a wave of his hand. When they had departed and the door had closed behind them, his lips pulled back, baring his teeth and he literally snarled,

"The only thing that you shall do this evening is attend his funeral."

Harry faked a yawn and then flashed Voldemort a smile,

"Stay away from him or else."

Voldemort chuckled darkly and soon enough he was leaning over the desk and holding Harry's chin,

"Or else what?"

Harry rose to his feet and kicked back his chair. He made his way around the desk and came to stand beside Voldemort. He brought his lips close to Voldemort's ear and sucked on his lobe,

"Or else you'll never see me or feel me again."

Harry drew away and retook his seat. He regarded Voldemort and spoke,

"So, what's it going to be?"

Voldemort schooled his facial expressions and managed to contain the storm of emotions that was threatening to make his heart explode,

"I can always restrain you, Harry. Do not forget that."

Harry held his hands in front of him and spoke,

"Why don't you do it now?"

Voldemort traced his finger over Harry's beautiful, fragile wrists and remembered how good they had looked in restraints,

"If you keep up this attitude, I shall have no choice."

Harry made no move to pull away his wrists. Even though Voldemort's gentle touch was driving him insane with desire and sending shockwaves through his body,

"My attitude is not going to change ever. This is who I am now. Get used to it."

Harry finally made a move to pull back his wrists but Voldemort's grip tightened and Harry couldn't pull back,

"What caused you to change, Harry?"

Harry tried to wrench his wrists away,

"Let me go."

Voldemort stepped around the desk, once he was standing in front of Harry, he leaned back against the desk and continued to stroke his wrists with his thumb,

"I have had just about enough of your secrets, Harry. Tell me everything, NOW!"

Harry shook his head silently and stared into Voldemort's eyes with defiance. Voldemort held Harry's wrist in one hand and pulled out his wand with the other. Harry's insides froze at the sight and he knew Voldemort really was going to restrain him. He struggled against Voldemort but it was to no avail because with a single wave of his wand, Harry was bound to the chair to with thick black cords.

Harry gasped as he felt an unexplainable weight on his soul as the cords finished wrapping around him.

Voldemort conjured a tiny vial and dangled it in front of Harry's eyes so that he could take a good long look at it,

"Are you aware of what this is?"

Harry gaped at the small vial and couldn't stop his heart from hammering inside his chest. Of course, he knew what this was and what it would do to him. Harry firmly closed his mouth shut and struggled against the restraints,

"You are not going anywhere until I get the truth out of you today."

Harry knew that Voldemort would force the potion down his throat as soon as he would open his mouth to retort so he continued to struggle in silence as Voldemort continued to talk,

"I had wanted to slip it in your drink, Harry. That would have been so much more discrete and it would have saved us both a lot of effort. But you are responsible for the change in my plans. You forced my hand, Harry."

Harry clenched his jaw shut and realized that he was hyperventilating. He looked up at Voldemort. The bastard was grinning. He was enjoying Harry's torment. Harry felt terribly frightened as Voldemort uncorked the vial and conjured a glass of water.

Voldemort stared at the vial and wondered what quantity to dose Harry with. Somehow, he was certain that Harry would be able to resist the normal dose of three drops and so he emptied one quarter of the vial into the glass and set it down on the table,

"Open your mouth."

Harry shook his head. He willed his magic to react. He willed it to get him out of the restraints but it wasn't working. It was as if the cords were somehow suppressing his magic. Voldemort must have seen the desperation in his eyes because he traced his thumb over his lips,

"I know exactly what you are capable of, Harry and this time I shall not allow you to squirm out of this. Now open your mouth willingly or I shall do it for you."

Harry kept his jaw clenched but he hoped his eyes conveyed the hate he was currently feeling towards Voldemort,

"I do adore the hate in your eyes, Harry. Believe it or not, I do care about you and this is for your own good."

That was when Harry forgot everything and shouted at the top of his lungs,

"DON'T LIE TO ME…. YOU DON'T CARE ABOUT ME. The only thing you care about is this bloody game."

Voldemort grabbed Harry's chin tightly and forced him to meet his gaze,


Harry had just opened to shout something back when Voldemort grabbed his jaw and emptied the contents of the glass down his throat. Harry was about to spit the potion out but Voldemort covered his mouth with his hand and pinched his nose so he couldn't breathe.

"Swallow it now."

Harry resisted the urge to swallow until his body began to protest. He was suffocating and Harry was left no choice but to swallow. As soon as Harry felt the water along with the potion trickle down his throat, he closed his eyes. An odd calm fell over him and his breathing returned to normal and his heartbeat slowed down. Tears streamed down his cheeks. Voldemort was going to steal away his one secret. He was going to snatch away the only thing he had gotten left.

Voldemort wiped away the tears and caressed Harry's cheek softly,

"Relax, Harry. I assure you. I am doing this for you."

Harry choked out a sob and he didn't like how broken he sounded,

"Leave me alone."

Voldemort brushed his lips against Harry's forehead and spoke,

"That is exactly what I cannot do."

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