Chapter 8

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Voldemort sat in his throne and twirled the blood-stained knife between his fingers. Was Harry really that affected by his godfather's death or was it something else. One death couldn't have compelled Harry to commit suicide. Another question rose in his head and it made him wonder. Was Dumbledore aware of Potter's suicide attempts? If Dumbledore was aware then why had he not taken any measures to save Potter?

He looked down at the stained knife and felt empathy for the boy. Dumbledore had used Potter as nothing more than a mere weapon. He had left him with those beastly muggles to be abused every year. He had no doubt that Dumbledore was aware of the mistreatment Harry received at the hands of those muggles. He looked down at the knife and imagined driving it through the heart of that fool. That would truly be a sight to behold.

He conjured the Marauder's Map and tapped his wand against it. Wormtail had only proven to be useful for one thing. He observed the map and realized that Dumbledore was pacing in his office. He wondered if Dumbledore was worried about Potter. That would not be the case. Dumbledore was most likely worried about his own reputation. Potter was Dumbledore's ace in the hole and now with Potter gone, Dumbledore had nothing left.

His gaze travelled to the footprints that had just appeared outside Dumbledore's office. Severus Snape. It was time the man to prove his loyalty. He would summon him very soon. Voldemort cleared the map with a wave of his wand and rose to his feet. Maybe he should pay Potter a visit now and see if the boy had gotten acquainted with the restraints. Was it a good idea to restrain the boy though? Yes, it was. He wouldn't allow Potter to kill himself. He was not as blind as Dumbledore.

Voldemort rose to his feet and vanished. He appeared outside Potter's room and heard the faint sound of struggling. He chuckled softly and stepped into the room,

"I see that you have acquainted yourself with the restraints. They shall not come off."

Harry continued his struggling and ignored Voldemort. Voldemort smirked vindictively and sat down in an armchair. After fifteen minutes of futile struggling, Harry finally lay still on the bed and panted. Voldemort observed Harry and finally spoke,

"Are you done, Potter?"

Harry closed his eyes and lay down on his side with his back towards Voldemort. He hated the man. Why couldn't the man just leave him alone? Didn't he have anything to do? And as if things hadn't been difficult before, now he was chained to this bed. This was not how he had planned to die. This wasn't how he had wanted to die. He had always imagined spending his last days peacefully and independently, with nothing to worry about, no future, no war, no friends and no Voldemort. But this was exactly the opposite of that. He had wanted to forget about Voldemort and now he was in his captivity.

Voldemort spoke again,

"Potter, you cannot ignore me."

Harry finally replied,

"Watch me."

Harry buried his face in his pillow and kept his eyes closed tightly. He wanted to be left alone. He just needed to be alone. Harry felt a sudden jolt and he was forced to turn and face Voldemort,

"That is better. Now I have something to show you, Potter."

Harry kept his eyes closed and spoke,

"Why can't you just leave me alone? Don't you have anything better to do? No wonder you haven't been able to capture the ministry and Hogwarts till now. You're too lazy to get anything done."

Voldemort chuckled darkly and gripped Harry's jaw in a bone shattering grip,

"Is that a challenge, Harry?"

Harry kept his eyes closed,

"Think whatever you want. Just leave me alone."

Voldemort tightened his grip on Harry's jaw and traced his lips with his finger,

"What shall I get if I fulfil the challenge, Harry?"

Harry didn't like the way Voldemort touched his lips. He didn't like Voldemort's tone. He didn't like the look in Voldemort's eyes but despite all that Harry still felt something stir in his heart. Harry wanted to struggle. He wanted to pull himself away from Voldemort. He voiced that thought,

"I wouldn't let you touch me if I wasn't restrained."

Voldemort laughed softly and spoke,

"But you do not want it to stop."

Harry closed his eyes and tried to pull himself away but the restraints kept him from moving. Voldemort was right. Voldemort was awfully right. Harry didn't like Voldemort's touch but he didn't want it to stop. This was wrong. It was extremely wrong. Harry set his jaw and spoke,

"Don't touch me and just leave me alone."

Voldemort laughed again and continued to stroke Harry's lips,

"I shall not stop because you do not want it to stop."

Harry felt irritated. He snapped his teeth and attempted to bite Voldemort's finger. Voldemort pulled his finger and spoke,

"I adore your spirit, Harry. It makes you all the more desirable."

Harry shook his head and closed his eyes,

"I don't know what you're trying to do but it's not going to work."

Voldemort donned an innocent expression and asked,

"What am I attempting to do, Harry?"

Harry was infuriated at Voldemort's fake innocence. He finally shouted out,

"This…all of this. The way you're touching me, the way you look at me and the way you talk to me. You can't just do whatever you want to me. I might have lost everything but I haven't lost my dignity."

Voldemort chuckled softly,

"Dignity…...Is that why you set out to kill yourself….to preserve your self-proclaimed dignity? You do not know the meaning of dignity because if you knew then you would not have preferred to kill yourself. You would have decided to kill those who have wronged you."

Harry stared bitterly at Voldemort and spoke,

"I do want to kill one person."

Voldemort already knew the answer to that and he voiced it,


Harry nodded his head and looked away,

"I will kill her, no matter what."

Voldemort grabbed Harry's jaw again and caressed his cheek with his thumb,

"As I mentioned before, your spirit makes you even more desirable. If I fulfil your challenge then I shall have you as my prize."

Harry laughed humourlessly,

"I don't care what you do. I'm not up for grabs."

Voldemort rose to his feet and smirked softly,

"We shall see about that."

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