Chapter 59

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Harry knew that the wide grin on his face and the skip in his steps was not going unnoticed as he made his way to Voldemort's office. He pushed open the door and stepped in but the office was vacant. Where was Voldemort? There hadn't been a meeting scheduled for today or maybe there had been and he just hadn't been informed. He decided to check the meeting room nonetheless.

Harry was mildly amused by his own thoughts. For one, he shouldn't be this desperate to see Voldemort in the first place…Who was Voldemort to him anyway? Nothing but an inconvenience in his plans to die peacefully. Secondly, why did he care so much about sharing this news with him? Harry doubted that Voldemort would be happy about it. So, what if he had gotten him a healer? He had probably done it out of guilt because his hands had been rendered useless since he had chosen to protect his memories from Dumbledore's manipulations. The voice inside his head snorted,

Liar. You know that isn't the reason he got you a healer. How do you explain his late-night visits?

Harry closed his eyes and tuned it out. He was really going insane. But, he had thought a lot about Voldemort came to his room every night and so far, he hadn't come up with an answer. He was still a bit perplexed about last night. His back tingled as he remembered the way Voldemort had trailed kisses down it.

Harry shook his head. Time to snap out of it. Thinking wasn't going to get him anywhere and that stupid voice inside his head was only going to dampen his mood. So before he could contemplate the matter any further, he started making his way to the meeting room and found two death eaters standing guard at the door. So, Voldemort was really here. The Death eaters shared an uneasy glance before the one on the right spoke,

"The Dark Lord is in the middle of some very important negotiations with the Goblins. He has strongly commanded that he does not want to be interrupted."

Harry quirked up an eyebrow and he noticed how the death eaters tensed up,

"Really? He doesn't want to be interrupted?"

Harry's grin widened. Well, wasn't this just perfect? The death eaters nodded and Harry stepped forward,

"I'll be sure not to interrupt him."

Harry could see that they were both panicking because there was nothing they could do to stop him. Voldemort had made it abundantly clear to all his little minions that he was not to be touched,

"Please, don't go in there."

Harry patted them on the cheek one by one and spoke softly,

"Don't worry boys, I'll tell him you did your best to stop me."

He pushed open the door with a little more force than necessary. The door banged against the wall and the sound startled most of the goblins seated around the table and made them rise to their feet. Harry's gaze was fixated on Voldemort though, who was seated at the head of the table as usual and didn't even look up from the papers sprawled in front of him. The most amusing reaction by far was Bella's though. She rose from her seat with a murderous expression on her face. Harry knew she was dying to screech out something in that insufferable shrill voice of hers but maybe Voldemort's lesson had finally sunk in because she did nothing but glare daggers at him. Rabastan however had his head bowed and Harry spotted something like a smile curving his lips. The two death eaters manning the door stumbled in after him and one of them spoke in a voice that was quivering with fear,

"Master, we humbly apologize for the intrusion…He…."

He wasn't allowed to finish the sentence as Voldemort raised his hand to silence him without looking up and spoke in a cold, icy tone,

"Close the door and leave."

The death eaters bowed and closed the door as they left. Harry scanned the room and noticed that there were five goblins in attendance and four death eaters. Bella, Rabastan, Nott and Avery were standing on the left side of the long table while the Goblins stood at the right. Voldemort spoke again,

"Shall we continue?"

Harry was absolutely hating the fact that Voldemort hadn't even spared him a glance. It unnerved him and he fully planned to do something about it. He wasn't going to let that bastard get away with ignoring him. Bella's murderous expression was now replaced by a smug grin. She leaned towards Rabastan and whispered something in his ear which made Rabastan grimace and whisper something back that knocked the smugness right off of her face. Harry replaced his smirk and turned to the Goblins who were staring at him like he was from another world. He recognized the head goblin from a picture he had seen in the newspapers recently and greeted him,

"I wasn't informed that you would be visiting today. It's a pleasure to meet you."

It wasn't really but didn't want to mess up another negotiation. He smiled at the other goblins and continued,

"It's a pleasure to meet all of you."

Harry shook hands with them one by one and the head goblin grinned lecherously as he spoke,

"I was expecting you to be present at the negotiations today. I must say, I was a little disappointed when you were not here and upon my inquiry, The Dark Lord stated that you were indisposed. I am very pleased that you could make it. The rumours do not seem to do you justice."

Harry laughed softly and leaned against the desk casually. He was in no mood to socialize with the goblins but Voldemort had left him no choice by ignoring him. He was certain that Voldemort was positively infuriated. Good…let that bastard simmer a little…He feigned interest and asked,

"What rumours?"

The goblin looked more than delighted that he had asked. Who knew Goblins were such Gossip Girls? The Head Goblin was about to speak when Voldemort cleared his throat and spoke again,

"I believe we have some important matters to discuss."

Harry pushed away from the table and walked around the table towards where Voldemort was seated. There were several vacant seats available around the table but he wasn't interested in them. He dropped himself in Voldemort's lap unceremoniously and adjusted his legs so that they were dangling off the arm of Voldemort's chair. Voldemort didn't even flinch. The bastard continued to read through the papers in front of him and that irked Harry. Several gasps echoed around the room but Harry wasn't concerned. It seemed Bella's self-restraint finally snapped and she screeched,


Oh, how he absolutely hated that voice. Harry wrapped his arms around Voldemort's neck and rested his head against his chest. Voldemort still hadn't looked at him but Harry could tell that he was tempted to. Harry wondered what it would take for Voldemort's control to snap. He was definitely going to find out. Voldemort finally spoke in a dangerously low voice that was dripping with venom,

"Shut up, Bella, and be seated."

Harry was beginning to wonder if Voldemort would tell him to get up…fifty percent of him was certain that he wouldn't and that fifty percent was proved right when Voldemort resumed the negotiations as if there had been no interruptions and he didn't have anyone seated in his lap. Harry tuned out the boring discussion and focused on how solid Voldemort's body felt against his, how perfectly their bodies slotted against each other, how pleasant his warmth felt and how alluring his heartbeat was. His arms were still wrapped around Voldemort's neck and he began tracing circles with his gloved thumbs on his nape.

A shudder ran through Voldemort's body. Harry was certain that no one else in the vicinity noticed it but he had…he had felt it and it filled him up with so much pleasure because this was the first sign of victory and it was deliciously sweet. He lifted his head up and nipped at Voldemort's neck…once…twice…thrice…Voldemort didn't outwardly react but he could tell that Voldemort's body was steadily growing taut with tension…and it wasn't just normal tension…Harry knew exactly what it was and he couldn't help but grin against Voldemort's neck.

Voldemort stopped talking and Harry felt his hand come up and cradle the back of his head. Harry looked up and realized that Voldemort still wasn't looking at him which grated on Harry's nerves. He hated it…absolutely hated it…He didn't understand why but he did. Why the hell weren't the bloody goblins leaving already? He looked away from Voldemort's impassive face and noticed that all eyes were fixed on him and Voldemort. Bella's mouth was hanging open in an expression of utter shock. Harry couldn't stop the laugh that bubbled out from his lips,

"Are the negotiations over?"

Harry felt Voldemort's long fingers thread through his hair. The head goblin cleared his throat and squeaked out,

"Yes, the discussion was very fruitful."

Harry smiled brightly and continued to massage Voldemort's nape,

"That's absolutely wonderful. This day can't get any better. We should celebrate this, right?"

His question was directed at Voldemort but Voldemort said nothing and his expression remained as detached as ever so Harry continued,

"Well, he's such a bore. But I can assure you that we will celebrate this tonight…no wait…I'm busy tonight…tomorrow night then."

Harry felt Voldemort's body tense a little more at that and his gaze wavered for a fraction towards Rabastan who was trying to disguise his mortification. He raised his head and pressed a kiss to Voldemort's jaw and spoke softly,

"Do you agree with that, Lover?"

Voldemort said nothing and Harry smiled and turned his attention back to the Goblins who looked flummoxed,

"Right, anyways, it was nice meeting you all. I hope to see you tomorrow night. I'll make you sure you get the invites by tomorrow."

The Goblins rose but Harry made no move to leave Voldemort's lap. He turned to Bella and drawled out,

"Bella, would you be a dear and escort our distinguished guests out?"

Bella looked like she had been slapped. Harry knew she was itching to curse him but she wouldn't dare. Harry watched her gaze travel to Voldemort and he saw her plead to him with her eyes. Voldemort finally spoke,

"Bella, escort them out."

Bella looked crushed and Harry's smile widened. She moved to the door and held it open as the Goblins filed out one by one and followed them. Once the door was closed. Harry straightened up in Voldemort's lap and bit his earlobe.

"You know you spoiled my mood. Now I won't tell you what I came here to tell you."

Voldemort finally turned his gaze towards him and Harry saw something akin to pure lust in them,

"You will not?"

Harry pouted and nodded his head silently. Voldemort's crimson eyes shone with mischief as he licked his lips and draped an arm over his waist,

"We shall see about that."

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