Chapter 69

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Harry's eyelids flickered open and his unfocused gaze settled on Voldemort. A happy grin lit up his features and excitement illuminated his emerald eyes in the blink of an eye,


Harry jumped off the bed, threw his arms out and wrapped them around Voldemort's neck.

"You're here!"

Rabastan couldn't help but smile as Voldemort barely caught Harry with his free arm to hold him steady…and upright. A warm smile curved Voldemort's lips. The kind he had only ever seen on his face for Harry

"So, it would seem."

Harry spoke as he tapped a finger on Voldemort's chest in time to his words.

"Yes. It. Would."

Then he turned his head, and his glassy eyes locked on to Rabastan.

"And Rabi! You're here too…"

He nodded and said,

"I am."

Harry closed his eyes and sighed,

"Oh, isn't this just dreamy? You two together are enough to melt my pants off."

Rabastan watched as Voldemort's lips quirked at that statement. Harry giggled and held on to Voldemort's neck with one hand, as he leaned over to wave one, then two, and finally three fingers in Rabastan's face and singsonged,

"One...Two...Three...Three...That's my new favorite number."

Rabastan looked to Voldemort, who was radiating happiness and utter fondness,

"It'll be so amazing. We'll aaall love each other the same and we'll all be happy. Isn't that right?"

Rabastan felt himself burning up with mortification and noticed that Voldemort was frowning. So, he spoke,

"I think he's had far too much to drink."

Harry opened his eyes and spoke with a pout,

"Did not. I wanted one more and you didn't let me have it."

Harry was practically hanging off Voldemort's neck and giggled,

"Did you tell him about the fight, Rabi? Did you?"

He shook his head and Harry spoke in a conspiratorial whisper,

"A guy tried to hit on me today… I bet he didn't expect that I would hit him instead."

Harry burst into another fit of giggles as Rabastan gauged the possessiveness in Voldemort's expressions,

"Aww. He hates thinking about others touching me. It's so sweet how he gets jealous. Isn't it sweet, Rabi?"

Harry patted Voldemort on the chest and went right on talking about him as though he wasn't there,

"I hate him sometimes for it. He's the world's most dominant bastard…a complete control freak…He replaced all the clothes in my wardrobe with robes just to impose his will on me…And one time in the shower…"

Voldemort spoke sharply,


Harry flashed him a sloppy but endearing grin,

"Yes. Lover."

Voldemort tapped a finger to Harry's lips.

"Can you blame me for being jealous? I would be a fool not to be."

Harry giggled and nipped at that finger.

"And you're not a fool."

Voldemort kissed Harry's head and Harry spoke,

"Rabi, did you tell him about the kiss?"

Rabastan wanted to sink into the ground as Voldemort's gaze settled on him,

"No, I believe Rabastan has not."

Harry frowned but then his expression brightened up as he looked at Rabastan and drawled,

"He has incredible lips. You should try them out, Lover."

Rabastan felt like he was about to spontaneously combust as the way Voldemort had used his lips just a few minutes ago swam infront of his vison,

"Oh really, Harry? I shall certainly try them out."

Harry's eyes practically lit up and he whispered softly,

"He's a great dancer too. You should have seen him with that guy today. He was trying to make me jealous and it was working. I wanted to rip that guy apart."

Rabastan watched as Voldemort's entire body stiffened at that little tidbit of information, and it was clear he wasn't the only one who noticed,

"No need to worry, Lover. I didn't kill him. Rabi told him to leave."

Harry ran his hand up and down Voldemort's chest,

"Oooh, you feel good."

Rabastan felt relieved when Harry became sidetracked and moved up onto his tiptoes to practically purr against Voldemort's cheek,

"Mhmm, I wanna taste you. You're sooo delicious."

Rabastan had to bite the inside of his cheek to stop himself from laughing, because Harry drunk was seriously entertaining, not to mention adorable. Voldemort moved his hand over Harry's back and whispered softly,

"I am all yours."

Harry turned around, glanced at him and batted his lashes.

"What about you, Rabi? Are you mine?"

Rabastan looked at Voldemort and Voldemort nodded his approval,


Harry shrieked with absolute joy. He began rubbing his face up against the side of Voldemort's, humming contentedly,

"This must be the room of requirement because I have everything I need."

Voldemort laughed and Rabastan couldn't hold back his own laughter. Harry looked absolutely pleased with himself,

"Wait, I know more. Let me think…"

Harry coughed and Voldemort caressed his cheek gently and laid him back down on the bed,

"Relax, Harry."

Harry didn't seem deterred. His gaze grew heavy-lidded as he leaned back against the pillows and murmured, looking at Rabastan,

"I must be under the Imperius curse, because I'd love to do anything for you."

Harry coughed again and Voldemort bent low over him and spoke softly,

"I believe I told you to relax."

Harry pulled Voldemort down over his lips and kissed him hard and rough. Rabastan felt his own arousal returning as he watched. The air practically vibrated with the passion that Harry and Voldemort exuded together. When they finally parted, Harry licked his lips and his emerald gaze lingered over Voldemort's lips,

"I can be your house elf. I'll do whatever you need, and I don't need any clothes, Master."

Voldemort's arousal was unmistakable and it seemed Harry had noticed it too. He watched as his gaze travelled down Voldemort's chest to his crotch clad in the black pants. Harry smirked and licked his lips again obscenely,

"I'd even let your basilisk into my chamber of secrets."

Rabastan grew aware of his own erection when Harry's gaze turned to him and he grinned cheekily,

"Is that your wand or are you just happy to see me?"

Rabastan stepped closer and tapped a finger to Harry's nose,

"You are so drunk, Harry."

Harry laughed and waggled his eyebrows,

"I am…that's true."

He paused, and his forehead scrunched up as though he were trying to work out what he'd been saying,

"But I'm still coherent enough to…"

Harry coughed again and Voldemort spoke as he pressed a kiss to his temple,

"Use words like coherent?"

Harry huffed haughtily,

"Yes, if you must know. But what I was going to say is I have to tell you something…both of you… while I'm still coherent enough to have a conversation."

Harry shifted to the center of the bed and patted the empty space on either side of him,

"Get in."

Another bout of coughing shook Harry up and Rabastan watched as Voldemort vanished his shoes and socks, got into bed beside him and wrapped an arm around his waist to rub his back. Harry rested his head on Voldemort's chest and looked up at him,


He vanished his own boots and socks and got in the other side. Harry beckoned him closer with his hand until his back was pressed to Harry's. Harry took his hand and placed it over his chest and finally sighed in contentment. Harry's eyes moved lazily between the two of them, the alcohol was finally taking its toll on him, relaxing him until his eyes fluttered shut and he muttered,

"I don't wanna…"

But he couldn't finish his sentence as he passed out.

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