Cauldrons and Lilies

Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

"Look at me." He said breathlessly and looked into those beautiful green eyes for one last time. Potter knew about his fate and he could die peacefully now. Dumbledore had been adamant that Harry must possess the sword of Gryffindor and know about the piece of Voldemort inside of him. Severus suspected that the boy was a horcrux and had finally confronted Albus's portrait the night before. The Dark Lord had guarded Gringotts, Bellatrix vault to be exact and Nagini was now encased in a magical bubble.

Severus paced around his office. "How many are there?" He asked the old man.

"How many what?" the portrait didn't look surprised.

"Don't play innocent. How many horcruxes are there?" The old man explained and assured him that Harry was almost finished with them, the diadem was the only artifact left.

Severus closed his eyes and hoped that Potter was successful. He had protected the boy with his dying breath. There wasn't more he could do, he fulfilled his promise, and his last thought was of Lily. Maybe he would see her in the afterlife, he doubt it. He'd never believed in such nonsense. Severus Snape exhaled his last breath thinking of Lily Evans. He hadn't stopped since he met her when he was nine years old. His last regret was that he wouldn't see those green eyes ever again.

He looked around and noticed the lack of sound first. It looked like King's Cross, and there were people waiting, he saw the old man. "I thought I would see you here." Albus said happily.

"I don't understand." Severus replied as greeting and he didn't. He was sure there was nothing after death.

"Here we are son." Albus led him to some benches.

"You have done wonderfully Severus." Albus patted his back.

"Why am I here?" Severus looked around and the place was strikingly white and deserted. He looked down and noticed he didn't wear his usual black robes but faded blue jeans and his favorite black Led Zeppelin t-shirt. He didn't wear muggle clothing since he was a teenager.

"Would you want to go back Severus?" Albus asked with a twinkle in his eyes.

Severus shook his head, "No." he said firmly. Why would he go back? To a world without Lily, he wanted to rest, to be free of it all.

"I think you would. You see Severus every once in a while we get men who are full of regrets." The wizard looked at his mentor with a puzzled face.

"Of course we all have regrets and but there are some men who have deep regrets and those regrets anchor them to the world of the living. "Pardon." Surely Albus wasn't implying that he would be a ghost, a pathetic memory of who he was when he was alive.

"Severus you can't go on." Albus said with a small smile.

"Albus, I will not return as a ghost. I'm not afraid of going on even if I go to that supposed hell my father talked about when he was drunk." Severus said angrily.

"No, my boy you are mistaken." Albus still wore that maddening smile of his. Severus would have wanted to attack the old man. Didn't he deserve to finally rest. He wanted peace. Severus waited in silence. Albus was distracted admiring the structures around them. In his mind Severus was ready to go on. He didn't want to live anymore, he had served his purpose. He protected Harry.

Wasn't death supposed to give you knowledge? He wanted to know about Harry. "The boy did he die too."

Albus looked at him, "yes, well, the part that of Voldemort that resided in him is dead. Harry decided to go back and fight."

"Will he defeat the Dark Lord?" He asked encouraged by Albus' answers.

"He will. Harry will live a long happy life. He'll be an auror and have three children with Ginny Weasley. One of them will be named after both of us. According to him you were the bravest man he knew." Severus let out a small laugh. "How very Gryffindor of him."

The old wizard ignored his comment and continued with his admiration of the premises. Severus grew impatient. "Where am I going then?"

"I thought you would never ask." The older man stood up and walked toward a train. It looked like the Hogwarts Express only it was empty and it looked older and much cleaner.

"This train will take you where you have to be. Severus, listen to me, this is a rare occasion." Albus held his shoulders and he realized he was shorter than the headmaster. That couldn't be, he'd been taller than Albus ever since he was nineteen and finally stopped growing.

"Good luck Severus." Albus hugged him and then walked away.

"Albus wait, you must explain." But the man didn't listen or didn't want to. He tried to walk with him but he found he was rooted to his spot. He looked at the train and boarded it. He sat down and then closed his eyes suddenly he was tired and wanted to sleep.

He could hear people speaking. "Bugger off Nott. It's Saturday." He heard a young man shout. "Get up you bloody tosser, you shagged my sister. She's fourteen years old." A second voice said and he heard the unmistakable sound of a fist connecting with flesh.

"She loved every minute of it." The first young man taunted. Severus opened his eyes and he saw green canopy curtains.

He was very disoriented, he remembered Dumbledore and the train. He stood up and opened the curtains. In front of him were three beds. Two young men fighting in different states of dress, "Snape, he'll agree with me." A blond haired young teenager stated. He seemed to be winning the fight.

"Alethea Nott slept with me yesterday." Severus was utterly confused now.

"She's fucking fourteen, Carrow." Nott spoke up. Severus would recognize him anywhere; he looked just like Theodore his son.

"She wasn't a virgin." Amycus. That was Amycus Carrow about twenty one years ago. They were two of his roommates when he was in Hogwarts. He shared a room with Nott, Carrow, Dolohov and Mulciber.

It couldn't be, he was supposed to be dead, to finally have peace and cease to exist. He dashed to the loo. He barely registered the cold floors of the dungeons. He looked in the mirror. His reflection startled him, although it should have. It all pointed to the fact that he was back. He told Dumbledore he didn't want to be back. He looked at his face, pale but unlined and his eyes were the same as he remembered, his nose just as hooked and his hair just as stringy and greasy. His shoulders were not as broad as before and he was painfully skinny. He looked at his forearm and noticed with an air of deep relief that there was no Dark Mark.

Severus then smiled, this meant Lily was still alive and maybe, maybe they still were friends. He showered quickly was glad he didn't have to shave yet. He remembered having to use razors when he was seventeen. He washed his hair and then dried it with warming spell and dressed in his faded jeans and black shirt. He ran out of the room without saying a word to his classmates.

He made it past the Great Hall and looked for her but couldn't find her. He hadn't even asked what year it was. He would do that after he hugged her hard. He ran to Gryffindor tower and started parroting off passwords and the Fat Lady wouldn't bduge.

"Lemon drops. Caput Draconis. Godric. Griffin, Fortuna Major, pig snout." A few Gryffindors walked past him and took pity on him. Tell Evans that Snivellus is here." Snotty Mary McDonald said.

He waited for Lily to cross the portrait she didn't. He lost some hope; maybe he had already called her that horrible name. A first year came through the hole. It was then, he realized that it didn't matter. It wasn't too late. He didn't have the mark and he would beg, grovel and do anything to have her back in his life. He seized the opportunity and moved quickly past the first year and made it into the Gryffindor common room.

In all his years as a student, teacher and headmaster he had never been inside of Gryffindor tower. This was the lion's den and he was a serpent through and through. He spotted her immediately. She was laughing with another girl.

He ran to her and hugged her hard; some tears even escaped his eyes. "Oh Lils."

He inhaled that unmistakable scent of hers, vanilla, fresh parchment and lavender. "Sev, you're squishing me."

His heart galloped wildly. She called him Sev, she had never called him Sev again, not after the incident. He was back and he hadn't called her mudblood yet. He was back and she still loved him.