Cauldrons and Lilies

Chapter 36

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Chapter 36

Severus held onto Narcissa's hand as she recounted her story and provided all information to Albus. Remus was there too as to provide legitimacy to the proceedings. Narcissa gave up everything from illicit accounts to names of unknown death eaters. She had a lot of information. The young man could tell Albus was happy with all the information. Narcissa's voice trembled from time to time, especially when she implicated dear friends of hers and her sister.

They stepped out after an hour or so. It seemed as if the whole Order was in session when in reality it was only the elite minus Shacklebolt and the Longbottoms. Molly and Arthur, Amelia Bones, Minerva, Moody, Albus, Remus, Lily and him, they were all in attendance. Maybe it was the fact that they were in Molly's living room. Narcissa clutched Draco and there was no amount of coercion worked to convince his friend to relinquish her hold on her son.

According to his wife father was upstairs, taking care of the Weasleys and Augustus. Father didn't take lightly to his baby-sitting duties but did so because Lily promised to debrief him afterwards. Augustus was fussy as well. He wasn't comfortable with a lot of people.

They didn't have too much time to ponder too much because the meeting started as soon as Albus stepped out of the kitchen. Narcissa had her hood up and held her boy to her chest.

Severus sat by Lily and pulled Narcissa to his left. The men and women sat around the table. "We have our newest recruit." Albus said. Severus held onto Narcissa's hand.

She lowered her hood. A lot of people gasped. "She's a death eater." Amelia said.

"She is not." Severus spoke to her defense. He wouldn't let any of them make her feel bad.

"She might not have the mark but her husband and family work for You-Know-Who." Moody spat. "We lost Gideon, Fabian, James because of her family." Severus saw as Molly wiped some of her tears. She looked thinner than he had ever seen her.

"She's lost everything to help us. It is our duty to give Narcissa our protection." Albus said firmly.

The Order's whispers quieted. "We have new information and will act upon Narcissa's information.

Albus gave out orders and assignments immediately. He asked Molly, Arthur, Remus, Lily and him to stay behind as the others left. All of the members gave Molly their condolences. Severus and Lily did as well.

Lily hugged Molly who cried uncontrollably. He was surprised when he saw Narcissa approach Molly Weasley. "I'm sorry for your loss. Mrs. Weasley. I remember your brothers. Fabian once gave me a white rose. I thought that was gallant of him."

Molly smiled shakily. "I am sorry for your loss as well." Narcissa's eyes watered. Severus could smell an awkward situation approaching. Lily diffused the tears.

"You must see Draco. He is an angel." Lily said with a sweet voice. She looked at Narcissa who unsurely uncovered the bundled baby.

"Oh, he is precious." Draco opened his big grey eyes and let out a gurgle. Molly smiled. "You must meet my children. My Ronnie is about his age."

Severus thought this was too soon for Narcissa. The woman he knew would have wrinkled her nose and ignored Molly. This Narcissa had everything taken away from her and needed to adapt. He marveled at her resilience and adaptability. Severus knew one thing for certain; his friend was capable of anything for Draco. She smiled politely at Molly and replied. "I would love that."

Albus spoke with Moody once more before returning to the living room. "Remus would you be kind and call Mr. Snape. He should be here now. Narcissa dear, go with him it is best if you leave young Draco to sleep. He does not look to comfortable there." In fact Draco fussed in his mother's arms.

Narcissa shook her head, "I will personally ward the room." She looked at him and he nodded.

Remus and Tobias Snape climbed down the stairs first; a reluctant Narcissa was behind them. Dad hugged him hard, "you're fine." Severus hugged his dad back. Narcissa looked at him with a strange face.

"I should go check on the children." Molly tried to leave the room. Albus raised his wand and conjured a screen in which Molly could clearly see all her children. They were sound asleep. Augustus was sleeping as well.

"Time has come to change your arrangements Mr. Snape. Death Eaters have become aware that you are still alive. Tom is seeking the boy. He believes to have heard the prophecy in its entirety. He is seeking the boy who will be born as summer dies. He made an attempt on Lily and Alice's lives. The past attack was clear indication of that.

"Mr. Snape, I don't think you or your child are safe here. I have a safe house in mind."

Arthur shook his head, "Tobias is a muggle. He will not be able to protect himself or Gus."

"Besides, our house is well protected." Molly said bravely. Severus could have kissed them. He felt easier when he knew where his father and brother were.

"I thought you would refuse. I will post two order members to protect the Burrow." Molly and Arthur nodded.

His father looked at Severus. Once more he understood how lost his father was in this world. He tried to think how would it feel to not be able to understand. His father must feel helpless all the time. Tobias was helpless. "Severus, wouldn't it be best if Augustus and I moved from here. Arthur, Molly, I don't want to endanger your family."

Arthur smiled. "This is our war too Tobias. Molly and I don't want our children to grow up in a world where they are thought they are better than others. You are our friend and you'll be safer here with wizards you know."

"Headmaster Dumbledore will reinforce the Burrow and we have a secret keeper." Molly replied with certainty. There was no hesitation in her voice anymore, not like when his dad first came to the Burrow.

"On the matter of the Longbottoms they are well secured in a safe house of Frank's choosing. Severus, I urge you to reconsider and accept the safe house I have offered for you."

"Lily and I are fine. We will stay where we are." Severus had no intention of going to Godric's Hallow.

"The Order cannot help you if you do not disclose your location." Albus reasoned. He could feel Lily's eyes on him.

"No. I need someone else to protect Lily and Narcissa. Remus…" He didn't need to ask any further.

"Of course Severus." Remus said with complete honesty.

They heard the door open. Remus and Severus drew their wands. "Lower them. I believe this is the other person you need."

Sirius Black was there. He looked more like the Sirius he remembered. He looked haggard and tired. He scanned the room and found Narcissa. "Oh Cissy." He said and hugged her.

Narcissa lost it then. She clung to Black and cried. They cried together. "Mother died." He cried and triggered Narcissa's cried too.

It was too public, a disgrace by Black standards but those two Blacks were beyond care. "I missed you a lot. I'm so sorry Cissy, so sorry." Black cried. Narcissa hugged him tighter. "I know you didn't like him at all but my Lucius died. Reg is gone too. He killed them all. I'm all alone Siri." Narcissa sobbed.

The occupants in the room were speechless. "Narcissa dear. Why don't we go to make some tea?" Molly was crying as well. Lily stood up too and went with them.

Severus did not dare look at Black. He would not humiliate the man by acknowledging the moment that happened.

Albus as always managed the situation with aplomb. Black composed himself and looked at the headmaster. "I'll go wherever Cissy goes."

"I would like for Narcissa to stay in a safe house as well." Albus said carefully.

"She will never go for that." Remus commented. "She was terrified to come here. Severus had to beg her. She only trusts Severus and maybe you Sirius. It would be best if she stayed with us."

Black sighed. "The house is big enough." Severus nodded.

"Once more I must urge to disclose this location Severus." Albus asked once more.

"I'm sorry headmaster but I can't." Severus stood up. "Black, a word" He stepped into the garden. Sirius followed him.

Severus lit up a cigarette. He offered one to his old nemesis. "You don't trust Dumbledore." Black said.

"I don't and neither should you." Severus needed to get Black to not disclose the location. Severus knew the man would not ever betray Lily or Narcissa. He would be tempted to let Dumbledore know about the location of their home in order to protect them. He would think if Albus knew they would be better protected.

"Reg was the spy." Severus said. Sirius paled. "I cannot trust Dumbledore, not when he couldn't protect Regulus."

Sirius barked a sad laugh. "My little brother was brave then. I knew he couldn't truly believe all this pureblood shit." The man understood Reg was sorry in the end.

Severus nodded. He didn't know to the extent to which Reg believed in pureblood superiority but he knew the man was remorseful and wanted to stop Voldemort.

"I cannot help but wonder if Albus Dumbledore can protect my wife and unborn child. I ask you to think about Lily and Narcissa." He finished smoking.

"I won't tell the headmaster. Not because of you but because of James. He loved Lily." Black said and then went inside the house.

Severus followed him. Albus had left. They were all in the kitchen. Molly and Narcissa spoke softly about Draco. "He's a good baby. My Draco sleeps through the night. I can watch him breathe for hours."

Lily and his father were speaking softly too. "Severus, come with me." His father stood up and led him out once more.

"Son, who is that woman?" His dad asked while asking him for a cigarette.

Severus explained who she was and what she stood for. "She was perfectly nice to me, a little cold perhaps."

"I don't think she truly believes that. She is a smart woman. Narcissa just needs more exposure to us." Severus believed that in his heart.

"Dad, do you still have that gun?" Severus asked with some hesitancy.

"Yes." His father said.

"If there comes a time…" Severus didn't want to tell him again but it was important that his father understood the gravity of their situation.

"I will use it." Severus looked into his father's eyes.

"I need you to promise me something son. If anything happens to me; you need to take care of Augustus." Severus shook his head. "Nothing will happen to you dad." Severus didn't know that. He didn't know what happened to him last time.

"You'll write. I will write as well." His dad said.

"Yes dad." Severus replied.

The rest of them interrupted them. "Molly sends her best. Ron is colicky." Arthur lifted the wards.

"Goodbye dad. Kiss Gus for me." He hugged his father. "Remember to write son."

"Arthur, thank you." They shook hands.

They all said their goodbyes. Their party walked out of the wards. "We can't apparate." Narcissa pointed out.

"We'll travel the muggle way Cissy." Severus simply said. Lily kissed him gently. "So smart."

The travel was long. They must have looked strange travelling from Devon to London so late at night. Narcissa wore robes while Lily wore a dress. Severus wore muggle clothing, as did Remus. Black wore robes as well.

They made it to their London safe house unscathed. Severus was tired but he redid and changed all the wards. Narcissa settled in what was Black's room. Remus and Black would bunk in the guest room. Remus accompanied Narcissa to her room.

"Come on Sev." She clutched his hand. They were climbing the stairs when Black spoke up.

"Lily, I've got something for you." Lily stopped and looked confused. Severus helped her down the stairs.

"James left this for you." Sirius took out a package from his robes and gave it to Lils.

She opened the packages and gasped. Severus was confused and then realized the garment was the invisibility cloak. He hated that thing with a passion. Lily had tears on her eyes. "I could never…"

"But you have to. He wanted you to have it. James left a note." The man searched his pockets and handed her a piece of parchment. "He must have felt death coming. Prongs left his inheritance ready."

Black climbed up the stairs. Lily read the small note and then put on the cloak. Severus surreptitiously read the note.

Dear Lily

This is for you and Harry. Please take it. I know Harry will love it once he goes to Hogwarts.



Severus wouldn't come near the thing. Lily folded it gently. He smiled and they climbed the steps to their room.

Lily undressed, as did he. He held her close and kissed her forehead. "We'll be safe." She kissed his chest.

"I'll die before they can hurt you or Harry." Severus kissed her passionately. Lily moaned and kissed her back. They found solace in each other. He made love to her gentle but there were hints of desperation. Lily was a balm for his soul. Severus held her tight all night.