Cauldrons and Lilies

Chapter 28

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Chapter 28

This could not be happening. They were careful, very careful; Severus did not want children, not yet. He made sure she drank her potions and he even performed the charm twice. She realized she was late when Ron was born. Molly gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. He was all red hair and freckles, Molly was ecstatic; "he's perfect. My Ronnie is so very handsome." She said with a huge smile on her face. Arthur was every bit the proud father.

She could not be pregnant, not yet. She still had a year to go in her apprenticeship… She cried, she was scared, very scared. How would Sev react to such news? Lily tried the spell again and it was positive, again and again.

How far along was she? She couldn't be more than two or three months along. She had her period in late December but it had been a discharge more than anything, a false period really.

Lily went to the only female friend she had. Alice would know. She was pregnant too, but she was farther along. Her auror friend was almost four months along.

She did not apparate but used the tube and then flooed from the Leaky Cauldron. Alice lived in Appleby, a wizard's village. She knocked on the door and Alice let her in.

"Lily, what a pleasant surprise." She hugged her and Lils hugged her back. Alice's belly had grown since the last time she saw her.

"Alice. I'm pregnant." The other woman smiled. "That's wonderful."

Lily wanted to cry. "I want to know how far along I am."

The slightly older witch smiled. "That's easy." She pointed her wand at her belly and intoned a spell.

"Three months to the day Lils." The rounded face witch smiled.

Lily smiled. "I'm scared."

Alice laughed, "So am I Lily. There is a war happening and this is not the best time to have a baby but at night I think about my baby. How he will look like, I want him to look like Frank. Arthur has seven sons Lily and he is in The Order. We can't stop living because there is a war." Alice looked very happy with her baby bump.

Lily then imagined a little boy with Severus's smile and she melted. "I have to get checked by a mediwizard." She voiced out loud.

"I'll go with you. I have to get checked too. Frank's mum cancelled on me." She shrugged and they flooed to St. Mungos. Alice went to her regular mediwitch while Lily opted to visit another witch. Alice's mediwitch was prone to gossip.

The young muggleborn visited a colleague. Lily studied spell and curses healing while Marian Bell studied gynecology. She was a pretty witch who gave her some vitamins and her due date. "You'll have a beautiful baby by the end of August." She smiled. Lily nodded.

"When do I come back?" Lily asked, in the back of her mind she knew that it would probably be in two months for another check up.

"In two months or so." Marian was all smiles and hugs. Lily asked the witch to keep the news to herself.

Lily met with Alice once again. Alice looked radiant when she left the hospital. "Do you want to have lunch with me and Frank. We'll meet at the ministry."

"Thank you Alice but I have to head home." Lily said distractedly. Her friend had been invaluable help but she needed time alone. She needed to think about this baby and what it meant for Severus and her.

Lily had the crazy impulse to visit Tuney. Her older sister was pregnant too. She was due late June. She shook her head. Tuney would not help her, she never wrote, only for birthdays and high holidays.

She missed her mum. Molly was too busy with Ron to be of assistance and she did not want to burden the witch any further. Mr. Snape still lived with the Weasleys and he was getting antsy being cooped up without any work. She headed to an old park and sat on the swings. She thought about the baby and what it would be like to hold it. He would look like Severus of course. Severus's child, their baby grew inside of her. Soon it was time to head home. Her husband would be home any moment now.

She took the tube home and smiled when he heard Severus making dinner. "I'm home." She entered the kitchen and the smell of beef stew assaulted her nostrils. Her stomach did somersaults; she ran to the loo and emptied the contents of her stomach.

"Lil." Severus knocked on the door. "I'm fine." She shouted from inside the room.

She wiped her mouth and flushed the toilet. Lily would have to tell him sooner or later. The woman could not keep such a secret from him. She looked at the mirror and washed her face.

"You will do this. Why are you so afraid? Severus is your best friend, your husband. He will be happy when he hears about to baby. He wants children." Lily spoke aloud. She tried to convince herself that Severus wanted kids. Yes, it was rather unexpected but they would raise this baby and be the best parents they could be.

She nodded and left the bathroom. Severus was by the door and looked concerned. "What is it?" He asked quickly and felt her forehead as if his strong hands would cure her from her symptoms.

Lily looked up to him and said it quickly, "I'm pregnant."

Severus paled. He actually ran past her and vomited all over the bathroom floor. "Severus?" She asked and held his forehead as he dry heaved all over their loo.

"I made sure, it can't be. I made sure. You can't be pregnant." He muttered with a terrifying voice. She felt more unease than ever in her life. Sev was supposed to hold her and tell it would all work out for the best.

She cried because they were both too young and terrified, unprepared to have a child in the middle of a war.

He held her and cried too. She kissed his forehead; she had never seen him cry so hard, the last time he cried as hard as this had been when Eileen died. Lily hugged him; he was shaking. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." She didn't know why she was apologizing. It was heartbreaking to see Sev cry so desperately.

"We can do this. We can have him or her. Severus, please." She sobbed, half afraid he would do something stupid, stupider than crying like someone had died when she told him he was going to be a father.

"I can't protect you anymore. It will happen again." His eyes looked crazed.

"What is going to happen?" She asked and tried to keep a hold on him as he stood up and grabbed his wand. He waved it around and muttered spell after spell.

"He will find you. He will find you again. How? He can't possibly know. The prophecy won't happen. It is not his son. He's my son. He's my son." Severus said as if in trance. Lily was growing more scared by the second.

"Severus, stop, please stop." She shrieked.

He looked at her with those dark brown eyes. They were filled with tears and pure undiluted anguish.

"Don't make me tell you please." He said and his face crumpled.

Lily couldn't bear to see him in pain. "Why are you acting so strange? I get it. We are not ready but we're going to have a baby, he or she will be here by the end of August."

He stopped on his tracks. "End of August?"

"I have to go." He looked less crazed but there was electricity around him, an aura of perturbation. She was hurt, confused and most of all scared.

"Where? Why?" She asked and smelled the burned stew. She waved her wand and the stove turned off.

"I have to go. Grab your coat and scarf." He said hurriedly and put on his own black pea coat and green scarf. She put on the blue pea coat and grabbed a matching green scarf to his.

He pulled her out of the house and they hailed the Knight bus. He paid their fare and held her hand. They stopped half a mile away from the Burrow.

He practically ran and dragged her along. As soon as he saw the Burrow, he cracked the codes and stormed inside the modest living room. The children were playing by the rug. Tobias was the first to react. He stood up. Severus did not respond anything. He started chanting spells as if possessed. Arthur and Molly came down from the second floor.

He made eye contact with her. "Stay here. Don't leave this place." He then dissaparated, leaving her to answer a four-word question she had been dying to know the answer too for about two hours.

Molly was the brave soul who asked it. "What is going on?"

She sat down on the sofa and cried because she was terrified, alone and for the first time in a year and half did not understand her Severus. "I told him I was pregnant." She sobbed.