Cauldrons and Lilies

Chapter 76

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Chapter 76

They were in his ancestral home. It was warded by blood magic, one of the last houses to do so. Grimmauld Place was another but it was compromised as Bellatrix had Black blood running through her veins.

It was a huge manor. Severus remembered being here only one in the other lifetime. His grandfather had to reluctantly give it to him. He was the last prince after all. The Princes were not part of the Sacred Twenty-Eight. They were perhaps overcompensating when they thought of the wards. Severus, Augustus and Harry were the only ones who could leave the house and enter once more.

It was the safest they were. His grandfather died in 1983 in this lifetime. Severus received ownership of the manor. He told his father to sell it but it was not possible due to magical laws binding the large property. It was a perfect safe house now.

Harry and Hermione were in the library reading. Lily was in bed when Severus felt strangers near the property. The children ran up the stairs.

"There is someone outside." Harry said. "Go with your mother. Hermione with me." Harry did so. "Harry, put on your cloak."

"Draw your wand." He whispered. "Aim for the chest."

The girl nodded and looked scared, "Easy. You know what to do. Hermione, you grab the portkey and get to the Burrow."

Hermione nodded. "Behind me."

Severus moved to the entrance and saw as the doors opened for Augustus. He had a gash on his face.

"The Ministry has fallen. They have taken Hogwarts as well." His brother said in greeting.

Hermione ran past him and hugged a grinning Ron. He had his Hogwarts uniform on. Ginny was there too as was Draco.

"Gus took us to the train station. We don't know anything about the others." His godson said.

Severus heard Hermione, "I missed you so much." She said quietly. Ron did not let go of her.

"Where is Harry?" Ginny asked quickly.

"Upstairs." Severus replied, "Should we expect more people?"

"Severus, this is the end of it." Augustus said. "The ministry openly seized muggleborns. I blew my cover."

"Apparate to the Burrow and bring all of them here. Send a Patronus to Percy and have him collect Bill and the twins. They will target them now. I will leave for Grimmauld and collect Remus once Sirius gets here."

Black was due to come by in an hour or so. Augustus left. "Draco, Ron and Ginny come with me." He said quickly.

"Raise your wands." He said.

"Why?" Ron asked quickly.

"You three are purebloods. This house will assimilate your magic to protect it. The house accepts Prince blood and its allies. It strengthens the protective enchantments." He explained.

"With me." He said and began to recite the spells.

Lily and Harry came downstairs. His wife hated the house. Harry raised his wand and worked to get the enchantments going."

"It was not long when Severus felt strangers near the grounds once more. It was not Augustus. The man opened the door and saw Remus and his family as well as Sirius and Albus.

Severus left the house and aimed his wand at Albus, "Minerva's favorite muggle novel."

Albus half smiled, "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea."

Severus hugged Albus tight. He had not seen him since that night in the tower.

The old man hugged him back. "Let's get inside my boy." He said quickly.

Severus led them to the manor. Narcissa ran to hug Draco. Soon they were all in the library.

"What happened?" Sirius asked quickly.

"Things unraveled much quicker than I expected. They will be watching all of us now. I assume the rest of the Weasleys and your father and his family are on their way." Albus stated.

Severus nodded, "They are."

"Good. We have Minerva there. They will keep her there. She will communicate with me. I must go back to Alastor's. We'll have to use plan Fawkes."

Severus agreed. "I need Kingsley here." Severus pointed out.

"I thought so as well." Albus replied and waved his hand. Fawkes arrived and seemed to burn Albus until he disappeared.

"What in seven hells is Plan Fawkes?" Ron asked irritated.

"Prince Manor is officially the new Order Headquarters. We are in open war just like during the first war. We have to train them now." Severus replied.

Lily nodded, "just like last war then. We'll train the recruits and hide people then?"

"As many as we can." Severus nodded. "Albus and I think that there will be a confrontation soon."

Augustus entered with the Weasleys and his dad, Tuney ran to Lily and Dudley smiled when he saw his friends.

"Percy is on his way too." Augustus replied.

Severus nodded. "We have to find you all rooms." Lily and him showed all of them to different places and wings. Remus and Narcissa chose to stay in one room with all the girls. Draco chose a room near theirs. Percy and his siblings came in by late afternoon. The twins refused to leave Diagon Alley without sending word to Charlie who would remain in Rumania. Everyone was settled in their quarters when Kingsley came in with Alice and Neville Longbottom.

Severus aimed his wand at Kingsley's throat, "How did we meet?"

"You handed me a potions book your third year." Severus dropped his wand.

Kingsley kept his trained at him. "Frank's last words to the both of us."

"Alice and Neville are the priority." Severus remembered that night at Alastor's like it was yesterday.

He saw Neville's slashed face. "I apparated from the train. They took Luna and Dean. I should have fought like my dad."

"No Neville, you did the right thing. You are of no help if you are trapped." Kingsley said and walked with him.

"What did Dumbledore say?" Alice asked.

"Plan Fawkes." Severus replied.

"I suspected as much." Kingsley said carefully.

Severus placed them in their rooms and then went to his own quarters. Lily brushed her hair.

"We'll have a meeting early morning. Come to bed." She said and smiled.

"They will join. They are all over 17." Severus replied.

"Yes, we'll start training tomorrow." Lily kissed his cheek. "It had to happen. At least we are all under the same roof."

Severus kissed her forehead. "You will not conduct active combat or potions. It will be charms for you. I expect that Albus will bring more recruits and rescues. We will have to plan the teams as well."

"Fine, but I will work with the wounded when they come." Lily argued back.

Severus nodded, "yes but only until this month. I have a feeling Camelia will come out early."

Lily smiled, "I'm not convinced of that name yet."

Severus frowned, "you agreed. I get to name this baby."

Lily shook her head, "if I remember correctly, you named our last baby."

"I most certainly did not. I just referred to him as Harry and you went ahead with it. I also voted for no Severus and I have accepted to not name her after you."

"I like Julia better." Lily pouted, "Julia Camelia. No, it doesn't sound right."

"Camelia Eileen." She said after a silence.

Severus kissed her cheek, "I love it."

Lily nodded, "I love it too."

"What if we have another boy?" Lily asked once more. She was worried and couldn't sleep. Severus knew her.

Severus sighed, "in that unlikely case, we'll name him Octavius or Hadrian."

"Hadrian Tobias." Lily finished and slept.

Severus slept as well. He needed his rest to face the following months.