Cauldrons and Lilies

Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

"What in the bloody hell is this?" She opened her eyes and looked up at her daddy. He never swore in front of her or Tunney. She blinked and noticed the heavy pale arm around her waist and the leg over her hip. She blushed immediately; she could feel something poking at her rear. Sev tightened his hold on her apparently still sleeping.

"Sev Get up," she shook him. He mumbled something and opened his eyes. He looked just as surprised as she felt.

Lily took in her mum and Tunney by the door holding packages. "I demand an explanation. Is this why you wanted to stay back? So you could bring a boy into the house. I'm deeply disappointed Lily." His voice was hard.

"I'm sorry sir. I didn't have anywhere else to go and came to Lils. I didn't mean to cause any problems." Severus replied.

"Sweetheart, Eileen and Tobias must be beside themselves. I'll call them right now." Mum hurried to the phone.

"I thought you didn't have a phone." She whispered to Sev. Her dad still ranted while Tunney watched with relish.

"We don't have one." Severus said with a hint of annoyance.

"Hi Eileen, yes Severus is here. Of course he won't go anywhere." Mum hung up and tried to calm dad.

"Your father is on his way here. Your parents were very worried, and with reason Severus. You can't walk out and not say anything." Mum admonished her best friend.

Severus looked ready to snap. Dad looked at Severus as if he wanted to kill him. Lily rolled her eyes. They were just cuddling in the couch.

Tobias Snape knocked on the door ten minutes later. Tunney let him in, "Good afternoon." He looked embarrassed and then looked at Severus who looked back defiantly. Lily feared for Severus, he knew that her best friend had a temper and was impulsive.

"Tunney, go to your room. I need to speak with Mr. Snape about his son's behavior." Lily grabbed Sev's hand and tried to go to her room.

"Not so fast young lady. You and that boy stay here." She didn't like his tone but didn't say anything.

Petunia and mum went to the kitchen, her sister smirked before her mother ushered her out of the room.

"Tobias, I found your son groping my daughter in this couch." Lily frowned, Sev frowned too.

"No he wasn't. We fell asleep; we've done so many times." Sev cringed and so did Tobias. Dad's face acquired an angry red color.

"Sir, I assure you I didn't mean anything by it. We fell asleep as Lils said." Severus said hastily.

"Harry, I apologize for my son's behavior. He'll be punished once his mother learns about this." Tobias said calmly.

"Lily you are grounded until you go back to school. No late visits, Severus I don't want you climbing that tree by her window." Lily was about to protest. This was supposed to be their time together. Severus was hers during the breaks; she didn't see him as much at school.

"Daddy you can't do that. Sev and I, we have a big school project." She lied through her teeth.

"Fine, he can come here but only in the afternoon and your sister has to watch you." She could feel Sev fuming next to her.

"Severus your mother is expecting us." Tobias said with a firm voice.

Lily looked at Sev who glared at his dad. "I'll see you tomorrow." She hugged him.

"Off you go." Dad basically pushed Severus out the door. He was very rude. Mr. Snape didn't say anything else and glared at Sev.

She glared at her dad and went to her room without saying a word. Lily wondered what would happen to him. She didn't know Tobias Snape that much; he had always been at the pub or work. Sev didn't like to talk too much about him anymore. It had been easier when they were little. He told her everything and they were best friends and confidantes. Lily longed to have that simplicity again. She was confused, she felt as if she had her Sev back sometimes but it wasn't the same Sev. Ever since that trip to Hogsmeade he had been a little different, courteous but cautious. Her black haired friend had always been reserved and quiet but this Sev was mature. He didn't care about Potter and Black anymore. He hadn't even asked if they had gone out during the last full moon. Something happened to him and Lily was glad. A part of her had always loved Severus and it was becoming increasingly hard to fool herself, a year ago she had been sure he liked her too but now she didn't know. They had kissed and he had remained quiet, passive, as if he didn't want them to be together. Lily obsessed over little details now. She didn't want to lose her dearest friend.

Maybe Severus didn't want her as a girlfriend. She wanted to ask someone, she couldn't tell mum, it would be awkward to ask her. She could ask Tunney maybe, she had a boyfriend even if it was that Vernon oaf. Her sister didn't like her much, they didn't see eye to eye in many things but surely Tunney would help, she loved gossip like this.

She came out of her bedroom and into the kitchen. Her mum and sister were making dinner. "Your father went to his shed." Mum said with a frown.

Lily remained quiet, "I don't want Severus visiting when we aren't here." Her mother said with a steely voice.

She looked at her mum, "Why? Sev is my best friend, besides he's always visited." She shrugged her shoulders.

"He's not a boy anymore, it's not proper." Lil blushed; she couldn't argue that, she'd seen the changes too. Her friend was now taller than her, his hands were graceful and his voice had nothing left of his childish tone. His voice was deep and silky. She stopped her musings and remembered what she came for. "Tunney, I need to ask you something." She didn't wait for the usual rebuke and sneer. She grabbed her hand and dragged Petunia to her room.

"Lily, I was learning a recipe for Vernon." She said annoyed at being manhandled.

Lily rolled her eyes, "I have a question." Petunia looked at her suspiciously and with a huff sat down in the bed. Lily knew she loved this; her older sister loved giving advice. It made her feel important.

"I like a boy from school. We kissed about three months ago but he hasn't said anything. What should I do?"

Tunney frowned, "is he from normal parents or…?" Lily didn't think it mattered but she answered either way, "He's half and half." It looked as if Tunney knew it was Sev.

She didn't need Tunney's meddling. She despised Severus. She was rethinking this, "his dad is magical but his mum is a muggle."

Petunia relaxed a little. "You should wait Lily. Did he kiss you or did you?"

Lily flushed, "I did, he was so close and I…"

Her sister frowned, "you never, ever kiss a guy first. You have to wait."

Lily deflated, but in a rare show of affection Tunney patted her hand. "Don't feel bad. This is what you're going to do. You wait for him to say something, be nice but don't overwhelm him. You have to make him notice you."

Lily blinked, "How do I do that?"

Petunia laughed good naturedly, "You're very pretty Lily, wear a little make up, not too much you don't need it." She sounded a little sad.

"Tunney, what if it doesn't work?" Lily didn't think Sev would care if she wore mascara or lipstick.

"Let's try that first. What do you want Lily? Do you want him to be your boyfriend?" She asked tentatively.

"I don't know, we share all classes and he's a good friend what if it's awkward." Petunia shook her head.

"I'm sure you have more friends and you always have that Snape boy." She said with a little sneer.

Lily frowned. "Sev's alright. Why do you hate him so much?"

Petunia primly stood up, "I don't hate him, he's just beneath us." She left the room. Lily didn't want to argue with Tunney. After all she had tried to give her advice, did she want Severus to be her boyfriend? She didn't know but they were friends that had to be good enough. She shrugged. Tunney said to wait. She could do that; maybe Severus didn't like her that way. She couldn't destroy their friendship.