Cauldrons and Lilies

Chapter 45

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Chapter 45

Severus watched as his wife readied herself for the ministry function. She looked stunning in her silver dress robes and the sapphire necklace his mum left for her. He kissed her gently.

"You look beautiful. They will be so envious of me." He said with a smile. Lily smiled back and blushed a little. He loved that she still blushed when he called her beautiful.

"You look handsome too." He wore black dress robes, similar to his teaching robes. They felt like a second skin. If he was to ever wear robes again. He would wear his robes.

He offered his arm and they apparated near the ministry. "I hope Harry and the other kids do not pester Tobias too much." Lily said as they walked to the entrance.

"Dad will have them watch telly by now. The twins are the only ones he should worry about." Severus said while laughing Fred and George had managed to learn how to pick locks, escape the house. They had the habit of wandering around the neighborhood. They "explored" the neighborhood. Tobias had called him and flooed Molly as soon as he noticed their absence. Arthur spanked both of them as soon as they went home or so Molly told him. The twins were on strict watch since then.

Lily shook her head, "the little ones should be asleep by now."

"Percy and Gus are probably the only ones watching the telly." Severus kissed her hand. "Lils, I do not want you to be nervous."

She snorted, "I cannot help it."

"We belong here." He said decidedly.

She looked up to him. "You hate these events. Why are we here?"

"For Remus. I have an idea." He said enigmatically. Severus had been working on Remus's DNA and the wolfsbane. He needed to speak with Belby and ask him about his use of aconite. He explained that he needed the research behind the wolfsbane. Severus needed the notes to specialize a brew for Remus. He would not cure his lycanthropy but the new brew would be so adjusted to his organism that Remus's transformation would cease to be painful and he would not be sedated like he usually is with the wolfsbane. Ultimately Severus planned to stop Remus's internal deterioration. His friend was twenty-five but his body yelled thirty-five.

Lily questioned him and did not realize that they were in the ballroom until Cissy greeted them. "I thought you would never get here. Molly and Arthur are over there talking to minister Fudge." Cissy said enthusiastically. She wore lavender robes and as always she looked beautiful.

Severus saw Molly and Arthur. She wore red robes and Arthur wore green robes. He nodded at them. Narcissa was in her element. She kissed Lils and then floated away to greet more people.

"I don't know how she does it." Lily remarked. Luckily they met some people from St. Mungos and Lils felt more at ease. He was not the social butterfly that Narcissa was or even as social as his wife. He merely nodded and smiled shyly when the healers spoke about his research and private work as a potioneer.

Soon he spotted Black with some bimbo perched on his arm. It was too late to turn around. He waved at Lily and soon he was by their side.

"Snape. Lils." He said grinning. "Meet the love of my life, Lois. She's on holiday from America."

Severus smirked, "What happened to the other love of your life. Amanda, wasn't she love?" He asked Lily who disguised a laugh with a cough.

The woman scowled. "Our Sirius will never find a proper girl." He said affectionately while Sirius threw a glare at him. Lois walked away furiously.

Lily burst out laughing, "you should not have done that Sev." She hit his arm.

Severus laughed, "She should know that Black does not plan anything worthwhile with her."

Finally, it was time dinner. Molly and Arthur sat with them. "Oh is so nice to have an evening without the children." She smiled and kissed Arthur on his cheek. Narcissa and Sirius came to sit with them as well.

"Thanks a lot Snape." He punched him hard on the back. Severus scowled. "She's left for good."

"She deserves better." Severus replied and drank some of his firewhisky.

"Git." Black then proceeded to ignore him. Years ago he would have hexed him. It was a testament of how much they had all changed.

Severus was ecstatic when he saw Remus come in with Alice Longbottom. He finished his dance with Lily and approached them.

"Did you see Belby yet?" He asked as soon as they approached them.

Lily hugged Alice, "You look beautiful. It is so good to see you. Are you staying?" Remus shook his head, "Not yet."

Alice smiled at him. "You're still the same Severus." She hugged him and he nodded, "it is good to see you. How is Neville?" He asked genuinely curious about the boy.

"So big. He looks just like Frank. He's in Germany. I go back tomorrow. Remus convinced me to come tonight. I am happy I did." She hugged Lily once more.

"Oh, you have to see Sirius. He will die when he sees you." Lily dragged Alice to their table.

"Come on. We have to talk to Belby." He pushed Remus to another chamber.

"I do not think this is a good idea." Remus said for the umpteenth time.

"It is a feasible and the last piece of our puzzle for now." Severus encouraged. "I thought you would be happy to start more of our research. This is what we have been waiting for."

Remus shook his head, "I don't want to come back to England yet."

Severus opened the door. "You have to be ready." They spent an hour talking to Belby. It was easier than he expected. Severus made small conversation, discussed potions and the scar on his forehead. Belby did not want any money. He agreed to give him all his research and only asked to pick his brain and owl him once in a while for research. Severus felt somewhat humbled and agreed.

"This is it Remus. He will owl me the research and we can start." Severus excitedly spoke and explained what they had to do. "You must come back to England by next week."

"How is Dragon? I owled Sirius but he is horrible at owling." Remus said.

Severus understood; Remus was Draco's dad. The potion's master could not imagine being away from Harry. "He asks for you all the time. Molly is teaching him how to read. He is a very good reader. He misses you."

"I miss him too." Remus said sadly.

"Come back. He needs you." Severus said briskly.

"Cissa made it clear she wants nothing to do with me." Remus said with a dejected voice.

Severus lit up a cigarette, "So you are going to punish your son." He offered him one.

"He is not mine. Narcissa will never allow me in his life." Remus smoked his cigarette.

"I cannot believe how easily you give up." Severus laughed bitterly. "That boy is yours. Narcissa is my friend but she is in the wrong. You know she is. Maybe she does not love you but that is not an excuse for you to leave Draco."

Remus was quiet. "How is she?"

"She looks fine. One can never know with her." Severus shrugged.

"I saw her. She looks beautiful." Remus finished his cigarette. "Can I stay with you and Lils? only until I find a place."

"Of course." Severus said shortly.

They went back to the ballroom. Severus kissed Lily and danced with her a few pieces. Sirius hugged Remus on sight. Severus twirled Lily and smiled. They danced until Lily grew breathless. "Come along. I want to ask Alice about Neville."

Alice looked well but she explained that she did not want to come back to England. "Maybe when Neville goes to Hogwarts." She said carefully. "Besides, I can always owl you and You can always visit. Remus had a brilliant time." She giggled.

"Because of you Alice." Remus said with a light smile and kissed her hand. Narcissa smiled tightly. Severus noticed, perhaps Lily did as well.

They talked for a few more hours. Severus danced and played his part well. He spoke with the minister, healers, members of the Wizengamot and other influential witches and wizards.

"I must go." Alice said and said her goodbyes. "My portkey activates in a few minutes."

Lily hugged her, "Are you sure you cannot stay? Maybe spend a few days with us? We can get Neville."

Alice hugged her back. "Not yet Lily."

Remus escorted her. "He always had a thing for her." Sirius said with a huge grin. The man really was clueless.

"What do you mean?" Narcissa asked pretending to enjoy some gossip.

"Oh. She was his first. Mooney told us."

Severus nodded, "You are such as gossip." He watched carefully as Narcissa frowned and then looked at Lily for confirmation. His wife, of course was unaware of any of the information. Severus had kept his outings with the marauders quiet.

Sirius laughed and drank more whisky. "You dog, you Mooney. You and Alice then. Good for you." He waggled his eyebrows. Remus shook his head. "It is not like that."

"Always modest." Sirius guffawed. Molly and Arthur looked at him indulgingly. "I think you and Alice would make a wonderful couple." Arthur beamed. "She is a nice polite girl and you have to settle down. Find a wife, have your children."

Molly frowned, "He's twenty-five. He has plenty of time." Remus smiled tightly. "I'll go with Alice. Make sure she's safe."

Lily nodded. "Severus ask Cissy to dance."

The black-haired man did so. He noticed his friend was distracted. Severus had always been perceptive but he rather not meddle like Lily and Black did. He waited until Narcissa asked him about the inevitable.

"Remus looks happy." She remarked.

"He does." Severus was short with his answers. He loved Narcissa dearly but it was not his place to play matchmaker. He would leave that to Lils and Molly who were far more interested.

"Has he been staying with Alice for the whole time?" She asked once more. Narcissa was not deterred by his short answers.

"I am not entirely sure Cissy. You could ask him when he comes back." Severus replied finally.

The blonde woman frowned but continued dancing. They went back to their table. "Sirius, I think it is time we left. We have to pick up Draco from Mr. Snape's and I'm feeling tired."

Sirius shook his head, "We should wait for Remus. We could all go home then." Narcissa frowned.

"I don't think Remus will come back from Germany tonight. Hurry along." She said imperiously and walked out of the room. Sirius drank the last of his firewhisky and followed along.

Arthur and Molly stood up. "Oh are you going to get the children as well?" Lily asked ready to leave as well.

"They are staying the night with Tobias." Molly smiled and dragged Arthur to the dance floor.

Lily smiled. "We should go." Severus knew that Lily would want to interrogate him about Remus.

She kissed him. "Why don't we leave Harry with Tobias tonight?" She whispered and squeezed his hand.

Severus did not need be told twice. He offered his hand. They walked away from the ministry halls and apparated home. Lily kissed him deeply, "Tell me all you know about Remus." She removed his robes, while running her fingers through his hair

He smiled and bit her lips. "He's coming back and staying with us." Lily looked back. "I'm supposed to tell Cissy."

Severus kissed her neck, while trying to remove her necklace. "Don't tell her."

She kissed him back, "I will have to. Narcissa will know eventually."

Severus shrugged when she ran her hands over his torso. They undressed hurriedly. They were used to quick and quiet. Harry had a knack for unlocking doors. Severus kissed his wife until they were both dizzy without air. Lily kept on kissing him; he always forgot about the world. There was nothing but her. They made love in their bedroom. Severus lit up a cigarette after they were done. Lily snuggled into his chest. "This is nice." She kissed his jaw.

"It is. I love Harry but sometimes I miss us." Severus played with her hair.

Lily chuckled. "I love you" Her green eyes sparkled. He smiled and kissed her necks. "I love you more."

Severus sought her twice more before the end of the night. They slept naked, her on top of him. He enjoyed the early hours of the day. He looked at her, his Lils was deep asleep. Severus loved the quiet minutes, the brink of sleep and wakefulness.

He must have woken up hours later. Lily kissed his scar, "Wake up love."

Severus sighed and turned to spoon her. "Not yet. We can leave Harry with my dad until he goes off to Hogwarts."

Lily chuckled and played with his hands. "I am pretty sure Remus is in our kitchen trying to unsuccessfully make breakfast." She explained, as if on cue they heard a crash.

"I should have never let him stay with us." He grumbled and kissed his shoulder.

"Again." Lily asked and turned to kiss him.

They surfaced from their bedroom an hour later. Remus managed to have a cup of tea it seemed.

"Good morning Moony." Lily greeted him with a kiss.

"I apologize for all the noise. Kreacher had breakfast ready for me all mornings." He explained with a half smile.

Severus glared at him, "How did you fend for yourself in Germany?"

"Alice has a house elf too." Remus sipped on his cup of tea.

Lily started cooking them breakfast. Severus talked to Remus about the next steps for the research he had in mind.

"We will meet daily after I read through all of Belby's research. We could meet at St. Mungos in the afternoons."

Remus nodded, "Perfect."

"Remus, do you want something?" She motioned to the pan with bacon."

"No thanks Lil." He smiled.

"What are you doing today?" Lily asked their friend.

"I thought I would go to Diagon Alley, look for a job." Remus could not finish.

"Why don't you come with us to pick Harry from Tobias. Sev and I thought to visit London for a bit." This was new information to Severus who arched an eyebrow.

"Thanks Lil. I'd love to see Harry and Gus. I have to decline the invitation to London. I do not want to intrude."

"But you wouldn't." Lils started but it was clear Remus would not accept her offer.

The three wizards flooed to Tobias' home. Severus could hear the children laughing. He stepped out first.

"Dad, we came to pick Harry." He yelled.

Harry ran into the house "Daddy." Harry was red. He'd been running it seemed. He picked his child and kissed his cheek.

"Grandpa is teaching me to play football. Gus and Percy scored." Harry said excitedly and then broke free from him and went to the backyard.

Severus laughed. Lily left the hearth and then Remus emerged looking a little green. "We could have apparated." He said.

"Where is my baby?" Lily asked as she waved her wand to clean them all.

"Outside playing football with the other kids and dad." Severus led the way.

Draco and Ron chased after Ginny who giggled away. The twins kicked a football with Percy and Gus chasing after them.

Cissy was there as well. She sat with Tobias laughing at something or other. "My daddy is here." Harry ran back to chase after Ginny.

Dad waved at them. "Remus. I'm glad to see you where have you been lad?" Narcissa looked uncomfortable once more.

"DADDY" Draco yelled and ran to Remus who laughed and hoisted him up in the air.

Draco kissed hugged him and grinned maniacally. "Mummy said you were on trip." Draco held on and ignored the rest of them. Lily exchanged looks with Cissy who tried to keep up a calm face.

"Come and play Sev." Gus yelled.

Soon he was playing with the kids. Remus and Draco joined them. Molly and Arthur joined them hours later. Molly looked refreshed and brought heaps of food. She waved her wand and suddenly the yard looked bigger and felt bigger. The witch was truly extraordinary.

Severus spoke with his dad and Remus for most of the evening. "Molly is a wonderful cook." Tobias ate his fill and then some.

It was late. Molly and Arthur rounded his kids. Ginny kissed him soundly. Sev was taken with her. Lily and him could make a little girl like Ginny. Severus was sure his future daughter in law was half in love with Harry already.

Gus said goodnight and left for his room once Percy was gone. "Bye Sev."

Tobias looked tired. "Dad, I will come and reset the wards next week."

"Sure." Tobias fixed some of the toys the twins left lying around.

"Let me." Narcissa whipped her wand and the toys were packed away.

"Draco, it's time to go." Draco looked up from the couch and then to Remus. He sleepily made his way to him. Remus picked him up.

Narcissa went by his side. "Sweetheart, Remus has to go to his home."

Draco rested his head on Remus' shoulder. "I'll put him to bed and then leave."

Narcissa shook her head. "No, he has to learn." She grabbed Draco. The little boy was awake at that moment.

He looked at Remus and cried. "No daddy, no. Don't leave me." Narcissa walked away to the floo when it happened. Draco let out a big sob and then yelled "no". Draco had dissaparated.

Narcissa yelled. Remus looked around and then at her. Severus waved his wand. He tried a locating spell. Remus did one too.

"Where is he?" Narcissa yelled and tried to do a spell too.

"I can't find him." Severus tried again. Cissy waved her wand, so did Remus who glared at her.

Severus was at a loss. He had never seen a child apparate. He looked at Lily who tried to console Cissy. Remus paced for the three seconds that the locating spell failed to give them an answer.

"We have to call the ministry." Lily said. Severus nodded.

They were about to apparate when Draco came back. He looked pale and trembled. He had a gash on his shoulder. Remus and Cissy ran to him. "I need dittany. He splinched."

Severus went to the kitchen and handed her a bottle. He made sure dad was stocked just in case. He taught him which ingredients and potions to use in case Gus or one of the kids got sick.

Draco cried and hugged Cissy, "Sweetie, don't ever do that."

Draco cried more and more. Lily patched him. Remus smiled at him and moved his hair back. "How are you feeling Dragon?"

Draco cried and hugged him. "I'm sorry daddy. I'll be good. I promise, I'll be good don't leave me. Daddy please don't leave." Remus stood up and held Draco to him.

He walked to the hearth. "Remus, what are you doing?" Cissy said with tears on her eyes.

"I have had enough Narcissa." He hissed and glared at her. Severus had not seen him this enraged since Potter died. "We are going home now. We'll settle this once and for all."

Narcissa looked scared but followed him to the floo. "12 Grimmauld Place." Remus said with Draco on his arms.

"Thank you for all Mr. Snape." She said with a watery smile.

"Lily, thank you so much." She hugged her and then him.

"Owl me." Lily kissed her cheek.

Narcissa stepped into the hearth and was gone in a blaze of green flames.