Cauldrons and Lilies

Chapter 75

Chapter 75

Lily woke up throwing up. It was the fifth time this week and Lily could not longer ignore the signs. She was pregnant. Lily decided to finally to do the charm. Severus helped her up from the loo. She washed her face and brushed her teeth.

He kissed her forehead, "Are you ready to tell me?" He said with a small smile.

Lily smiled and hugged him, "I am pregnant my love."

Severus smiled openly and kissed her. Lily grinned at him. "Want me to do the charm?"

"Yes please." Severus said and looked at her belly.

Lily aimed her wand and whispered the words. There was a white light surrounding her.

"Do you want to know if it's a boy or girl?" Lily asked.

Severus shook his head, "No, I want it to be a surprise." He said grinning once more.

Lily nodded and kissed him again, "we can't tell anyone yet. It's too soon."

"How far along are you?" Severus asked and petted her belly again.

"Cannot be more than five weeks. We made this baby during the winter break." Lily was sure.

"Gus' wedding?" Severus asked.

"I am positive." She echoed.

Her husband laughed and kissed her cheek. "I'm hoping for a girl. We'll name her after a flower like you."

Lily chuckled, "silly, we'll have to think of a really pretty name then."

"We'll think of something." Severus kissed her over and over.

"Severus, I don't want to go to St. Mungos. I want to go to a muggle doctor. I want us to be safe. We'll only tell family." She said carefully.

Severus nodded. "yes, we tell people after you've hit four months."

Lily kissed the corner of his mouth. "Yes."

Lily and Severus went to the first doctor's visit and confirmed that everything was fine with the baby. Lily let the doctor know that this was her second pregnancy.

"We tried for years after our son was born but we couldn't get pregnant. We stopped and I felt the symptoms earlier this week." Lily related.

"Well, Mrs. Snape, you are correct. There is the heartbeat." The man smiled and pointed to the little dot.

Severus kissed her forehead. "Everything looks healthy. I will prescribe you some vitamins. Have Sally help you with scheduling your visits. There is a light risk with your age, as you are over thirty-five but you are healthy."

Lily nodded and was happy when Severus took her to a park. "We're having a baby." He said and laughed.

"We are." She said and felt light. "It's not perfect timing." She was afraid that he would react the same way he did with Harry.

"It's not but that did not stop us with Harry. He is turning out fine." Severus said and held her close.

"We'll be fine my love." He kissed her hands.

Lily found that the baby made her sick all the time. This pregnancy was rougher on her. She was more tired and forgot things all the time. She was also very emotional. Everything made her cry. Harry waving from a hall. Severus not coming to bed early. Patients and news in the daily prophet. It was all overwhelming by the end of easter break.

"I have to tell the kids Severus. We have to tell them before term resumes." She cried.

Severus nodded, "I waited for you to give us green light." He said while putting his book away.

Lily cried and hugged him, "you are so considerate. I love you so much. I love you so much. I swear I will be much more fun. I know I am going to be very randy next month. I swear it love."

Her husband laughed, "you silly old girl." He said and kissed her neck.

Lily grinned and stood up. "Let's tell them."

The kids were in front of the TV watching a film about aliens.

Lily wanted to cry again. "Mum, what is it?" Harry said and helped her to sit between him and Hermione.

"We have news." Lily began. Hermione looked worried.

"It's good news dear." She said and patted the girls' hand.

"I am pregnant." She said happily.

Hermione grinned and hugged her. "Congratulations." The girl said.

Harry hugged her too. "You two still have sex." He muttered.

Lily found the comment hilarious. "Well of course we do." She said clearly. Harry turned a little green.

"Don't be immature." Lily continued. "Your father and I have a healthy sex life. We have sex at least three times per week when your father is not overly tired."

"Lily." Severus said while Harry made a face. "MUM." He yelled.

Lily grinned and stood up. "Don't tell anyone but family. You two are the firsts to know. Your father an I are going up. Maybe we'll have sex again."

Harry made a face and put his head between his knees as if sick. Lily giggled while Severus looked at her reproachingly.

"You shouldn't have told him about our sex life." Severus said.

"Did you see his face?" Lily kissed Severus and cuddled with him until they fell asleep.

Lily told Petunia and Narcissa in the next few days. They were both very excited and happy. "We have to have tea with Molly." They did.

Molly encircled her in the biggest hug, "I miss babies." She said.

"Tobias, didn't want more. He said he could not be picking up his child from school and be confused with his or her grandpa. My Tobias looks good but he said no. Honestly, Dudley and Gus were always enough." Petunia said.

"I would have given Arthur three more kids if possible." Molly blushed a little "but we finally had our Ginny and time got away from us."

"Remus put his foot down after Pandora. He even refused to have sex until I promised no more children." Narcissa pouted. "He's careful now."

"We tried. Sev and I were a little envious of Lyra and Callista but nothing happened and we sort of gave up. Now baby came along." Lily patted her little bump. It was becoming more pronounced now.

"Severus wants a girl." Lily said happily "I am not opposed to a little girl."

The woman began talking of baby clothes. Lily was very excited and felt light about the baby.

She had another ultrasound that afternoon. Severus did not show up. He was busier now that term resumed. It was OWLS and NEWTS reviews. She figured Severus had to stay back to help. Lily asked Petunia to go with her. It was all well, the baby was perfectly fine.

"Let me take you home and cook you dinner." Tuney made her favorite and also fed her treacle tart.

"I am stuffed Tuney." She said and thaked her for a lovely meal. Dudley greeted her and then went straight to his room. "Hey aunt Lily." He kissed her and then kissed his mum. "I have to finish homework mum. I'll eat there." The boy grabbed his food and more snacks.

"I swear, that boy will make us bankrupt. He eats so much." Tuney laughed.

Lily stood up and made to Floo to Three Broomsticks as it was the closest to Hogwarts. She would then walk to the gates or take a Thestral there.

"Goodbye Tuney. I'll see you soon." She kissed her older sister good night and ignited the green powder. Nothing happened.

Lily tried again with no success. "Why is this not working?" Lily asked out loud when Severus came in with Harry and Hermione.

Lily gasped. Hermione and Harry looked scared while Severus had a crazed look.

"Hermione, start the enchantments. I will go find father." Severus kissed Lily's forehead. "I need you to calm down. Theo is dead. They're blaming me and Albus. We're on the run. They took over Hogwarts and the ministry. Scrimgeour is dead."

Lily wanted to speak some more but Severus left. "What happened?" Lily asked Harry.

Her son took her to the sofa. Petunia sat by her. "Calm down Lily. You have to think of the baby."

"I am Tuney. I just need to know."

"Nott was a death eater. Draco knew and he kept it to himself." Harry spat.

Hermione came back from upstairs. "It isn't Draco's fault. He did not know that Nott could plan such an attack."

"Please explain." Lily begged them.

"Nott tried to kill the headmaster. He met with death eaters in Hogsmeade. They attacked they polijuiced as them and gained access through the gates. They aimed for Dumbledore. Nott had to kill him. He could not. It was mayhem. Greyback attacked Bill. Don't worry. He's alive, his face was scarred. He will not turn according to uncle Remus."

Hermione cried a bit, "we were all in the infirmary when the headmaster told us we had to go. Draco and Ron are still there because they're pure bloods. Lily, they killed the minister. The news is going to say that he's retired. Pious Thicknesse will be minister. We had to flee."

"It is a mess, mum, students were hurt and Nott is dead. His father killed him. Draco was there. He said it so. He should have let us know." Harry still insisted.

Lily shook her head, "you mustn't think that way. Draco did not want his friend to get hurt."

Severus was back with Tobias, "Lily, help Petunia pack their clothes."

"We're going to the Burrow. It is a safe house now. I am secret keeper." Severus looked frantic once more. There was a manic air about him. Lily had seen this before. It was like when he learned that she was pregnant with Harry.

Lily stood up and went to him. "Calm down." She touched his face. "First things first. Packing. I will pack here. You go pack home. Floo and take Harry. Hermione and I will finish here."

Severus nodded and grabbed Harry. "Now, Tuney come with me. Hermione, take Tobias and Dudley to the Burrow."

Lily went with Tuney. Her sister produced three suitcases. Petunia looked calm, "will this be temporary?"

Lily shook her head, "it will not."

"This is the beginning of the final shutdown. Severus is going into hiding mode." She told her sister. "I'm so sorry to drag you into this." Lily said quietly.

Petunia shook her head, "it was not you. I would be in this same situation if you were not married to Severus. Augustus is magical, and Tobias is their father, their only family. Trust me Lily, I would be just as involved as I am now. You have to be calm now."

"I am calm Petunia." Lily waved her wand and the clothes folded into the suitcases. Lily aslo applied an expandable charm to make sure that there was room for all the clothes. They then moved to Dudley's room and packed his clothes.

They walked down the stairs and heard Tobias and Severus talking hurriedly.

"Do you still have it?" Severus asked her father in law.

"I do Severus." Tobias replied and went by the fireplace. He removed a shelf near the fireplace and uncovered a wodden box.

Lily understood what it was, "you cannot take a gun into the Burrow."

Tobias grabbed the case and shook his head, "I did the last time this happened and I will this time again. You have magic, so does he and the rest of our friends. Petunia and Dudley need me. I will protect them, that gun gives us a fighting chance. I hope that I do not have to use it."

Lily began to argue once more when Petunia asked her to come into the floo with her. The children were there with Fred and Dumbledore. "I have to go and see Bill." Fred took off.

The headmaster looked at Severus as soon as he left the floo with Tobias. "Severus, we must leave as well." The older man stated.

Severus looked at her. Lily hugged and then kissed him. "Come back tonight, quickly." She whispered. Severus nodded and then apparated with Dumbledore.

"We now have to wait for Molly and Arthur to be here." Lily sat by the couch. Hermione sat by her while Dudley and Harry talked quietly. Surely, her son explained the recent happenings.

Petunia and Tobias also spoke in a low voice. It must have been about forty-five minutes until Arthur arrived with the twins. "Bill is fine. Molly and Fleur stayed back to take care of him."

Lily sighed in relief. "Good." Tobias said too.

"Arthur, I hope we are not imposing…" Petunia began.

The redheaded man shook his head, "not at all. You have to be with us. We are your family." He said affably.

"Hermione, can take Ginny's room. Dudley and Harry will sleep in Ron's room. Petunia and Tobias will take Percy's room. Lily, you could sleep with Hermione." Arthur said.

"Severus will come back soon. We could take the livingroom." Lily replied thinking that Severus would walk into the Burrow soon enough.

Arthur came close to her and held her hands. "Darling, Severus and Dumbledore will not be here tonight. I doubt he will be here in a couple of weeks. We have to be very careful. Severus and Dumbledore are fugitives now."

Lily looked at Arthur and explained carefully, "he will come back tonight."

The man nodded, as if appeasing her but did not offer her another room. Lily stayed went with Hermione to Ginny's room and unpacked some pajamas. Hermione's eyes looked red, as if she'd been crying.

"Do you want to talk about it Hermione?" Lily asked soothingly. Hermione looked confused, "I don't want to worry you."

"You'd be surprised how strong I can be. I lost many friends and was on the run many times when I was first pregnant with Harry. You can tell me." Lily said with a small smile.

The girl nodded and made space for her on the bed. "Draco, Ron and I were in the library. Harry ran inside and told us about a commotion. Draco ran out first. He knew about Nott. We ran to the Great Hall. Bellatrix Lestrange, Greyback, Nott and Theodore fought the headmaster, Severus and Tonks. Bill was on the side bleeding badly. Ron and I dragged him out. Harry sided with Tonks who fought Bellatrix. Severus fought with Greyback and Nott Sr. The headmaster tried to reason with Nott. Draco joined the headmaster and asked Theo to stop. The headmaster promised to help him. Theo looked about to stop but then Nott Sr. hexed him. He killed him, he killed his son. Hell broke loose even more. The aurors breached the castle and more death eaters did as well. It was hard to keep track. Severus grabbed us and we left." Hermione sobbed. "Ron and I, we tried to take Bill, he was bleeding bad. So very bad. I thought he would die.

Lily calmed her, "What are we going to do Lily? The aurors turned to the headmaster. The new minister ordered his arrest and Severus' arresnt as well." The girl asked her.

"We have to go into hiding. The Burrow will do for a brief time. Severus and I have to find a new place to stay." Lily replied.

"I'll stay until you fall asleep." Lily hummed and caressed her hair.

Lily must have fallen asleep next to Hermione. She woke up to Severus shaking her. "Love, get the kids downstairs." He whispered.

Lily saw as he left the room. "Hermione, wake up. Severus is here. Go downstairs. I'll go get Harry."

She went up the stairs to Harry's room. "Sweetheart, wake up your dad is downstairs."

Harry shook off sleep and stood up to go with her. They walked down the steps. Severus looked weary, "Albus has gone into hiding and so will we."

"We are sleeping here tonight and leaving early in the morning." He said. "Hermione, you have a choice in all of this. You can stay with the Weasleys or come with us as you are already seventeen." Severus explained.

Hermione looked unsure, "I don't know what I should do." She looked down her feet.

Severus approached her and lifted her chin, "I rather you come with us. I don't want anyone to hurt you because of me."

The girl nodded, "I'm coming with you." She replied.

"Go back to bed." Severus replied, "try to sleep a little." Harry hugged his father and then left with Hermione.

Severus sighed, "where are we sleeping?"

"Here. Arthur did not believe you would come back tonight." Lily replied and waved her wand to transfigure the couch into a bed.

She rested by the side and aimed at Severus's clothes to transform them into pajamas. Severus sighed and held her to him.

"You don't have to explain today to me. Harry and Hermione told me about it." Lily explained and tried to ease him into sleeping but Severus caressed her face.

Her husband kissed her forehead, "Albus and I found quarters for us. He will stay in Ireland, Mad Eye has a safe house, unplottable. We will take a house in Cardiff. I am secret keeper, Black will serve as laision between the safe houses. Percy and Augustus will take dad, Tuney and Dudley or they could stay here. It depends on them. We however have to go, as of right now I am wanted as is Albus. Lils, I don't understand it. It looked as if he knew what was going to happen."

Lily kissed his cheek, "He seems omniscient at times."

Severus caressed her belly; his breathing evened out. Lily closed her eyes too and tried to sleep as best as she could. She would worry in the morning.

She needed to pee badly. Lily stood up. Severus was not by her side. Lily had to relieve herself quickly. She used the loo and then went to the kitchen. Severus and Molly shared a cup of tea.

"Good morning Lily." Molly said with a small smile.

"How is Bill?" Lily asked in greeting.

Molly smiled a bit more. "He's sleeping in his room. We did not want to stay in the school any longer. Fleur is sleeping with Hermione."

Lily nodded, "Here dear, have some tea." Molly gave her some tea.

Lily drank it and waited for the owls to arrive. Severus grabbed the first newspaper. Lily pointed her wand at the paper and replicated it.

She saw Dumbledore and Severus' pictures side by side, "wanted for murder of an underage wizard." Lily read the article quickly. It was as Severus expected. They framed them for Theo's murder and a supposed attack on the Ministry. MadEye and Dumbledore conspired to kill Rufus Scrimgeour. Pious Thicknesse was the new appointed Minister of Magic. She also read a smaller piece on Hogwarts' new leadership. Professor McGonagall would hold the fort as to speak. The board would appoint a new headmaster in the upcoming term."

Arthur rushed down the stairs. "You have to go now. Kingsley sent a patronus. They are assembling teams going to Grimmauld Place, your father's house and here. They have a warrant for your arrest."

"Harry, Hermione." Lily shouted.

"Augustus will come here to pick up dad, Petunia and Dudley." Severus explained as the children walked to the kitchen.

Arthur shook his head, "It will not be necessary. I will take Tobias and Petunia to the ministry myself and come back with them. Don't make that face Severus. It is early enough to do so and not have them harassed. I will then take them to the safe house. Percy and Augustus will stay with them if they so choose. I would prefer that they stay with us to be honest. Tobias is our friend. We will not be fine with him elsewhere."

"He is a target. Arthur, we cannot have you risking yourselves." Severus continued.

Molly waved him off, "I had small children and we took him in. We will not have him go anywhere else now. We are family."

Lily summoned their things and then looked at the kids. She aimed her wand at Harry first and turned his hair sandy brown and gave him a smaller nose. She turned to Hermione and shortened her hair, it became a deep black, she elongated her nose.

Severus nodded and transformed himself too. He looked younger, like when he was seventeen. Lily of course could not change anything lest it harm the baby.

"It will be some time before we see each other." Lily said and hugged her sister who came down the stairs with Dudley and Tobias. They hugged tightly.

"Sirius will bring news." Lily whispered.

Tobias looked at Severus, "Go now and take care. Remember to write." Her father in law said.

Severus grabbed her elbow and hurried her. "We will take the train to Cardiff. Keep your wands in your pockets." He said as they walked to town.