Cauldrons and Lilies

Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

Severus looked in the mirror again. It was Monday morning and he had to face classes, the marauders and Lily. He yawned and stretched, he needed to take a shower and dress for History of Magic or so Nott yelled. "Shut it you git." Mulciber growled and stumbled inside the lavatory. "Snape I need your notes for charms." Severus sighed and continued looking at his large nose and his limp hair. He hadn't grown into nay of his features yet. He was very thin even though he ate everything in sight and his skin was pale. That his fault, he never stepped outside if he could avoid it, "Snape your charms notes." Someone said behind one of the showers. Severus shook his head, "inside my trunk." Severus needed to avoid his classmates as much as possible. He didn't want power or connections anymore. He wanted to be left alone.

He brushed his crooked teeth and left the lavatory. He picked his black knapsack and didn't wait for anyone. He rushed out of the common room; he glanced at Narcissa and Regulus who tried to get his attention. He waved, then left. He made his way up to the Great Hall, and sat next to Magnolia Greengrass, well Crouch to be exact who beckoned him to sit next to her. "Good morning Severus." She chirped happily. He was surprised Eamon Greengrass by her side. They were two years above him and were pleasant to him.

"Morning." He said shortly. She smiled and fixed him a plate. Magnolia truly was a salvation. He was glad her and Eamon stayed away from Death Eater activities and fled with their girls.

"Cheer up Severus." Magnolia smiled and handed him tea. "Where's your boyfriend?" he asked sourly.

"He's with Slughorn already. He needed tutoring for his N.E.W.T.S." She bit delicately into her scone. Prim and proper Magnolia just like Narcissa, her best friend. Both bred to be decorative pieces. "I could have tutored him." He said sluggishly.

"You're a fifth year Severus." She rolled her eyes and continued with her breakfast. He wanted to go back to sleep or have coffee or maybe smoke. He chewed slowly and mechanically until Cissy dropped next to him. "You should have waited for me. I know you don't like Reg but he's not Sirius." Cissy spat angrily.

Severus looked at her as if she was insane. "Don't pull that face Snape." She frowned and then switched to speak with Magnolia. He shook his head, and kept on eating and heard some complaints about him. Cissy and Magnolia chattered about him, fashion and their boyfriends.

He looked to the other tables and found Lils and Lupin smiling and talking. Potter, Black and the rat were sniggering with some girls. He dropped his head on the table and tried to close his eyes. "Not again Severus." Cissy screeched. "You have History of Magic." She pulled on his sleeve. Severus tried to shrug her off. "I don't have to go. I can read the books tonight." He mumbled. He was really sleepy and wanted to go back to his warm bed. He didn't remember being this sleep deprived when he was a teenager.

"Come on Severus. You have to go, remember your O.W.L.s" Magnolia sing sang and pulled him up. Severus stood up and walked up to the classroom. Cissy and Magnolia left to go to divination. He didn't rush, he was still feeling sluggish. He really needed to sleep more than his regular four hours. It was painfully obvious that this body was used to more than eight hours of sleep. He rubbed his eyes and didn't feel the hex until it was too late.

"Hey there Snivellus." Black and Potter. He should have known. Why did he let his guard down. He touched his head and realized they used some spell to make his hair sticky. He looked at his fingers and found what looked like tar. Black guffawed and Potter messed his own perfect locks. "You should wash your hair more often Greasy Snivellus." The bespectacled git taunted. Severus wasn't one to keep still not when it came to this toe rag as Lils called him.

Severus aimed his wand and hexed them both with the same hex. They were both surprised by the attack. "You son of a bitch." Black touched his hair and spread the substance all over his hair. Severus laughed, Potter hexed him but Severus stopped it again. Black and Potter attacked again and again. Severus tried to defend himself but he was tired and soon they overpowered him. Thankfully a Ravenclaw past by and ran to get professor Flitwick. Soon they were separated and sent to the infirmary.

Madam Pomfrey was enraged. "This is the fifth time this term. You three better stop crowding my infirmary with this silly fights and spells. The three of you have detention for the rest of the month. I don't want to see you three in this infirmary unless it is an illness or quiddicth related injuries." She yelled at them and didn't even bother to undo any spells. She conjured a pair of shears and cut the damaged hair. Black and Potter tried to escape and he thought he heard Potter's voice break. Soon they were both sporting shaved heads. Severus waited for his turn patiently. He didn't care if he didn't have any hair, just looking at Potter's oversized bald head was enough payback.

"I don't want to see you here Severus." Madam Pomfrey said firmly and carefully cut the ends of his oily hair. She washed his hair and gave him a haircut. Severus smiled, the nurse had always liked him. She could tell the Marauders were trouble makers and knew that Severus defended himself. She tolerated his behaviors until sixth year when his attacks became offensive.

"Thank you Madame Pomfrey." He almost called her Poppy. She smiled. "You should keep your hair shorter until you learn how to take care of it Severus." The nurse said with a reproachful tone. He nodded and looked in the mirror, he didn't look exactly bad, but his nose was still too large. At least his hair didn't get in way anymore. He went straight to Transfigurations which he shared with Hufflepuffs. Minerva commented on his lack of punctuality and gave him a day's worth detention since his assignments were uncompleted. He merely nodded and had a seat. By the time he made it to the Great Hall there was enough time to shovel food.

"What happened to your hair?" Cissy asked with a smile.

"Black and Potter hexed me." He replied between mouthfuls of baked chicken and potatoes.

"We know that but their heads are shaved." Yaxley commented. Severus shrugged and continued eating. Being hungry was comforting; it had been years since he felt hungry and enjoyed food. He felt all eyes on him "what?" he looked to his right and Lily was there. She didn't like to go over the Slytherin table.

"I need to speak with you." She grabbed his arm sleeve and pulled him. He looked at the chicken and managed to grab some pumpkin juice before Lils dragged him out of the Great Hall.

"Is it true that you hexed James and Sirius behind their backs." She asked seriously.

"No, I would never." He said outraged. He wasn't a coward.

"Fine, then why did you hex them?" She asked softly as if once again disappointed in him.

Severus blinked and replied coldly. "Has it ever dawned upon you that I might be telling you the truth? Why do I always have to be in the wrong?"

Lily met his eyes slowly. "I'm sorry." She said apologetically. "You look nice." She blushed a little and he smiled.

"My nose is too large but it could be worse." He shrugged. Lils laughed and looped her arm around his. "We need to go to the library and you have to help me with my potions' assignment." She said as an excuse. He knew that she needed no help, especially potions.

They went to the library and found their usual table at the far back. Severus relaxed and they did homework just like they had done before. Lils finished with a sigh and then looked at him still writing in his spidery handwriting. "Come on Sev. We have potions in twenty minutes. We need to go down to the dungeons." She tugged at his hand. Severus glared at her. "Lils. We could make it in ten. Let me finish." She magicked her homework inside her knapsack.

He finished his essay and ran after her. They ran downstairs and then walked when Filch saw them. "What are we doing this weekend?" She asked and he shrugged. "We're not going to Hogsmeade for sure." He said and then they were inside Slughorn's classroom. They partnered together and endured the class with Potter and Black glaring at him all the way.

That first week back Severus found out that his memories were not as accurate or he was rewriting things. Severus found the dynamics of being a teenager again were frustrating and fascinating. He was hungry and seemed to be growing per minute. He slept soundly and could only be woken by actual pillows to his head that Carrow provided with pleasure. He had declined any activities with his fellow Slytherins saved for Magnolia, Cissy and sometimes Nott. He also spent more time with Lily. Their friendship strengthened, they were together at every opportunity to the point of spending all the time possible together. They no longer did homework in their common rooms but in the library and spent all breaks in abandoned classrooms talking. Their renewed bonds were not unnoticed. Black and Potter were relentless in their persuit. Severus had refrained from actually harming them because of two reasons. Lily would learn about Potter's immaturity and second because he couldn't raise any suspicions from the teachers. Slughorn was already impressed by his abilities. The young man had said something about studying for his O.W.L.s.

By Christmas break Severus was reacquainted with his life as a student. It was easier to bear the schoolwork and keep her friendship with Lils. They used the room of requirement to study one last night before they left home for the Holidays. "We'll have so much fun Sev." He nodded. He wasn't looking forward to the break. Lily had loving parents and even Tunny looked a little happy whenever Lily came back for the holidays. Mum would be happy to see him too but she was too depressed to do anything. Ever since Tobias left she seemed to not care anymore.

They boarded the train, not a lot of people stayed at Hogwarts for Christmas break. He was supposed to stay with Mulciber and Yaxley for their meeting with Lucius. He was one of the first students to sign his name to board the Hogwarts express. The train ride was uneventful. Lily and him stayed in one compartment with Alice, she was skittish of him but Lily as always managed to smooth things over. Alice like her son had a gift for herbology and Severus managed to have an in depth conversation with her. Longbottom looked a lot like her. He felt embarrassed in front of her. Severus made her son's life a nightmare. "I didn't know you cared this much about plants Snape." Alice finished with a smile when they were about to leave the train.

Severus shrugged, "I like potions and they coexist." Lily giggled. "Severus is a perfect know it all." He frowned at her and used his best professor voice. "I happen to care Ms. Evans." Both girls laughed hysterically and he kept a small smirk. They laughed now but he calculated that in about six months his voice would change definitely and in the right circumstances they would be putty in his hands. Teenage hormones, he had forgotten about those.

Alice found her Auror boyfriend and ran to hug him. Harry and Rose Evans waved at them from a safe distance. It was then when he noticed mum. She looked young, healthy, happy. Her black hair was lustrous and she wore a big smile. This woman was so different from the grey and sickly woman he remembered. Lily was already hugging her mum. He looked to the man next to his mum and a blind rage took over him. Tobias Snape looked back at him. He looked nervous, scared, his father looked well too. They looked very much alike; there was no doubt that they were father and son.