Cauldrons and Lilies

Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

Three days before departing for London Lily came to him and smiled. "I've joined the Order of the Phoenix." She said without preamble. Severus choked on his pumpkin juice. "You did what!"

Lily frowned. "I enlisted. You should do the same."

He scowled back and grabbed her hand. He dragged her away from the somewhat crowded Hogwarts grounds. Severus seethed. "Are you completely mental?" He hissed.

"No, let go of me." She snapped.

They were in a deserted corridor. He let her wrist go. "How could you do such a stupid thing? This is not a game Lily, people have disappeared and many more will." He stammered impatiently.

"Which is why we should be helping Dumbledore." He cut her off. "You Know Who is targeting your kind Lily. You are muggleborn and brilliant but he will not hesitate to come after you."

"My kind." She repeated with some anger. Severus was angry too. He had watched her fall in love with that Potter prick and risk her life last year when Lupin attacked them. This angered him. Didn't she understand that he was trying to protect her?

He was enraged beyond belief, "Come off it. You know what I meant. This is not a game Lily. Once we are out of Hogwarts we will have to hide. Leave the United Kingdom if possible.

He had thought about it and the idea of her and Potter leaving the country made more and more sense each passing day. Yesterday Voldemort and his followers tortured a muggle woman and her five children. The incidents escalated and it would be a matter of time before the major attacks started.

Lily laughed. "Have you gone mad? I can't leave The U.K. I will not. I am not a coward Sev. I will fight alongside the Order. Dumbledore has great plans for all of us." She said seriously.

Severus was only too aware of the old man's plans and ideas for the greater good. "He is using you. You are his puppets, Potter, Black and Lupin."

She frowned. "What will you do Severus? Will you stay aside while Voldemort kills innocent people?"

He cursed in his head. She had a sense of righteousness and justice that was immovable. "I am trying to protect you Lily."

"Maybe I don't need protection. I can protect myself. I want to fight. I could never be a bystander while people die." She intoned and left in a huff.

She was so young, her head full of dreams and ideals. Lily had not yet experienced the bitterness of war. She was untouched by the horror that was the battlefield. She did not know how it felt to see someone die. Lily hadn't woken up at night because of nightmares. She did not shake or drew her wand at sudden movement and noises.

He marched to Dumbledore's office and tried a billion and one passwords until the gargoyles let him in. "Oh Severus, I was just about to send for you. Remember our talk, a year ago?"

Severus nodded, "How many fools have you manipulated into enlisting? Have you any idea how many of this young people will die before the year is over?"

The headmaster's face hardened. "We must fight now before is too late. I have corroborated at least three of the possible horcruxes son. The cup, Hephzibah Smith died without heirs and that cup has been missing…"

"I have no interest in knowing any of this." Severus explained. "Lily Evans should not have a part in any of this. She will get hurt. Leave her out of this." He stated.

"She is an adult; free to chose and decide her path. It never does any good to decide for others. Lily Evans is a bright consenting young witch who has chosen to follow the path of Light. I suggest you do the same son." Albus held his shoulders. They were the same height now. In a few months he would be taller by a few good inches.

"I am not deluded enough to buy into the bollocks you feed your bleeding Gryffindors." He spat and left the office in mutiny.

Lily did not speak to him for the rest of the school year. She rode with Remus and the rest of the marauders while he rode with Marlene. He could not stand the idea of her near Pettigrew. He could not do anything since the vermin was not a Death Eater yet. The coward would pledge a few years later after Harry and Longbottom were said to be the possible chosen ones.

Marlene was aware of the marauders' pledge to the Order. "My brother's are members. My parents too." She said unconcernedly. He realized his arguments were not going to sway the Ravenclaw. She would be part of the Order too, in a short months if he calculated correctly.

"We have to fight…" The girl started. Severus rolled his eyes. "Oh spare me." He said and proceeded to shut his eyes. He planned to sleep the whole ride. The train arrived to London without any delays. He helped Marlene with her rucksack. "You should come to my house. It's not far from here. I could introduce you to my mum. She is great with potions."

"I am sure she is." Severus drawled. Marlene punched him in the arm. "What was that for?" He rubbed the sore spot. "You were mocking me." She laughed again when she saw his sour face. Black called her, "Len wait up." Marlene turned around. "What is it Sirius?" She asked politely. His arch nemesis smiled and kissed her on the cheek. "I'll owl you."

The Ravenclaw girl laughed and pushed his arm. "Stop Sirius." She grabbed Severus's arm. "Come on Sev. I want to meet your baby brother." Black glared at him and stayed back. Severus couldn't help but smirk. The mutt still held a torch for Marlene. It was always fun to get a rise out of him.

He hugged Marlene to his side and she smiled, a big open grin. Potter and Lily were holding hands ahead of them. Remus and Pettigrew spoke about their summer plans and possible visits. The rat smiled nervously, fretting over his N.E.W.T.'s scores.

"Promise you won't forget about old me." Marlene was an incorrigible flirt. He mumbled something when the attacks started. Severus could see his mother and father on the other side when death eaters blasted the barrier. Soon both muggles and wizards screamed. Many dissaparated but then people couldn't. Voldemort must have had placed enchantments. The Dark Lord was here. He heard the screams and drew his wand. Three death eaters approached his mum, dad and Gus. He saw as all his classmates fight. Marlene was by his side throwing hexes. Severus did the same and saw as mum ran and hexed a couple of them Tobias held Gus and tried to ran away. The young Slytherin fought back as many death eaters as he could he stunned but it was clear that they were overpowered. He saw many students wounded. His family, he couldn't see them anymore. He saw a flash of red. Lils had Black by her side and they fought Lucius. Remus fought Mulciber, who dropped any pretense of a mask. He saw Voldemort then, close by Lils. Severus did not think twice. He ran to her and aimed at his old master.

He pushed Lily and tried to duck all the stunning curses. "Young Severus, come to the fold. Your true brothers tell me you are exceptional. Join the winning side."

Severus watched as Lils held his hand. She was white as a sheet. "Stay here. Don't get up." He warned and fought Lord Voldemort. Potter, Black and Shacklebolt joined forces with him. The Aurors were here. He saw Alice and Frank Longbottom fighting death eaters. Soon the place was filled with aurors. Lord Voldemort dissaparated with a flourish. The other death eaters vanished too. He saw another flash of red hair and Lily Evans was hugging him. "Are you ok?" She cried. He nodded. "Mum was here. I saw my mum." Severus said with an edge of fear in his voice.

Potter yanked Lily out of his arms. He kissed her, "Oh Love, you're fine." He hugged her. Lily was limp and continued to look at him. He felt bereft and walked to his right Marlene had been next to him. He saw Lupin and Black on the floor. Sirius sobbed, heart-wrenching sounds came out of his mouth. Severus approached their figures and what he saw drained the blood out of his face. Amidst the rubble was Marlene, her eyes full of terror, surprised, dead.

"She's gone Padfoot." Lupin tried to lift Black from the ground. Severus dropped next to Sirius and fort the first time in his life he shared something with Sirius: grief.

Black roared, "She was next to you. You were supposed to protect her." Black punched him.

"Padfoot, no, STOP." Lily gasped.

"Gods." She muttered.

Severus looked at Sirius. "We have to take her to her parents." He said. There was no time to linger. Ministry officials, healers and Unspeakables roamed around the destroyed platforms. Sirius stayed with Marlene's mum who was distraught. Potter searched for Pettigrew, the coward must have fled. Lily was glad her parents decided to not make the trip to London. He had to find his parents. He needed to see if mum was fine. Gus…, the baby had to be fine. Mum should have had enough time to disapparate.

Lily was shaking when she said goodbye to Potter. She refused his offers of taking her home. "Look for Peter. Please owl me when you know something." She flinched when James kissed her.

Severus held her hand and they disapparated. They apparated in a back alley close to Spinner's End; he hurried to his home. They must have looked a sight running through the streets with their robes singed and their faces with fear and scrapes on them.

He opened the doors and found his mother waving her wand around the house. "Salvio Hexia. Protego totallum. Protego maxima. Repellum." She chanted.

Mum turned and hugged him. "Tobias he's safe." She yelled. His father came from the other room with Gussie clinging to him.

"Oh thank the Gods." Tobias hugged him and kissed his forehead. They were the same height. Lily took Gus from Tobias.

Severus hugged him back and noticed that he was shaking. He had to hug him, he was happy Tobias was alive. Gus needed a dad. "I've been calling King's Cross. They are all saying it was a train wreck. Your mother was about to go to the wizard's hospital."

"I'm fine." He pulled back and held Gus. He babbled and tried to go back to his dad.

"Oh Lily. We are so happy you're fine." Mum said relieved.

Lily cried and he remembered. Mum never met Marlene and Tobias only met her once. "Marlene is dead." He said somberly.

Lily stopped crying. "We have to go back. We have to help." He nodded and made for the door.

"You can't go back there." Tobias sounded properly scared. Severus tried to imagine how it would feel like to be defenseless like his father. Eileen looked disconcerted too.

"I have to. Some of our friends are missing." Severus said the first thing that came to mind. He had to make sure the McKinnons buried Marlene.

Eileen nodded, "Mrs. Snape? Could you protect my house?" Lily asked with some hesitance.

"Oh dear, with all of this I had forgotten. Of course, I'll explain to them." Mum disapparated, so did Lily and him.

Hogwarts graduating class consisted of forty-three students. Three days after graduation there were twenty. Many perished that sunny afternoon in King's Cross and a few died in St Mungos due to magical injuries. Voldemort seemed to have targeted the older students. There was only a dead Slytherin boy, a second year.

Severus, the marauders, and Lily attended Marlene's funeral. It was a very depressing affair. The McKinnons were distraught; they all were. Severus was completely surprised when the eldest of her brothers shook his hand. "You must be Severus. Marlene spoke about you all the time. She loved you." The young man laughed bitterly and cried a little. He nodded. "She was very important to me." He did not lie. Marlene had been so very sweet. She was smart, funny and beautiful. Marlene was dead. She was gone; she had been so young, so full of life. He mused bitterly. They stayed there until the very end when the eldest McKinnon buried his daughter. Marlene's mother fainted at some point. Black looked somber and cried silently. He was crushed. Potter was by Lil's side. Remus and him were side by side. "Did you ever find Pettigrew?" Severus noticed the vermin was absent.

Remus nodded, "He was unconscious and very shaken up. He is with his mum and dad."

Severus had an inkling that the rat had run away. He did not mention anything. They were in the wizard's graveyard in London. Many of the guests had gone but they stayed. Black and him had been the last to see her alive if one did not count her attacker.

"Did you see who did it?" Black asked with a rough voice.

"No." was his short reply. Both men looked at the gravestone. It read, "Marlene Moira McKinnon, beloved daughter, sister and friend."

"You were by her side. She trusted you." Sirius repeated but Severus could tell that there was not any fight in his words. Marlene's loss was too deep for him. The young half blood contemplated for the first time that Black had lost his first love. It was obvious that Sirius loved Marlene. He remembered when he found Lily's broken body.

Severus did not explain anything. "She loved you even though you love Lily." Sirius said painfully.

"How could she love you? You did not deserve her." He said inquisitively.

The mutt was correct. Marlene was too good. She had been pushy, and relentless but a beautiful soul. She was light, just like Lily was; Marlene was beautiful in her own light, like Molly Weasley, Narcissa, Nymphadora and his own mum.

"I don't know. How can Lily love James?" Severus asked. "We don't choose Black. If I could have chosen I would have fell in love with Marlene. I would have loved her but we do not get to choose." Severus pondered. He lived a lifetime without Lily, he had never loved anyone else. His position as a spy left him little time to socialize but there had been other women. Brief interludes that he ended before they could become something more.

Severus took his leave after those words. Black and him would never see eye to eye. They were too different; there was a world of animosity between them and nothing short of a divine intervention would repair the rift. The Gryffindor stayed back looking at Marlene's tomb.

He walked back to Lily and the other two marauders. The two young men halted their conversation as soon as he approached. "Lily, it would be best if we left now." Remus slowly walked back and away from them. Potter glared at him. "Lily and I have some errands to do." The pureblood wizard held onto Lil's waist, a clear sign of possession. Severus glared back. Lily on her part looked torn. The trio saw as Dumbledore appeared out of thin air. "Sev, I have to go." She said in a hushed voice. The Order of the Phoenix had begun to hold meetings.

Severus felt impotency flow through his veins. He was here to protect Lily and he would be unable to do so when she was in missions with the Order. Dumbledore stepped close to them. "Severus, how wonderful to see you." The benign electric blue eyes stared at him through the half-moon glasses.

He glared at him. He felt obligated once again. Some things had a way of happening regardless of how much Severus wanted to change them... "Headmaster, is your offering still in the table?"

The old man smiled, a fatherly gesture. "Of course. We were on our way to headquarters."

Potter watched in confusion and then it dawned on him that Snape was going to be inducted. "You cannot be serious about this! He is a bloody Slytherin!"

Lily glared at her boyfriend but remained quiet. Dumbledore addressed the marauder. "He is and so he shall remain. Mr. Snape will be a valuable addition to our group. We need all the help we need and Severus is welcome to join. He has declined to follow Lord Voldemort and his insight is most valuable."

Dumbledore magicked a piece of paper. "Those are Headquarters for now." He disapparated. Severus read the piece of paper. It was an address in Ireland. He concentrated and left.

It was a nondescript house. He had not been invited to meetings in his previous life. He was ever the dutiful spy, silent and behind the shadows. He entered the house. Lily, Potter, Black, and Lupin entered too. Dumbledore pulled him aside into a small office. The room was cluttered; it belonged to a man four sure. "We are in Alastor Moody's house. I have great plans for you Severus."

He felt a trickle of fear and ice down his spine. He would not spy again. "I will not follow Voldemort."

Albus watched him calculatingly. "A spy would benefit us greatly son. You have the skills, you would do perfectly."

"I will fight for you but not as a spy. It is not possible anymore. I have refused him twice. He will not ask again. He knows about my blood status too." Severus was certain; the Dark Lord was arrogant.

Dumbledore frowned. "I had hoped you would see things differently but alas you are but a young man. Tom does not fight for purebloods. He seeks power; the pureblood fanatic agenda is but a façade for his true intentions. You are accurate in your assessment however. Voldemort will not approach you once again." He sounded regretful. Severus thought back to the attack in London three days ago. The Dark Lord asked him to join once again and he refused. He even attacked the dark wizard.

"So we must adapt to our situations. You will be an admirable asset to the Order." Dumbledore explained what the Order was and how they operated. The older man spoke softly. Severus remembered what Order members did during the first and second war. They protected muggleborns, muggles and were the driving resistance against Death Eaters and Voldemort.

Albus watched him closely. "Of course you will be free to pursue your particular ventures. You are a talented young man. You indicated you wanted to be a Potion's Master in your career interview."

The older man was nothing but thorough when it came to investigating his warriors. Severus nodded. He was not too sure if he could become one now. In the magical world there was no universities. Those who wished to pursue academia had to contact their own masters. Old pureblood families with connections arranged everything. Voldemort had provided him with dark masters who trained him well. Now he had no prospects. He doubted very much that his grandfather would help him.

"Severus, I have a proposition for you." The young man listened carefully. Albus's propositions had a way of backfiring.

"Help me find the horcruxes. You will be part of us son. You will train with Nicholas Flamel. All I ask is for you to tell me what you are hiding." He said plaintively.

Severus schooled his features, "I am not hiding anything Headmaster. I don't want to be a part of this."

The older man sighed and said clearly, "But you are. I have no illusions as to think that you are here because of your personal convictions son. You came tonight because of young Lily Evans. You love her and would do anything for her. I have seen you look at her son."

He had almost forgotten how insightful and perceptive his old friend could be. "I want her safe." Severus said honestly.

"We can keep her safe. She's very brave Severus. She is a kind soul who would never be content in the sidelines. Let her fight, don't stifle her." Dumbledore smiled, "Oh to be young and to love." Severus rolled his eyes.

It was time to answer him. "I will help you. I don't want glory. I don't want anyone to know about the horcruxes. We have to be careful." The headmaster nodded and recounted all he knew about the objects. They were on shaky grounds. The diary, the ring and the cup were the ones Dumbledore could keep track of. "I have searched for the ring without any luck. He must have them in his possession. There have to be hiding places."

They discussed probable places for about an hour until someone rapped on the door. "Oh they are waiting." The headmaster stood up and led him to a bigger room. A living room of sorts, there was a big rectangular table that served as host for at least twenty people. The marauders were there, Lily, the Prewett brothers, Alastor Moody, who still was whole, the Longbottoms, Aberforth Dumbledore, Caradoc Deadborn, Benjy Fenwick, Dedalus Diggle, Marlene's brothers. He was taken aback when he saw Arthur Weasley and Kingsley Shacklebolt. Those two men were not supposed to be there. They were part of the second wave.

"We shall begin. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Severus Snape. Our newest recruit." Severus sat next to Remus who smiled welcomingly. Lily's eyes sparkled with happiness. Potter and Black looked murderous but remained silent. Pettigrew looked as if he wanted to be anywhere else but there.

Severus listened to Albus and his news on Voldemort's attempts to gain power in the wizarding world. "Voldemort must not infiltrate the ministry. Arthur, we appreciate your efforts…" the rest of the meeting was explanatory more than anything. Severus learned the Kinsgley, Potter and Black were to be in the ministry as aurors were in charge of recruiting more people into the Order. Dearborn and Fenwick defended rural parts of the United Kingdom while Diggle, and some other people who were not in the meeting watched over city parts. They were to hide and protect muggles. The Prewetts, Moody and the Longbottoms fought actively against Death Eaters. Lupin, Lily, and the rat were in charge of recruiting too. They just did not where yet since none of them had decided on a career path.

The meeting ended and they were free to socialize. Alice hugged him. "Frank, this is Sev."

He could see Neville in both his parents. "Nice to meet you Severus." The kind looking man extended a hand. Severus shook it, "I don't remember you. Which house were you in? A Ravenclaw perhaps."

"He's a Slytherin." Potter said a little too loudly. All the people in the room turned to look at him. There were whispers and a little reaction from Moody who approached Dumbledore, clearly puzzled. Severus understood then that it would be just like last time. He would not be accepted by all of them just because this time he was not a confessed death eater. Frank retreated but Alice stayed. Lily looked furious with her boyfriend. Severus was about to politely leave when Remus and Kingsley approached. "Kingsley Shacklebolt." He offered a hand. Severus shook it. "Severus Snape." He said.

"I remember you." Kinsgley said kindly. "You are the little Slytherin who used to read by the empty stacks in the west wing in the library. You helped me find those books on advanced potions." Severus nodded. Kingsley was making too much noise. He gave him the books when he was in third year and the auror in his seventh, just so that he could go away with all his racket.

Lily grinned beautifully. Suddenly she found Kingsley fascinating. She reserved a rather ugly look to her boyfriend. Marlene's brother found him and clapped him on the back. "She would be so happy to see you here."

Remus made small talk with him and soon a few of the members asked his name and introduced themselves. All of them recoiled when he stated his house but Severus was used to that ridiculousness. He waved it off. Arthur Weasley tried to escape his brothers in law. Severus was reminded of Fred and George Weasley. They came their way. Fabian and Gideon Prewett dragged him by their side. "Hey mates." Fabian called. James and Sirius smiled. "Let me introduce you to Arthur our brother in law." Gideon said with a huge smile.

"Arthur Weasley, nice to meet you." He said with a smile. Lily smiled back. Potter shook his hand. Black remarked that they were somehow related and Remus offered his hand too. Pettigrew scurried away. Severus wondered one more time if the rat had turned yet. Severus had not known the rat was a death eater until after the mutt escaped Azkaban.

"Fabian, Gideon, this is Severus my best friend." She said proudly.

"Her Slytherin best friend." This time it had been Black the one to note the fact.

Fabian and Gideon looked uncomfortable and surprisingly so did Arthur. Molly's husband; who always asked if Severus was fine when he came back from his undercover missions and dissipated those uncomfortable moments when none of the Order but Dumbledore believed in him.

Lily glared at Sirius. Severus could see the distrust in the Gryffindors eyes. "Yes, I have known Sev since we were children. We grew up together."

Fabian looked puzzled at Lily. "I thought you said you were muggleborn." These brave men could not believe a Slytherin could be nothing less than a pureblood.

"I am." She said with a huge smile. Gideon asked the rude question. "How can you be when you know him?"

Severus smiled. Lily was nothing short of amazing. "I am a half-blood. My father is a muggle. I grew up in muggle Manchester with Lils."

Arthur's eyes sparkled, "You know muggles." He said with awe. Severus nodded. Molly's brothers looked less wary of him. Arthur seemed to have forgotten his previous mistrust and started an almost one-sided conversation about electricity. Lily corrected him and promised to invite him to her fully decked muggle house whenever he chose to. "Oh Molly will be delighted. We'll take the boys too."

Severus saw as the Prewett brothers retired when Arthur pulled out his wand and produced pictures of his children. Lily and Kingsley obliged. Lils pulled Severus in, Remus left Dumbledore while Potter and Black drifted with the Prewett brothers.

"This is Bill." Arthur showed him a picture of an eight year old. He then saw a smaller Charlie and Percy in a yard playing with a toy broomstick. "These two are Fred and George." Severus felt a pang. He had disfigured the boy. The two mischievous boys he had taught looked to be no more than three month old.

"This is Molly." Arthur smiled wistfully. Severus looked at a younger Molly Weasley. She was not as voluptuous but she had the same open and warm smile. Her eyes were kind even when she was young and sparkled with happiness.

Severus looked at the picture a little too much because Arthur looked uncomfortable. "I have to go Molly is at home alone with the boys…" He did not have to say more. They were acutely aware of his fears. There were more disappearances and attacks on muggle supporters. Edgar Bones and his family died six months ago. Ten masked wizards had ambushed the longtime muggle defender at the dead of night. He died only after he saw his whole family tortured and killed. He died of extensive wounds three days after the attacks.

The Slytherin waited a sufficient amount of time before making his excuses and leaving the premises. He apparated home, Tobias watched the telly with Gus by his side it was a football game. "Come Sev, watch it with us." It was taped since that game had been played the day before but Tobias had been at work. It was about to start, Arsenal vs. Liverpool. Mum was by their side reading a book on magical plants and their properties.

"How did the funeral go? Why are you here so late Severus?" She asked.

Severus picked Gussie up. The toddler babbled. "Sev. Sev, sev." He sat next to his Tobias Gus in his lap. They had to know before they were in jeopardy.

"I am a member of the Order of The Phoenix." Eileen's eyes opened comically.

"The Bloody hell you are." She said angrily. Tobias gasped. "You have got to stop this Severus your mother has been worried sick since you left this morning and now you try to get yourself killed by being part of a resistance front.

Severus was befuddled. "How do you know about the Order?"

Eileen grabbed Gus from him and put a sleeping spell on the boy. She carried him upstairs to his room and came back in an instant.

"We get the Daily Prophet." Tobias said without much convincing power. Severus had to give it to him, at least he knew about the Prophet.

"There is no use in lying to him Tobias. Dumbledore tried to recruit me and I politely refused." She said haughtily. Mum grabbed his hands in hers. "Son, there is no use for this. You have a bright life ahead of you. England is too dangerous. Leave; go to America. You can travel. You have always wanted to travel…"

"No." He was taken aback by the knowledge that Dumbledore tried to recruit his mum. He looked at her, "Why are you still in England? If it's too dangerous then."

"Our home is here. We have ties and as long as we don't use magic we will be safe." Eileen said with a firm voice. "You are young Sev, you can go and wait until is safe to come back. Severus, I saw you in King's Cross. He targeted you Severus. I saw as he aimed at you. He is after you."

His mother knew too much and by the look of things Tobias knew too. "Your mother says that we are safe as long as she doesn't tell people where we live."

"Fidelius charm. I placed one in the Evans's home too. One can never be too careful."

"Lily is part of the Order too. She has taken precautions too." Truth to be told Lily omitted a great deal of information. Her parents were safe but oblivious to the real danger.

"This is because of Lily. You accepted because of her." Eileen hissed.

Tobias frowned. "We know you love Lily but she is an adult. She makes her decisions; you cannot put your life in harm's way because she is doing so. Reconsider Severus."

"There is nothing to reconsider. I am part of the Order." He said resolutely and then marched upstairs.