Cauldrons and Lilies

Chapter 55

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Chapter 55

Lily was perplexed when she went home that night. Severus had their clothes house neatly packed. He was not home but he left a note. "I was summoned to the staff meeting. I packed our clothes. Check them if you must. Wait for me in the Three Broomsticks. I will pick you up in 10:00PM."

Lily noted that the it was 7:00PM. She decided to visit Tuney. Dudley opened the door and kissed her good night. He was getting very tall and strong. "Come in aunt Lily. Tobias and mum are making dinner.

"Who is it darling?" Tuney called from the kitchen. "Lily." She said and kissed her.

"I have so much to tell you." Lily said in response. "Sev has taken a position at Hogwarts."

Tobias came from the kitchen with the food. "Stay over for dinner." Tobias said.

She told them about Sev's new job. "I do not see my son teaching. He never had much patience." Tobias pointed out.

"Maybe he's bored. Did he sign a contract? How long will he be employed?" Tuney asked.

Lily sighed, "I don't know. I will owl you and meet you over the weekends and whenever I can. The house will stay shut until the Holidays."

Tobias pulled her aside and asked her, "He is behaving erratically. I cannot be the only one who has noticed. Tuney says I am paranoid but I know Sev."

Lily nodded, "He's worried something will happen to Harry. Sev wants to be close to him now."

"Take care of him." Tobias said and kissed her goodbye.

Lily grabbed her belongings and then apparated to the Three Broomsticks. She had a firewhisky before Severus appeared. Some wizards muttered, others bowed and a witch cried out. Severus avoided everyone and made a beeline for her. "Let's get out of here." He muttered.

They went to a dark alleyway and he apparated her to the dungeons. Lily gasped. "No one can apparate or disapparate inside of Hogwarts."

"Your husband can. Don't tell anyone." He said as he showed her to their new quarters.

"I always wanted to know what the dungeons were like." Lily stepped into their quarters. They were spacious, a bit dark. There was no kitchen; she assumed the house-elves took care of that. The loo was nice although she would have liked for the tub to be bigger. It was nice but it would take time to get used to.

Lily told Severus about her visit to Tuney and his father. He filled her in on the staff meeting. They were all friendly and explained what was expected of him. They were in bed cuddling. It was colder than she expected. "I know what I have to do. I was a teacher here before." He sounded tired. Lily tensed a little but forced herself to relax. A few hours ago she had asked him to trust her. She could not act as a scared teenager every time he brought that other lifetime. Lily knew he was not mad. It scared half to death to believe him. She must be brave now.

She did not sleep very well. Severus slept like a log. Lily unpacked and found James' invisibility cloak. She wore it and wrote a letter to St Mungos she would take the rest of the week. She had some time accumulated after all. Lily roamed the castle for an hour and then made her way to the dungeons. She whispered the password and found Severus still asleep. It was almost time for him to wake up. Lily kissed the side of his face and let him kiss her good morning. "You have to shower and dress." She said.

Severus held her closer. "I need more sleep."

"You do not have that luxury love. You have the breakfast and then classes." Lily watched as her husband grumbled his way to the loo.

Lily rested and slept for a few minutes it seemed. He woke her up with kisses. "Do you want to have breakfast before work?" Lily opened her eyes and took in the full picture. Severus looked delectable. He wore a black set of robes that made him look like a priest but different. She could not explain but all she wanted to do was undo every little button in that row that seemed never ending.

"I am not going to work. You look like sin Severus Snape." Sev actually blushed a bit.

"Do you want to go to breakfast with me?" He asked after kissing her.

"I rather not. I'll have breakfast here." She did not show him the invisibility cloak. He did not approve of it.

Lily ate some hearty breakfast and then became bored. Lily dressed and wore James' cloak. She felt mischievous. Lily wandered around. She saw the twins running to class. She sat in McGonagall's fifth year transfiguration lesson. She was surprised to see Percy sitting far from Augustus. Those two were inseparable. Percy spoke to another boy. Gus worked efficiently with a black haired girl. She had enough and went to the dungeons. Severus was in their quarters. Lily stepped out of the cloak.

"I should have known." He scowled.

Lily rolled her eyes. "I might as well have fun on my day off."

"How was your first half a day as a potion master?" She asked and massaged his shoulders.

Severus leaned into her. "I had forgotten how stupid children are. I had to take away at least a hundred points from Gryffindor and Slytherin combined. I had the twins. They are unrulier than I remember. They thought I would be Severus. They dared called me Severus in front of the other pimply teenagers."

Lily giggled. "How could they? What did you do oh master Snape?"

"I put the fear of Merlin in them. We worked on swelling solutions and said that I would feed Fred some of George's solution. I took away twenty points ten and ten."

Lily pinched him for cruelty but then laughed. "I wouldn't have. Maybe I would have."

Severus ate some food and spoke to her. "Harry wants to see you. He did not take my post here very well. I haven't spoken to Augustus yet but he did not seem keen either."

Lily frowned. "How do you know? Did you have first years yet?"

He shook his head, "not yet. I saw his face he looked appalled. I also performed legilimency on him."

Lily's frown became more pronounced, "you did what? That is a complete violation of Harry's privacy. You should not have done that."

Severus frowned back, "I assume you do not want to know what he thinks."

Lily scowled deeply, "get it off your chest then."

Her husband drank some pumpkin juice. "He is embarrassed and thinks that I should not be here. He needs explanations and does not want to get all this attention. He wants to be like everyone else and this is definitely not helping."

Lily sighed, "I never thought how it would feel for him. He is the son of the man who defeated Voldemort. The wizarding world is fascinated with you and what happened. It must be hard for him. He does not want to be the center of attention. All you want to do at that age is fit in."

Severus agreed. "I will not resign. He may be embarrassed for a few days but I have to protect him." Lily listened to him rant. She would speak to Harry tonight.

Severus had seventh years and sixth years. He expected to have a better afternoon. Lily did not use the invisibility cloak. She owled her son. Harry replied immediately. Lily wrote the directions to their quarters.

Harry came in the late afternoon. Severus was in a staff meeting. Harry kissed her. "Why does he have to be here?"

Lily frowned. "this is a great opportunity for your father."

Harry frowned back, "the twins said he's horrible. He took so many points from Gryffindor. Everyone is asking why he's here. Seamus and Dean want to know about him. All the older students ask if I remember that night. Why didn't anyone tell me that dad had vanquished the darkest wizard of all ages? This is so unfair. I want to be like everyone else."

Lily grabbed his hands, "well, you are not. Your father is doing the best that he can. He wants to best for us and trust me love. This is the best for us."

Harry hugged her and left. "I have class with him this Friday. Where is dad?"

"He is in a staff meeting. I'll tell him you want to speak to him." Lily offered.

Harry shook his head, "no, I'll speak to him when I see him. Bye mum."

Lily kissed his forehead, "do you want to do lunch with us?"

"No, I want to be like everyone else. That means no special lunches, trips or meetings. I will owl you if I need you or dad." Harry said in a voice that reminded her of when Sev was that age and he decided he would get into the restricted section. Lily sighed and kissed her son.

"Your father is trying his best. Do not forget that." Lily let Harry go. It was agreed that he would try to visit them over the weekends whenever he had some free time. They were in no way allowed to single him out or request that he stay over at their quarters under no circumstances. Harry had looked ready to give her a written document with all his rules.

"Yes, sweetheart. Now go along before you miss your class." Lily kissed her son one last time before letting him go.

Severus came home late that night. "I thought I would not be expected to attend dinner. I was mistaken." He grumbled.

"I assume I was not extended the same invitation." Lily frowned.

Severus rubbed the bridge of his nose. "No, Albus thought it would be distracting to students. He argued that the board is concerned about our family's notoriety."

Lily gaped at him. She recovered herself when he grabbed her hands and sat by her. "You happen to be the savior of the wizarding world. You are in history books. They should be so lucky to have you working here."

Severus smiled softly, "there are a few suspicious board members who do not entirely agree with Albus' choices for staff."

Lily frowned on his behalf, "let me hazard a guess, the Flints, Notts and other like that."

Severus nodded, "you may add to that list other few names like the McMillians and surprisingly the Abbots."

Lily stood up and took away his robe. She started unbuttoning his outfit and then massaged his shoulders. "No matter. We are here and this is what we have to do for Harry."

"How is our son? What does he say of me here?" her husband asked. He sounded anxious.

Lily squeezed his shoulders and sat on his lap. He loved it when she sat on his lap. "He is wary."

He sighed, "I told you he would not want me here."

She kissed pushed his hair back. "He does not like all this attention. It is enough that he is your son and now you are here. You must understand that."

Severus nodded, "of course I understand that. I have my first lesson with him tomorrow." Lily decided she would be in that lesson. She did not tell her husband but discreetly asked for his schedule.

Lily tried to ease his worries. She made love to him and helped him release some tension. Severus was very affectionate that night. Lily tried to make him forget about his gloomy mood.