Cauldrons and Lilies

Chapter 33

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Chapter 33

Arthur helped Lily out of the Floo. She was a little dazed but managed to keep from puking. Severus was right behind her.

"I can't tell Molly." Arthur looked at them pleadingly. He was a good, honest man and could not keep his wife in the dark.

"I'll tell her." She went up the stairs and began gathering her clothes. As she expected Molly came by. "Lily, what is going on? Mr. Snape is downstairs trying to keep Severus from going to a safe house. He's going on about a prophecy.

Lily must have been gathering her clothes longer than she had thought. "I have to tell you something."

Lily sat in front of her friend and explained the prophecy. Molly gasped and hugged her. She knew Alice too. "Oh dear, this isn't fair. You don't deserve this." She hugged her fiercely but didn't cry. Molly kissed her forehead. "I will write to you every day and Alice too."

Lily laughed. "Alice said the same thing."

"It will be fine. You will be fine and this baby too." Molly was strong. She wanted to have Molly's strength.

"I love him so much. I love him and I don't even know him yet." Lily said.

Molly held her hand. "Of course you love him."

They went downstairs and could hear Tobias's raised voice. "You can't do that Severus. This is madness. I will not let you do this."

"There's no other option. I have to keep them safe. There is a war coming."

"Make him understand. Arthur, Molly, say something." Tobias sounded exasperated.

"It is done Tobias. This is the best option." Arthur said as he sat down and grabbed a babbling Fred. George and Ron were asleep by the playpen, oblivious to the ruckus around them.

Tobias then looked at his son. "Well, I'm going with them. Augustus and I are going with you."

"No." Severus looked at his father. "No one knows you are alive. You are safe here. I need you here with the Weasleys."

"Tobias. You have to stay here. We would never forgive ourselves if something happened to you or Gussie. You are safe here. If you leave you will only be more people Severus has to worry about." Molly was blunt and to the point.

Lily hugged Tobias. "I will write, and make him write." She decided to take a page out of Alice and Molly's book and reassure him that they would be in contact.

Severus hugged him too. They had come a long way. Her husband willingly hugged his father.

They were interrupted when Albus flooed. "I trust you are ready. I tool the liberty to move your belongings from your London flat into the new location."

"We should be able to go." The man said and expected them to follow him. Lily hugged all of them one more time and then left with Dumbledore.

Severus stayed back. "We need a few minutes." Tobias glared at the headmaster. Her father in law did not trust Dumbledore. He never forgave the man's actions after Severus's encounter with Remus all those years ago.

Lily entered the floo network and stumbled into a blue chimney. It was the right one. The marauders were seated around a cozy living room.

She could hear James. "I don't believe Peter could be a spy."

"I trust Dumbledore." Remus said.

"That's rich Moony." Sirius paced around.

Lily decided to end this once and for all. "I saw his memories. Severus showed them to me. He knew about the attacks last month. He knew about Marlene's parents living in the country."

She hadn't realized it yet but it only made sense now. No one but Sirius knew the address. They had all thought Marlene's brother had attracted the death eaters but it didn't explain how they managed to find the McKinnon's house in such short notice.

Sirius realized it then. "Regulus told me too. He didn't say his name but he said there was a rat. He tried to warn me."

James hung his head. Remus looked ashamed. Severus stepped inside with Dumbledore by his side.

"Remus you will take the first shift. Sirius and James you will come with me. I have proof and a mission for you. Sirius will take the second shift. I expect you here the day after tomorrow."

They apparated away. Severus looked at Remus and said words that surprised even her. "It is not your fault. You didn't know."

"I'm so sorry Lily, Severus. I am so sorry." He looked contrite. Lily hugged him.

Severus shook his head and sat down by the fire. "We would have hidden either way." Lily went to him and sat on his lap. Remus sat in front of them.

"You will protect Lily and the baby at all costs. Do you understand Remus? They come first."

Remus nodded. Lily frowned. "We thank you Remus."

Lily wanted to sleep. She was tired and needed a bed, preferably Severus's arms around her. She went upstairs and chose the master room. She had no idea where they were. The woman slipped out of her clothes and under the covers. Severus joined her minutes later. He spooned her. "We'll stay here until June."

"Sev, our baby is due August." She said sleepily.

"Yes, but Harry's always been willful." He said. Lily could tell he was on the verge of drifting off.

Lily squeezed his hand. "Harry Severus Snape." Lily said with a small smile. "I think that's our baby's name."

Severus was fast asleep. She could tell by his evened out breathing. He must have been exhausted. He had been up and down for the last five days or so.

She turned and nuzzled his chest. Lily didn't have dreams she just slept.

Lily was tired of not being productive. It was Sirius's day and he was off sulking outside of the house. He was infuriated and had been so for the past three months. They had a month left in the house. She was bored. Severus was downstairs in his lab, making potions. He was busy, entertained and wouldn't let her come near the lab. The fumes could do her damage he said outraged. Well that was good for him. He was productive, earning money and doing something he liked.

She sighed and rubbed her belly. "Harry if only you could move now. I don't understand you move nonstop at night. Why won't you move during the day?"

Severus paled when she proposed the name but she refused to meek down. She fought him tooth and nail. "You called him Harry when we first moved in. I thought you liked the name." She said angrily when he refused to accept their baby's name.

"I did no such thing." He said as he scowled at her.

"Did too. Why don't you want the baby to have my dad's name?" She asked when he suggested they changed it to anything else.

"Anything but Harry."

Lily had smirked then. "Fine, James then. He'll be James Severus Snape."

Her husband scowled. "A bloody comedienne you are." He said darkly and Lily laughed at his face.

"His name is Harry Severus Snape. I'm glad you agree." She smiled happily at him.

Severus scowled all day and tried to change her mind until James arrived for his shift. "I will tell him we will name the baby after him."

Her husband stalked to his basement and admitted defeat. He hadn't spoken about the baby's name ever since then. Lily glanced towards the living room and tried to think of something to do. She would never say it out loud but she liked it better when James was around he would try to make her laugh when Severus was working. Even Remus cheered her with his comments and funny remarks, but Sirius couldn't even look at her face. He was still grieving over Regulus and Peter. The red head sighed and summoned parchment and ink she would write to Petunia. Her sister had given birth last week.

Dear Tunney,

I am so happy for you and Dudley. He is a very handsome boy. I would have loved to be there for you. I am so sorry I couldn't be there. I hope you forgive me I should have told you I am pregnant too. Severus and I decided to name him Harry, after dad. I miss you so much Tuny and really wished you could be here with me. You don't know how much I wish to see you and the baby.

Lots of love,

Lily Snape

P.S. the vase was lovely

Lily put the letter in an envelope. She hoped Sirius would actually mail it. The man was possibly a dunderhead when it came to muggle matters. For a man who boasted to own a flying motorcycle he was really ignorant about muggles.

"She wont answer back and you know it." Severus strode in and grabbed a milk carton and drank from it.

"Don't do that. That is disgusting." She frowned and Severus kissed her pout.

"She will answer. She had the wrong address last time. I fixed it."

Severus rolled his eyes, "Petunia does not want to get in touch with us. She hates our kind. You learned you had a nephew through Dumbledore for Merlin's sake."

Lily did not want to get into a fight with Severus. Neither Petunia nor Severus was fond of each other. The woman would have loved to pretend that her sister and husband did not really know each other. Truth to be told they knew each other since they were children and just didn't like each other. Severus was to dismissive while Petunia was blatantly prejudiced against Severus.

"I don't want to get into this love. Can you be happy for her? Just be happy for her." Lily squeezed his hands and kissed his cheeks. Sev smiled at her.

"What have you been up to?" He pulled her to his lap and placed his hand over her rather plump belly. Harry started to kick about a week ago. Her husband loved to feel the baby move and Harry seemed to love his father's voice, not that she could blame him, Severus did have a beautiful voice.

"Oh, nothing much. I labeled the spices, the cleaning products, reorganized the books and categorized our clothes by season." Her husband had the gall to chuckle at her face.

"You are bored aren't you?" Severus played with her hair while sounding amused.

"I could help you, you know? I am almost a healer and better than you at potions." She saw Severus lift his left eyebrow. That was a good sign Severus hated to be challenged by anyone. Her husband prided himself at being better at everything. Or at least the arrogant prat thought so. If she could manipulate him into thinking he had to prove something to her he would at least let her inside his damned lab.

"I have all the help I need." He kissed her forehead.

"Why don't I stay here with you? No more work for today." He said and nuzzled her neck.

Lily smiled. He was always holed up in that basement. She would love to spend time with him.

"That would be lovely." The woman happily kissed her husband.

Severus kissed her back. He hummed and caressed her back. Lily snogged the life out of him.

"We could go up to the bedroom." She said in between kisses trying to pull his shirt out of his trousers. Lily couldn't understand why he insisted on wearing formal clothing when they were in their quasi-home.

Severus nodded. "Yes." He bit her neck and groped her breasts. Sev was a breast man. She moaned.

"Come on quickly. Hurry up." She crossed her legs around his hips. He smirked while picking her up.

"I won't be able to pick you up in a week." He smiled when she mockingly pinched his arm.

Sev opened the door and then closed it with a spell. "Silencio the room too." She pulled on his trousers playfully.

Lily giggled when Severus tickled her. She forgot about the war, Voldemort, all the moving and secrecy. For a few hours she forgot that they were in danger that she had to stop her plans of being a mediwitch and the fact that Severus and her were on edge most of the time. She became Lily Snape, a woman who loved her husband. She made love to her husband and loved it.

"Get dressed. We have to go now. There are Death Eater's on their way." James yelled with hate. Lily gasped quickly; she was disoriented. She remembered going upstairs with Sev. She looked at Sev who apparently didn't care that he was naked and started dressing. Lily was frozen in her spot under the sheets. She blushed. James stared at her.

Severus noticed; of course he would. "Don't you fucking look at her." He growled and pushed the man out the room.

"Get dressed love. Now." He yelled the last part. Lily nodded. She put on a blue dress that he handed her.

"I need you to listen very careful Lils." Lily nodded once more. She felt ice cold creeping into her veins.

He pulled on his shirt and buttoned with his wand. She took her wand from the small stand next to her side of the bed.

Lily heard the door knock and jumped. She was scared, properly scared.

"We have got to go. They're on their way." He yelled.

Lily shook her head. "They can't. They can't be on their way. No one knows where we are."

Severus didn't look at her. He ransacked their room until he found a small rock. "This will take you a few houses away from Petunia's place." Lily stared at him uncomprehending anything that came out of his mouth.

"Have you gone mad? I don't even know where my sister lives."

Severus wrote something in a piece of paper. "Dumbledore knows. Listen to me." He kissed her forehead.

"I have it all planned. You will walk and wait for me. Safeguard the house. Remember to put in place all the hexes and spells I thought you. I will come for you."

"I can't portkey. The baby, it isn't safe." She struggled for words.

"I've been working for ages on this. This is what I've been doing in the basement. Trust me love. Lils you have to trust me." He pleaded.

"I do. I trust you. I trust you." She cried and clung to him. James pounded on the door.

"You have to go now." He said and gave her the rock. It was more of a pebble.

"Come with me. He is after you too." Lily felt hallow. Something bad was going to happen.

"I have to protect you and Harry. Now go before they come." He kissed her and then touched the pebble with his wand.

Lily felt a tug on her hand instead of her belly. She spun, it was uncomfortable, and the pebble burnt her hand. She couldn't hold onto it any longer. She wad dizzy and fell on a grassy patch. She covered her belly and feared for the worst. The pain never came. She opened her eyes and realized she was floating like when she was a girl and played in the swings.

The woman stood up with difficulty. It was dark; she would saw the street and realized she was in Surrey. The woman looked at the crumpled paper in her hands and tried to casually walk to Privet Drive.

Lily knocked on the door. Tunney opened the door. Lily cried, she hadn't seen her sister since their parents died.

Her sister stood there. Lily cried. "Can I come in please?"

Tunney nodded and invited her in. The house was spotless. Vernon Dursley, her brother in law was seated in the living room in front of the telly.

"What is she doing here?" He frowned.

"I don't know. I swear I didn't invite her." Petunia sputtered.

Lily didn't have time to feel hurt. She whipped her wand out and pointed to the door. She muttered the spells over and over again. She heard Vernon yell and become agitated. Tunney tried to stop her but Lily shook her off.

She was scared. When she finally finished with all the spells she turned to Petunia. "I'm so sorry Petunia but I need to be here for a while until Severus come for me."

Vernon came close to her. "This freak will not stay in our home. She can infect our Dudley."

Petunia lowered her head. Lily wiped some of her tears. She didn't want to lash out.

"Only for tonight. She will go to her kind tomorrow." Lily felt her heart break a little.

"Absolutely not. She won't." Dursley was purple.

"Vernon please. She's my sister." Petunia cried. Vernon shook his head and slammed a glass of something into a wall.

Lily couldn't help it. She stunned him. Petunia cried alarmed and went to his side.

"What have you done?" Her sister tried to help her husband.

"He's only stunned. He will be fine." Lily said and helped her sister put him back in his sofa.

"Maybe we can put him to bed." Petunia said carefully.

"Fine." Lily realized her actions were a little brash.

They managed to put Dursley to bed with a bit of effort. Lily floated him up the stairs and made sure she bumped his head into some of the walls.

The sisters awkwardly made their way to a room. "You can stay here tonight but I meant what I said. You have to leave by tomorrow."

"I will." She as she lay on a bed she conjured.

Petunia didn't leave. "What is happening?"

Lily didn't break down. Maybe Severus was correct. Petunia didn't want to have a relationship with her. She considered ignoring her sister, lying and coldly asking her to leave her be but then she couldn't. Petunia was her sister. She was her only family left. Family was supposed to protect and trust each other.

"The people that killed mum and dad. They're after my baby." Lily rubbed her belly.

Petunia gasped. Lily couldn't help but grab her sister's hands. "Don't worry. No one knows I'm here. Severus will come for me." She tried to convince herself.

Her sister left her then. Lily realized her sister did not even attempt to introduce her son. Petunia did not feel comfortable with her child being near her sister.

Lily rubbed her belly and waited. She did not sleep at all. Severus would not fail her. He would pick her up the next morning. He would be bloodied and she would have to give him a haircut. Severus would also bring her bad news.