Cauldrons and Lilies

Chapter 62

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Chapter 62

Lily woke up next to her husband and smelled his neck. "Maybe we just need to have more sex." She yawned. He grumbled and kissed her some more.

It had been three perfect weeks. Lily took off work and so did Severus. They stayed in the castle and talked about their fears. Lily told him that she thought his fears were unrealistic and that he was being fatalistic while Severus told her that she was careless. He insisted on his fears being founded and that alternate life that he experienced being real. Lily remembered the memories of years ago and shuddered. She tried to empathize but could not fully believe that it happened. She refused to imagine a life in which she chose James Potter and where Severus was a Death Eater.

They yelled at each other now that Harry was gone, "It was real Lily." He shouted. "It happened. Harry Potter was targeted by Voldemort and I refuse." He shook his head. Severus never yelled. "I will not have my Harry go through that. I will protect him. We almost lost him now. You have to realize it. It is not too late. We could go away."

Lily paced and with tears in her eyes ended the argument. "So many things have changed. You yourself said so. We cannot do this to Harry. I refuse to live in fear again Severus, hidden, waiting and trapped inside a house where we could be found. I will not have Harry spend his youth cooped up in terror of him."

Severus looked defeated when Lily approached him. "I am not afraid Sev. I will not live like that. We cannot. We fight, we've always been brave, you and I." She kissed him until he kissed her back and they ended in bed.

Lily and him would speak for hours about what he feared and the "rat." "There are no leads love. Nothing that could find us closer to him." Severus dreaded that Pettigrew would find a way to reunite with Voldemort and have him come back.

Lily feared it as well and told him so. Severus felt somewhat validated and was more receptive to her idea of relaxing some security measures for all of them.

Severus sought her and Lily laughed when he ticked her. They made love and went for a stroll in Hogsmeade. Lily teased him because Severus wore dark robes and glared at everyone. "Sourpuss." She said and kissed his cheeks at every opportunity.

"I don't want to get Harry just yet." Severus said as they came back to the castle.

Lily nodded, "Let's not." She said and grinned when he pushed her to the wall. They were loving parents but loved time away from their kid.

Lily read and helped out with his research and even leads about Pettigrew. No one had seen him since Albania last February. Severus would become sour and moody when he thought about how he could have killed the rat.

They enjoyed each other and talking to each other. Lily dressed in a bright yellow summer dress and kissed Severus. "We have to retrieve Harry." She said as he put on a black shirt and jeans. "You are going to burn alive." She said as they walked to Hogsmeade. Lily wore dark sunglasses and side apparated to the Burrow.

Molly hosted friends the last Sunday before September first. Remus and Cissy were there as were their kids. Lyra and Callista ran around while Oriana toddled and blabbed to Ginny. Gus and Percy were setting the tables.

"I thought they would be here by now." Severus said a little concerned.

Lily kissed him, "Don't worry too much."

Soon enough Harry, Dudley, Tuney and Tobias were in the garden. Harry smiled at them, "all good?"

"All good." Severus replied for them.

Harry grinned and proceeded to tell them all about his summer. It was uneventful, Harry went out with Dudley and his friends.

Lily excused herself to use the loo. She was about to leave for the garden again when she heard Ron and Draco. They came from the kitchen door with frowns. "He has to be here somewhere. He came back with me."

"Are you sure?" Draco said

"Of course I am mate." Ron replied.

Lily smiled, "are you looking for Harry? He was just outside."

Ron shook his head, "no aunt Lily. We are looking for Scabbers."

Lily felt uneasy, "Scabbers?"

Draco nodded and looked opened cabinets around the kitchen, "his pet rat. We found him before leaving the castle for break."

Lily paled, she remembered hearing that name. It was the rat. She took out her wand. "Where did you last see him?" It would not do good to alert the whole place if the rat could be found in the kitchen.

"Just before you and uncle Severus arrived. He got loose and then I saw him come back to kitchen. I think." Ron pointed out.

Lily nodded. She was startled when she heard a pop. She turned and aimed her wand at Sirius' throat. "Wormtail is here." She hissed.

Sirius' eyes grew dark. "Draco and Ron, go outside. Tell your dads that Wormtail could be in the garden or inside the house."

"I'll take the ground floor. Go upstairs and search the place." Lily hissed.

Sirius did so. Lily began to wave her wand around to put anti-disapparating spells. A black panther entered the house. Severus was on the prowl and searched for rodents. Remus came to her side.

"Narcissa, Molly and Arthur are outside they put on charms to find him around the premises." Remus looked pale as well.

They went to the second floor and made their way to Ron's bedroom where Severus transformed back to himself. Sirius came through the door as Padfoot; he also transformed back to himself.

"He's not here." Severus growled.

"He is not in the garden either." Remus pointed out.

Lily left for the garden and the men followed her. Narcissa and Molly formed a circle around the kids. The girls were fast asleep. Petunia and Tobias stood behind Arthur as did Augustus and Percy.

"No sign of him." Narcissa called out.

Severus went for Ron. "I need you to tell me about your rat."

Ron frowned, "Draco, Hermione, Harry and I found him last June."

Remus paced. "He's missing a toe isn't he."

Ron shook his head, for a second Lily felt foolish and light hearted. Maybe she was just paranoid.

"He's missing his whole paw." The boy replied.

Lily remembered Severus telling her that Voldemort would come back and Pettigrew would be his ally. Pettigrew would be missing a hand as it was to be sacrificed for Voldemort.

"He's back." Severus said. "Pettigrew is reunited with him and brought him back."

"What are you saying?" Remus asked confused.

Severus looked at Lily. "It's happening Lily." He was anguished.

Lily understood and felt raw fear. "Find Dumbledore. Tell him."

"I'll explain here." Lily said with some semblance of a calm attitude.

Severus nodded and disapparated.

"Where is Scabbers?" Ron asked a little upset.

"That was not Scabbers. That was Peter Pettigrew." Lily replied.

The kids paled as did Tobias. Petunia and Dudley looked confused.

"No, he isn't. Pettigrew is missing a toe, Scabbers is missing his whole paw." Ron said with fear.

"It was him. You smell of him." Sirius said with some anger.

"What is this Pettigrew?" Dudley asked.

"He was our friend and betrayed us to the Dark Lord." Remus said with disgust.

Lily looked at the kids. "Come inside the house. We all need to talk." She led the way. Narcissa warded Percy's room. The woman placed her kids on the bed and then joined them in the living room.

Ron cried and Draco looked very protective over Ron. Harry looked very confused.

"What did you do with Scabbers? Ron found him. It's his." The young Slytherin addressed his father.

Remus looked agitated as did Narcissa when she came back. "Ginny, sweetheart, be a dear and watch over the girls." Molly whispered.

Ginny tried to complain. "I'll tell you all about it tomorrow sweetheart." Her mother said and Ginny went.

The twins were still which was strange in itself. Percy and Gus looked attentively while Harry, Ron, Draco and Dudley remained in front of her. Petunia, Tobias, Molly and Arthur looked afraid. Sirius and Remus flanked her sides.

Lily was scared as well. "Sit down. We'll explain."

Lily looked at Remus to begin, "That rat was never a real rat. His name is Peter Pettigrew."

"The Death Eater?" Augustus asked.

"Yes. We went to school together. He was part of the Marauders." Sirius continued, "He however betrayed us and killed our friend James."

They all knew about James and the betrayal but not the name of the friend precisely. Percy and Augustus read more history now so they were aware of the happenings.

"We became animagi to help Mooney during his transformations. I was a dog, James, a stag and Peter a rat. We should have known then." Sirius said bitterly.

"When did you find him?" Remus asked.

"The night of the end of term Feast." Harry replied immediately.

"Your rat missed a toe wasn't he?" Remus asked Ron.

The redheaded boy frowned, "no, he did not have his paw. This is a mistake, Scabbers could not have been your friend. You're all going loony."

Remus and Sirius looked at her. It was her turn to answer. "It was him. Ron called him Scabbers. Severus has looked for Pettigrew since Voldemort fell. He found that it was one of his aliases."

"We should check the house and perimeter once more." Remus said and they set to work. They left Narcissa and Arthur with the kids and moved around the Burrow.

It was almost nightfall when there was a knock on the door, Lily took her wand out. "I'll get the door." Arthur pulled his wand out as well. The children's eyes opened widely. They were not used to all these measures.

"It's me Severus." Her husband called out.

Severus came in as came Dumbledore.

"Headmaster." Augustus and Percy said at the same time.

"Good afternoon children." He said with a smile.

"Please escort the younger ones back to your dormitories. We have to discuss some things." Percy had recently been named Headboy and followed the directives immediately. Gus helped with the kids.

Severus waved his wand around and soundproofed the living room. "I am afraid, Lily's suspicions are true and these are not the only bad news." Dumbledore said.

"We have strong suspicions that Pettigrew managed to reunite with Voldemort." The older man said. Severus looked discomfited.

"Tell them all of it." Her husband said and paced around the room.

"Sybil has made a prophecy. She delivered it two months ago to a house elf in her company. The night before the end of term."

"It will happen tonight. The Dark Lord lies alone and friendless, abandoned by his followers. His servant has been chained these twelve years. Tonight, before midnight... the servant will break free and set out to rejoin his master. The Dark Lord will rise again with his servant's aid, greater and more terrible than ever he was. Tonight... before midnight... the servant... will set out... to rejoin... his master..."

"Ron found him the following night." Lily said.

Severus paled a little. "Molly, Arthur, may we speak to Ron?"

Molly looked hesitant, "nothing will happen to him. I assure you." Dumbledore said gently.

"I'll go get him." Arthur said.

Ron was back and he looked upset. Albus asked for a word in private and took him to the kitchen. Molly and Arthur went with their son as well.

Lily went to Severus' side. Sirius broke the silence first. "How do we know it is him?"

"The headmaster will explain. It is him. Voldemort is back." Severus said and took out a cigarette.

Lily did not have the mind to ask him to not smoke. They were all silent; waiting and preparing for the worse.

Albus and the others came back. "Go up Ronnie. You did very well." Molly said with a smile.

Ron nodded and had a sad face. He would sure tell the other kids what happened.

"Pettigrew has been with Ron for the whole summer. He's tried to escape multiple times but was not able to do so until today." The older man said.

Remus looked confused, "I don't understand, why are you so sure?"

"Severus and I have tracked Pettigrew for years. He's taught at Hogwarts to make sure that we look for Pettigrew. There were leads these past months. We have reason to believe that he was in Albania where Tom was rumored to hide after his failed attempt to steal the Philosopher's stone." Albus then paused and Severus took over.

"He's tried to bring Voldemort back. There is an abomination of a potion to revive him. Dumbledore and I believe that he is back to his corporeal self." Severus stated clearly.

"There is only one way in which he could do it. He needed bones from his father, flesh from a servant and blood from his enemy. Tom Riddle's tomb was desecrated. The rat is missing an arm and he could have easily gotten blood from any witch or wizard." Severus finished.

"We believe the prophecy was fulfilled." Dumbledore finished.

"Why would he be at Hogwarts?" Narcissa asked.

Severus smoked his cigarette and offered one to Sirius who answered, "He wanted to have Harry's blood."

Albus nodded, "he may have but gave up. As you know Harry is supervised even when he is not noticing."

Lily had been against that controlling supervision. It was one of the reasons why she fought with Severus so much.

"Intelligence. A spy in our midst once more. He made himself known and stayed with Ron because he was the least likely to recognize him. He knew that if he went with Draco or Harry we would recognize him." Remus finished.

Lily nodded, "he's stayed with Ron but realized there was little information to be gained since he was in Romania with Charlie." Molly pointed out.

"Do we know who was targeted for the blood?" Arthur asked.

"No, but it had to be someone in Little Hangleton or Hogsmeade." Dumbledore replied. The headmaster looked at Severus who nodded. "We checked Hogsmeade and there is no one missing or tampered with."

"Remus, Black and I will comb through Little Hangleton." Her husband replied hastily.

"I have to talk to Cornelius." Dumbledore said and left off the property.

"Love, take my dad and your sister to their home. Stay there with them. I will sleep in the castle. You'll have to board the train with Harry." Severus said and pecked her lips.

"I'm sorry. It's happening and I did not trust you." She said in a whisper.

Severus kissed her forehead. "We are prepared. It is his move now."

Remus went up the stairs to get the children. Narcissa said her goodbyes and went with him. Sirius and Severus left together.

Harry came down the stairs with Dudley. Draco held Oriana while Narcissa had Callista and Remus held Lyra.

Petunia, Dudley and Tobias flooed home. "We'll see you there Lily." Her father in law said as he vanished. Dudley went next. "Augustus, we're going home." Petunia called.

Her brother in law came downstairs from Percy's. "Yes." He said and stepped into the Floo connection.

Petunia said her goodbyes and stepped into the Floo. "Where is dad?" Harry asked before stepping into the chimney.

"He's off with Dumbledore." She said and ushered him into the Floo.

Lily hugged the Weasleys and then went to her sister's home.

Tobias and Petunia were waiting with tea. "Sit down." Her father in law said.

Lily did and sighed, "Harry and Dudley went to bed. Augustus packed his bag and staying over at Percy's."

Augustus came back to the living room. "Dad, Petunia, I am going with Percy to the station."

"Fine son." Tobias said and hugged him briefly.

"Not fine." Petunia said. "Gus, we will not see you for the rest of the year."

Gus smiled and hugged her, "It's fine Petunia. I will write to you every week."

Petunia nodded and kissed his forehead, "promise. Not like last year. You have to write Augustus. This is just like last time. The Daily Prophet will not write about things. It will be like last time. Remember Lils? The attack at the station your last year? Will it be like that?" Her sister looked nervous. It would be like that.

"Tuney, we don't know yet. Let him go, he wants to be with his friend." Tobias said. Gus nodded "Bye" He said and hugged his parents again.

Lily sipped on her tea, "Severus said it would be his move now." She tried to remain calm.

"All these whisperings. It is all like last time." Tobias said. Petunia sat down by him.

"What do we do? How do we prepare? Should we let Gus go to Hogwarts?" She said anxiously.

"Of course he'll go. It's his last year. He has to think about his career after school. We will take precautions before things come to a head." Tobias continued.

"We will guard the houses. Severus will Fidelio the house and I will be secret keeper." The witch began to form plans in her head.

"You still could go to work but remember to be safe." She said and reassured herself.

Tuney looked scared and Tobias put his arms around her. "We will just try to be safer. That's all, maybe Dudley could come with his friends here instead of going to other houses.

Tuney nodded. "Yes, it's just to be cautious."

Lily half smiled and nodded too. "Harry is bunking with Dudley. Lily, you could take Gus' room. Sorry for the mess. We try." Petunia said, "I have some clothes that you could use."

Lily followed her sister to Gus' room and accepted pajamas. She did not transfigure them. She brushed her teeth and checked on the boys. Her son was fast asleep as was her nephew.

The witch went back to Gus' room; she was tired but no sleep would come. Lily tossed and turned until it was time to wake up to take Harry to King's Cross.

Petunia was up and ready to leave. "Tobias left for work already." She said and gave him tea. "You should wake Harry up. Dudley is not going to school for another three days."

Lily went up the stairs and found that Harry was dressed and ready to go. He had his rucksack and Hedwig. "Are you taking the train with me?" They walked downs the stairs.

"I am." She said calmly.

Harry nodded. He had his breakfast and said his goodbyes. They disapparated to an alley near the train station.

Her son was tense as they walked to King Cross. They walked through the barrier and boarded the train. She was surprised to see Remus as she waked to pick a compartment. "What are you doing here?" She asked a little anxious.

"I am the new DADA teacher." He said with a half-smile.

"Why?" Harry asked behind her.

"There was no one else available." The man said with a self-deprecating smile. Lily knew he was lying.

"Let's find a compartment." Lily found an empty one. Remus and Harry entered. Her son looked like he itched to go and find his friends.

"Go." Lily said with a smile.

Harry left immediately. "Draco is not thrilled with the idea." Her friend said carefully.

"Neither are you. Why will you be in Hogwarts?" Lily asked with trepidation.

"Things are happening now Lils." Remus rubbed his face. "I am not the only one near. Sirius will be in the castle too. He will be here as Snuffles. Cissa and the girls are moving to Hogsmeade. I will commute to them. Dumbledore has assignments for us."

The witch frowned, "what do you mean?"

Remus looked at her with weary eyes. "There is no proof that he is back other than some missing bones, Peter resurfacing and a dead muggle by the name of Frank Bryce. We do not have proof of anyone missing yet. Dumbledore spoke to Fudge; the minister refuses to believe the threat."

"Do you believe them?" Lily was half afraid of the answer.

"I do and so does Sirius. He could smell Peter in Ron's clothing. So could Severus when he transformed into the panther. Lily we have to be cautious now and surveil Harry. Severus and Dumbledore believe that he's after him. Voldemort still believes in the old prophecy." The man said.

Lily felt as if she would choke. "It did not happen. Harry was a baby. Severus fought him."

"He's mad and obsessed Lils." Remus said and took her hand in his.

They remained in silence until reaching Hogsmeade. "I have to set up the house. I'll see you soon." He kissed her and went to the main road.

Lily boarded the carriage and petted a Thestral. Augustus and Percy boarded the same carriage. "Why were you petting air?" Gus asked.

Lily smiled. "No reason." She said and focused on getting home where Severus was.