Cauldrons and Lilies

Chapter 74

Chapter 74

Lily applied some make up before leaving the room. She wore a cobalt blue dress. It looked very good given that it was a quick find. She adjusted some of the extra fabric on the side and put her hair on braids and an updo. She saw as her husband entered the room.

"You look beautiful." Severus said. He looked very hansome as well. Black robes over a black suit.

"You look very handsome yourself." She smiled and put on Augustus' presents. Her brother in law gave her the other half of the Princes' jewels. Lily did not wear them often but she liked to do so when there were events in the family, big events.

"That's my great grandmother's wedding present." Severus said as he touched the big and heavy egg shaped yellow diamond.

"Augustus have me his half as Christmas presents. He said that I was actually married to a Prince and that Percy would not have any needs for such pretty things." Lily replied.

"You look beautiful." He said.

"I will give you a private show when we're home." She said and winked at him.

Severus kissed her and whispered that she would have to only wear the jewelry.

Lily kissed him again. "Hurry, we have to help around."

As expected Tuney and Molly were organizing and moving people around. "Go and find Augustus and Tobias." Petunia told Dudley who did without complaints.

"You look spectacular." Lily told her sister. Tuney wore a golden dress. Molly wore silver and she also looked radiant.

"Lily, would you be a dear and check on the girls. They should be ready by now." Molly asked. "Take them outside. We are running behind. We should all be there in twenty minutes. The wizard who will be performing is already setting up."

"Severus, go and take Dudley and whomever you see to their places. Go ahead." Tuney said and marched him out.

Lily went upstairs once more and saw Ginny and Hermione. She heard some crying and entered the room. "I'm so sorry Hermione, I thought it would work." Ginny cried while Hermione sobbed too. Lily saw Hermione's frizzy hair and understood.

The older woman looked at her ward and shook her head, "You are beautiful, now stop crying. We'll fix this." Lily waved her wand and the frizzy hair became curls, that cascaded around Hermione. "You have beautiful hair sweetheart. We will buy other hair products and I'll teach you the charm." Lily hugged her and wiped her tears.

She waved her wand once more and the girls' eyes and nose went back to their natural state.

"Thank you Lily." Hermione said and smoothed her red dress. Ginny wore a forest green dress. She looked very beautiful too.

"Let's go to our places." She walked with the girls into the tents. They sat in their assigned chairs. Harry, Ron and Draco were speechless when they saw the girls.

Lily sat by Severus. Charlie walked in first. He was Percy's best man. The redhead stood to one side. Dudley walked next. He stood to the other side.

Percy was next. Molly and Arthur walked him. They sported the biggest smiles.

Augustus walked with Tuney and Tobias. They were all just as happy. It was magical when Percy and Augustus locked eyes. They smiled so big. They complemented each other. They wore dark blue suits with light blue ties.

Augustus said his vows first, "You are my best friend. I am so very happy to have you by my side every day of my life. You make me want to be a better person. Perce, I love you."

Percy grinned from ear to ear, "I love you too. Gus, I cannot wait to start the rest of our lives bonded as one. You are my happiest thought." It was true. Lily had seen his patronus, it was a beautiful snake while Augustus' was a silver weasel.

The ceremony wizard took over and waved his wand to finally bond them. Percy and Augutus kissed and there were golden sparks

The tents were enveloped in a golden light. Percy and Augustus smiled and kissed once more. The chairs around them transformed into numbered tables. Music played immediately as well.

Lily and Severus found their table. They sat with the Lupins and Sirius who was yet again by himself. Lily tracked her teenage son at another table. Tuney and Tobias day with the Weasleys. Tuney and Molly hugged while dabbing tears away.

"It was a lovely ceremony." Sirius commented with a smile.

"It really was." Narcissa drank some of her wine.

Lily laughed and enjoyed the conversation. They ate and talked about the Lupin girls. Lyra, Callista and Oriana ran around the tents playing their silly games. Narcissa gave up on having them take care of their dresses. "They're wild. I don't think my sisters and I ever game our mother this type of trouble." She said while looking at a sleeping Pandora.

Sirius shook his head, "you are nothing like aunt Druella or mother. We would have never been allowed to these functions."

Narcissa smiled and watched her children run happily.

Lily saw as Percy and Gus came by their tables. "Congratulations to both." She said and hugged them tightly.

"May you have a life filled with joy together." Severus said while clapping his brother's back.

"Thank you Sev, for getting me out of your house." The younger man said.

"Lily, that necklace looks beautiful on you." Gus said and kissed her cheek.

Lily smiled happily at him. "Go on, day hi to your other guests." The newlyweds then left to greet more people. She saw ministry people and Alice with Neville who found Ginny and Luna.

It was a happy afternoon. Petunia and Molly danced with Augustus and Percy. They opened the dance floor to the rest of the guests. Lily danced with Tobias and with Sirius who was always game to have some fun. Molly and Arthur also danced and openly embarrassed their children. Lily laughed when Ron made a face at his parents kissing and took Hermione away from the dance floor. The woman saw as Hermione giggled and went along with him. Lily saw as Harry danced with Ginny. The girl blushed. Harry was adorably awkward.

"It's like seeing Snape and you all over again. It's disgusting." Sirius pointed out as he twirled her. Lily shook her head.

"We were very obvious weren't we?" She giggled when Sirius moved his arms whichever way.

"We all knew but for James. He was convinced he could win you over. I have to say, I advised him to forget and go out with more suitable witches. You were very mean spirited." He said seriously.

Lily rolled her eyes, "some things are just bound to happen." Sirius shrugged and brought her closer.

Severus appeared out of nowhere and pulled her away from Sirius. "My turn." He frowned at Sirius and held her as they danced to another muggle song.

Lily frowned once more, "honestly, he's never been interested in me."

Her husband arched an eyebrow, "of course he would. You are beautiful." He said. Her annoyance forgotten as they danced some more.

She was highly aware that most eyes were on them. People were not used to Severus having a good time. He hid behind a closed off persona. "Professor Snape, Dumbledore's man, Savior of the Wizarding world." She relished these moments and was happy that the wedding was a small affair.

They danced some more and went back to their table. Lily laughed and hugged Alice who sat with Narcissa. "Oh Alice." She giggled and smiled.

"It's wonderful to see you Lils." She said.

"Oh Alice, please say you've come to stay for good this time." Lily begged her friend.

The woman actually sported a small smile, "I am."

Lily squaled and hugged her again. "I'm moving back to our home. The one we had before Frank died, not Augusta's old manor."

"That's wonderful news." Remus said and Narcissa nodded too.

"Yes, it is time, my Neville is a man, he looks like Frank don't you think?" Alice said proudly.

Neville smiled and talked to Charlie and Ginny who squeezed his arm.

Lily nodded. She was very happy and drank around her friends. They talked about school days. Sirius and Remus had a heated discussion about their fourth year end of term. "Snape, settle this, why did we get detention for the whole month of may that year."

Severus drank his firewhisky. "Potter and you tried to hex me because Lily did not want to go out to Hogsmeade with Potter and you."

"Yes, I remember that part but what happened. What did we do and what did you do?"

Severus frowned, "You used levicorpus and Potter tried to cut my hair. I tripped you which caused Remus to fall to Potter's side. Remus then turned and moved Potter's wand which aimed at you. You got a cut on your eyebrow."

"See, it was your fault. Moony." Sirius said.

Severus sneered at him, "Welll, I remember Severus. He was always sleeping, all the time. Magnolia and I had to go up the stairs to get him to wake up in the mornings."

Lily frowned, "you never told me you had such room service."

Severus shrugged. "It was not a big thing, just routine."

"I would have given my life to have Magnolia wake me up in the mornings." Sirius said.

"She had such a crush on you." Narcissa said. "It was a bit much to be honest."

Lily frowned, "I did not know that. I was jealous of you. When I should have been jealous of her."

Sirius laughed and served them more drinks. Lily teased Severus and kissed his lips. Her mood soured when she saw the headmaster approach their table.

"Severus, a word." The older man said and took her husband away. They walked to the Burrow.

Lily had a bad feeling about their little meeting. Harry went to her, "the Minister of Magic is here."

There he was, talking to Kingsley. "That's fine sweetheart. Lily tried to not give it much importance. Let's dance a bit."

Harry danced with her but kept an eye on the minister while Lily could only look towards the Burrow.

Scrimgeour approached and asked for a word, "Mrs. Snape, may I have a word in private?"

The man then led her to another part of the dance floor away from her son.

"I will be succinct. I hoped that I could have a word with Mr. Snape." The older man said.

"I am unclear Minister." The man did not let her finish.

"Your husband is very important for our cause. The Ministry needs to stand together to fight the evils ahead."

"Minister, my husband has collaborated with you to the best of his abilities." Lily said firmly.

The older man looked annoyed, "he has not. He continues to be part of this vilgilante group. We need to stand together and fight You Know Who."

"Minister, as far as I am concerned the headmaster and my husband are alone. Your ministry is murky. You need to clean house." She said and left for the dance floor once more.

Scrimgeour looked impatient and headed for the Burrow. Kingsley stood next to her. "The ministry is infiltrated Lily. You look beautiful. Say hi to Alice for me." He said and followed the Minister.

Lily went back to her table, Harry waited for her, "What did he want?"

"To have your father be a Minisrty poster." Lily said a little out of sorts. She drank from her firewhisky.

"Come on Lils. I don't see Snape." Sirius took her out to dance.

"Kingsley told us about the ministry. He will have more information for the next meeting."

They danced and then the muggle songs began to play. Lily heard Killer Queen. Sirius began to sing loudly and dance to it.

Lily laughed and danced along with him.

"She keeps her Moet et Chandon

In her pretty cabinet

"Let them eat cake", she says

Just like Marie Antoinette

A built-in remedy

For Kruschev and Kennedy

At anytime an invitation

You can't decline

Caviar and cigarettes

Well versed in etiquette

Extraordinarily nice

She's a Killer Queen

Gunpowder, gelatin

Dynamite with a laser beam

Guaranteed to blow your mind


Lily decided to not let these things ruin her fun time. She danced and laughed with Sirius and then danced with Tuney.

"It's been too long since we dacned like this." She said and pulled Tuney from her chair. "You are mad." Her older sister said but danced with her. They dacned to Queen and ABBA. Lily drank more champagne. She did not who was in charge of the music but they were having a great time of it.

Tuney giggled when Dancing Queen came on. Lily pointed to her and sang to her older sister. "And when you get the chance

You are the dancing queen
Young and sweet
Only seventeen
Dancing queen
Feel the beat from the tambourine, oh yeah
You can dance
You can jive
Having the time of your life
Ooh, see that girl
Watch that scene
Dig in the dancing queen."

They knew each and every single word. Tobias laughed and clapped at them.

Lily almost forgot that her husband was inside talking to Dumbledore and Scrimgeour. The kids danced too. The adults taught them.

"This is so old." Dudley yelled and laughed with Hermione.

Remus joined them too as did Narcissa. Augustus and Percy also danced. It was a nice time.

Angel Eyes came on and Lily found Severus smiling from a corner of the tent. She smiled at hime and pulled him to the dance floor. Her husband chuckled but danced with her.

"Look into his angeleyes
One look and you're hypnotized
He'll take your heart and you must pay the price
Look into his angeleyes
You'll think you're in paradise
And one day you'll find out he wears a disguise
Don't look too deep into those angeleyes
Crazy 'bout his angeleyes
He took my heart and now I pay the price
Look into his angeleyes
You'll think you're in paradise
Then one day you'll find out he wears a disguise
Don't look too deep into those angeleyes
Oh no no no no."

"You do have Angel eyes my love. So brown and pretty." Lily kissed him and Severus kissed her back.

"I have to tell you about the meeting." Severus said.

Lily frowned, don't go into details, "tell me the gist. Tonight is for fun."

"I daresay, you have had much fun already." Severus said and took her drink.

"I plan to get you drunk Severus Snape." She said, "I'll have you drunk and have my wicked way with you."

Severus smirked, "you don't need to get me drunk. You can have your dirty way with me."

Lily kissed his lips, "promises, promises."

Severus laughed a little. Lily smiled, "Tell me." They danced to another song.

"Same as always, Scrimgeour wants me to back the Ministry. Leave Hogwarts and be part of the MLE. Not bloody likely." Severus said. "Albus is being pigheaded and wants to wait more and keep Scrimgeour away but not too away."

Lily took him back to their table. "Where is he?"

"Gone, Kingsley went with him. Scrimgeour believes that he is loyal to the ministry." Severus drank from his firewhisky.

They drank and talked and danced until Severus was as drunk or "bubby" as she was.

There were less people roaming around. Hagrid and Charlie drank and laughed by another corner. Severus and Remus chuckled and drank some more. Narcissa and Remus put the girls to sleep and came back to the reception.

It was nigh already and the dancing began once more. The put up with wizarding and "new music." Until their music came once more.

Tobias and Tuney danced to The Wonder of You

"When no-one else can understand me
When everything I do is wrong
You give me hope and consolation
You give me strength to carry on
And you're always there to lend a hand
In everything I do
That's the wonder
The wonder of you
And when you smile the world is brighter
You touch my hand and I'm a king
Your kiss to me is worth a fortune
Your love for me is everything
I'll guess I'll never know the reason why
You love me like you do
That's the wonder
The wonder of you"

It was beautiful to see Tobias sing that song to her sister. The couple all danced. Severus kissed her forehead while dancing. Remus held Narcissa close to him.

"Too sappy." Sirius said and then the music became lively again. The kids also danced as did Severus and her.

Lily felt lightheaded and went back to their table. Harry and Draco discussed something or other.

She saw Severus come to her once "Crazy Little Thing Called Love." Came on.

"This thing called love, I just can't handle it
This thing called love, I must get round to it"

Severus sang and took her out to dance. She loved it when he sang to her.

"I ain't ready
Crazy little thing called love

This thing (this thing)
Called love (called love)
It cries (like a baby)
In a cradle all night
It swings (woo woo)
It jives (woo woo)
It shakes all over like a jelly fish
I kinda like it
Crazy little thing called love"

He danced and twirled her. He sang to her. It was as if it was only the two of them. And it was they were the only ones in the dance floor.

There goes my baby
She knows how to rock 'n' roll
She drives me crazy
She gives me hot and cold fever
Then she leaves me in a cool cool sweat

He whispered in her ear,

"I gotta be cool, relax, get hip
And get on my track's
Take a back seat, hitch-hike
And take a long ride on my motorbike
Until I'm ready
Crazy little thing called love"

I gotta be cool, relax, get hip
And get on my track's
Take a back seat (ah hum), hitch-hike (ah hum)
And take a long ride on my motorbike
Until I'm ready (ready Freddie)
Crazy little thing called love

She laughed when he held her close and kissed her near her ear.

"This thing called love, I just can't handle it
This thing called love, I must get round to it
I ain't ready
Ooh ooh ooh ooh

Crazy little thing called love
Crazy little thing called love, yeah, yeah
Crazy little thing called love, yeah, yeah
Crazy little thing called love, yeah, yeah
Crazy little thing called love, yeah, yeah
Crazy little thing called love, yeah, yeah
Crazy little thing called love, yeah, yeah
Crazy little thing called love, yeah, yeah
Crazy little thing called love, yeah, yeah
Crazy little thing called love, yeah, yeah"

They kissed and laughed loudly. Many strangers looked at Severus as if they were seeing him for the first time.

"Want to get out and go to our room? I feel we already gave them quite a show." The songs switched. Severus grabbed her hand and they headed for the Burrow.

They went up the stairs and ended in Ron's room. They were kissing and unbuttoning each other's clothes. "Fuck Lils, I want you to suck me first." Severus rasped before the lights came on. There in the front were Draco and Ginny. They obviously heard her husband.

"Merlin's Beard." Draco turned around as did Ginny. Lily realized that it was not Ron's room but Ginny's. The Lupin girls were all asleep on the bed. "We are leaving; we came to pick the girls. Mum is on her way too."

Severus pulled up her dress while Lily righted his hair and walked in front of him to hide his erection.

"Draco, you should head downstairs, take Lyra and Oriana. Ginny, I think can carry Callista." Lily said quickly.

Severus walked behind her with as much dignity as he could. They went upstairs and laughed. "Silencio the room. I am going to defile this room with you." Lily said, she was drunk and horny. Severus did not complain.

The next morning was a little awkward. Ginny could not look at her in the eye. Lily decided to ignore the whole thing and make a sober up potion for herself and whoever needed it. Severus woke up in the early afternoon. Harry and Hermione chatted with Ron.

Severus came into the Burrow's kitchen and drank the potion gratefully, "Thank you love."

"Hermione, Harry, have your things ready. We leave in a few." Lily told them.

"Where is dad?" Severus asked.

"They left earlier. Dudley insisted on leaving to some sort of concert with friends." Lily replied happily.

"How can you be so chirpy after yesterday?" Severus rubbed his eyes.

Lily grinned, "Well, I am younger."

Severus arched an eyebrow, "by less than a month."

"Younger nonetheless." Lily kissed his lips. Ginny gasped and left.

Lily frowned, "we may have scarred her for life."

Severus sneered, "she is fifteen and besides her parents have seven children. She knows about it."

"That is true. Either way, it has to be strange to hear your professor say he wants to get sucked. I cannot imagine Albus or Minerva in that position."

Severus frowned, "don't be disgusting Lily Snape." Severus made a face. "Don't you ever think of Minerva and sex together. Now, let's go home so that we can continue our activities." He wiggled his eyebrows.