Cauldrons and Lilies

Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

Lily paced inside the common room. She had waited for Severus the whole afternoon but he had not shown up in any of his favorite spots. She checked the library, the room of requirement, the spot by the fourth floor and the astronomy tower. He was nowhere to be found. She retreated to Gryffindor tower and waited for the marauders to show up. Maybe they had some insight. Pettigrew and Remus were with her. Peter worried and listed all the worst possible outcomes, from detention to expulsion. Potter and Black strolled in with scowls on their faces.

"What happened?" Peter asked anxiously. Remus looked tired and was sweating a little. It was close to sundown. Severus was probably in his dorm. Lily hated that he forgot about her. Once Sev was in a mood he chose alienation. She struggled to make sense of what Potter explained.

"We have to serve detention with Filch and we can't set foot outside of the castle until school ends." Sirius sat next to Peter. Potter was unequivocally quiet. Sev had to have had the same punishment from Dumbledore. Lily could not help but think about the wandless magic. There had to be an explanation for that. It had to be accidental magic.

"Did you see Severus?" She asked as she got up. She could try to look for him again.

"He's bad news Evans. Marlene already came to her senses. Do the same." Sirius grumbled.

Lily glared at them and went up to her dorm. She put on some jeans and a black sweater. She was a prefect and could roam the halls until after curfew. She was decided to see Severus and have him put her doubts at ease. She had a bad feeling about the whole fight.

She heard Black and Potter. "Snivellus will be there." Black boasted.

"I don't think it is a good idea anymore. Something could go wrong. It is done, now if we don't go he will be hurt." They hurried out of the portrait hole. She flew by Alice who asked where she was going. "I have to find Sev and those two know where he is." She motioned to Potter and Black.

She stalked them. They headed out to the one-eyed witch statute. They were too busy peaking about how they wished Peter were there. We'll just have to go the long way. This was a tunnel. She followed closely. It was hard to not speak or stumble. She placed charms around her.

"There should be an easier way to do this." Sirius walked up and to some steps. Lily waited and then she was in Honeydukes.

Lily followed them to the Shrieking Shack. "He'll be here any moment now. Remember, we open the door. Let him see Remus and then close it. We transform then. Let's change before our clothes end up in shambles like last time." They walked upstairs. Lily sat down in the armchair near an old fireplace. She saw a hooded figure approach

"What in the hell are you doing here?" Lily saw Remus shaking like a leaf. He looked pained when he saw her. She looked outside and saw the full moon. Remus glanced at the window and his eyes dilated. Severus was right, there in front of her was Remus Lupin, the werewolf.

She was petrified; Remus, gentle Remus was a werewolf. He looked pained, out of control in agony. "Lily move." Severus. It was his voice. He pushed her aside. They were trapped Severus moved to shield her effectively leaving Remus in front of their only exit.

It all happened in the blink of an eye. Remus howled, a shrill, deafening sound that chilled her bones. Severus didn't have a wand. He took hers and tried to stun Remus. It only maddened the werewolf. She saw in horror as her meek, bookish friend advanced to them. She yelled, scared for once because Severus was on the floor clutching his arm. Remus had pushed him to a wall and was getting closer to them.

Potter and Black came rushing down. Lily reeled when they became a stag and a huge black dog. She looked as the stag tried to engage Remus into leaving the house. The dog bit at skirt. Severus still looked at the werewolf and then snapped when she pushed hi away from Remus.

"We have to go Sev." She ran following Sirius, the dog. He led them through a tunnel into Hogwarts. They made it to a clearing. She breathed a little easier. She hugged Severus. "Are you ok?"

"My arm's broken Lils. Not so tight." He said painfully, she pulled away and saw his arm that looked broken in at least three places. "We have to get to the castle." He struggled to find his balance.

Lily nodded but as soon as they were on their feet they heard a rather close howl. They ran but the werewolf the dog and the stag were really close to them. She couldn't help but think that James Potter was charging against a werewolf and Sirius Black had a nasty bleed on his right leg.

They ran toward the forest because it was easier to get lost in the foliage. She was breathing heavily and was scared. Severus shot streams of light toward different directions in attempts of distracting Remus. They ran but the werewolf lost no ground. They leaned against a big tree. "We can't keep running." She was distressed. Remus was very close and soon would approach them.

Severus shook his head. "Climb the tree. I'll distract him and then I'll climb. We'll have to wait until sunrise."

She shook her head, "Sev, this is not Remus. He could kill you." Lily wanted to wake up from the nightmare now.

"Do as I tell you Lils. It will work." He kissed her forehead and nodded to the tree. Lily conjured a rope and climbed. She was at least three meters above ground when Remus finally scented Sev. The stag and the dog followed Remus closely. They tried to get his attention but the werewolf was fixated on the new scent. Severus climbed the tree quickly and the movement caught Remus's attention. Lily felt her heart stop when she saw Severus, he was almost there next to her when he lost his footing and fell to the ground. She cried out. Potter and Black ran the opposite direction and mercifully Remus followed the movement.

Lily did not know how but she was down and next to Sev. His head was bleeding profusely and his right leg was broken. "Severus, Sev, please." tears of fear and pain ran through her cheeks. She shot signals of a red light. Hagrid, the groundskeeper taught the students to emit the signals, just in case one of them ever was hurt or lost while in class or detention. Lily did not dare move him. She cried and waited. The marauders were far; there were no more howls.

Hagrid arrived in less than two minutes. "Please help me." She cried. Hagrid looked worried and carefully carried an unconscious Sev to the castle. Lily cried and walked as fast as she could. She cursed not being able to apparate.

"Don't you worry Lily, Madam Pomfrey will able to mend him in three seconds." Hagrid voiced out loud. Lily practically ran by his side. She had a nasty cut on her arm but the adrenalin prevented her from feeling any real pain. It was Sev who worried her. He had not wakened up and Remus had a go at him more than once. Could he be infected? Could he recover? Would he wake up? She pushed those thoughts out of her mind and rushed past the Great Hall to the infirmary.

There were three students with stomachaches. Hagrid's voice boomed through the infirmary and Madam Pomfrey issued order as soon as she saw Sev's broken body.

"What happened Ms. Evans?" Lily looked up to the matron. As she placed her wand above Severus, "Is he going to wake up?" Lily looked at the witch pleadingly.

The nurse nodded. She conjured a patronus. "What happened child?"

"Remus" was all she said. Madam Pomfrey's eyes rounded and she hastily went to Sev."I'll be right with you Ms. Evans. I must see to Mr. Snape first. Lily nodded and watched as the matron pulled the curtains around Severus's bed close. She wanted to protest, to tell her that she had to be by Severus's side in case he woke up. The redheaded girl trembled and realized she had a bright red cut and a tear on her arm. She waited for Madam Pomfrey, anxiously trying to hear what was happening next to her.

Twenty minutes later Madam Pomfrey came to her bed and helped her out of her sweater and dirty jeans. She had scratches on her legs and arms, as a result of running and tripping over branches. Madam Pomfrey cleaned her cuts and with her wand healed her. She looked at the nasty open wound in her forearm. She did the same; only this time she applied a salve. "Did Remus do this?"

"No, I must have tripped or something. Is Sev going to be fine?" Lily breathed deeply. "Did, did Remus bite him?"

"No. Ms. Evans you are both unscathed." Lily nodded sadly. It shocked her; she had suspected that Remus was indeed a werewolf. She was scared of the werewolf now and she was sorry for the friend. Remus lost all control. It was a beast that followed them into the forest. She had no problem dissociating the werewolf and her friend. She thought about him and it was real. Remus suffered through this every month…

Lily snapped out of her musings when the Headmaster asked her a question. "Lily, everything is fine." He said with a soothing voice. The girl seldom spoke with the headmaster. She could count the times with her right hand. Lily heard as professor Slughorn and McGonagall discussed whether they would contact her and Severus's parents.

"There can't be a discussion. This is a serious matter. Snape is in a magically induced coma. We have to let Eileen know." Their transfiguration teacher ended and left the infirmary in a second.

Dumbeldore smiled and then sat down next to her. She looked at the older man and could not control the words that stumbled out. "Remus is a werewolf. Black and Potter tried to kill Severus. They told him to go to the Shrieking Shack. I followed them. They are animagi. We almost died." Lily said, realizing how close they had been to dying.

"No one must know about Remus being a werewolf." Lily nodded, she understood, it would cause Remus to lose everything. "Rest now Lily. You may go back to your dorm. I trust you shan't say anything about tonight."

Lily nodded, "What will happen to Potter and Black?" Dumbledore patted her hand. "Do not worry Ms. Evans. They will be held accountable for what they did. It is best that you go to your dorm."

"May I stay here? I want to see Sev when he wakes up." The old man's eyes twinkled. "Sleep now child." The headmaster must have done something because she felt instantly tired and closed her eyes; her last thought was of Severus and how to convince him to not divulge any information about Remus's affliction.