Cauldrons and Lilies

Chapter 79

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Chapter 79

Severus sent the patronus and flooed immediately. Aberforth was there as was Albus.

"I do not have eyes in Hogwarts anymore. They killed Minerva this morning." Albus said with an affected face.

"He wanted to draw me in. This is the last of it. We will go in through this tunnel. I will need Remus and Sirius to seal the other tunnels."

"Lily?" Albus asked him.

"She remained back with Tobias." Severus commented.

"Wait for Kinsgley and apparate with four more fighters. Immobilize the death eaters and then open the floos to the safe houses. Make sure these close once the last of the students are out." Albus pointed out. "I fancy a stroll and a butterbeer." Albus left the pub. The alarm would sound.

Kingsley was there, Sirius and Remus flooed next. "Seal the passages." He told them.

Severus hoped that it would not be the kids next. Nymphadora, Bill Weasley, Harry, Hermione and Ron came in next.

"Hermione you stay back and wait for the signal. Harry wear your cloak."

"I can't. I left it for mum." Harry said unflinchingly.

"Good lad." Severus said with a smile.

Draco, Neville, Arthur and the twins were next. "Mum is convincing Ginny to stay back." George said.

"Gus and Percy are in Hogsmeade with the recruits from Malfoy manor." Dudley flooed.

"Go back to the safe house. It is not safe for you here." Severus ushered Dudley back.

"Kingsley, Harry, Tonks, Draco and Bill with me. We go in. Kingsley and I will lead. Sirius and Remus are in already."

"Draco you will take Kingsley and Bill to the dungeons. Round them up and bind them to the empty classroom near the potion stores." Severus looked at Harry and Tonks.

"We will take the Great Hall and start evacuations." Severus said. "You will move into the castle in five minutes.

"Take each other arms." Severus apparated them to the Great Hall.

He disarmed Umbridge, and hit Rowle. Nymphadora hit other two aurors. There was chaos. He looked at Harry and gave him the sign. They aimed the wands and the doors opened. The rest of the Order moved in.

Severus raised his wand. "The Death Eaters will soon come in. Follow Mrs. Weasley and Mr. Weasley through the hearths."

"We want to stay." A Ravenclaw said. It was Terry Boot.

"As long as you are of age." Severus said. It was all chaos from then on. The alarm sounded. There were death eaters in Hogsmeade. Severus apparated there and met with Sirius, Remus and Kingsley. "The castle is secure." He shouted.

"It has to happen in the castle. Everyone has to see it." Albus said and apparated Remus and Sirius.

Severus grabbed Kinsgley's hand and apparated to the Great Hall. "Help with the children. I want them out before the fight starts." Albus shouted.

Severus led some of the fighters to the entrances. "Salvio Hexia. Protego Maxima." He was happy when he saw Horace working alongside him.

"Some of our older students stayed. Our Slytherins too." He said. "Minerva's dead. They killed her in front of the children. The bastards." He said brokenly.

Severus felt for the witch. "We stay, we fight."

Time seemed to go very slowly and then very fast. He saw many familiar faces in line next to him. Waiting for the others. Augustus and Percy arrived too. The Ministry is in mayhem. We took over and destroyed and fought the dementors. There are so many muggleborns who want to fight. They came here." His brother said.

"Is dad?" He asked.

"They are all safe." Severus said and aimed his wand as soon as the barrier seemed to crackle. Voldemort had giants and werewolves as well. Severus had not been in the front lines last time.

The death eaters came in with everything. Severus slew many. They aimed to kill. He saw as Harry used defense hexes. "Aim to injury." He shouted fiercely. He would not have his eldest boy killed because he wished to save a life.

Severus saw as Nymphadora was trampled by werewolves. Remus fought off another three death eaters to get her out of there. It was useless. She was dead, bled out. Draco curccioed another death eater. He came face to face with Nott and used sectumsempra. Hermione pulled him out of his stupor. "Move, you have to keep fighting." She yelled.

Severus fought many death eaters who tried to kill his friends. Albus worked near him as well. None of the death eaters tried to kill them. Voldemort wanted them for himself. They all tried to aim at Harry and Draco.

He saw it in slow motion when it happened. Augustus and Percy were side by side when Rookwood aimed a green light at Augustus but Percy pushed him out of the way. The light hit Percy.

Severus aimed his wand and it was reactionary. He aimed at the man's throat. He was dead. Augustus got to Percy and howled.

"Get up, get up." Severus shouted. "You have to get up and keep fighting."

Augustus refused to move. Albus charmed him and Augustus inside the castle. Molly trailed after him.

The fight was more and more chaotic. Soon there were bodies everywhere from both sides. He saw Hermione on the floor and his blood ran cold. He ran to her and picked her up. She was breathing slowly.

"Poppet?" He said carefully.

"Severus, it hurts." She breathed slowly.

"Poppet, breathe in and think of a nice memory." He said and waved his wand over her. He placed a sleeping charm so that her nerve endings could rest.

He saw Lily and Ginny taking care of the wounded. "Go back home." He yelled at her.

Lily shook her head and hugged him and Harry. Molly wept over Percy's cold body. Severus cringed when he saw that it was not only Percy but Fred as well. Remus wept over another body and Severus feared for Draco. It was not his godson; it was Sirius.

Severus felt pain for his old enemy turned ally. Sirius had always been loyal to Lily and his children.

"We have to get back." The death eaters entered the Great Hall.

Lily drew her wand and fought beside him. Soon it was over. Voldemort arrived. He singled Albus and him. Severus fought alongside Albus. Voldemort injured Albus. "The snake."

It was beside him. It was Harry who did it. He casted a Fiendyfire curse and aimed at the animal. She was gone with a shriek from Voldemort.

Albus and Severus aimed their wands at the madman. Voldemort aimed the killing curse at him but Albus moved him aside and trained his wand once more. Severus moved and aimed once more. Voldemort aimed at Albus but Severus moved the old man this time. Bellatrix joined in but Molly made short work of Voldemort. Kingsley joined as did Remus, Draco, the rest of the Weasleys and the fighters. The other death eaters disapparated retreated and tried to run away but the muggleborns from Hogsmeade and the other students who did not leave the town or those came back. A lot of Slytherins.

Severus aimed his wand once more. No one would ever know who casted the curse maybe it was all of them but Lord Voldemort was no more.

Severus hugged Lily and Harry hard once it was over. They went to Hermione's side and helped her. Severus tried to find Augustus and almost collapsed when he saw lying next to Percy with lifeless eyes.

He closed his eyes and apparated his family back to the manor. His father rushed with a gun. He dropped it to the floor when he saw him and Augustus.

"No." his father cried onto Augustus and held him. Severus hugged him. Petunia came close to the body and sobbed, big heaving sobs.

Severus was numb from all of it. Lily took him to bed. The next few days were a blur. His father held it together for most of the time. Tuney and Dudley helped him and tried to put him back together. Molly and Arthur were destroyed. They held the funerals together.

The press hounded them. Kingsley became interim Minister of Magic. Albus went back to Hogwarts. He buried Minerva and located all the muggleborns and their families. He opened sessions for the summer. The children went back to Hogwarts for the summer.

Severus and Lily went back to Manchester as did his father and his family. Severus checked on his father every day. Little Tobias grew up a lot. Severus refused to go back to Hogwarts to teach or do anything.

He explained that he was ready to enjoy the rest of his life.