Cauldrons and Lilies

Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

Marlene was a nice girl. She was intelligent, vivacious and sweet. Severus finally remembered who she was after the first two weeks in her company. Marlene had died in a death eater attack. Travers killed her after he raped her. Severus was kinder to her after he remembered that. Lily liked Marlene and they were always talking or doing something or other or so Severus thought. He did not mind the girl and since Lils did not say anything he endured some of Marlene's silly attitudes. The girl was pushy but he was a bit glad she was there. Marlene for all her pushiness and silliness was a nice girl and served as a filter between Lily and him. Their relationship was growing into something he had no control of. There were kisses and touches that should not have happened. Severus struggled every day to not give in and snog Lily into oblivion. His resolved weakened until Marlene became their friend.

The ravenclaw girl was everywhere they were. She reined Severus in, reminded him that Lily was not meant to be his. She was supposed to fall in love with James fucking Potter and give birth to Harry. Alice Longbottom would give birth to Neville Longbottom and the prophecy would come to pass but this time it would not be him delivering it. Severus had finally managed to stay away from her prospective death eater friends. Once again he was the target of older Slytherin. He endured it and was able to subtly protect himself. Magnolia and Narcissa helped. He stayed low and only interacted with her three female friends.

He studied for his O.W.L's the practice was not a problem but the theory and the questions were. It had been a long time since he was a student. He studied with Lily and Marlene at least fours days per week. He slipped with Lily once again on her birthday. He could not help but kiss her. He swore that it would be the last time he kissed her. He promised that he would not do it again. The next morning he behaved as if nothing happened. He hated to see the confused look Lils gave him but it was better, in the end it was better for her. Potter was still a toerag. They would never be on friendly terms but at least they all were busy with their O.W.L's to really care about fights.

Severus received letters from her mum every week. She was happy and well. Tobias landed a job as an accountant at a law firm. He was done with his studies and was getting the experience he needed. He was fixing the house and they had a surprise of him when term ended. He could not care any less.

He was on his way to the library. Lily and Marlene had herbology or something. He did not expect to see Marlene that afternoon. She was at their table already studying. He nodded and they studied. She was quiet for most of an hour. Her silence disquieted him. Marlene was chatty, a little too chatty for his tastes. The girl reminded him of a mixture between Granger and strangely enough Lovegood. "What is it Marlene?

"Nothing" she replied startled.

He frowned, "you have stared at the same page for fifteen minutes."

"I want to ask you something." She batted her eyelashes.

"Well, go on."

"Not here." He never knew this girl could be so strong, in one yank he was by her side. They walked out of the library.

He recognized an old classroom in the eighth floor. She pulled him inside.

"Severus, I want us to be a couple." The boy did not have time to react. Suddenly she was kissing him, pulling him to a chair. He pulled her away.

She looked confused, this pretty slip of a girl was not used to being rejected. "We are friends Marlene."

Her mismatched eyes glowed with happiness. "I want us to be more than friends." She kissed him again. The ravenclaw was skilled. His bloody hormones betrayed him for five seconds. Lils' sad face swam in front of him. He pushed her back.

"Marlene, this is not right." He said hastily and managed to stand up.

"Do you have a girlfriend? Is it Black, Evans perhaps?"

"No." He said alarmed at the notion that Narcissa were considered anything but her friend. "They are my friends. Cissy is like my bloody sister."

"I'm glad to hear that." She smiled and hugged him. "I'll meet you tomorrow after the DADA exams. I'm so happy. I have to tell Mary. She'll never believe me." Marlene kissed him once more and left the room.

"Marlene wait." Severus reeled. He went after her, she couldn't possibly believe that they were anything but friends. Severus ran after her. In his experience teenage girls were dangerous. She would of course tell Lily about this.

He stopped immediately, his heart constricted. This was it, the solution. Lily would see him as attached. He could not deny the growing relationship he and Lily shared. Their friendship was stronger than ever. Their kisses confused him. She was not supposed to kiss him. It had to stop. He lost sight of Marlene and went back to the library. It could work. He had purposely not brought any of their kisses up. They were friends and Lily did not love him. They were friends and would remain friends. He tried to rationalize his actions but he felt that seed of betrayal. Severus once again felt like he had failed Lily.

The fifth years woke up early. Their exams started as soon as 8:00 AM. He glanced at the gryffindor table and found Lupin reading. Black and Potter were busily writing while the rat squirmed. No sight of Lils. He avoided the ravenclaw table. He ate quickly and went directly to the library.

Their examinations were grueling. Severus welcomed the distraction. He barely slept the night before. The practical took place the best part of the morning. By lunchtime he had a sandwich and went back to the Great Hall to take his written DADA exam. He focused on the questions and reviewed his writings as much as possible. He gave his parchment only when his back ached and the proctor glared at him.

He walked out of the castle and remembered the date. It was today, the Marauders were ahead of him muttering and laughing. He almost went back inside but it was too late. Potter already disarmed him.

Severus felt an old rage well inside of him. For years, this few minutes haunted him. He glared at Potter, "son of a." He repeated the words. He has reviewed this memory so many times. He could practically judge how bright the sun shone.

He was ready for the attack and did not think about it. He counter cursed him. It was that smug James Potter with pink bubble froth at his mouth. The young slytherin smirked.

Several students laughed at Potter's attempts to curse him back. Black tried to attack him. Severus wanted nothing more than to curse the mutt to oblivion but could not. It was enough that he attacked Potter wandlessly. He did not need Dumbledore or anyone else to know about his abilities. He crawled away from a hex and ducked to get his wand. Potter still frothed at the mouth but joined Black. He avoided the hexes while trying to remiain calm. He heard Lupin trying to make his friends stop. "Stop, Padfoot, Prongs. That's enough." He yelled from the sides but did not intervene physically.

He could see Lily approaching. "Stop it." She yelled. He was distracted because in her haste to make them stop she tried to join in the fight. A stinging hex hit his back. He hissed and retaliated with one of his own. Lupin was spineless but had the sense to hold Lils back.

"Let go of me Remus. They are going to hurt each other."

"Stop now." She said angrily.

"I will if you go out with me Evans." James said finally able to speak without frothing.

Lily frowned and tried to escape from her restrains. Severus rejoiced with her answer. He should not have. Potter would have to eventually woo Lily. He recovered from his hex and was back to hitting Black and Potter. They fought until McGonagall arrived with Marlene in tow.

"Stop now." The woman said running to the thick of things. The three boys did not stop; in any case Severus wanted to hit the marauders even more. He knew Minerva would side with her cubs.

"I WILL NOT REPEAT MYSELF." She roared. Severus had no plans to stop any time soon.

Minerva took matters into her own hands and immobilized them all. "Detention. Potter, Black, Snape and Evans." Lily had kicked Remus hard on the knee.

"I will not expect this behavior from a prefect." Lily did not look properly chastised.

Severus caught her eye and she smiled tightly. She used those smiles to fool people into thinking she was fine. He could not go and ask her what was the matter because Marlene launched herself at him. "Are you fine Sev? What hurts?" She hugged him hard. He looked at Lily who no longer held his gaze. His best friend hurried inside the castle with Alice who asked her if she was fine.