Cauldrons and Lilies

Chapter 38

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Chapter 38

The Ancient House of Black had the most interesting library in the wizarding world. The Blacks, Potters, and Princes were the oldest wizarding houses in England. As the last male scion of such house Sirius Black had unlimited access to its libraries and riches. Walburga Black disinherited him but Orion did not. Orion Black had a softer heart and believed his son would have a change of heart. Sirius never did. Severus and Dumbledore found the book they were looking for. Black had been annoyed when Albus told him to wait in Hogsmeade while Severus and him conducted their own affairs.

"The Noblest Wizarding Houses." Severus read when they reached the Headmaster's office. Albus instructed him to find any clues to rings or anything related to Tom Riddle.

Severus leafed through the pages and found information about the Longbottoms, Prewetts, Princes, Malfoys, Flints, Weasleys, and other pureblood houses. He was about to give up when he found something that caught his eye. Marvolo Gaunt; he remembered that name. "Headmaster, what was Tom Riddle's middle name?"

"Marvolo." Albus replied. Severus showed him the book. In its pages there was a brief description of the house and where the Gaunts hailed. They listed a small village in the countryside. Albus and him apparated to said village. No one could tell them anything about the Gaunts. No one knew about them. They found the abandoned Riddle House. They inspected the house for remaining traces of magic without any success. Many of the villagers blamed a muggle, Frank Bryce for the deaths but according to witnesses the deaths fit the killing curse.

"Someone must have been charged with the murders." Albus mused and did one last search of the house.

It was getting darker. "We'll apparate to Hogsmeade. It is best if you and Sirius retrieve Narcissa and Lily from the Burrow. I will begin my inquiries in the ministry. I suspect we will have answers soon." Severus nodded and felt easier. They destroyed the locket and the diary. They had a lead on the ring. Severus thought hard about the cup and maybe the diadem of Ravenclaw. Those two were as elusive as in the beginning. Severus however felt lighter. There were no raids. Lily and Narcissa were safe and there was no indication that something would happen. This was the peaceful period.

"Yes, headmaster." Severus appparated first and retrieved Black from the Three Broomsticks.

"I will meet you near the Burrow." Severus told Black and apparated near the Burrow.

Black was in a foul mood. "What did Dumbledore want to speak with you about?"

"I can't tell you. It's confidential." He replied with disdain.

They worked to undo the wards and were soon inside. Lily kissed him. He looked at her and felt truly happy to see her beautiful green eyes and her pregnant belly. Severus hugged her and told her what he could. He would tell her everything about the horrcruxes once they were destroyed. It was best if she knew as little as possible. He had to keep her safe.

The young man enjoyed the evening. He talked with his father and spent time with friends. He considered Arthur and Molly as friends. Never would he think they would be so welcoming. They were amazing people. He laughed and spent a great time. He could tell Narcissa was adapting her new environment. Her friend would thrive. He was blessed, to have Lily by his side; she was the glue that kept him together. Severus kissed her hand.

"Go see your brother. He misses you so." Tobias whispered.

Severus nodded and went upstairs to see his baby brother. Gus shared a room with Percy. Bill and Charlie were next door while Fred and George slept in the nursery. Ron's crib would soon be in the nursery as well or so Molly told him over dinner.

Gus was fast asleep. His brother looked more and more like him or so his father told him. Harry would look like Gus and him or would he look like Lily? Severus kissed Gus goodnight and left the room.

Severus held Lily all night long. They woke up with the news of Neville Longbottom's birth. Harry Potter had been born the following day, early in the afternoon. He remembered that well.

July 31st. He decided to not even go to the basement that day. Black, Remus and him were with Narcissa and Lily most of the morning and afternoon. If Lily thought his behavior was strange she didn't say anything. Narcissa gave him a strange look but then shrugged his behavior off.

They were cooking dinner. Narcissa and Sirius were in the living room with Draco. Remus was in his room napping. Lily gasped and then said, "My water broke." Severus turned to her and experienced gripping fear.

"What time is it?" He asked while holding her.

Lily frowned, "8:00, 8:30. I don't know." She replied and vanished the liquid from the floor and her body.

"Do you feel any pain?" He asked carefully.

"No." Lily smiled a little when Harry kicked her.

"We have time then." Severus said hopefully.

"It's July 31st. As the seventh month dies." She hissed and clutched her belly.

He helped her. "Let's get you upstairs." Severus held her as she hissed. They had to stop at the foot of the stairs.

"Black, get Madame Pomfrey." The man saw Lil's face and immediately stepped out of the house. Narcissa was by his side. "How far are they?" Cissy asked Lils.

"I don't know." She yelped.

They made it to their bedroom. "Let's get you settled. Severus saw as Narcissa helped Lily undress. "Sev, find water and towels. Madame Pomfrey will ask you to do so as well."

"Lily, tell me the next time you feel pain. It is best if you breathe through it." Cissy said carefully.

Severus went to get towels and filled some buckets with water. He heard Draco cry. Remus left his room and yawned, "Lily's having the baby. Go and watch Draco. Cissy is busy." He heard Lily cry.

He entered to see Narcissa helping Lily walk. "It helps with the pain and the baby." Cissy was a better breathing couch that he ever could be. Severus glanced at the clock it was 10:30. Lily and Narcissa breathed. He massaged her back and helped her whenever he could.

"You're terrified." She smiled at him.

Severus nodded, "Don't be. It will be fine." She replied.

"You're wonderful. Bloody wonderful you know that." He kissed her forehead. "Put the cold rag on her forehead." Narcissa said.

"Where is the mediwitch?" her friend asked him.

"Black should have been back hours ago." Severus growled.

Remus knocked on the door. Severus went to meet him. "Madame Pomfrey will not be here." Remus held Draco to his chest.

"Pardon me." Severus hissed when he saw Sirius pacing.

"She's away from Hogwarts. Personal business McGonagall said. I asked to speak with the Headmaster but he is away on ministry duties. I tried to find other mediwizards but no one would come with me." Black looked as worried as he felt.

"Don't go. Keep the wards safe. We'll floo to St. Mungos." Severus replied. He didn't want anyone to bear witness to Harry's birth. It would be easier to attack Lil's and the baby in a public hospital.

He entered the room and found Narcissa and Lily breathing through a painful contraction.

"We have to get you to St. Mungos." Severus said as he tried to prepare a bag for her and Harry.

"No." Narcissa and Lily said in unison.

"Yes, Madame Pomfrey will not be here. Sirius couldn't reach her." Severus looked at his Lily.

"Love, the baby will not wait." She breathed and looked at Narcissa.

"You can deliver it. Cissy you can, I know you can. Please." She cried a little when another contraction hit.

"Yes. Don't worry Lily. Severus, get out." Narcissa said authoritatively.

"No, I'm staying." Severus tried to move closer.

"You're making her nervous. You're not helping. Get out now." Her friend hissed.

Lily looked at him and nodded, "I love you Sev but maybe you could wait outside." He nodded and kissed her.

"Are you sure? I can be here. I'll be absolutely quiet. I won't say a word. I swear. I will hold your hair and your hand." He said honestly.

"Can he stay? He will be quiet." Lily begged.

"Fine but not a word out of you." Narcissa said and made Lily open her legs.

"Not yet Lily. Breath through every contraction; don't fight them Lily." For the next half an hour Lily labored. Severus held her and fed her ice chips out of the water he brought.

"You're ready Lily. I can see the baby's head. You have to give a big push. You will know when." Narcissa said calmly.

Severus watched as his Lily pushed. She cried a little and then pushed again. The room filled with cries of baby. Narcissa smiled and cried. Harry Severus Snape was born July 31st at 11:50 PM. He was a wizard and his birth was recorded in the ministry annals.

"He's beautiful. Lily you did really well." She pointed her wand at the baby and he was cleaned of all the blood. Narcissa wrapped him with a blue blanket and gave him to Lily. His son cried angrily until Lily placed him on her chest.

Severus had a lump in his throat. Lily knew what to do immediately. She kissed Harry on his forehead. "Hi Harry." She smiled at him. Severus looked at his son for the first time. He could hear Narcissa telling Lily to push the afterbirth. Lily must have done so because she sat up a little.

Narcissa waved her wand and the bed and everything was magically clean. Severus kept looking at his son. He had black hair; he looked like Gus when he was baby.

"Harry looks just like you Sev." Lily cooed at their son.

"He does. He looks like me." Severus laughed a little. Harry opened his eyes a little. "He will have your eyes." His son had blue eyes that would develop into emerald green with time.

"He will." She smiled and rocked their baby.

Narcissa fussed around them and checked the baby. "Thank you so much Narcissa." Lily said with a kind smile. Severus kissed his friend. "You'll be godmother." She laughed.

"How come you know so much about babies and giving birth?" Lily asked when Narcissa instructed her to try and breastfeed Harry.

Narcissa smiled, "I always wanted to be a mother. I had a number of miscarriages Lily, I know my way around the birthing chamber. Madame Pomfrey should see you in case. I will go and get the potions to make you feel better and lessen the pain."

Lily nodded with some tears in her eyes. "Thank you so much Narcissa."

The witch nodded and left the room.

Severus kissed Lily once more. "I'm very happy Lily. You were so brave." Severus touched Harry's cheek as he suckled on his mother's breast.

"July 31st." She said with glinting eyes. He nodded, "You've made me the happiest man alive Lils."

"I love you Severus." She kissed him. He kissed her back and laughed. It didn't matter what day it was. Harry was here and he was alive. Lily was well. She looked beautiful with her sweaty face and her dancing eyes.

There were people knocking on the door. "Come in." Lily said.

Remus and Sirius entered the room. They smiled when they saw Lily cradling little Harry. Severus helped her adjust her gown. Remus laughed and hugged him.

"Congratulations mate." Severus laughed as well. Remus clapped him on the back.

"You're a dad." Sirius said shaking his head. "And you're a mum." Sirius laughed as well. Sirius kissed Lily and then shook his hand.

"Congratulations Snape." Severus shook his hand and laughed.

Narcissa came back with the right potions. Remus smiled and looked at the baby. "So, who is his little guy?"

"Harry Severus Snape." Lily said happily.

"Hi." Remus and Sirius came close to see the baby.

"He's beautiful Lily." Sirius smiled genuinely.

"Thank you Sirius." She beamed and cooed at their son. "I want to take pictures. Sev, I promised Tobias we would send pictures as soon as Harry arrived. You have to go tell him."

"We'll keep her safe." Sirius said.

"I'll get the camera." Remus left the room. Lily placed Harry on his arms. Severus stiffened. "Lily, I'll drop him." He was scared.

Harry squirmed and then nuzzled his chest. "He recognizes your voice." Lily said.

Severus could have cried. He was bursting with happiness. "He's perfect Lily. Absolutely brilliant."

Remus came back and took a few shots of them. "You'll be godfather Remus." Severus couldn't keep the grin off his face.

Lily laughed and drank her potions. "She and Harry need their rest." Narcissa shooed them out of the room. "Go tell your dad."

Severus kissed her and then ran out of the room. He had the few pictures Remus took. He duplicated them and left for the door. "Keep them safe." He called as he undid the wards. He could see Remus and Sirius raising them once more.

He apparated close to the Burrow and in his excitement did not ask for permission to enter. Severus was held back when Arthur pointed a wand at his neck.

"It's me Severus." He grinned.

"Bloody Merlin Severus I could have hexed you." Arthur followed him into the house.

Molly had her wand trained at the door and his dad pointed a gun at him. "What happened?" His dad lowered the gun and Molly lowered her wand.

Severus ran to his dad and hugged him. "I have a son."

Tobias laughed and kissed his cheek. "Congratulations son."

Severus searched his pockets and found the pictures. "Look at him. His name is Harry Severus. I couldn't convince Lils to change his name. He's perfect."

Tobias laughed at the moving pictures. "He looks just like you when you were born. Only he'll have Lily's eyes."

"Yes, he has her eyes." Severus showed Molly and Arthur. They grinned. "Oh, he's beautiful Severus."

"Congratulations Severus." Arthur clapped his back.

"When was he born?" Tobias asked while looking at the pictures.

"July 31st, 11:50 PM." Severus hugged his dad. "I have to go. I left Lils with Remus and Cissy. They'll be godparents."

Severus heard his dad mutter, "As the seventh month dies." He didn't care. He apparated away with a smile on his face.

He entered his house once more and ran up to his room. He wouldn't ever be away from Lily and their son.

Lily was asleep. Harry was on his little crib. He was asleep too. Severus moved the crib right next to Lily. She sighed and turned. "Those potions are wonderful." She kissed his neck.

"I love you Lily." He kissed her forehead. Severus slept peacefully until Harry woke them up two hours later.

Severus woke up and rocked Harry. He suckled on Lily's breast and then went to sleep once more.