Cauldrons and Lilies

Chapter 52

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Chapter 52

Harry grew up more and more. Lily and him were busy and happy. Lily loved her mediwitch job while Severus advanced research on different topics. Severus enjoyed the quiet hours when it was him and Lily. He pressed a kiss on her forehead. The day had come. He could not sleep anymore. Neither could Lily it seemed.

"Can you believe that our baby is going to Hogwarts today?" Lily sighed and burrowed closer to him. He could believe it. Albus and him had visited the chamber of secrets. Well, they tried. There was no one who could open the bloody chamber itself. Dumbledore did not seem to care that they could not open it.

"Who will you post as Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher?" Severus asked over tea.

"Quirinus Quirrell." The headmaster replied.

"Voldemort has inhabited him. He will come back from Albania." Severus stated.

"What do you propose?" The older man asked. Severus hated the calmness he exuded.

"He will be looking for the philosopher's stone." Severus prodded. It was crucial that they were prepared but Dumbledore looked as if it was not a matter of priority.

"The stone is rumored to be at Hogwarts. We have made all precautions. The stone was removed and sent to Nicholas earlier today." Albus continued.

"Who made the arrangements?" Severus asked in a quiet voice.

"I did. No one but you and me knows about this Severus." Albus finished.

Severus wanted to be at Hogwarts when it happened but it was impossible. Slughorn still taught at Hogwarts. "I cannot let this man around my son."

"This time is different. He is not targeting your child. He is not after Harry. He will be after you." Albus stated with finality. "It is best if Quirrell is close. We have to keep an eye on him. There is no safer place than Hogwarts."

He did not tell Lily about Quirrell. She did not need to be worried. That other lifetime was his burden to keep. Those experiences were his to torment him. Lily could sense there was something that worried him. He tried to tell her more about that other time but it always distressed Lily. Severus preferred to not overtly worry her but Lily could tell he was stressed.

"He will be fine." She kissed his chest and stood up from bed.

Harry bounced with energy that whole morning. He jumped up and down until they apparated to the train station.

Lily hugged and kissed Molly. Arthur was at work it seemed. Ginny cried a bit. She wanted to go to Hogwarts too.

Severus was surprised to see Alice with Neville. "Oh Alice. Have you come to stay?"

Alice avoided the question, "Neville will go to Hogwarts. We must do tea." She said quickly.

"We will." Lily hugged her some more. A heavily pregnant Narcissa held Lyra by the hand. Remus held Callista. "Uncle Sev." The child cried and ran to him. Severus picked her up. Remus gave his young daughter to his wife.

Remus helped Draco with his rucksack. "Get moving Draco. Ron is inside. We need to find a compartment." His godson looked happy and barely paid attention to his father. Severus saw his father, Dudley and Petunia. Dudley looked at the train longingly. He was very surprised by Tuney's words, "Your friends will come back for Christmas. We will have dinner in the Burrow. You know what I think your uncle Severus would even let Harry show you some magic." She said in a whisper.

Dudley smiled and then spoke to Harry who smiled back. It was time. Augustus rounded Draco, Fred and George. Ron was in the compartment already. "Bye dad, Tuney, Dudley and Sev." He yelled and ushered the other kids.

Lily and him kissed Harry goodbye. Severus hugged Harry. "Write."

The train left. Lily offered to apparate dad, Tuney and Dudley.

Dad refused, "I brought the car. We have to get Dudley some school supplies too. We'll get some ice cream." He winked at his step son. Petunia gave him a small peck on the lips.

Severus nodded. It must be hard for Petunia but harder for Dudley. Ron, Draco and especially Harry were his closest friends. They all had magic. Dudley spent all his time with them and although they young boy did not seem to have a jealous streak it was painful to not belong. Tuney knew that too. She tried to not compensate too much but ice cream on such a day seemed to have very good merits.

They walked out the station and apparated near an alley. They were home in a blink. Lily grinned "I have a surprise at home for you."

Severus was pleasantly distracted all evening. Lily was asleep on his chest when the owl arrived. Severus stood up to pick it up. He was anxious to know where his boy had been placed.

"Harry has been sorted." Severus whispered. Lily sat up and read next to him.

"Dear mum and dad,

I rode the boat. Ron and I saw the Giant squid. Neville's frog, Trevor fell in the lake. A man named Hagrid said to say hi to mum and you. He invited me and Neville to tea. I'm taking Ron and Draco too. I like him, he was nice to me and Neville. He said he knew you and mum and the Marauders when they were at Hogwarts. Professor McGonagall was scary as you said dad. As you know Neville went first. He's in Gryffindor. He seemed happy to be there. He is a little shy. Draco went next. He's in Slytherin just like Gus. I went next. I know you must be dying to know. Well, I am in Gryffindor. I hope that is not disappointing dad. Mum and I are in the same house. Ron is here too. I think Draco was a bit upset to be in Slytherin but I saw him talking to Gus. Ron and I can always meet Draco in the library. They all asked about dad and You Know Who. I told them that I don't remember anything. The castle is wicked. I share with Ron, Neville and two other boys. Seamus Finnigan and Dean Thomas. Dean is muggle born. He's a West Ham fan. Ron and I told him we like Manchester United. Ron had an argument with him about quidditch being a better sport. I like both but I have to agree with Ron. I will write soon.



Severus re read the letter a couple of times while Lily laughed and danced around the room. "He's a Gryffindor just like me!" Severus smiled briefly and rolled his eyes.

"I am rather surprised that Draco is in Slytherin." Severus switched the topic. He would not admit defeat to his wife. Harry in Gryffindor left a bittersweet aftertaste in his mouth. He had wondered from the moment his son was born whether he would be like the other Harry. Often times Severus found himself comparing the two children. The other Harry had indeed been James' doppelgänger but he'd been Lily's child. His son had Lily's kindness through and through. He hated to think that the other Harry had not been very different from his Harry.

Lily came back to bed. "Why do you say that?"

Severus arched an eyebrow. "He was raised by Remus and the mutt. He has been told tales of bravery and chivalry all his young life. Narcissa does not care to discipline her children. Remus is the epitome Gryffindor. I would have thought Draco would be in your old house."

Lily smiled, "He is a Malfoy. They have all been in Slytherin."

Severus turned to her, "means nothing. All Blacks were in Slytherin but for the mutt."

His wife sighed, "are you worried for him?" She said carefully. Even after years of friendship and marriage the sorting was a touchy subject for them.

Severus shook his head, "Draco belongs in Slytherin. He is Lucius' son too after all."

Lily smiled, "Neville is in Gryffindor too. I will owl Alice and ask her for tea soon. I wonder why she did not tell me Neville was coming to Hogwarts. She acted a bit strange in the platform." Severus did not want to break Lily's heart but the truth of the matter was that Alice did not feel comfortable in England. He doubted that she would be living in the United Kingdom. His guess was that Neville would board at Hogwarts but live in Germany with his mum. He remained quiet.

Lily penned two letters that night. One to Molly and the other to Narcissa. Lily spent about fifteen minutes chatting with Petunia on the phone.

"He is in Gryffindor like me, Remus and Sirius." She said happily.

"Draco is in Slytherin. I'm sure Gus will take care of him." Lily laughed.

Petunia and dad had been over the moon when Augustus' letter came with the badge. Tuney baked a cake and bought him some music records that he wanted. Percy was a prefect for Gryffindor. Molly and Arthur bought him a new owl and some books he wanted.

He woke up early the following day and kissed Lily good morning. She had a late shift that day and did not need to wake up until later. He headed over to St Mungos. It was the first Monday of the month and he needed to give him his findings and progress notes on his research. They wanted him to retake the puffskein allergy research. Severus had no intention of furthering that boring topic. He wanted to work on the imperius curse but needed the permission from the ministry. His wand was checked every time he entered the hospital. The board had claimed that it was to assure that he was complying with appointed assignments. Severus disagreed with the policies and would discuss them today.

The potion master grew very irritated through the meeting. "Master Snape, we have been very accommodating with you. Your hours are exceptional. No other witch or wizard has the perks you enjoy." An older wizard stated.

Severus did not miss a beat. "No other witch or wizard has shown a tenth of the progress I have."

The wizards scowled, some scoffed. The older wizard cleared his throat. "Master Snape, we would like you to advance your work on puffskein allergies."

The young potion master interrupted the wizard. "I will not. It's boring and any qualified entry level researcher or doctor could advance my findings."

A younger man addressed him. Severus thought he remembered him from Hogwarts. The man had been two years ahead of him in Ravenclaw or maybe Gryffindor. "They are your findings. We thought it would be more effective and less time consuming affair if you continued your own research."

Severus did not want to waste more time. "I have no intention of wasting my time in that area. The board wishes to profit from a new allergy potion. There is no need for a potion as such when there are soothers and spells. You only wish to market a potion and distribute it for profit."

Some of the men scoffed and others murmured. "Master Snape, you are contracted with this institution. It is your duty to comply with our assignments and regulations." The head of the board said calmly as if explaining a young child why he could not go outside and play."

Severus pinched the bride of his nose and stood up. "I formally submit my resignation as head of the research department. You will have a proper document by the end of the day." The men looked at him with surprised eyes.

"Let's not be hasty." A man said quickly. Severus decided at that moment that he did not wish to work for St Mungos anymore. It was time for change. He was tired of their polite but nonsensical recommendations. He had to be fair and recognize that the board was lenient with him but he did not want to see these people any longer.

"Good day to you." He left the premises. Severus felt at ease. He could continue his research if he so desired. His contract indicated that he would retain his work documents and materials. He could venture into the muggle world and study something else. Severus decided to visit Remus. The Mutt was in Brasilia and due to come back the following week. He felt the need to advance the lycanthropy research once again.