Cauldrons and Lilies

Chapter 50

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Chapter 50

Lily was very confused. She thought Sirius would be perfect for Tuney. Her sister however did not want a relationship with her friend. It had been almost half a year since they slept together for the first time.

They had a girl night in. Molly cooked for them. They were at the Burrow. All the kids were aslept. Remus, Sirius and Severus were running. It was a full moon that night. Arthur was on raids at the ministry. It was the perfect night to gossip.

Lily and Cissy made sure they had these nights at least once a month. Tuney was uncomfortable at first but Molly could befriend a cactus. Soon her sister loosened up.

"I like having sex with him but I don't care to have a relationship with the man. Sirius feels the same way about all of this too. He is not father or husband material for that matter." Tuney said carefully.

Cissy agreed, "My cousin cares for you very much. He cares for Dudley too."

"I know that Narcissa. I don't want to be married to him. Dudley and I are perfectly fine right now. He can be fun uncle Sirius like he is for Draco and Harry but he will not be Dudley's dad. That is final. In fact, we agreed to not deepen whatever we were. It was fun. He's a great person but we are too different."

Lily felt apprehensive, "is this because he is a wizard?"

"Not at all Lily." Tuney replied. "Sirius is a child. The last thing that I want to do is be a mother to a person I am having sex with."

Molly laughed and agreed, "hear, hear." She raised her wine glass.

Lily held her sister's hand, "as long as you are happy Tuney."

They chatted about everything. Mostly kids and work. Well, Lily and Tuney spoke of work. Cissy and Molly chatted about the kids' schoolwork.

"How are things going with you Narcissa? Are you trying for another baby?" Lily asked politely.

She shook her head, "Remus wants Draco to be in school before we have another one. He fought me tooth and nail. I wanted another one now but we compromised. What about you Lily?"

Lily shook her head, "It has not happened. We haven't been careful for a few years now. I don't think I can have any more."

Molly looked concerned, "Lily, have you seen a doctor?"

Lily nodded, "all is fine. Don't look so sad. Harry is enough for us. I wanted to have another but it is not meant to be."

Petunia nodded, "I would not have another one. Even if I remarried. I was miserable while carrying Dudley."

Lily laughed. "Don't miss having to pee all the time." The women laughed some more.

Tuney asked Lily to drop her off at her home. Dudley and Harry would stay at the Burrow. It was Percy's birthday the following day and Arthur had invited all the kids to go camping. Sirius and Severus were to go as well.

"Lily would you care for some tea?" Her sister asked.

"Sure." The witch replied and sat down comfortably.

The kettle was on and soon she was having some tea with her sister.

"I have to tell you something." Tuney said with a nervous smile.

"What is it?" She asked intrigued. Tuney looked out of sorts.

"I have feelings for someone close to you." She said

"I knew you were lying about Sirius." Lily said triumphantly.

Tuney shook her head and looked pale. "He doesn't know and I would never act on it. Never. Oh Lily. It is so wrong. He would never look at me that way."

Lily felt fear; her sister was in love with her husband. She wanted to cry. "Tuney please don't say it."

"I think I am in love with him." Tuney cried.

Lily cried too. "Please Tuney, please."

Tuney put her hands on her face. "I am in love with Mr. Snape."

Lily blinked once and then again. "Oh Tuney." She felt relief.

"How can that be?" She asked and hugged her sister.

"He's kind. He's handsome in his own way. He helps me so much with Dudley and he has a wicked sense of humor. Lily, his voice makes me tremble sometimes." Tuney said crying.

"Tuney, is this in any way about Sev?" She had to ask.

Tuney made a face. "Of course not. That is disgusing Lily. You think I have feelings for Severus? Never, besides he is besotted with you. We are family."

Lily nodded, "you do have to admit that Severus resembles his father."

Tuney rolled her eyes. "I care for Mr. Snape for more than that. We have things in common. He is nice to me. He thinks I'm clever and pretty. He told me so. I think he was jealous when I went out with Sirius. He said that I was too pretty for the likes of him."

Lily hugged her once more. "What do you want to do?"

"Be with him. I want to marry him. I want to live with him and raise Augustus and Dudley together. Could you help me?"

Lily was caught off guard. "What do you need?"

Tuney wiped her tears, "I need you to help me look pretty."

"You are very pretty." Lily said honestly.

Tuney cried some more. "then why is he not doing anything yet? He looks at me the way Sirius looks at me. He desires me. I can feel it."

Lily thought it was strange to think of her father in law in that sense. "Have you said anything?"

"Of course not. I would never." Tuney said.

"Maybe you should." Lily said and then grinned, "You two will be alone this weekend. You could drop by tomorrow. Make up some excuse and go from there."

Tuney shook her head, "I could never."

Lily frowned, "do you want him?"

Tuney blushed, "yes."

"Well, you have to do something." Lily said and grabbed her sister's hands. "the worst that can happens is that he refuses."

"I don't think I could live with that." Tuney said.

Lily said something dangerous. "You call me of that happens. I will go to you and erase your memories and his." It was a lie. She could never do it but she needed to give Tuney some courage.

Tuney nodded, "very well."

Lily left that house and went to hers. She felt Severus slip in next to her. "I thought you were going straight to the Burrow." She whispered when he moved his hand inside her shirt.

"No, I opted out. Claimed research deadlines." He kissed her shoulder. Lily woke up a little. She turned and looked at him seriously.

"I have to tell you something. You have to promise that you will not be cross." She said quickly. Lily had to tell Sev. She told him everything.

"Fire away." He said sleepily.

"Tuney is in love with your dad." She rushed out.

Severus laughed. "You cannot be serious." He said between bouts of laughter.

Lily sat up and frowned, "I am. It isn't funny Sev."

Severus sobered up. He stood up and frowned. "What? How? Why? I thought she was sleeping with the mutt. The mutt said she was a great shag."

Lily frowned. "He's a swine."

"So, she was sleeping with him." Severus said.

"She was but that was to make your father jealous." Lily said reasonably.

"That makes no fucking sense." Severus replied.

Lily sighed, "She's in love with him."

Severus looked at her, "Dad is not in love with Tuney. That is preposterous."

Lily looked at her husband, "what if he is?"

He shook his head, "my father is still in love with my mother. He speaks of her everyday to Gus."

Lily nodded, "of course he loves your mother. He speaks of her to Gus because she was his mother. He wants your brother to remember her."

"It cannot be." Severus stated.

"Your father deserves to be happy. Augustus needs a mother too." Lily finally said.

Severus frowned, "Gus has you and Molly."

Lily nodded, "Tuney has been more of a mother to him than Molly and I could ever be. You have seen her. She cooks for him, cares for him. Gus is in awe of her."

"Dad does not love her." Severus finished. "What will happen to Tuney when he rejects her?"

Lily soothed her husband, "I said I would obliviate her and Mr. Snape."

"You would never." Severus arched an eyebrow. "But I could."

"We will not have to wait long. Tuney will make her move this weekend." Lily said.

Severus nodded, "this will not end well Lils."

Lily held her husband. Severus was on edge all weekend. He picked Harry from the Burrow and distracted himself. He played with Harry all day until they were both exhausted.

She waited anxiously for Tuney's call but it never came. Severus did not concern himself any longer. "She never told him. She realized the error of her ways." There was never a doubt in his mind.

She was not surprised when Tuney paid her a visit Monday morning. She looked happy. "I did it." She said. "I spoke to Tobias."

Lily walked with her to work. They took the long route and Tuney explained. "I went to his house and I told him that I was in love with him."

The redhead gasped. "What did he say?"

Tuney smiled. "He said that we could not be together. He said Severus and Augustus would never be fine with him marrying someone else."

Lily frowned, "why are you smiling then?"

"Don't be daft. He never said that he did not like me. He was surprised and looked nervous. He kept looking at me. He wants me. I could tell." Petunia said triumphantly. "I need you to so something for me."

They walked to the tube. Lily felt apprehensive. He was about to tell her that Severus knew and he did not love the idea of her and Tobias. "What do you need?"

Tuney grabbed her hands, "Soften the blow to Severus. Tobias needs to starts his life once more. Gus would be fine with me. He likes me and I like him. I know I can be a mother to him. Please Lily talk to Severus." She said earnestly.

Lily was had so many questions, "Tuney, what are you thinking?"

Her sister gave her a determined look and pursued her lips. "Severus has to tell him that he is fine. I am not competing with Mrs. Snape. Lily, I am not daft. I know Tobias will always love her but maybe he can love me and Dudley. My son needs a dad. Severus is a nice uncle but we know he is Harry's father. Tobias can be Dudley's dad. They are like me. We are just regular people."

Lily felt uneasy. "Tuney, Sev and I are regular people too."

Tuney nodded, "I do not mean it that way. All I meant was that Tobias and I could be a family for Augustus and Dudley."

It was time for Lily to get to her shift. "I will speak to Sev tonight." She kissed her sister goodbye.

Lily worked all day and picked Harry from Mr. Snape's house. Gus greeted her with a smile, "You should stay Lily. Petunia made meatloaf. It's delicious." Dudley played with Harry. They had a fort by the Telly.

"Where is Tuney?" Lily asked her brother in law.

"In the kitchen with dad." Gus said distractedly while helping himself to more meatloaf.

"Harry, we are going home!" She said and Harry looked up.

"Hullo auntie Lily." Dudley yelled.

"Five more minutes mum! I need to capture Dudley's flag and I win." Her only child yelled too.

Lily felt a headache coming. "You get here Harry Snape. We are going home right this instant." Harry stood up reluctantly and scowled at her. He sulked but retrieved his bookbag and said his goodbyes.

"they are taking too long. Maybe I should go and see." Gus tried to leave the table.

"Don't worry sweetheart. I will speak to my sister tomorrow. Take care." Lily grabbed Harry's hand and apparated to her home. Her son sulked to his room.

"Brush your teeth and leave your homework in the kitchen. Daddy will check it later. Do you want dinner?" She asked her pouting child.

"No, I ate auntie Tuney's food. Grandpa said to tell you because I ate too much." Her son sighed and went up to his room.

Lily waved her wand and her son's homework flew to her hands. "Thanks mum." He yelled and ran to his father's study.

Lily Snape poured herself some wine and ate some cereal. She missed Tuney's cooking. The redehead checked over Harry's work and waited for Severus to enter the kitchen.

He kissed her gently and glanced at Harry's work. "I checked. He rushed through the multiplication problems and missed two."

"He's too impulsive. Gets that from you." Severus sat next to her. Lily smiled and rested her hand on his thight.

It was best for her to let it out. "You need to speak to Tobias."

Severus sighed, "Tuney is hurt. I will speak to him. I am sure he tried to be as nice as possible. He saw Tuney grow up; naturally it was strange for him."

Lily would have laughed. It was surreal. "Love, Tobias is under the impression that you would not approve."

Her husband looked at her unblinklingly, "obviously I do not approve. She could be his daughter. He is still in love with my mother."

Lily grabbed his hands, "he will always love Eileen but he deserves to be happy. Tuney and him deserve a chance. You want your dad to be happy."

Severus looked at her seriously. "Yes, I don't want him to hurt. I don't want this to be a mess. He talks about mum all the time. He worships her."

She kissed his hands, "he does. He laughs with Tuney. He likes Dudley and Tuney said they kissed yesterday. He is attracted to her but will not do anything until you give him your blessing."

Severus stood up. "He doesn't need my blessing but Augustus. We have to think of him and Dudley. It would not work."

Lily hugged him. "It would. His relationship to Tuney does not mean he loves Eileen any less." She finished.

"Tuney should have fallen in love with the mutt." He said and hugged her back.

Lily took care of him. He was hurt and confused but managed to make a decision by the following afternoon. "I will speak to dad tonight."