Cauldrons and Lilies

Chapter 41

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Chapter 41

Lily clutched Harry to her chest. She was bathing him when she heard Severus's voice. She turned the peeble and turned it but nothing happened. She heard his voice and her blood ran cold. She went to the nursery and threw the cloak over her shoulders. She clutched her wand "somnus". Harry fell asleep on her breasts. Lily aimed her wand at her throat. "Silencio." She muttered and tried to even her breathing and waited. She heard his voice again along with Severus's. "Avada Kedavra."

Lily did not hear anything for a few seconds; her heart turned and then they were in the room. Lily trembled with fear when she saw Lord Voldemort and Sev face each other. Severus looked at her and then she was unable to move at all. He petrified them. Lily was able to see and hear everything. She saw as the wizard tortured her husband.

"Where are they?" The monster asked and then he told him they would duel until her husband told him exactly where they were.

She watched as the monster trained his wand at Sev and her Sev aimed his want at the monster. Severus was between them and Lord Voldemort. He was protecting them. Lily tried to move with all her might but couldn't. She watched and wished to push her husband out of the way. She wished Harry and him were behind her. Lily saw the green light flash erupt from both wands and then saw both men fall. Lily stopped breathing, she was glued to her place but it wasn't because of the spell. Severus's spell had been lifted at the same time he fell to the floor. The witch felt the ground shake, she covered a sleeping Harry with her body and managed to see how a black shadow fled. Lily knew no more. She was hit by the ceiling and lost consciousness.

Harry was crying, wailing. Lily woke up, she was disoriented; she was in the nursery or what was left of it, the house collapsed. "Harry." Her baby was sitting by her, crying but he was not hurt, he was dirty and had a small scrape on his neck and shoulder.

She took him in her arms and he quieted down a little but still sobbed. Lily stood up and almost fell down. She looked at the gaping hole and saw him, face down; it was his hair.

"No, no, no." She cried and stumbled down the stairs until she cradled his body. Harry held onto her for dear life and cried as much as she did.

"Severus, please." She sobbed and kissed his forehead; he had a scar on his forehead.

"No." She sobbed and hugged him. Lily cried until she could not breathe properly.

They found her clinging to his body and crying. Remus and Sirius found her and then there was Dumbledore. Remus took Harry from her. Lily looked at up and let him. Harry would be fine Severus needed her now. She went back to him, he had an ugly scar on his forehead and his cheek was bruised. She tried to look at the rest of his body to see if he was injured.

"Lily, child, he is gone." The headmaster said with a kind voice.

"No, he is not." She yelled and placed her head on his chest. She willed his heart to start beating. "Please Sev, come back, this is utterly stupid of you." Sirius tried to pull her from his body but she clung to him. "No, leave me. He is fine."

"Severus, wake up now." She yelled and then kissed his lips. He could not be gone; the green light did not touch him. The green light did not touch him, only it did. Severus placed his body in front of them; he knew they were in that corner. She sobbed hard when she felt his heart start up. It beat fast, faster than anything she had heard, faster than Harry's heartbeat when he was on her belly.

"He's alive. He's alive." Lily said happily and pressed her ear to his heart.

"Lily, he's gone." Remus cried.

Sirius tried to pull her up once more, "Lily please get up." He sounded sad. She could hear fireworks: wizard fireworks. Why were they celebrating when her Sev was gone?"

Severus breathed deeply and opened his eyes, "I saw Harry." Lily launched herself at him and sobbed harder. "Harry is fine, he is with Remus, look at him." She said between sobs. The people in the room looked at him with surprised eyes.

"He's alive" The headmaster said with some trepidation and came closer to her husband.

Severus did not get up; Severus looked at their boy and smiled, "Not my boy, Potter's boy, Harry Potter. He was in King's Cross; I saw him and he was older. He was my age when I died."

The Headmaster was in front of him, "Severus, you survived the killing curse." The man said with a strange glint in his blue eyes.

Severus touched his forehead, "A lightning bolt, Potter told me so. The diadem is in the room of requirement. I don't have anything inside me Albus. He couldn't make one. It was Lily's sacrifice again. He couldn't kill me or Harry because of it, blood magic." Severus sat up.

Lily was confused; they all were but for Dumbledore who looked at Severus with some confusion but there was a hint of understanding.

"I don't have a piece of him inside me Albus. Harry Potter told me so." Severus stood up and grabbed Harry from Remus. He then kissed her and hugged her.

"It's over at least for now. It's over. It's over. He will be back but not soon, not soon." Severus kissed her neck and held her tight; Harry stayed between them. She kissed his cheek.

"Severus, your soul." Dumbledore. Lily looked at him, "It's fine. I can't talk to snakes or have anything. He did not have time; the curse did not backfire this time. We casted the curse at the same time; I survived because of Lils." Severus said with a grin on his face. He was dirty, frenetic and had blood on his forehead.

"Severus, look at me." The headmaster approached them and looked at his forehead, "Remarkable." The old waved his wand at him.

"Blood magic, light magic, there are no traces of dark magic." Lily took Harry who was about to sleep.

"Conjure a snake if you must. I assure you I will not be able to speak with it. Harry Potter was there. He named one of his children after the both of us. He and Ginevra have three children." Severus muttered, "or two, I can't quite remember. It was all clear three seconds ago." Her husband had a faraway look.

The Headmaster conjured the snake. Lily and the two other men were confused beyond anything. The snake slithered around. If the older man expected anything it simply did not happen. Severus looked at the snake but nothing happened.

"I don't have anything of him in me Albus." Severus said with a tired voice.

"Most extraordinary." The older man said. "Did this happen last time?"

"Stop rambling." Sirius yelled. "Explain, now. We hear You Know Who is dead and we come here and find Severus dead and Lily sobbing. He was dead and now he's alive. Explain."

"He survived the curse; there's magic around him, blood magic, but not entirely from Lily but from you Severus. It is a combination of both. You were willing to sacrifice your life for your son and wife. There is something special about you Severus. Remarkable you are." Dumbledore looked at him and then and at her.

"We must go to Hogwarts, the whole wizarding world knows. They are celebrating. You have defeated Lord Voldemort." The headmaster said with an enigmatic voice.

"He will be back." Severus said, he now looked tired, gone was the frantic energy that surrounded him seconds before.

"Yes, I believe so but not today, not for a long time." The headmaster said and they held onto a portkey to Hogwarts.

"Cissa, we have to get her from the Burrow." Remus said and then ran out of the Headmaster's office. Sirius was there still.

"Sirius, go report to Alastor. Gather information about tonight."

"I must go to the ministry, help Madam Bagnold. She must want answers." The old man tried to leave.

"What are you going to tell them?" Severus asked.

"They will know Severus. They will know once they see that scar on your forehead." He looked at them, "How silly of me, I have not offered you some place to rest."

"We will find a place. Hogwarts is full of rooms. You need only ask." Dumbledore waked away.

"Room of Requirement." He muttered. Severus apparated them to Hogwarts. z

They walked to the seventh floor. Lily paced in front of the wall and was relieved when the door led to a simple room with a big bed, a shower and a crib.

Lily placed Harry on the bed and undressed him. Severus rested on the bed and closed his eyes. The young witch washed her son and put him to sleep on the crib. Lily went through the motions and went to wake Severus.

"Sev, come on, we'll wash up and then sleep." Severus stood up and followed her to the shower. Lily undressed and helped him undress; they were under the hot stream of water.

"Lily, I come from the future; not the future, another lifetime." He said while looking into her green eyes.

She looked at him with bewildered eyes, "Severus you are not making any sense. Stand still." Lily looked into his eyes, he was alert and his eyes were focused.

"Let me check you up." She retrieved her wand and scanned him, all vitals were normal, his magic was intact and there were no other injuries. He was perfectly fine but he shouldn't be, he should be dead. The green light did touch him. He has that scar, if she remembered correctly that was the hand movement for the killing curse. She shuddered and hugged him.

"Lils, please listen to me. Listen to me. I have to tell you, I saw your son Harry Potter." He repeated. Lily shushed him.

"It was a dream Sev, nothing but a dream." Lily tried to calm him but he shook his head.

"I have to tell you everything Lily." Severus kept saying, his eyes were focused and his eyes were anguished.

"Fine but once we are in bed." She finished washing them and then clothes appeared. They dressed and went to bed. "Where's Harry?" Severus asked.

"On his crib." Lily said.

Severus stood up and grabbed their baby, "he looks like me." her husband came back to the bed and placed their son between them.

"Lily, I have to tell you so much. Forgive me." He had a fearful look in his eyes.

"Severus, close your eyes. You are tired." Lily tried reasoning with him but he shook his head.

Severus grabbed her hands. "September 27, 1975. I went into your common room. Lily I come from another lifetime."