Cauldrons and Lilies

Chapter 71

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Chapter 71

Lily Snape woke up cocooned in her husband's arms. She smiled and sighed. Severus was fast asleep, his heavy arm rested on her middle. Lily looked to the alarm clock and it read 11:30 AM. She loved Christmas break. Severus and her s pent Christmas Eve naked and playing around. The kids were at Petunia's house for the day since Dudley could not possibly carry all the new music he wanted to show them. They came home late that night.

She heard noises around the house. Harry and Hermione were up already. "Severus wake up; we have to open gifts with the kids."

"No." He said and cuddled closer to her.

"Yes. Up, up." She said and peppered kisses over his face. Severus smiled and kissed her back.

Lily put on her house robe and brushed her teeth. Severus followed her; they made their way downstairs to the Christmas tree. Hermione and Harry were already unpacking their presents.

"You could have waited for us." Severus grumbled.

"No, we could not. We knocked at 8:00AM and then again at 10:00AM. No response." Harry said and looked at his Weasley sweater. It was a royal blue one. Lily went by the tree and took out her gifts as well. Severus was slower to warm up but eventually retrieved his presents as well.

They all got their Weasleys sweaters. Severus' was a black one with a green "S" on the middle. Lily got a pale green one. Hermione smiled bigly when she found her cobalt blue one. "Ron must have told her that blue is my favorite color."

Severus smiled when he discovered her gift. "You shouldn't have."

"I did." She kissed him briefly and smiled. She got him a new potion journal, "For the Half Blood Prince." It will keep on going, no need for a replacement. "A little trick of yours truly." She said and kissed him once more.

Harry rolled his eyes but thanked them profusely when he received their gift. It was a new broom care package thing. "Thank you, this will be perfect for the new game." He said.

Lily asked him about the team now that Ron was keeper. "It is going well. He is a little shaky but he tries."

Hermione received a nice jewelry box. "So that you keep your pearls and watch safe." She said.

She cried a little but then smiled, "Thank you."

"Hermione and I made some cocoa if you want." Harry said and then turned on the telly. "Care for a Doctor Who marathon?" He asked Hermione.

The girl frowned, "what is Doctor Who?" Lily did a double take.

"You did not just say that. You've never seen Doctor Who?" Lily was bewildered and proceeded to teach the girl about the TV show. "We have some time before we have to be at the Burrow." Lily turned on the DVR and so they began their marathon.

Hermione followed the plot and asked questions throughout. Lily felt more at ease with her. It was what the needed. Bonding time with her. Severus offered his opinions here and there but was engrossed in a book Sirius gifted him.

Soon it was time for them to get ready to go to the Burrow. Lily put on her sweater and blue jeans. Severus put on his sweater and black jeans. Harry and Hermione were ready. The too wore their seaters and jeans.

They flooed to the Burrow and found that the Lupins were still there. Callista and Lyra sat with Draco and Ginny who were playing a game of exploding snaps. Ron played chess with Percy.

"Augustus should be here any time soon." Molly said in greeting.

Severus broke off to speak to Remus and Sirius. Lily shook he head, her husband prided himself that he did not need friends but he sure found a way to be near Remus every chance he got. Lily went to the kitchen to help Molly and Narcissa.

Narcissa wore the biggest smile when she came in to the kitchen. "Hullo Lily, I was just telling Molly… that I am with child once more."

Lily laughed and kissed her cheek. "Another one! How did you convince Remus to have another one?"

Narcissa chuckled, "well, we were not planning on having another one. Oriana was supposed to be our last. I was on the potion you know and he did the charm every time but there was this morning when we forgot. I thought nothing would come out of it but it did."

Lily hugged her. "Boy or girl?"

"I want a boy but Remus wants another girl I could tell. I think he does not want to have any other boy but for our Draco. He is so sweet my Remus." She said and then went to the dining room to start serving the food.

"I'll have the kids set the table." Narcissa called from there.

Lily helped Molly charm the food and move it. Petunia brought a casserole as well. They set the food and then sat down. There were so many in attendance. Lily felt such love for all of them. All the Weasleys, they were all a big family. Lily smiled and Severus and kissed his hand. "I love you."

"I love you too." He pecked her mouth. They all ate and laughed, had fun. It was time for dessert when Augustus and Percy stood up and called their attention. "I think you all know why we are here. It's not only Christmas but Augustus and I are engaged. We're getting married this July."

Congratulations flew left and right. Lily kissed them both. Petunia cried and hugged them. Tobias laughed and kissed his son too. "May you have all the happiness in the world Gussie." He said and kissed Percy too.

It was happy time for all of them. The teenagers asked to stay over at the Burrow. Severus denied the permission as did Tobias. "We cannot impose." They both said.

Lily watched as Hermione said goodbye to Ron. It was all too awkward. Hermione always hugged Harry and Draco goodbye. She would wave to Ron. They also fought left and right. She would rant about him but it was obvious that she was in love with him. Ron was also very much taken with her.

Lily sighed when they got home. "I'll meet you upstairs." She said to Severus who wanted to ward the house once more.

"Hold on Lily. I want to say something." Hermione said.

"I wanted to thank you all for this. You and Severus did not have to take me in and I really appreciate it." The girl said and hugged Lily.

"We were very happy to do it sweetheart. You are wonderful." Lily said and smiled.

"Now, off to bed the both of you." Severus said quickly.

He undressed and kissed her good night. "Cissy is pregnant again."

Severus shook his head, "No wonder Remus was all over the place tonight. I thought Oriana was their last one."

"Clearly not." Lily laughed and kissed his cheek. Severus laughed too. "You wanted another one when Lyra was born."

Lily sighed, "I think it will just be Harry and now Hermione for us."

Severus kissed her once again, "I am happy with that but what about you?"

Lily kissed his chest, "I am happy too. Could you imagine changing nappies again and now with the war upon us again?"

"I know what you mean my love." He said and hugged her again.

She knew that Severus was worried about the school and Umbridge. He was stressed out and it was evident as the woman gained more powers. The worst of it was when she discovered "Dumbledore's Army."

Severus was in a foul mood and came to their quarters that night. "I don't know what the fuck Albus is playing at."

Lily looked up from her tea and frowned, "what's the matter?"

"That bitch know about the D.A. Scrimgeour is continuing Fudge's politics. Minerva said that he came in with Kingsley to arrest him. It shouldn't surprise me. It happened like that last time." He said and poured himself a firewhisky.

Lily stiffened, she disliked deeply when he talked of that time. This was his true lifetime. She knew it so. "So what is happening now?"

"Albus is gone. Probably to Aberforth's or Mad Eye's. Umbridge is now Headmaster." Severus spat.

"I thought Scrimgeour was smarter." Lily was surprised with the turn of events.

"We thought so too. But I told Albus, I told him to not let her in. She's a horrible person Lily. Now the kids are under her care. I will not stand for it Lily. I will not. She will not torture the children, not under my watch." He ranted and became more ill-tempered as the weeks followed.

There was some talk of detentions and veritaserum which Severus tampered with. The detentions were supervised with other professors. Minerva insisted and so did Severus who made sure to look at Harry's hands every chance he got. He also looked at Hermione's hands for good measure.

Lily was a silent expectator to the happenings at Hogwarts. She was glad when Fred and George fought back. It was a month after Gryffindor's quidditch was disbanded as per Umbridge's ruling. She came home to a laughing Severus.

"What has you in such a cheery mood?" She asked her husband.

"You should have seen it Lily. The toad got what she deserved." He chuckled and told her about the fireworks and the swamp.

"You had to be there. Lily it was a true spectacle. Filius and I were really proud. I knew they were making sweets and jokes but I could never imagine. Lily those kids have a bright future ahead of them." Severus also told her that the twins dropped out of school.

"But they just have another two weeks to sit for their NEWTS. Molly is going to be very upset." Lily continued.

Severus shook his head, "it matters not. Those kids are going to do great."

"The joke shop is happening then?" Lily asked him.

Her husband nodded. "Where did they get the money?"

"Black, or so Draco let it slip." Severus continued to laugh. Lily enjoyed when he laughed so carelessly.

Molly was beside herself but Arthur helped her understand that the twins had a sound plan into action. Tobias checked their finances, profits and business plan.

Things at Hogwarts continued to be tense. Lily took every opportunity to be there for Severus. She was glad when June came about.

Lily had a busy day at St. Mungos when she saw Narcissa in the hospital. "The baby is coming Lily." Narcissa wore a big smile. Sirius was there. "Remus should be on his way. He was at Hogwarts with your husband. I sent a patronus."

Lily accompanied Narcissa who had an easy delivery. Lily stayed in the room with her while Sirius waited alone outside. Narcissa gave birth to a healthy girl. "What will you name her?"

"Pandora." Narcissa replied.

"Where is Remus? He will be so upset because he was not here for her birth. Draco will be so happy what a birthday present for him." Narcissa smiled and kissed the baby's forehead.

"June 5th. It's his birthday today. He's sixteen today. Is not that just wild?" Lily chuckled alongside her.

"Yes it is." Narcissa teared, "it feels like he was just like this a minute ago."

"Oh Cissy. Don't cry. This is good. You get to watch Lyra, Callista, Oriana and now Pandora grow up."

"Thank you Lily. Could you please look for Remus?" Her friend said while still looking at the newborn.

Lily stepped outside the room and saw the flurry of people crying. "What happened?"

"There was an attack in muggle London and at Hogsmeade. There were dead students." A mediwizard said carefully.

Lily ran to where Sirius was. "Tell me what is going on right now."

Sirius looked at her, "I need you to calm down."

"You knew; you knew why Remus could not be here right away." Lily accused him.

Sirius sat down and made her have a seat. "There was an attack in Cokeworth at Dudley's school. Dudley was injured not badly, nothing a muggle hospital could not handle. Petunia and Mr. Snape are there with him. Petunia is fine. They all are."

"Hogsmeade. What happened there?" Lily's heart pounded inside her ribcage.

"There was a visit Lily. Death Eaters targeted Harry and the other kids. Neville was there as well. Who was injured. A mediwizard said something about dead students."

Sirius shook his head, "Dudley's schoolmates but Hermione, Ron, Ginny and Remus are injured."

"Severus is with them." Sirius explained.

"I have to go see them." Lily rushed to the emergency room and saw Harry and Draco.

She rushed to Harry and hugged him. "Mum." He said with some tears in his eyes.

"Hermione was hexed. She's in bad shape." Her son said brokenly.

Draco looked pale. A mediwizard, Marcus Bletchley came by, "my father. How is my father?" Draco asked quickly.

"I need to speak to an adult in charge." Marcus said and looked at Lily.

"I am Hermione Granger's guardian." Lily said and "I am also responsible for the Weasley children and Mr. Lupin."

"Very well Lily." He said and explained.

"Mr. Weasley suffered from the cruciatus curse and a stunning hex. He is sedated and will be discharged once he completes his rounds of potions." Marcus said quickly.

"Ms. Weasley suffered from a shrinking hex to her ankle, and it pulverized the bone. I will administer Skelegrow as we end this conversation."

"Mr. Lupin suffered from a slashing hex on his arm and neck. We have replenished his blood and given him potions. We need to keep him on a schedule and overnight as he is a werewolf and he could be dangerous."

"He protected us. He took that slashing curse for Ginny and me." Draco said and his lip trembled. "I have to go see him." Draco said desperately.

"It could be dangerous. He's a known werewolf." The man said.

Draco looked at the man as if he was scum. "I will see my father right now." Marcus was unmoved.

Sirius and Narcissa came in. Sirius carried the baby on his arms. "She was discharged."

"Where is Remus?" Narcissa asked quickly.

"He will not let me see him." Draco pointed at the mediwizard.

"We will see my husband immediately." She said coldly.

"Through this way." The man pointed to his left. Narcissa and Draco left with the baby too.

"Hermione Granger. How is she?" Lily asked.

"Ms. Granger suffered from a hex we are not entirely sure which one." The man said. "We have her on a stasis charm until we do more research. Her state is dire."

Harry gasped and held his mother's hand. Lily felt faint. "Severus. Sirius call him to get here now. Why is he not here?" Molly and Arthur made their way through the door.

"Where are our children?" Molly asked. Lily hugged her, "They are in one piece. They are fine Molls." Molly nodded but followed another mediwizard to their beds. Arthur followed them.

"Minerva was stunned too. She was visiting at the Three Broomsticks and they attacked her first. They went for the kids next. Severus stayed back at the castle." Sirius explained.

"Find him and get him here." Lily said quickly.

"Let's go see her." She said as they went to her bed.

Hermione looked frozen, pale and lifeless. "What happened Harry?"

Her son's shoulders shook a little but he composed himself to speak to her. "It's Draco's birthday so we went to Hogsmeade to celebrate. It was a visit day too so we took advantage of that. We went to the Three Broomsticks after going to the shops and saw professor McGonagall too. Ron wanted to leave for the castle so we went too. We saw Neville and Luna too and decided to walk back together. We were making our way to the castle when the Death Eaters arrived. They attacked professor McGonagall first and then they came for us."

Lily listened carefully, "There were five of them. We defended ourselves as best as we could. Ginny stunned one. Draco and I tried to disarm and stun two other. They used the cruciatus on Ron and Hermione aimed her wand at that one. It worked because he stopped hexing Ron but then hexed her and it sounded like the killing curse but it wasn't because Neville used a tongue tying spell on him as they spoke. We all tried to stop them but more kept coming and then Sirius showed up and so did Tonks and uncle Remus. Uncle Remus covered Neville, Draco and me. Tonks and Sirius managed to get two of them. The other three disapparated. We were here for hours mum. Sirius went to Grimmauld when aunt Narcissa sent her patronus about the baby. Hermione is going to die mum. I thought we could hold them off. It was my idea to go to town. Draco wanted to say back and so did Hermione. It was all me and Ron. We thought it would be good to leave the castle for a bit. Ginny was not even supposed to be with us. She went out with Neville and Luna."

Severus was there and looked at Hermione. "What did the mediwizard say?"

"They were running tests. Harry said it was a langlocked killing curse." Lily said in greeting.

"It was, of course it was. It was Dolohov's handiwork. She will have that scar for life." Severus pointed at Hermione's clavicle.

"Lily, help me." He said and pulled Hermione as if to sit her down.

"Undo the stasis when I tell you." Severus said.

Her husband took out his wand and a thin vial of green potion. "What is that?" Harry asked.

"It will do her well." Severus said.

"Now." Lily aimed her wand at Hermione and undid the charm. Hermione's eyes opened in terror.

Severus made eye contact with her, "Poppet, look at me." Severus whispered gently.

Hermione nodded and opened her mouth to receive the potion. She fell to the bed once more but the color returned to her cheeks. "She will have to take the potion every three hours for two weeks."

"Call the mediwizard. We are going home." Severus smiled at Lily, "nothing happened Lily. They are both fine my love." He said and kissed her forehead.

Harry hugged his father. "Thank you, thank you. I don't know what would have happened if Hermione died."

Severus looked at their son who was now only less than a head shorter than him. "It was not your fault nor Ron's fault."

The mediwizard came and ran Hermione's vitals. "Amazing, she's back to normal levels. How did you?" The man looked at Lily looking for answers. "I administered a potion my husband brought."

The man began to argue when Severus cut him off. "You will have the potions and its recipe in your desk by tomorrow. Now, sign the order so that we can take our girl home."

Marcus was flustered and did so. "I will check on Remus and the Weasleys." Lily stood up and went to Ron's first.

Molly sat by him while Arthur held Ginny to him. She was crying. "How is Hermione and Harry?" The girl asked immediately.

"She will be fine. Severus is here now. We will take her home soon. Harry is fine, a little scared but aren't we all. What about Ron?"

"Bit of a nasty shock for him. He's young and the mediwizard wants to finish that potion for his nerves. Ginny is all patched up." Molly said with a small smile. "I told Arthur to take Ginny home but they insist on staying back with us."

Lily nodded, "I have to see Remus. Cissy gave birth to a lovely girl."

"How wonderful" Ginny said with a happy smile. Lily kissed her cheek and left to see Remus. He was up and about.

Draco carried Pandora and cooed at the baby. "Good, you're here." Narcissa said quickly.

"I need you to find the mediwizard and tell him that we are leaving. Remus looks good now and I cannot have him stay here in this filthy place anymore. I do not know how you work here Lily. All these atrocious people."

"My wife, heroine/activist for the welfare of XXXXX Classified creatures." He said and kissed her hand.

Draco looked at her, "Hermione?"

"Is fine. As can be expected. We are going home." Lily said and then kissed baby Pandora.

Remus smiled at her. "Sirius went to Cokeworth. Petunia is fine as are Dudley and Tobias. They all received a nasty shock that was all."

"I have to see professor McGonagall too." Lily then asked around and learned that she was transferred to a room. The mediwitch said that she would need care for at least a week. Dumbledore sat with the woman.

"How are the children?" The headmaster asked.

"All alive and recovering. How are Luna and Neville?" Lily asked in turn.

"They are well, inquiring for their friends." The older man said.

"Your son fought bravely I am told." He continued.

Lily's heart constricted, "my son should not have to fight. Hermione and the other children should not have to fight. Headmaster, they are children."

The man looked tired, "they are only about a year younger than when you and Severus joined the Order. The war is now Lily and we have to protect but fight as well. I ask you to be brave Lily."

Lily nodded and left for Hermione's bed. She was weak but alert. "How is Ron?" She said as soon as she saw her.

"Sleeping. He will stay here for a few more hours just to make sure that his nerves are fine." Lily replied.

"I want to see him." Hermione insisted.

Severus helped her up and into her shoes. She clung to him. "Tomorrow, he will come and visit you home. I promise Hermione."

"You swear." She insisted.

"I do." Serverus nodded and helped her walk to one of the Floo connections.

Harry helped Hermione too. They flooed individually. Severus carried Hermione to her room. "Harry, come and help me make the potion."

Lily stayed back with Hermione who looked tired, "Lily, are you sure that Ron is fine."

"He is sweetheart. He was asleep when I saw him but his mum was there for him."

Hermione nodded, "promise we will go see him tomorrow."

"Of course we will." She said and kissed her forehead.

Lily stayed in the room until Severus came back with Harry. "Augustus sent a patronus. Petunia wants to see you."

"I will go to her." Lily said and left them in Hermione's room.

Lily flooed to Petunia's home and then hugged her and Dudley who had a cast on his left arm. "We were waiting for you to mend it."

"How are you feeling love?" Lily asked her nephew.

"I am fine aunt Lily. I heard about the attack at Hogsmeade. How is everyone?" Lily explained what happened.

Dudley nodded, "There were six of them. They aimed their wands at us and people laughed. It was all too quick. One of them aimed at me and one of my mates pushed me aside because he burned as if in pain. Then another wizard aimed at me and I felt like my head and body were going to explode. I have never felt such pain, everything was on fire, cold and itchy at the same time. It was over quick because I saw more wizards fighting those. A bloke died and so did a teacher. Aunt Lily, were they looking for me?"

Lily nodded and then looked at Tobias and Petunia. "They were, just like they looked for Harry and Hermione."

Dudley put his arm out. "Fix it please."

Lily waved her wand and out came the cast. She mended the broken bone in three seconds. "I am going to bed." Dudley said and left to his room.

"Is everyone fine?" Petunia asked quickly.

"Yes." Lily explained everything to a surprised Tuney and a resigned Tobias.

"Just like last time, simultaneous attacks." Tobias said.

"Augustus had to leave for the Ministry. He warded the house before you got in through the Floo. Everyone is asking for Scrimgeour's head or at least that Headmistress at Hogwarts." Tobias explained.

Lily looked at them, "I have to go back home but I don't want to leave you alone."

"Go, I have a gun." Tobias explained.

Tuney gasped and paled, "you cannot have a gun Tobias, Dudley could find it."

"He is not a child Petunia and we need a gun to protect ourselves from Death Eaters." Tobias continued, "now go and don't worry. Augustus is spending the night here."

Lily went back home and found that Hermione was fast asleep and so was Harry.

Severus hugged her as soon as she came to their bedroom. Lily held him tight. "I had the biggest fear that Sirius would tell me that Harry was dead."

"He was fine. Remus said that he held his own as did the other kids." Severus said proudly.

"Severus. I don't want them fighting." She was tired and had a headache. "They will have to fight. We all do."

Lily did not cry that night but had nightmares, well memories really. The fight at the platform the end of her 7th year and the fight at Diagon Alley.