Cauldrons and Lilies

Chapter 53

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Chapter 53

The man apparated with a pop. He saw Lyra running down the stairs with Dobby chasing after her.

"Ms. Lyra has to wear her pretty socks!" The elf sighed and kept chasing. They disappeared into the library. The little girl did not see him and neither did the elf.

Severus entered the kitchen. Kreacher hummed and cooked. "Good afternoon Kreacher."

The elf startled and turned, "Will Me. Halfblood Prince stay for lunch?" The old elf croaked.

Severus was used to the moniker by now. "No. Where is the master?"

The elf balanced from foot to foot, "Master is with the mistress. They are upstairs decorating the new little baby's room. Ms. Callista is sleeping so nicely."

Severus nodded and went upstairs. He heard giggling. "Remus, stop. We have to finish this before Callista wakes up!"

Severus sighed and spoke quickly, "stop whatever it is that you're doing now."

Remus laughed uproariously and opened the door. "Come in. Help."

Narcissa kissed him. She waved her wand around the room and the walls became a muted lilac. "Another girl then."

Remus nodded and drew stars with his wand. "Yes, our last child." He said in a serious tone.

"Of course." Narcissa replied but mouthed "no" when Remus turned to draw more stars.

Severus picked his wand and painted the other walls.

He helped Remus assemble the crib and place other teddy bears around the room. Cissy left the room when she heard crying. "Lyra." She said with a practiced air. The middle Lupin child was the most active and wild child of the brood. She loved her uncle Snuffles and her aunty Lily. It was the perfect opportunity to approach the lycanthropy subject.

"Remus, have you thought of resuming the trials?" He said as they worked the nails into the wooden bars.

His friend shrugged, "not really. Cissa and the girls keep me busy."

Severus remembered how hard it was for Remus to go through the trials. It was heart breaking when he transformed every month. "It wouldn't be like last time." The potion master explained. They had big run trials since before Lyra was a year old.

Remus frowned, "How so? I remember clearly the wolfbane less transformations. The bland foods, the horrible potions and the weakness."

Severus sighed. "We'd alter the wolfsbane. You'd drink it still but we'd try different things. It could work. We only need the mutt to run with us."

Remus did not speak for a while. Severus could hear Lyra and Cissy arguing about socks and appropriate outfits for young witches. He focused on assembling the crib.

"Even if we managed to get Sirius to stay in England you would not have time to work on the lycanthropy research. It would compromise your position in the hospital. Our society is not interested in the cure for my affliction." Remus stated.

Severus looked at his friend. "I do not work for them anymore. I would devote my time on your cure. There is no downside to this Remus. It's time to go back and try."

"Try what?" Lyra camping bouncing about. She kissed him and made her way to his lap. He loved when the mutt was away because little Lyra was awed with him then.

He kissed her dark blonde head, "a cure for daddy."

The little girl frowned, "daddy is not sick. He has a furry problem."

Remus and Severus looked at each other. "Did uncle Sirius say that to you?" Remus asked. As far as Severus knew none of the children knew about Remus' condition. Cissy and Remus decided to tell Draco over the upcoming holidays. It was strange because James used to call it that, a furry little problem.

Lyra shook her head, "Draco did. He said, daddy has a furry little problem and it happens when the moon is all round." She said and giggled when Cissy came in. "Mummy found me!"

Cissy smiled. Remus looked at her and then his daughter, "sweetheart, what else did your brother say?"

Lyra looked at her dad, "he said that you used to go away and would never let us see you. Not anymore, not since Callie came along."

Severus was sighed. "Your daddy and me will work on his little problem."

Cissy smiled, "wonderful. Lyra come along. It is time for your nap."

Lyra heard that and tried to run. Cissy was quicker and immobilized her. "We have to talk." Remus said.

Cissy left the room. Remus conjured a patronus, "come back to England now." His friend sounded furious.

"That bastard. Narcissa and I agreed to not say anything until the kids went to Hogwarts. I should strangle him." Remus paced and left the room. He ran downstairs.

Narcissa waddled into the living room. "Your cousin is not invited to stay with us anymore. I want his room turned out. He is out of our house."

Severus was very uncomfortable. "We'll start next Monday. Remus, bring a log of all your eating habits."

"I am not restarting the thrice damned research!" He kept on pacing.

"Why not? It's time. This has nothing to do with your health." Cissy stated.

"Narcissa, I don't think you understand the severity of the situation. Our children know. My son knows that I am a beast. This is all Sirius' fault. I want him away from us and our children." Remus looked crushed.

"You are not a monster. So what if Draco knows? Has he behaved differently? No, he's your son still." Cissy said calmingly. "Sev, tell him."

Severus nodded, "nothing changes. In all fairness. I don't believe the mutt told any of your children."

Sirius apparated with a pop. "What happened? Are the kids fine?"

Remus looked angry, "did you tell my son that I am a werewolf?"

Sirius shook his head, "no. Why would I?"

"Hey Snape! I hear your kid is in Gryffindor." The mutt gloated. Severus frowned.

"Never mind all that. I want you to tell me why Draco told Lyra that I have furry little problem?" Remus spat out.

"How should I know? He is a little snake after all. I guess Lucius' bad genes prevailed after all." Neither of them saw the punch coming. Remus knocked the mutt down.

Cissy cried out. "Remus no."

Severus grabbed Remus and pulled him away from Sirius before he could do some damage. "Don't you dare speak another word against my son." Remus thundered.

The mutt gingerly touched his face. "Message received loud and clear." He said. "I apologize. It was only a joke."

Remus glared at him. Narcissa touched her belly. "Idiots the two of you. Severus could you please take me to St Mungos. The baby is coming now."

She ignored Remus who offered his arm to her. Severus took her hand and walked out the room. "Dobby!" She yelled.

"Mistress" the little elf appeared.

"The new baby is coming. Please fetch my bag. Lyra and Callista are sleeping."

Narcissa hissed and squeezed Severus' hand. "You both may come with us but do not speak a word." She said coldly.

The odd quartet left the street and hailed a cab. It was safer than any wizarding transportation method. Remus sat by her. "I'm very sorry Cissa." He whispered quietly as they made their way to the hospital.

Sirius was in front and had his head turned to the them. "I'm sorry too Cissy. You know I hated Lucius."

Cissy looked at her cousin. "He hated you too. He hated you very much but did not kill you even when he had the chance. He didn't kill you because he knew I cared for you." She hissed. Sirius stayed quiet.

She turned to Remus. "I know you are disappointed he is not in Gryffindor. So what he's a Slytherin? I am one so is Sev and so was Lucius. I am happy Draco was sorted there. Lucius deserves that. Our son loves you more. You are his daddy. Let Lucius have this." Cissy then grabbed her husband's hand. "I forgive you, now be quiet." The cabbie looked at them as if they were crazy.

They made their way to the hospital. Remus and Cissy disappeared through a door. It was the mutt and him alone.

"How is Petunia?" The mutt asked.

"She's fine." Severus replied. He did not have time for small talk. "You have to come back to England."

"I am back." The man replied.

Severus felt a headache come in. He had zero patience for this man. "Remus needs you here. We have to run every month. We are going to start the trials once again."

Sirius Black nodded. "No need to go back and get my things. I am back Snivellus."

"What have I told you about calling my husband that?" Lily said with a frown. She looked very fetching in her lime green scrubs.

She kissed him. "Wait for me. We can go home together. We have to talk." Lily knew about his resignation.

He was about to argue that he had to pick Harry from school and then realized that his son was at Hogwarts. She plopped down next to him. "Cissy is having a longer labor than expected."

Sirius looked worried, "then why are you here? Shouldn't you be over there helping her?" He gestured wildly.

Lily looked at him and rolled her eyes. "I am not her mediwitch. I was sent to update friends and family. She is fine Sirius. She has done this three times before."

"More actually. She had a series of miscarriages before Draco." Severus intoned gravely.

The mutt glared at him. "Bloody morbid you are."

Severus glared back. "I understand your anxiety. It is your fault after all. Had you not provoked Remus nothing would have happened."

Black rose to the occasion but Lily took away his fun. "You sick fuck." He tried to stand up.

"Severus enough." Lily was aggravated. "I see that I cannot leave the two of you alone. You are thirty-one years old. You act like fourteen year olds every time you see each other. It has to stop. You have to be there for Remus. He loves you. I don't know how you are going to do it but the two of you need to work together. Cissy explained that you two are going to run with Remus and the research will start once more. You know how touchy Remus is about his affliction." She hissed to both of them.

Severus was quiet. Black spoke once again, "He has to stop calling me mutt. I know he does that and Harry has every right to call me uncle."

"My son will not call you uncle." Severus hissed.

Black smirked, "he does whenever you are not there."

"You cannot call him that horrible name ever again either." Lily pointed out.

Severus glared at her, "I do not care what he calls me since I do not care whatever comes out of his mouth."

"Enough the both of you." She stood up. "Fix it." Lily left walked away from them.

"How serious is the research? Will it be like last time when you had a million and one projects before Remus'?" The mutt asked snidely.

Severus felt so much anger towards the man. "It is serious. Remus' research will be my main concern."

"Very well. We can try to get along." The man spat.

"For Remus' sake." Severus agreed.

They were quiet and did not interact until Remus came out the doors. He wore a big smile. "Her name is Oriana. She's healthy and so very pretty." The man said.

"Well done Moony." The mutt hugged and clapped Remus on the back. He hugged Remus next. "Congratulations Remus."

Remus smiled, "Sirius, you'll be godfather." It was the man's way of apologizing.

The mutt's face lit up. "Of course." It was the first time Black was godparent. Bellatrix and him were Draco's godparents. Lily and him shared Lyra. Arthur and Molly were Callista's. Severus was curious as to who would be Oriana's godmother.

"When is Cissy going home?" Severus asked.

"In a few hours. Lily is helping her. Come with me, I'll show you the newest Lupin." The man said and took them to the infant ward.

Oriana Lupin looked like any other baby. Remus pointed her out.

Black asked to see Narcissa. Severus stayed with Remus observing Oriana. "Could we start the trials after the Christmas break? I want to get used to Oriana and her schedule. I also need to speak to Draco." His friend smiled.

"Very well. I have plenty of time in my hands as you may gather." Severus glanced at Oriana once more. "She's our last." Remus said proudly.

"I don't know Remus. Cissy seems to be in competition with Molly." Severus pointed out.

Remus laughed, "we agreed this time. Oriana is our last. We have three young girls and we'll soon have a teenager in our hands. I think she knows it's time to stop."

"I hope you are not upset I picked Sirius as godfather." Remus stated as they walked to Cissy's room.

"I am surprised. You have to admit the mutt is not exactly father material." The potion master indicated.

"He is not but I thought it would be appropriate. I almost banished him from our lives and I punched him hard." Remus said in an apologetic voice.

Severus smirked, "what a punch that was."

Lily helped Narcissa stand up. "She wants to go home now."

"I feel better now and I hate hospitals. Remus fetch Oriana. I want to go home now." Cissy looked very well put together for a woman who gave birth about an hour ago. Severus thought about the wonders of magic then.

"Lily, is it safe for us to go home?" Remus asked.

His wife nodded, "There is no need for you to stay here. Oriana passed her neonatal exam. Cissy is perfectly fine as well.

Sirius had Cissy by the arm. "I will owl you soon Lily." She said as she kissed his wife's cheek.

"Thank you Sev." Cissy kissed him and then walked out with the mutt.

"I have rounds and then we can go. Wait for me here." Severus saw as she left the room.