Cauldrons and Lilies

Chapter 70

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Chapter 70

The summer was uneventful to say the least. There were no attacks, the meetings happened regularly. Hermione had a nice summer too. Lily and her were becoming close. Severus talked to the girl about books and they spent an hour a day reading in the library while Lily and Harry watched movies or pulled them from the small library. "Both bookworms." Lily would mutter.

The girl was extraordinarily smart. Harry and her spent most of their time with Dudley except for the two weeks when they went to Ireland. Ms. Granger chose to go to the Burrow. Hermione was a good level headed girl. He quite liked her, and she was becoming less of a know it all.

The nightmare began once term resumed. Severus had a headache and wanted to kill the toad. He opened the door to his quarters windlessly and was surprised to see Lily in the living room. "I thought you had rounds today."

"I switched with another doctor. What did she do?" Lily asked him gently.

"She's signed another senseless decree. Albus had to talk to her about keeping Sybill in her tower. He's going to enlist Firenze for the post." Severus said and lit up a cigarette.

Lily frowned and rolled her eyes. "Serves her right. What about the kids?"

"It was Hermione's idea after all. They still meet in the Room of Requirement." Severus plopped down next to her.

"Stop worrying so much. They are within their right to defend themselves. It is not illegal." Lily stated clearly.

"It is now, all clubs, and gatherings of more than two have to be sanctioned by Umbridge." The potion master said.

"How many kids are in that group?" Lily asked.

"More than twenty including Draco and Theo Nott." Severus replied and took a drag from his cigarette.

"As in Thaddeus Nott's son?" Lily asked.

"Yes." Severus replied. "Draco and him are close."

Lily humphed. Severus rolled his eyes, "the fact that he is the son of a death eater does not make him one."

"Nott is at large." Lily continued.

"Well, Myriam is in France and Theo does not have anything to do with his father." Severus vouched for him. "I don't want to hear this anymore."

He stood up and was in foul mood, "We have to go to Grimmauld Place. The meeting is in a few minutes."

Lily frowned, "don't be a pain. I just want the kids to be safe."

Severus nodded and offered his hand to apparate her. They walked briskly to the place. Severus smiled when Callista ran to him. He picked her up and kissed her cheek soundly. "My girl." He said and let her down when she squirmed.

Remus followed the girl and muttered something easily, "Somnus." He addressed them, "they are all in the main dining room."

Severus and Lily walked there and saw everyone. They were all there but for Minerva. All waiting for Albus to show up and conduct the meeting.

Sirius talked to Amelia. They were all smiles. Tonks and Charles Weasley spoke to Bill and Ms. Delacour. Lily told him that Bill and her were dating now. Remus and Narcissa appeared soon enough as did Albus, Aberforth and Mad-Eye.

"Good evening. I am very glad to see you all. We begin with sad news, as of today the Order of the Phoenix and the Ministry of Magic are no longer affiliated. Rufus is following Cornelius' steps."

There was a hush across the room. "We shall proceed more carefully." Albus continued. Severus half heard the different briefs and topics in the meeting. He was antsy and tired. There were some attacks but nothing too outward. Voldemort did not seem to be interested in the prophecy either. It was as if he already knew the full contents of it. It mattered not since it was useless. It was Voldemort and him. It came down to them two confronting each other. Severus thought back to the day that Voldemort came back but there was nothing remarkable.

Someone called his name, it was Albus. He noticed that it was only them two now. "In deep thought are you?"

Severus nodded, "don't you think that it was too easy. It bothers me. He is the most powerful dark wizard. I know I am powerful but not so powerful as to deter him."

Albus half smiled, "you underestimate yourself and your abilities my boy."

The younger man frowned a bit, "why do you think he is so quiet?"

"He is biding his time. Tom knows that we are going to war. He needs to recruit. Hagrid just came back from the mountain ranges. Our message was not as well received as I had expected." The older man communicated.

Severus rubbed his eyes. "What do you need from me?"

"The usual, I need you to train our students and keep up morale among us. Tell me, how are our young ones faring with their group?" The man asked him.

Severus frowned, "They meet every two weeks, irregularly as to not raise any suspicions or so they think."

The older man smiled, "tell me who found the room."

Severus sighed, "it appears that my son did."

"It was a good idea to keep him off prefect duties. I assume, he's become a defacto leader. He is your son after all." The headmaster continued thoughtfully.

"I believe so. Sirius confirmed that it was Hermione's idea to "fight back." The meeting at the Hog's head was not her brightest moment." Severus pointed out swiftly.

"Student from all houses?" The older man asked a little intrigued.

"Yes, Theodore Nott and Draco are part of the group. You should be proud. They named it after you. They call it Dumbledore's Army." Severus stood up.

"We have to be patient Severus." Albus sighed.

Severus paced, he was on edge, "I am tired of being patient Albus. There have been no sightings, no attacks in three weeks. He is up to something. I think he is traveling. Maybe he knows already. Maybe he's making more of them as we speak." It was his biggest fear.

"I don't believe so." Albus said confidently.

"You cannot be sure. This is unlike last time. We had me last time, I gave you information about his plans but we have nothing now. Nothing." Severus said as he paced in front of the headmaster.

"Tom is waiting." Albus said with finality.

"For what Albus. Please tell me because I am going slightly madder every day." Severus spat.

"He had a taste of you last June and it was not easy. He plans to weaken you Severus. You must stay strong." Albus then walked him out of the room.

Severus took a deep breath and left for the parlor. He greeted Gus who hugged him. "I went to see dad last week. Dudley gave me these to give you."

"Trash." Severus looked at some records. "Nirvana. MTV unplugged New York. Slash. The Offspring and last but not least Green Day, Dookie" He read. Severus had experience with Nirvana since Harry and Dudley seemed to blast that Album the whole blasted summer. Smells like Teen Spirit was nonsense in his opinion. He imagined that Kashmir would have sounded the same to his dad.

Augustus laughed, "not trash. Some of these are very good. Listen, Percy and I have good news. We are planning to spend Christmas at the Burrow. We'll tell you then."

Severus nodded, "where is Percy?"

His younger brother smiled, "he's gone home. He felt sick earlier and had to go rest. I see Charlie and Tonks. Let me go and say goodbye. Don't forget, Christmas is at the Burrow this year."

He saw Molly and Arthur talking to Amelia Bones. "Good evening Severus." Amelia smiled his way. She was three years older than him. He remembered her briefly. She was killed in 1995, as per his other lifetime. Amelia was not part of the Order then.

"How do you do Amelia?" He said politely.

"Very well, Susan told me about your performance review with Dolores. She is a highly unpleasant woman to say the least." The blond woman said.

Severus nodded. "That she is." Severus did not pay much attention to the chat. It was a blessing when the mutt came along. "Amelia, come, you must meet my cousin." Black dragged her away.

Severus then spoke to Arthur, "Augustus told me about Christmas."

"Oh yes, Percy asked if we could host." Molly said happily. "I think they're getting married." She laughed a little.

Severus smiled too. He watched as Bill embraced Fleur. "Maybe you will have a double wedding."

"Shut it." Molly hit him on the arm. Severus smirked, Molly seemed to dislike the French beauty. "We have to go. Give Ron and Ginny my love."

"I will not." Severus said quickly before they left the house.

Lily approached him soon enough. "Do you feel better now?"

"No." Severus replied.

His wife tiptoed to kiss his cheek. "Let's go home. I'll make you feel better."

Severus squeezed her hand. "Promise?"

Lily smiled mischievously. "I swear."

The potion master smirked once more and took her hand. He disapparated them into the room.

He went to their bedroom and undressed quickly. Severus let himself fall to the bed. "Begin, oh mighty Lily Snape."

Lils laughed and jumped on him. Severus laughed when she tickled him and kissed him. She drove him crazy. Severus kissed her and they made love until late that night.

He woke up to Lily kissed his forehead, "wake up. You have classes to go to."

Severus shook his head and pulled her for a morning kiss. "How about some love?" He caressed her rear. Lily kissed him. "Fine but quick."

The potion master practically skipped to work that day. He was in a fantastic mood and only made a third year Ravenclaw boy cry. It was his last class of the day and he had the fifth year Gryffindor and Slytherins. Harry and Ron came in first. Hermione sat by Longbottom and in came Draco laughing with Theo who merely smiled and waved at Neville briefly. No one would have noticed but for Severus.

He began the lesson and drilled the usual spiel about OWLS. It was a double period so Severus had time to observe them. Ron kept getting distracted by Hermione. Harry was attentive as was Hermione. Draco and Theo whispered about something or other. The class flew by. "Mr. Snape, a word." He said as the class left for lunch.

Harry stayed back, "your cousin sent these for you and Hermione." He gave them the records.

His son smiled. "Wicked." His kid tried to leave the room once more.

"Harry, have the rumors died down?" Severus asked him.

Harry frowned, "some of them. Seamus speaks to me again. I have detention with Umbridge once more this week."

Severus frowned, "Harry, we spoke of this."

"I am not going to let her speak ill of you. She insinuated that you are hungry for glory and recognition. She's only fueling the garbage that they daily prophet prints. I will not have it. None of them know what it feels like. You Know Who targets you and suddenly you are the one at fault. They make it seem as if you are Lockhart." Harry ranted.

"I do not care what they say. I care that you are safe. Let them speak." Severus said.

Harry's green eyes glinted with determination. "No. I will not."

"Fine, but be careful around that woman." Severus said.

"I will dad." The boy then ran out the classroom.