Cauldrons and Lilies

Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

Lily took him to the Shrieking Shack, inside of it. They had been warned that they couldn't be seen near the place because of the terrible ghosts and other things that plagued the place. Lily didn't exactly believe all those tales about the place and prepared a wonderful dinner for them. Well the house elves prepared it for her. She set everything up before meeting with Sev in the library. She didn't expect him to be with the Ravenclaw girl. Lily didn't like the way Marlene looked at him at all. She was glad when Severus explained their involvement. She had a surprise for her best friend. She managed to secure a portkey after begging Alice to ask Frank for one. She had to do Alice's transfiguration work for about three weeks but it didn't matter. Sev would get the surprise of his life.

"Where are you taking me Lils?" He tried to grumble but she knew he was excited about today.

She was pleasantly surprised when he didn't put any objections to going inside the Shrieking Shack. However he squeezed her hand painfully before entering. "Relax Sev. This place isn't haunted." She smiled winningly at him. Sev nodded but he was tense. He watched the place with fear, as if remembering something that happened. When she asked he shook his head. "Nothing, I just thought this house would be scarier."

"I'm telling you, this place is just an old abandoned house." She pulled him upstairs to a room she liked.

The dinner was set. The elves had outdone themselves; they had made all of Sev's favorite dishes. They had even found the triple chocolate cake he loved. He ate happily, for someone so skinny Sev could eat a lot. He savored the food and spoke about the Led Zeppelin concert in Dublin. "They should be starting now as we speak." They were in a sofa, side by side.

Lily smiled gleefully, "Come on, we're going to be late." Sev looked as if she was stoned. She grabbed his hand and then the book.

They were in the middle of the crowd. "What?" He yelled and held her close. Lil felt a thrill running through her. She could feel his breath coming out in puffs. "You've talked about this concert since November. I thought it would be nice." She giggled when he kissed her cheek sloppily. "How?" He asked with a huge smile.

"It doesn't matter. Happy birthday Sev." She hugged him and they waited as the band came out. It was amazing. Lil felt how happy he was.

He was the happiest she had seen him in months. This past Christmas break had been hard on him. Sev didn't want to talk about Mr. Snape but she knew he hurt a lot. She wanted to make him happy, to know that she cared about him. This concert was the perfect gesture and she got to be with him. They were alone, there were no parents, no school, no houses just them. They were just Lil and Sev, best friends, and Led Zeppelin fans. They sang together and even drank some beard a man offered them.

They made it back to Hogsmeade just before 11:00 PM. They were still singing badly, neither could be called great singers but they were happy and it was good to see him acting like a teenager for a change. He hugged her goodnight, "thanks Lils." Lily felt her whole body tingle when his hands rubbed her back. She would kiss him tonight. She had to, Lily had seen him and Marlene in the library and it stirred some feelings inside of her. Severus stepped back and she could see his brown eyes on her. She was seconds away from his mouth. She touched her lips to his, she heard him gasp. This was wrong, he didn't want to kiss her but then he did. He kissed her gently, and she kissed back. She liked his kisses. He kissed her as if she was a miracle. Lily wanted to deepen the kiss, take him to the Room of Requirement and kiss him all night long. They kissed until they heard Peeves whistling. "Happy Birthday Sev." She kissed him one last time, this time on the corner of his mouth and left him in the corridor before climbing to her tower.

Lily Evans was befuddled, true she didn't have much experience dating but by now Severus would have made his move. Her birthday passed, Severus gave her a beautiful quill set and empty journals. They spent their day in the Room of Requirement talking, listening to music. She expected something out of him, it had been almost three weeks since their last kiss and he hadn't done anything yet. Petunia had told her that boys were supposed to make the first move or they were just not interested. She was beginning to think Severus wasn't interested when he kissed her for her birthday. As their previous kisses, this one was sweet, deep and full of promise. He whispered happy birthday and left her in her tower.

She was in her dorm with Alice. "I don't understand. He has not asked me to be his girlfriend yet."

Alice looked conflicted, "I saw him and Marlene in the library. They were really close together."

Lily didn't sleep well that night. She knew about the Ravenclaw girl and it bothered her more than she wanted to admit. For years Lily had been his only friend. When they started Hogwarts she was his only friend until Magnolia and Narcissa took him under their wind. She was willing to share him with them because they didn't really care for him. Marlene sought him. Lily thought the girl only wanted to be around Sev because she needed something but it was obvious that she wanted to be friends with Sev. He looked uncomfortable most of the times but recently she noticed that he smiled at Marlene and whenever he was not with her he was with the Ravenclaw girl.

She wasn't the only who noticed that strange friendship. The marauders, especially Sirius was against it. "What is Snivellus doing with McKinnon?" They were in the common room. Potter and Remus were by her side doing homework while Alice practiced charms on Pettigrew.

Potter shrugged, he was trying to get her attention once more. He asked her out three times already and she had refused him nicely. He was still a toerag in her eyes, Severus and them still fought every now and then. To be honest everyone was too worried about O.W.L's they had three months to go and not half of them were ready to take them.

"They are friends Padfoot. McKinnon is a big girl and she is very annoying." Potter said. Lily remained quiet. Remus didn't take part in the conversation either.

"He put a spell on her. I asked her out on Friday night. She told me, she was studying with Snivellus." Black was not used to girls refusing him. Lily rolled her eyes but she didn't like the fact that Marlene would be joining their traditions. It did not help that she openly flirted with Severus. He seemed oblivious to the attention.

She spent the next few months stressing over Severus and her friendship to him. Things changed but he still considered her his best friend. Marlene was a present reminder to Lily that she wanted more. She wanted Severus to be more than her friend but wouldn't sacrifice their friendship. She was very conflicted when a day before their last O.W.L's Marlene came to speak with her. That was strange since the ravenclaw girl didn't care too much for her. She was very friendly and polite but they didn't speak much unless Sev was between them.

Remus tapped her shoulder; "Marlene is waiting for you outside the portrait." He had his nose in a book about defense. Lily stood up and left the common room. She hoped Marlene was quick. She wanted to get some sleep before tomorrow morning.

The shorter girl smiled when she met her. She grabbed her hands and pulled her out of the common room. "I need your help."

She shook her head, "Marlene, could this wait until tomorrow? We have our Defense O.W.L tomorrow." She was going to give her twenty more reasons when the girl yelped excitedly. "Severus kissed me. We are together now." Lily wanted to cry and scratch her face out at the same time.

"That's good news. How, how would I help you?" Lily asked quietly.

"Yes." She remembered, it was their tradition and now they would have to share it with Marlene.

"Don't go. I want to have a romantic evening with Sev. What are Sev's favorite desserts?" Lily hated her eager face and squeaky voice.

"Lily, you have to know you are like his sister. He told me so, he said you are like his little sister." Marlene said with a smile. "We have to be best friends now." She hugged her hard.

Lily must have said something because Marlene wrote something down and disappeared with another hug. Lily remained outside with a broken heart and with Marlene's words in her head, "A little sister. He thinks I'm his little sister." She cried herself to sleep that night. She should have known Sev loved her as a sister. He liked Marlene better.