Cauldrons and Lilies

Chapter 27

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Chapter 27

Lily wore her ring proudly and smiled whenever people asked her when the wedding would take place. Soon she would say. Her friends pretended to be glad for her. The Order did the same. He could not care less about who approved and who disapproved. James Potter tried to hex him a week after the Order learned about Lils' engagement.

"You son of a bitch." Severus deflected the curse. The Order decided to keep their young recruits trained and sharp. They were required to practice at least once a week and they were to train together. Longbottom, Alice, Kingsley, Pettigrew, Black, Remus, Potter, the Prewett brothers and him; they were the fresh wave. The defenders. Lily gasped. No one did anything. They all stared as Potter and him dueled.

It was time. Their rivalry had been going on for years. Severus took the high road but he could not stop anymore. It was primal. He enjoyed putting this man to his knees. They cursed each other; not one spell actually hit any of them.

"You took her away from me." James yelled. Potter was enraged and did his best to send a flurry of hexes his way.

Severus glared and deflected a reducto spell. "I did not take her from you. She's always been mine."

"Kingsley, stop them please." Lily said loudly. She and the others tried to break his protective spell but it was useless. The spell was one of his creations. His magical signature would only undo it.

"She was my girlfriend. What did you do bewitch her? Is she under the imperius curse?"

The young Potions Master growled and attacked again. "She loves me. We have loved each other since we were children. You were too blind to see it."

Potter tried advanced spells, which Severus easily blocked. Severus felt the suppressed rage he reserved for this man burst. He cursed him again. "You could not leave her alone. You had to go in and wreck her mind. We were happy." James yelled. The man was also enraged. This fight had been building since they were eleven year olds.

Severus laughed when he heard those words. "How deluded can you be? She was miserable with you. Lily does not love you. Get it through your thick head!"

James Potter then contorted with rage and aimed his wand at him. "Cruccio." He heard people gasp. He did not know what happened but suddenly he was on the floor. The pain came like an old friend. It did not last as much as he expected after all James Potter had nothing on Lord Voldemort.

Severus got to his feet after a minute or so. Potter looked ashamed, confused that he could lower to such malevolence. The young Slytherin did not concede him any time for reflection. He attacked again and this time he did not hold back. "Sectumsempra." He said with a hiss. It would not do for anyone to hear the spell. A deep cut opened in Potter's arm. He saw as the rest of the Order saw the blood draining out of the young Gryffindor's arm. Severus had full mastery of the curse and did not cut any veins or arteries. He would have a scar however.

Severus closed in his oldest enemy. Two lifetimes of hatred finally caught up to him. He wanted to say that being with Lily made him a better person that they learned from each other. He should have stepped away and let his fiancé or Remus attend to Potter. He pointed his wand at the bleeding man and said clearly. "Stay away from us. Next time I'll aim for your throat." Potter looked at him defiantly. Severus uttered the words clearly. "Cruccio." He said with pure undiluted relish. There couldn't be any doubt. Next time Potter attempted to duel with him he would duel to kill. Severus Snape would not hesitate. He waved his hand around and the protective charm broke.

"Lily." He said and Lily went to him. She grabbed his hand and they disapparated. Severus saw as Black and Remus went to Potter's aid. He saw as Longbottom looked at him with curiosity and suspicion. Kingsley was confused and the Prewett brothers looked surprised. The rat looked at him with unabashed fear.

He went to their rather modest liquor cabinet and poured a stiff drink. He downed quickly, relishing the burn against his throat.

"I thought you were going to kill him." Lily said with a quiet tone.

"For a moment I thought so too." He replied honestly. He did not want to lie to her anymore. Severus decided to be as honest as possible with her.

Lily made him look into her green eyes. "I don't like to see you like that. Your eyes were so cold. They did not look like your eyes. You could have killed him." She hugged him.

He kissed her neck and stayed quiet, "He was lying you know that. I've been in love with you since before I knew what love was. Please don't ever engage James like that. He achieved what he wanted. He wanted to see you angry. Severus, please don't give him the satisfaction to see you like that again." Lily said with a small frown. Her green eyes were a storm of mixed emotions that Severus felt he had no right to explore at the time.

Severus nodded. He had behaved irrationally, like so many times when it came to that blasted Potter. The young woman kissed him again. Severus then kissed her with some more passion.

"Tell me again." He moaned and tried to lift her sweater. The young man needed reassurance that she was with him. Years of abuse and loathing had left Severus vulnerable and fragile. He needed to make sure Lily loved him and not James. He had to make sure that this was not a dream. That she was here and wanted him, not James.

Lily showed him how much she loved him and time and time again would tell him how much she loved him. Severus smoked a cigarette once they were done. He was sweaty and so was she. "Severus." She said with a firm voice.

He looked at her in askance, "Promise me something Sev." She caressed his face and looked at him with pleading eyes. "Anything Lils."

"Avoid James. Don't fight with him." Lily pleaded. Severus felt a cold trickle of fear slip down his naked back.

"Are you defending him?" He asked with a small voice.

She sat on his lap and explained. "I have tried to make excuses for them. I have tried to understand. You are good, loyal, an excellent wizard and work harder than any of us in the Order but they still see you as a outsider." She hugged him.

"They see you as Slytherin, a dark wizard." She continued. Severus felt conflicted Lily tried but she held onto some erroneous beliefs or so he thought.

"The Order thinks that you are dark like Voldemort or Lestrange. They are wrong, they think you are dark because you shared a house with them."

"Lily, I'm very proud of being a Slytherin." He needed to say it.

She kissed his lips. "And I am proud of being with one. I'm so sorry Sev, for being stupid for thinking that I was going to lose you to death eaters. I'm sorry Sev, I should have defended you more. I was stupid and then your classmates were becoming Death Eaters and I thought I would lose you to them. Sev, I'm very sorry because at one point I thought you would hate me because I'm a mudblood as they call me."

"Don't call yourself that." He said anxiously.

"I thought you would realize that I didn't belong. I never said it but I should have tried harder. I was trying to fit in, convinced that all Slytherins were evil because Mary, Alice, James and Gryffindor said so. Forgive me because I'm shallow and pigheaded."

Severus looked at her and kissed her hand. "You are pigheaded and can be shallow but you are also good. So good, remember last fall when Black lost his father? You were the one to help him after his mother threw him out. You talked to him even though you don't like him much. You are kind and open hearted. You try to heal people Lils." He stated. Severus pushed her red hair behind her ears. Lils was growing up. She was becoming a beautiful and kind young woman.

"Did you know Merlin was a Slytherin?" She said cheekily. He laughed and flipped her so that she was under him. They laughed some more, the Potter incident forgotten.

The Order did not forget the Potter incident. Potter avoided him. Severus did not know if it was out of fear or something else but he was glad. Longbottom and Alice avoided him too. Only Kingsley and Remus spoke civilly to him. The werewolf had remained neutral and decided to not speak about the incident at all. Kinsgley wanted to learn to do the protective spell and demanded he teach him how to do it. Severus taught him, Remus and Fabian who looked less wary of him. Albus had words with him and prohibited from using such magic on fellow fighters. Severus grunted and left.

His new resolution was deciphering whether the prophecy was still in place since there would not be any child any time soon. He made sure that Lily took potions and he always performed the charm on himself. He had not discovered anything. He would have to wait until February 1st. Severus rationalized and thought about the prophecy. Neville Longbottom would be the chosen one. Harry would not exist because he would not be Lily's son. Lily would have no children, not until all horcruxes were destroyed. Severus would make sure Voldemort did not hear the blasted prophecy.

Severus and Lily married on Lil's birthday. She thought it would be fitting, none of them would forget the date. She actually wanted his birthday but Petunia could not make it that day. Mrs. Dursley did not attend the wedding. Lily did not say anything but he could see a flash of pain in her eyes when she received a hideous vase and an apology note the night before the wedding.

They wedding took place in a muggle court. Lily wanted it that way. They had to be discreet. Dad, Remus and Gus were there. He wore a suit. He wanted to see her in a wedding dress. Very early in their friendship Lily had been obsessed with weddings as had Petunia. He spent weeks listening about wedding dresses and veils. Severus was worried she was settling for something less. He was proven mistaken when he saw her wedding dress. She looked stunning. Lily Evans soon to be Snape wore a simple white dress that came up to her knees. It had lacy sleeves and torso and he did not know how to describe it. Her hair was in a loose bun that seemed to magically tie into a small veil. She wore sapphire earrings and a matching bracelet he gave her as her jewelry. She had cried the whole evening when he gave her the Princes' heirlooms. She looked beautiful.

He smiled and looked at her throught out the brief ceremony. Remus and Tobias signed. The judge declared them husband and wife. He kissed her and they laughed.

"Congratulations son." His father clapped him on the back. Remus kissed Lily's cheek and offered his hand.

Remus had to go immediately after the ceremony. It was full moon and he needed rest. Lily apologized but he waved her off. "You two were made for each other." He said as he disapparated.

They newlyweds apparated to the Burrow. Molly hugged them, her belly kicking. Lily smiled happily and winked at him. The Weasleys took pictures of them and a beautiful cake Molly made for them.

"May the two of you enjoy much happiness and many days as husband and wife." Tobias toasted with pumpkin juice.

Severus smiled and danced with her. Lily dreamed about her wedding dance. She laughed when he twirled her. "I love you so much." She kissed his smile.

"I love you more." He replied honestly. Arthur took so many pictures as did Bill. The smallest Weasleys and Gus ran around and chased after gnomes and chickens. He was happy, like he had never felt before. Molly had put beautiful decorations in the yard. Severus and Lily were so very happy.

After a whole day of celebrations Lily and Severus retired to their little flat in London. Lily kissed him. "I love you very much Severus."

Severus did not need big words or declarations of love from her. Those I love yous that she so frequently gave him were more beautiful than any poems or any big weddings.