Cauldrons and Lilies

Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

They walked home, Severus ahead of his father because he couldn't stand the sight of him. He didn't want to hear his reprimands or even his so called good advice. The drunk had the gall to try and talk to him. Severus merely glared at his father and increased his pace.

He opened the door with a single flick of his fingers. His mother should know better than to use such feeble wards. Eileen Snape was waiting by the kitchen table. He glanced at her and then attempted to climb the stairs up to his room. "Severus Tobias Snape." He didn't listen and tried to move up. Eileen petrified him with her wand. He stood immobile for about two minutes, until his father made his way inside their home.

"Is that really necessary Eileen?" Tobias shook some snow out of his coat. He hated the sound of his voice and the fact that he came to his defense.

"Perhaps you are correct Tobias." She flicked her wand. He was fuming, "You can't do that."

Eileen put a hand up and he became silent, "I don't have to listen to you young man." Severus glared and tried to speak or undo the charm but he couldn't. He felt as petulant as his old fifteen-year-old self.

"What is the meaning of this? You have a home Severus, we were scared, didn't know where you were. Your father even went to the hospital." Severus rolled his eyes; if she was so worried about him she could have easily used a locator spell.

"Don't roll your eyes at your mother." Tobias sat in front of him. Eileen sat next to her husband. "Severus, please try to understand." His mother said in one of her softest tones, once she only used when he was little and couldn't understand why daddy didn't like it when he made things fly. The memory of his earlier years made him even angrier. He stood up and tried to get up to his room again. The silence spell would wear off in a couple of hours at most. He didn't have to remain here and listen to her ravings.

He was ready for her when she tried a sticking charm on him. He blocked it with a hand, he knew the moment he saw his mother's eyes that it had been a bad idea. Fifth years didn't know wandless or silent blocking charms.

"Tobias, he's not our boy." Eileen said with a tremulous voice. He didn't expect his father to physically restrain him.

He was back at the chair; his mother pointed her wand at him. "Revelio." Nothing happened, because he was in fact Severus Snape. This time her brow quirked, she dissolved the spell. "Who are you?"

He was calm and kept collected. He thanked the gods that his mother didn't know legilemency. It wouldn't do well for his mother to be suspicious of his identity. "Severus Snape; and unfortunately your son." He sneered.

"You will mind your tongue son. Don't speak to your mother in that way." Tobias said with an edge.

"Look at him, of course he's our boy." Tobias said while looking at his wife.

"Where did you learn to block spells?" Eileen asked suspiciously.

"School, I go there for a reason." Severus looked at her defiantly. His mother was smart and skilled but not a threat to him.

"Fifth years don't block spells wandlessly or silently." Eileen remarked suspiciously, a true Slytherin.

"He's always been smart love. Our boy likes to read, he probably read somewhere in one of those books of yours." Tobias tried to be the voice of reason. Tobias was trying to get into his good graces. Did he think him stupid? Did he think that he could undo years of neglect and abuse with a few words? Severus remained silent waiting for things to unravel.

"Eileen could you please let us have a few words?" The man that was his father asked politely, so unlike him. His mother nodded and pressed her husband's hand as she went upstairs.

"Severus I want to apologize again. I know this is hard son but I want us to be a family again." He looked back at dark brown eyes, so much like his own. He used legilimency on his father. He saw snippets of his drunken life, whores, bars, dirty allies, and wrong decisions. Severus also saw that he wasn't lying, he was going to school at night and had stopped drinking for about a year now.

"I remember when you were born. Your mother and I were so happy. You came into the world yelling, making yourself known. I couldn't believe that someone so small could wail so loud." His father said with a small smile.

"Spare me the theatrics Tobias. You and I know that you don't give a bloody fuck about my mother or me. You are lying filth, in less than five months you'll go back to your bottle just like you always do. This is nothing but another pitiful attempt on your part." The young man spat full of disdain.

His father looked as if he had struck him, it gave Severus some satisfaction to see this man hurt. Severus wanted to see the anger, the loathing and misery back in those brown eyes. He could deal with those, he remembered well. He recalled all the angry looks, the disdain, and worst of all the neglect.

"Son, I know I hurt you, please forgive me. All I ask is for a second chance to make things right. I have been sober Sev, almost a year on January 9th, your birthday." Tobias said with an edge to his voice.

"Don't call me that." Severus hissed, Lily, only Lily and mum could call him that.

"Last year, I was at a pub and I remembered it was your birthday son. I realized I couldn't tell how old you were. I went to a place where they help people like me. I stayed there for a month." Tobias said trying to connect with him.

"I don't care. I don't want to know, what you do with your excuse of a life is nothing of my concern." Severus replied, he wished he could get up and leave but his mother made that impossible.

"I want to tell you. I want you to understand why I came back Severus." Tobias continued with his tale.

"I stopped drinking, I tried to come back to you before you left for your school but I couldn't face you son. I sent money for you and Eileen and then I couldn't resist it anymore. I love your mother, she's the only woman I've ever loved."

He laughed, "Wonderful then, she's lucky that you love her. I can't imagine how you would treat her if you hated her." In another life Severus would have stayed quiet, occluding but all the rage was back. He felt like his old teenage self, angry, cheated and finally his target was there. For years he imagined walking up to Tobias Snape and hitting the life out of him.

"Don't think Eileen welcomed me back as if nothing happened. I dated her again and we fell in love again. We talk now, when I was in the place a nice older man told me to speak with him whenever I wanted to drink. I speak with him every week. He advises me, he knows that your mother is a witch. He's been helping me get through things." That have him some pause, Tobias never called mum a witch, he hated the word, hated what they were.

"I don't really care for your tales at all Tobias." He said coldly and then called out for Eileen. "Mother, I would like for you to release me from the charm."

"Severus I'm trying and I would like for you to try too. It's not too late son, we can be happy, like before." Tobias wheedled.

Before, before he learned that he was magical and that mum was a witch. Severus could scarcely remember what that was like. "Do you remember when I used to take you to he football matches? You loved that; remember. I have tickets for their match. We could go…"

Severus remembered, he remembered going to the field and watching ManU play. He must have been five or six years old. He remembered Tobias cheering, laughter and fish and chips. He also remembered the look of pure fear and then hatred a few weeks later when he made mum's plants fly. He remembered his mother crying and Tobias storming out. He remembered the smell of alcohol, the insults, and how much it hurt when Tobias didn't play with him anymore. He asked mum why daddy didn't like him anymore and Eileen would burst into tears.

The young wizard looked up. "I remember you calling my mother a lying whore. Do you remember father? Do you remember the time I tried to hug you when I got my letter to Hogwarts and you pushed me and told me that I was unnatural? Because I remember that, how about when you walked out and almost hit mum? I remember that too. That's what I remember, all I remember.

Tobias's face was lined with anguish; suddenly he was able to move. Severus went upstairs and slammed the door. He didn't place any charms it wouldn't do for mum to feed her paranoid mind when it came to him.

He closed his eyes and occluded for the rest of the night. He thought of Lily she was always his last thought at night, she had been so for years and would remain so.