Cauldrons and Lilies

Chapter 51

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Chapter 51

Severus was very confused. It was wild to think that his father and Petunia could be together but somehow it happened. He reflected on these changes. This lifetime was strange and yet it felt correct. That other time; when he was alone miserable and Harry was Potter's seemed far and strange. He smoked another cigarette and made his way inside his father's home.

His dad sat in front of the telly. "Severus, did Harry forget something?" He turned to look at him.

"No, dad, I wanted to speak to you about something." He was nervous but sat by him. Severus did not look at his father.

"Lily told me about Petunia's feelings for you." Severus spoke clearly.

"Son, I, there is nothing for us to speak about. I told Petunia that she was confused." His father sounded nervous.

"Please, let me finish." He said and looked at the man. "I once had a dream. I lost Lily. In fact, I never had Lily. Harry was not mine. I was bitter, sad, and loathed myself. Tuney said that she can make you happy. I want you to be as happy as you can be. Dad, this is hard for me to say. I never thought you could like someone other than mum. It is very disconcerting to think of you with Tuney."

Tobias nodded, "She reminds me of the way your mum made me feel. I do not want to make a fool of myself. She is young and certainly deserves better than an old man."

Severus smirked, "she is not that young and is a divorcee. I rather say she is doing well for herself." His father scowled. "Do not be rude."

Severus scowled back. "what are you going to do?"

Tobias rubbed his eyes, "that girl is persistent. May I speak frankly?"

The younger man feared his father's answer but nodded nonetheless. "I desire her. She spends more and more time here. I would love to be with her but I am not alone. I have Gus and she has Dudley to think about. I fear your brother's reaction. I have never brought a woman home."

Severus was green. "Dad, after mum have there been other women?" he hated his blasted curiosity. His father found the wall rather interesting but replied to the question, "three. Nothing serious, just stress relief. Shall we not talk about this anymore?"

Severus nodded, "I am trying to come to terms with this. Please be gentle."

Tobias assented. "Thank you."

He apparated home and found Lily cuddling with Harry. They were watching a film. Severus huddled close and watched the rest of some animated sequence.

He carried a sleeping Harry and kissed him goodnight. Lily waited for him in their bed. He could tell she was dying to ask. "I gave him "my blessing" as you would say." Severus held her. "I asked him to go slow. Give me and Augustus time to adjust. It is selfish but I cannot think of him and Petunia living together just yet."

Lily held him. "It will be strange but no matter what happens I love you very much." He smiled and kissed her until they had to place a silencing charm in their bedroom.

To Severus' everlasting surprise Agustus was thrilled. It was three weeks after his conversation with dad. They were at dad's house for supper. Petunia cooked pasta and kissed dad when he passed her some bread rolls. Severus's eyes darted to Augustus immediately. His little brother grinned. "Wicked." He said and smiled at Dudley who nodded. Harry asked three hundred questions before the night was over.

Severus pulled Augustus aside when dinner was done. "Since when have you known?" The older man asked his twelve-year-old brother.

"Two weeks. Dad asked me how I would feel about him having a lady friend. I said I would not care as long as he was happy." Augustus said happily.

Severus nodded, "I thought you would be more upset."

His brother looked at him and sounded wiser beyond his years. "You grew up with mum. I know it was hard. Dad always says that he is a far better father to me than he ever was to you. I want him to be happy. He was lonely before Petunia and Dudley came along. I know she is not mum but she makes him laugh and takes care of him. Ever since she came along we eat wonderful food. She is nice; she buys me socks that I like and makes me comb my hair. She makes my favorite and kisses me goodnight."

Severus nodded, "She is like a mum but for me. I don't have to share her with the Weasleys or with Harry." Augustus continued.

"Gus, but you have to share her Dudley." Severus reasoned.

Augustus agreed, "yes, but she treats me like Dudley. Lily and Mrs. Weasley are different. I don't know how to explain it. Petunia feels right. She fits. I was scared when she started going out with Sirius but that passed. Dudley and her spend the nights here now."

Severus did not want to know more. "I am glad you approve."

Augustus looked at him seriously, "do not ruin this for him. He is happy. Let him be happy." His little brother said before leaving to do whatever pre-teens did.

His father looked happier and laughed more. Their circle of friends knew about his relationship to Petunia little by little. Molly and Arthur were the first to learn since Percy and Gus were best friends and spent most of the summer together. Remus and Narcissa thought nothing of it. They were extremely busy with Lyra and Draco. The mutt was oddly hurt and said so while they were in the shack before the full moon arrived.

Severus smoked some. "Tuney finished moving in last week." He commented to Remus.

"I cannot believe you did not tell me anything. You have known for about two months. I expected Snape to be a tosser about it but you Mooney?" Sirius asked outraged. He paced back and forth.

"I thought nothing of it. I was busy with Lyra. She had the flu that week. I thought I told you." Remus offered.

Black scowled, "He's old. Why would she be with him instead of me?"

Severus smirked. "Tuney is a smart, confident woman. She is capable of choosing what is better for her."

The mutt smoked some more. "She would have been better with me. I could have given her and Dudley a better future. I am rich. I would have eventually asked her to be with me."

Severus drank some whiskey the mutt offered him. "Well, she seems happier with dad. Dudley and her have settled nicely in the house."

Sirius shrugged, "I would have been a better option."

Remus spoke up. He drank his potion and smoked a joint. "You would have never married Petunia. She understood that." He tried to lift Sirius' spirits. Severus saw the mutt's face change to a pleased stance. Severus decided he could not let that be. "Apparently Tuney used you to make my father jealous. Lily mentioned that she never wanted anything serious with you."

The mutt looked hurt. Severus felt a bit pleased; old rivalries died hard. "It matters little now. I am going to Argentina next week. There will be plenty of beautiful birds there." The wizard said but Severus could tell the man was not excited with the prospect of leaving.

Remus' transformation began. Sirius and Severus prepared for their transformations as well. They ran through the Forbidden Forest all night.

Severus transformed back and gave Remus the after lycanthropy potion. "Thank you Sev." He rasped weakly.

"I will take him home." Sirius offered.

"I need some books from the library. I will go with you." Severus sidealonged with Remus before the mutt could comment anything.

He smelled breakfast food. Severus was certainly hungry. Dobby and Kreacher cooked in the kitchen. "Take me to the guest rooms. I don't like Cissa looking at me like this." Remus always said. It did not matter because Narcissa would always be near and take care of him. Sirius sat and asked for some sausages. Severus helped Remus up the stairs and was about to close the door when Narcissa came in. "How is he?"

"Tired, weak. He is unharmed." Severus finished. Narcissa had this fear that something would happen to Remus every month. It was as if she did not realize that if anything happened it would not be to her husband. Remus could easily kill any beast in the forest. They all stayed away from him and the two other animals that ran with the werewolf.

Narcissa hugged him and cried. "I want you to continue the research. I hate this. I hate it. He refuses to see Draco and Lyra for days. He doesn't want them to see him so sick. Sev please."

Severus rubbed Narcissa's back. "Cissy, there is nothing we can do. Our research is stuck. I would be harming Remus."

The woman wiped her tears, "then speak to him. He needs to see his children. They feel rejected. I will not have our children think that his father does not want them." She said and caressed her belly.

"Are you?" He asked with a smile.

"I am, three months. I am about to tell Remus. This will probably open his eyes." She said and went in.

Severus shook his head and went down to the kitchen. He would help himself to some eggs. He found Draco and Sirius laughing.

"Uncle Severus." The boy yelled with his mouth open.

"Good morning Dragon." He yawned and sat by him. He was regaled with tales of the week in Grimmauld Place and the little boy's plans for the weekend.

"Harry and Dudley promised to show me the new airplane Mr. Snape bought Dudley. We're playing football too. Charlie will play quidditch. Where is my daddy?" The boy finished.

"Your dad is with your mum. He is sick." Sirius said.

"Daddy gets very sick every month. It's not his fault." Draco said and played with his food. I just wished he would let me see him. I always feel better when he sees me.

Severus and Sirius looked at each other. "You could see him now." the mutt said. He is in the guest room.

The little boy ran out the kitchen. "I will go to your library now." Severus wolfed down the eggs.

"Not my library. Remus'. He bought the house furnished." The mutt scarfed some bangers.

Severus raided the library and retrieved at least seven books. He apparated to his home and went to bed. Lils was still aslept. He placed the books by the drawer and went back to bed. His wife turned to him and kissed his chin. "How was it?"

"Like always." He was tired and kissed her forehead. "Narcissa is pregnant again."

"I know. She went to see me last week. Before you say anything. Not my secret to tell." She kissed his neck and sleepily caressed his back.

Severus and his family had a busy year. His father and Tuney married in a very small ceremony. Petunia looked very pretty in a purple dress. Dudley and Gus wore grey suits. Molly hosted a small wedding dinner. Petunia was eternally grateful for all the good wishes. A heavily pregnant Cissy gave birth in the Burrow. The woman insisted that she could floo or be driven to London. Remus refused. Narcissa had another baby girl. Remus named her Callista. She looked every bit like Lyra when she was baby. Severus saw the longing in Lily's eyes but did not comment.