Cauldrons and Lilies

Chapter 14

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Seven years ago Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was released. I was in South America, on vacation and managed to get a copy a week later. I remember pacing myself, convinced that I would take a month to read the book. I was going to read a chapter per day. I failed. I read the book in a week, the longest it ever took me to read one of JK Rowling's masterpieces. I remember being crushed when my eight-year-old sister blabbed the end by mistake. The evil little twerp told me Harry was going to have a daughter and a son named Lily and James. (To this day she swears she guessed.) I remember crying when Severus died. I told all my friends and family members he was innocent after the Half Blood Prince. No one believed me. I was sadly redeemed during The Prince's Tale. To this day I fight every couple of months to not read these wonderful books that were such an important part of my late childhood and teenage years. To all of us Potterheads who still read the story of the orphaned boy and the wonderful characters that helped him trough his journey from Dobby to Dumbledore. It's been seven years and I still feel a thrill when I open my copy of the Deathly Hallows.

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Chapter 14

Lily was the happiest she had been in eight months. That had been the length of Severus' relationship with Marlene. She felt horribly selfish but she did not have to endure Marlene's presence anymore. In another life they could have been good friends but Severus came between them. The girl had wanted Severus for herself. Lily had been half afraid the Ravenclaw would sink her talons into her best friend.

Ever since they were together Lily saw less of Sev but now that they were over it was like old times. Lily and Sev together like always. It was two weeks after the break up. Severus had been reticent to be with her in public places. He seemed afraid that he would hurt McKinnon. She smiled prettily and combed her hair into two neat braids. Severus gave her a beautiful set of ruby earrings for her birthday. She smiled to the mirror who flattered her eyes and her hairstyle.

"Why so happy Lily?" Alice chuckled as she left the room. The rounded face witch was too happy. She received a letter from Frank. They were engaged and to be married once Alice graduated in a few months. Narcissa Black and Lucius Malfoy would marry too. She heard Malfoy had disinvited Severus, her friend did not sound distraught by the news.

Lily could hear the marauders downstairs and greeted them with a smile. "You look beautiful Lily." Potter made cow eyes at her.

She thanked him politely and walked out of the portrait. She met Sev after lunch. He was working on his Half-blood prince book in the library. She plopped down next to him. "How are you sunshine?"

He glared at her. "I'm fine. I just need to remember how…" He rambled some and then smiled when he managed to work out the incantation.

She liked watching him work. He was so concentrated, so attuned to his work; it was as if the world stopped. Lily was happy. He was hers and only hers. Severus was once again alienated. Marlene was hurting; she could not be in the same room with Sev. Narcissa and that other Slytherin girl were all talks of weddings and pureblood rituals. Her best friend only had her and occasionally Remus when he met them for transfiguration practices or homework.

Her uninterrupted happiness lasted for a few months, until late May. There was one more week until end of term when it happened. Severus and her were by the lake reading. They had no more examinations and were relaxing by their tree. She saw the hex first. Black looked enraged. Potter and Lupin were behind him. Pettigrew was nowhere in sight. Severus hanged upside down.

"What in the bloody hell did you do to Marlene?" Black barked.

"He's done nothing. Leave him be. You put him down now." Lily shrieked. She was livid.

"I can fight my own battles." Severus hissed and was on guard.

Remus tried to push Black away from Sev. "Padfoot, think about what you're doing."

"Shut it Moony and stay out of this."

Soon Potter, Black and Sev were hexing each other. Lily watched as Severus fought them both. She asked them to stop, even tried to hex Potter and Black but Remus held her back. "They will hurt you Lily."

"You bloody bastard. What did you do to her?" Black yelled.

"Nothing she didn't like." Severus hissed. Lily watched his sneer and tried not to conjure images. Marlene and him couldn't have. They could not have had sex. No, Sev wouldn't have. He was only trying to anger Black.

The pureblood charged with more viciousness. Potter fought too but Severus held them off. She knew her best friend was a good duelist but so were her Gryffindor classmates. It defied logic that Severus was not on the ground yet.

Insults and curses flew until McGonagall and the Headmaster reached the place. "ENOUGH." He thundered. Dumbledore shook his hand and all three wands flew to him.

Severus stopped, so did Potter but Black was deaf to anything but his rage. He attempted to physically hit Severus. What was incredible was that Severus wandlessly and silently blocked his attacks. No sixth year would be able to perform such magic.

The headmaster's voice was strong and broke no hesitation. "Potter and Black follow professor McGonagall. Mr. Snape, come with me." He grabbed Sev by a robe sleeve and dragged him back to the castle. Lily stared at the space where he had been; she was dumbfounded.

Severus could feel Dumbledore's attempt to infiltrate his mind. He could not let him in. "Who are you and where is Severus Snape?"

"I am Severus Snape." He answered trying to sound bewildered.

"None of my students would be able to block and protect themselves silently, let alone wandlessly." The old man yanked his left sleeve up. Severus and the old man watched his unmarred pale skin.

"Are you working for Tom?" Dumbledore bluntly looked at him and assaulted his mind. Severus held off as much as he could. Albus could not know he came from the future. It would be too risky. He could not be one of his pawns anymore. Young Severus had not trained as he should have and Albus was ruthless. He delved deep and relentlessly until the younger man broke. It was either give in or end up like Alice and Frank Longbottom.

He tried to guard the prophecy and was successful. The old man saw the horrcruxes. Albus pushed back and went to his cabinets. He poured a potion down his throat; veritaserum.

"What is your full name?" The old man asked forcefully.

Severus felt the drug work into his system. "Severus Tobias Snape." He said without any tone or inflection. He needed to say everything and answer anything the old man asked.

"Where are you from?" The man asked.

"Manchester." He replied.

"Where in time?" Albus phrased differently.

"1977." He said, in the back of his mind he knew he should have not answered.

"Impossible." Albus mused and then sat behind his desk.

Severus recovered some of his wits after fifteen minutes, "How many are there?"

"Five, his diary, Helga Hufflepuff's cup, his grandfather's ring, Ravenclaw's diadem and his mother's locket."

"Do you know where to find them?" Albus looked as if this was only confirmation of his fears.

"Not a single one of them." He answered; he was still under the effects of Veritaserum.

"How do you know about these artifacts?"

"I just know. They are from another lifetime." His voice did not betray him. He was coming out of the fog. Dumbledore could not entirely know. He would not be the guinea pig. Not again.

Albus paced and tried to invade his mind; it was fruitless because Severus erected barriers almost impenetrable. He was not going to let this man rule his life once more.

"Severus, your help could turn this war around. This changes everything. I had my suspicions of this but I never thought that Tom could reach such levels of despicableness. Son, I have an organization in mind. We need to regroups and stop Tom before he causes more damage."

Severus blinked; he enjoyed a year as a regular teenage wizard now it was time to fix things. It had come the time for him to make sure he redeemed himself. "The Order of the Phoenix." He said seriously.

"Yes, Mr. Snape. What have you heard about the organization?" Dumbledore looked at him curiously. "My classmates come from pureblood families." Severus left it as that.

The old man contemplated him. "Severus, if what I saw is true you could be of great help to us."

"I have watched you. I know that Tom has made an offer. Think wisely son, once you are a death eater there will be no turning back. Fight with us, fight for the light. You are seventeen; you can join once your schooling is over. You have a bright future ahead of you."

Severus did not know if he wanted to be part of the Order what he did know was that he wouldn't be a death eater. "I will not join the Dark Lord." He said and let Dumbledore inside his head.

"You are a half-blood Severus, are you not?" Dumbledore asked with a twinkle in his electric blue eyes.

"I am sir." The young man replied curtly.

"Your mother, what was her maiden name?" The headmaster interrogated.

"Prince. Eileen Prince." He was uncomfortable and decided to show some of it. It would not do well for Albus to think him too sure of himself. The headmaster already knew the important information. He knew about the horrcruxes that had to be enough.

"Severus, once more I must ask you how do you know about these horrcruxes?" His blue eyes bore into his dark brown eyes.

"I do not know." He said as honestly as possible.

"You are occluding Mr. Snape." The older man smiled politely. "Twenty points will be deducted from Slytherin. You may go back to your common room. Needless to say that you will not set a foot outside Hogwarts until you leave for London next week.

Severus stood up and nodded. "Mr. Snape. You are hiding something. I hope some day you realize how dangerous your silence is."

Albus did not understand; his silence was the key to Tom Riddle's fall. He walked to the dungeons and saw Black and Potter. He walked past them. He was not about to have a fistfight with both teenagers. Neither had any wands and it would not do for Dumbledore to be more suspicious.

"Snivellus, we have to have a chat." He wondered if Minerva was as strict as Dumbledore had been with him. He doubted it.

"You coward son of a bitch." Black spat. Two lifetimes and the littlest provocation from this man always worked. Severus turned around.

"Meet us at the shrieking shack tonight by 8:00 PM." Potter interjected.

"No." Severus replied. It was a full moon tonight, he remembered this night painfully. Lupin almost killed him that night. He had been petrified; if it had not been for Potter he would have been bitten that night.

"What did you do to her? She cries all the time and she stopped going to her choir practices." The mutt sounded concerned. He was the picture of anger.

"I don't see why this would interest you but Marlene and I are not together anymore."

It was Potter's turn to be angry. Black looked confused, "why would she cry all day then? She finally came to her senses." He muttered.

Severus shook his head and walked away. "Tonight, the Shrieking Shack. We'll solve this once and for all." Potter yelled as he walked away.