Cauldrons and Lilies

Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

It was time to go back to Hogwarts; Severus couldn't be happier. He couldn't resist one more day in Spinner's End. The morning after Tobias and him had their talk mum waited for him with a cup of tea. He went straight to the cupboards and got some cereal. He stayed as long as he could inside his room but he was always hungry now. He decided to ignore his parents. They couldn't force him to speak to them.

"Your father left very early today." His mother tried to make some conversation.

Severus remained stoically quiet. After a few minutes of eating Eileen continued with her tirade. "I heard you yesterday." He glared at her; his mother had a bad habit of listening behind doors and walls.

"You shouldn't have." He gritted, she always got under his skin.

"Your father has made a lot of mistakes. I want you to understand that I'm not trying to make excuses for him."

"Then don't. He doesn't deserve you, he'll go back to drinking." Severus pleaded once more.

His mother shook her head, "This time is different." He tried to stand up but Eileen grabbed his hand. "Your father is sorry. He's trying to turn his life around and want to make things up to us."

"How can you believe him? You are such a fool." Severus said calmly, his tone belied his rage.

"I won't allow you to speak to me that way. I am your mother Severus Snape, don't forget your place." Eileen said haughtily.

"I apologize mother." He said forlornly.

"We Princes are not trusting people. I was very wary at first. I used veritaserum, I'm not proud of it." She said immediately after she saw him smirk.

"He's not lying. He's hurt us Severus but I have hurt him as well." He snorted.

Eileen looked at him sadly, "I have. I lied, when I met your father I was taken by him. He was so strong and gentle at the same time. I have never been pretty but your father makes me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. I invented a life, lies upon lies." She said bitterly.

"We married and I gave up magic but it was all worth it. We were so happy, he loved us so much. He loves me and you because of who we are, not because we are purebloods or can do magic. I was so happy but terrified when you started displaying your magic." She shed some tears then.

"When you made that geranium fly in front of your father, that was the worst day of my life. Your father became a different man a despicable being that I didn't know. I hurt him, I broke him too; it's not an excuse for his behavior I just want you to realize that the only person blameless here is you." She stood up and left him with his thoughts.

He didn't think about Tobias's pains or struggles. His pain was more important, he dressed and left for Lils's house after that. He spent the next two weeks ignoring his parents. Tobias didn't entirely give up his tries to make them a family again but his approaches were subtler. He left home by midmorning and came back at 11:59 every night. His mother looked at him with reproach in her eyes but didn't dissuade him. Tobias drove them to King's Cross.

"Please don't forget to write." He let her hug and kiss him goodbye. Tobias offered his hand Eileen looked at her son with pleading eyes. Severus felt some guilt and acquiesced, he shook his father's hand and left immediately.

He boarded the train and looked for Lils as soon as he stepped inside the Express. She was alone in their compartment. "I saw your parents outside the wall." She said with probing eyes.

He didn't say anything. "Maybe you should listen to your mum and write to your dad." She said hesitantly and lowered her book.

"Not this again, I don't want to speak about it." He grumbled and took the book from her hands. They were quiet until they reached Hogsmeade.

It was late at night; all students were to report to their dorms without delay. He went to sleep that night thinking of how happy he was to be away from Tobias.

Soon it was his birthday, Narcissa and Magnolia kissed him and gave him presents. Lucius sent a formal invitation to meet a mutual friend. Severus declined; he tried to persuade Regulus to do the same.

"Maybe we are not ready for this Black. You should research this man some more." Severus said while breakfasting in the Great Hall.

"I have made my decision." Black said coldly.

"Reconsider Reg, this isn't a good idea. This Dark Lord is very dangerous. You wouldn't want to be involved in something like this."

Black glared at him, "I know who your father is. You've gone soft Snape, the Dark Lord wouldn't want scum like you within the ranks. I'll owl Lucius, Cissy shouldn't be with people like you." The fourth year left the Great Hall trailing after Mulciber, Yaxley and Nott.

Severus shook his head, he tried but nothing he said or did swayed the younger man. "You shouldn't speak of such things here. This isn't the appropriate place." Narcissa hissed and squeezed his hand. Poor Cissy she was in too deep, she truly loved Lucius and wouldn't give him up. Magnolia switched the conversation, "So birthday boy, what do you want to do for your birthday?" The girl smiled coquettishly.

"I have plans with someone." He said after he wiped his mouth. He couldn't say he was going to Hogsmeade with Lily.

"She's not good enough for you." Magnolia said primly, "The mudblood is beneath you."

"Don't call her that." He said for the umpteenth time. Sometimes he forgot that during the seventies people used the term more freely.

"Well, happy birthday Sev." Cissy kissed his cheek and left the Great Hall. Magnolia left shortly after. He finished his breakfast but there was no sight of Lils yet. He decided to go to the library and wait for her as they had agreed. He sat in the corner that he liked, it was becoming increasingly harder to mingle with his fellow Slytherins. His dorm mates didn't take too well his continued contact with Lily. They hadn't done anything to Lily or him yet. Most of them knew that he wasn't an easy target. They needed him for either tutoring or homework. He would let bygones by bygones and not intervene in any of their activities as long as they let him be.

He wrote something in his potion's book when he felt someone next to him. He smiled, "You're early." He looked up and saw that it wasn't Lils. She was a Ravenclaw girl, pretty brown wavy hair, she had mismatched eyes; left one was brown and a right green eye. "Hi." She said and smiled prettily. He couldn't remember her very well.

"Sorry I thought you were someone else." Severus said quietly.

"I know, you thought I was Evans." He nodded. "Happy Birthday Severus." She said with a big white smile.

He was puzzled beyond belief. He didn't remember this slip of a girl being his friend. "You don't know who I am do you?" She asked with downcast eyes.

Severus felt bad and tried to remember her from his life here. They had charms together. He recalled her but couldn't think of a name. "Marlene Mckinnon." She stretched her hand to him. He took it and shook it.

"So what are you reading?" She asked lightly. Severus didn't have a lot of friends and didn't remember having someone other than Magnolia and Cissy ever paying attention to him.

"I have an Arithmancy test on Monday." He replied cautiously, maybe this girl needed his help.

"Oh, I can help you. My mum has lots of books like this. She taught me how to read them." She opened the book and helped him solve some of the theorems. She sat really close to him and smiled at him for no reason. He was a little uncomfortable; he could feel her leg against his. She giggled when he thanked her. "How did you solve that one?" She explained the problem.

"Maybe I could help you with more questions if you like." She stated.

He was about to decline when Lily dropped in front of her. Marlene smiled, the same big white smile she offered him "Oh, hi Evans."

"Hi," She looked at Severus with questioning eyes.

"Marlene was just helping me with Arithmancy." The mismatched eyed girl nodded.

"I'll see you Monday Severus." She stood up and kissed his cheek. "Bye Evans." She said and she skipped out of the library.

Lily took his hand, "come on, we have to go. I have everything ready Sev." He noted that her face wasn't the same happy face but it only lasted until they left the library She was back to her bubbly self by the time they left the castle.

"Come on Sev, we're going to have so much fun." She laughed and he couldn't help but laugh alongside her.