Cauldrons and Lilies

Chapter 37

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Chapter 37

Lily Snape began a very tentative friendship with one Narcissa Malfoy. The pureblood witch was important to Sev. She was his friend and Lily needed to make an effort. Sev put up with Sirius and James for months. She could put up with Narcissa.

Lily had always been jealous of Narcissa. She didn't care for the way Severus cared for the other woman when they were children. The young witch was used to being the only female friend in Sev's life and suddenly everything changed when Sev and her went to Hogwarts. That first year was rough. Sev was lonely and she had all these new friends and then second year happened. Severus suddenly became friends with the blonde. Lily was jealous but did an amazing job of hiding it.

Severus loved her. Narcissa needed a place to stay and she would try to be friends with her. It wasn't as hard as she imagined. Remus and Sirius were in and out of the house. They were still conducting Order businesses. Severus grew restless in the house. He spent time with them at first and then he was in the basement or out with Dumbledore. Lily didn't ask what he did with the older man anymore. "I can't tell you. He told me to not say anything. I will tell you everything once the monster is dead." Her husband used variations of those words every time she asked.

For the past month it had been Narcissa and her together all day. The widow had been weepy and sad for a week after she moved in and then one morning she woke up and asked her for Molly's address.

"Mrs. Weasley said I could write to her." Narcissa explained.

"I didn't think you would." Lily replied honestly.

Narcissa's face turned haughty, "Well, she is an experienced mother. I need advice."

Lily chose to ignore the tone and gave her the address. "I write to her and my father in law once a week. Remus takes the letters to the Burrow. I suggest you give him your letters. Owls can be intercepted."

Narcissa nodded, "Thanks." Lily noticed that her robes looked tattered.

"I have clothes that could fit you. They're muggle but you could transfigure them into robes." The muggleborn offered.

"They would look hideous while transfigured." Narcissa pointed out.

Lily tried to keep a polite demeanor. "It is not that I don't trust your magical abilities. I've just never worn muggle attires." Narcissa said coldly.

The young witch looked into the other woman's eyes and said clearly, "Do you believe in pureblood supremacy?"

Narcissa gasped. The witch must have never expected Lily to be so bold. "Answer me truthfully. Your ideas will in no way affect your staying. My husband values your friendship dearly. I love him and if we're forced to live together I rather we be honest with each other." Lily didn't flinch as she said the words.

"I care very little about politics. I grew up in a home where my sisters and I were loved. My parents were stern but loved us. We never lacked anything. They imparted their beliefs unto us. Bellatrix believes in her supremacy over others. Andromeda rejects all those notions and married a muggleborn man. She has a daughter I'm told. I never knew what to think. My Lucius, he believed in all of it. I never truly cared. I never associated with non-magical folk." Narcissa drew breath and looked at her.

"I see you and Severus and can't help but think that Lucius was mistaken. I am not brainless Mrs. Snape. I have read and cultured myself on our ways. The idea that I can be more powerful because of my birth is ludicrous. I believe Lucius believed it as well, deep down he understood. His quest was not about subduing muggleborns but rather asserting his power. I was weak in spirit to let him, and my sister do as they pleased. I love Lucius and he loved me, as long as we had each other nothing mattered."

Lily listened carefully as the other woman spoke. "I don't care about all that rubbish. My husband is gone. My only intent is to see my husband's murderers pay for what they did to him. I want this war to be over and raise Draco. I don't want a world where I have to hide and fear for his life." Narcissa said clearly.

"Have you ever thought what would have happened if Severus became a death eater? Would you have shunned him?" Narcissa asked carefully.

Lily looked at her and said. "He would never have."

"Humor me Mrs. Snape. What if Severus was a death eater? Would you have cut all ties with him? Would you now be Mrs. Snape or perhaps Mrs. Potter?"

Lily looked at her with understanding for the first time. Narcissa challenged her then. She looked at her unflinchingly and said. "I would have followed Severus anywhere."

She would have. She would now. Lily was brave but the idea of Severus and Harry hurt or taken away from her was enough for her to want to flee to Mars.

"Would you care to see my clothing? It would show your willingness to adapt to your new status." Lily commented.

Narcissa stood up and followed her. Lily made her try on jeans, cardigans, summer dresses and skirts. "These clothes are rather comfortable." Narcissa wore a simple green summer dress.

Lily felt like a young woman for the first time in months. Narcissa smiled. "It isn't too revealing is it? Should I be wearing this?" She asked Lily with a worried glance.

"You look very pretty." Lily proclaimed.

Narcissa smiled. "I'll wear it. Anything is better than those ugly robes."

The men were shocked to see Narcissa with muggle clothes. Severus smiled. Remus blushed and Sirius gave her a silly grin.

Three weeks later things eased up. Lily had a million questions about pregnancy now. Narcissa told her all about her experiences.

"How does it feel to be a mother?" She asked one afternoon. Severus was reinforcing the wards. Remus was going through his transformation. He would join them back the following day.

Narcissa was breastfeeding little Draco. "I can't properly describe it. But I can't think of my life without Draco. He makes me smile and makes life easier. I wake up and think about Draco. I go to sleep and think about Draco. It isn't just you anymore. You are responsible for a whole life. I feel so happy and scared all the time but good scare. Do I make sense?"

Lily shook her head. Narcissa emitted a small tinkling laugh. Lily laughed alongside her. "When is little Harry gracing us with his presence?" Narcissa asked.

"Three more weeks." Lily was counting down the days.

"Lily, may I ask you a question?" Narcissa switched breasts. Lily blushed the first time Narcissa exposed herself and then realized she would have to expose herself when Harry came along. They spent all day together. There was nothing else to do. Lily couldn't just read all day or watch TV. She craved human interaction and Narcissa provided it. Severus and Remus were with them for periods of time but they were always discussing wards and safety. Lily couldn't be of much help and Narcissa did not care for wards or anything related. Lily thought it reminded her too much of war. The widow focused all her attention on Draco.

"Of course." She turned off the TV. They couldn't use electronics too much. It interfered with their magic.

"Could you ask Severus if we could go to Molly's house? "Molly corresponded with them and invited them to tea to the Burrow. Narcissa asked Severus and he gave a categorical no.

"Remus is undergoing transformation. Black is on recruiting duties. We can't just leave to have tea with the Weasleys." Severus replied as they ate dinner the night before.

"He will say no." Lily rolled her eyes.

"Convince him." Narcissa smirked. "I know you can. I have full faith in your abilities."

Lily laughed, "I look like a bloody beach ball. There is nothing sexy here."

Narcissa giggled. "He will be interested I assure you. Mrs. Snape, seduce your husband. Use your womanly powers to your advantages."

The muggleborn smirked too. She never used sex to get Severus to do anything. She doubted it could ever work. The young woman tried it that night when Severus and her retired.

"Remus's transformations are taking a toll on him." Severus said as he unbuttoned his shirt. Lily wore a black nightgown. It was sheer and so comfortable. She helped him with his buttons. Severus smiled and touched the fabric of her long nightgown.

"I like this one." He kissed her strap. Lily smiled coyly and sat behind him. She massaged his shoulders. He groaned and relaxed his head back into her. "That feels great love."

She peppered a few kissed on his neck and shoulders. She knew her husband and in less than ten minutes he was on her. They made love tenderly.

She was breathless and kissed his chest. "Sev, I want to ask you something."

"Anything Lils." He kissed her sweaty forehead. "I want two things." She said sweetly. She played with his chest hair.

"Within reason love." He played with her hair.

"A cooling charm. Is too hot but I want to cuddle." She saw him grab his wand and felt a cooling sensation.

"Next command oh mighty Lily Snape." He said sleepily.

Lily giggled and kissed his chest. "I want to see Molly."

He sighed. "Lils, it's too dangerous."

"Maybe she can come here." Lily murmured.

"Absolutely no love." He moved to face her. "Lily, I know. We're all going loony but we have to keep you and Harry safe." Severus pushed some strands of her hair behind her ear.

Lily felt guilty then but she really was going insane here. "Sev please. You and Sirius could take us. He will come back the day after tomorrow. Remus said so. Narcissa told me too."

Severus shook his head. "I promise, if we go I won't ask you again. Severus just this once, things are quiet now. There haven't been any major attacks since we moved here." She kissed him gently and waited for him to say something.

"Not tomorrow." He whispered. "I have to go with Dumbledore the day after tomorrow. We will take the train to the village. Narcissa will want to go as well. Black, Remus and I will go with you. I'll ask Arthur to stay with you. I'll make sure the headmaster keeps a floo network open to the Burrow." He said with conviction, "I will retrieve you from the Burrow. Lils, you'll take Potter's cloak with you. Should something happen and you can't get out. You hide under the cloak."

Lily frowned. "Nothing's going to happen."

Severus frowned right back. "Maybe not but if anything happens. You have to hide under that cloak. You and Harry hide. Swear it." He said fervently. She wanted to argue but she found herself nodding her head.

Two days later she was in the Burrow spending the day. "Good Luck." She said as Severus kissed her goodbye. Her husband spent a few minutes talking to his father and then apparated to Hogwarts.

"I'm going to the pond with the boys. Bill is done with his lessons. Tobias had the twins on his arms. Gussie gave her a million kisses and rubbed her belly. Percy followed Gussie and kissed her too. Charlie and Bill trailed after Tobias.

"Augustus, Percy do you want to stay with the ladies?"

"No." Percy ran to her father in law. Gussie kissed her square on the cheek "Bye Lil." Lily waved bye and joined Narcissa and Molly in the kitchen.

Molly had a playpen set up with Ron and Draco inside. Ron was a chubby baby. He was a beautiful ginger boy. Lily picked him up and squeezed him.

"He's adorable." Lily kissed his tummy. Little Ron let out a baby guffaw.

"He is. He's growing out of the twins' baby clothes already." Molly looked troubled.

Narcissa drank her cup of tea. "Molly, have you thought about modifying the clothes. You knit. Maybe we can take the clothes and knit them into something new. Lily is good a transfiguration. She could transfigure them. I can help you knit them into something new."

Molly smiled gratefully, "Thank you Narcissa but you two came to have a good time. I can't ask you to spend your day knitting and sewing."

"Believe me. It's better than what we do at home. Narcissa and I have nothing but to take care of Draco and he is an easy baby." Lily waved her wand and the needles, yarn and other clothes danced to the kitchen.

Narcissa nodded. "My Draco is an angel." She said wistfully.

They talked about Molly's kids, Ron and Draco. Those two woke up in good moods. Ron tried to engage Draco but the blond baby was too young.

The women knitted and talked about the war too. "Arthur believes something will happen soon. There haven't been any raids or anything happening in the ministry. He has been trying to hear everything he can but things have settled down. The aurors have even caught some rogue death eaters." Molly said.

"I am tired of this war." Narcissa said as she enchanted the needles into knitting.

Lily nodded, "I miss Diagon Alley." She said wistfully.

"We used to go every week. Tobias helped us with the little ones. We got ice cream from Fortescue." Molly smiled.

Harry kicked her bladder. "This baby drains me." Lily needed to use the loo.

The women spoke more about the Order and its happenings. Remus came back from the pond, "mind if I join you ladies?" He looked sick. Remus was still recovering from his latest transformation.

They were in the living room almost done with their knitting and sewing. Lily did not magically knit but transformed the clothes to Ron's size or changed to colors. Narcissa was good just as good as Molly when knitting. Apparently pureblood witches were instructed in household charms, etiquette, wizarding history and the like while growing up.

"Not at all Remus. Would you like some chocolate?" Lily asked as she stood up and went into the kitchen.

"Thank you Lily." He sat on the sofa and looked at the children in the playpen. Lily offered him three bars of chocolate while sitting next to him. She lie down "Rub my feet." She told him.

Remus smiled "No. I'm going to eat my chocolate." Narcissa cocked her head to the side but didn't say anything. Molly changed and fed a rowdy Ron. Draco was fast asleep on the playpen.

Lily smiled when Remus ate his chocolate bars. "Sev asked me to help him in the lab." He commented.

"I figured. Sirius is rubbish at potions. He won't let me assist because of Harry." She rubbed her belly.

"I hated potions as a student. I made Sev tutor me until I got an Exceeds Expectations." Narcissa commented.

"I'm average at best. I think Sev asked me because there is no one else really." Remus was not using false modesty.

"I got Outstanding in my N.E.W.T.S." Molly boasted as she burped Ron.

That opened a whole conversation about magical subjects. Molly had been an excellent student in almost all subjects but for History of Magic and Magical Care of Creatures. Narcissa was excelled at everything but for Potions. Lily's weakest subject was Ancient Runes. Remus hated Divination and Arithmancy. They spoke about professor and the endless parade of Defense Against the Dark Arts. Molly had outrageous tales of her professors. They laughed, even Narcissa did. She couldn't contain her giggles when Remus explained how the marauders managed to cancel classes for one day.

"You did what?" She asked when Remus explained that placed dungbombs in every classroom all night long to avoid professor's McGonagall exam on the laws of inherent transfiguration.

"I studied but James and Sirius did not."

Molly laughed. "I would have hated you four." She kept on laughing.

Narcissa giggled as well. "I spent the whole day with Lucius. We sneaked out to Hogsmeade. We went to the Shrieking Shack. It isn't haunted." She said dreamily.

"Oh Arthur took me there as well. I thought no one knew." Molly said with a surprised face.

Lily laughed. "Sev and I used to go there as well."

Remus shook his head. "I was a model student and never took anyone there."

It was Narcissa's time to laugh. "I highly doubt that." Remus smiled.

Draco woke up and cried, "it's his time to eat. Molly, is there a place where I can umhh"

"Oh, yes dear." Molly took her upstairs.

Lily and Remus stayed back chatting. "Where is Sirius?"

"Out with Mr. Snape and the boys. Your father in law sure doesn't like him. He taught the children to kick him while they played football." Remus said casually.

"She looks better. Sirius feels better too." Remus continued as he helped her sit back up.

She held his hand, "Are you feeling better too?"

"I am. I reckon James wouldn't have wanted me weeping and feeling sorry for him." Remus smiled. "Sirius, has new purpose now. He wants to have his family back, what's left of it. He plans to reunite Narcissa and her sister."

Tobias and the kids burst in the room. "Go and wash up. Bill, make sure to help Perce and Gus. I'll take the twins."

"Sweetheart, I thought you would be gone by the time we came back." He told her.

"Sev will come back for me later today." She said happily and helped him with George who pulled on her hair.

Remus feebly asked about Sirius. "I am not his keeper young man." He said and then washed Fred's hands. Lily handed him George.

Molly came back with a happy Ron, as did Narcissa with Draco. "Mum, I'm starving uncle Tobias taught us many fouls so we don't do them when we play football. I taught him quidditch rules. Severus doesn't know much about quidditch." Bill parroted.

"That's wonderful Bill." She had Charlie on her lap while Percy and Gus looked at the playpen.

"His hair yellow. Why his hair yellow?" Percy asked Molly who laughed.

Narcissa watched with trepidation as Gus gently touched Draco's left foot.

"Well Perce, his mum has yellow hair, and I bet his daddy did as well. You have red hair because your mum and dad have red hair. Gus had black hair because I have black hair and his mum did too." Tobias answered.

"Yes, Percy." Narcissa said.

Molly stood up. "Very well, I'll cook dinner."

"Can I watch? Mother never let us." Narcissa stood up. "Lily could you watch Draco?" She whispered.

"Of course Narcissa." Lily replied. The children played on the carpet in front of them. They were more subdued. Gussie and Charlie fell asleep at some point. "Should we move them to their beds?" Remus asked uncertain.

"No, they nap here. It's easier when they have to eat." Tobias said while he played with Ron. Lily held Draco and smelled his baby hair.

Remus nodded and helped Bill and Charlie build something with magical blocks. Fred and George were more interested in each other than the rest of the people in the room.

"How are you feeling Lily?" Tobias asked her.

"Fine, considering everything that's happened. I want Harry out of me already." Tobias chuckled.

"Sleep as much as you can. He won't let you once he is out. Severus and Augustus were hellish babies. They cried all the time." He tickled Ron.

"Now this one. He sleeps like a log. Don't you Ronald. You are a very sleepy and chubby baby." He laughed when Ron gurgled and hit him on the nose.

Lily felt Harry kick once more. "Your grandson is restless. He can't manage to keep still today."

"Is he eating well? Sev looks thin." Tobias asked.

"I feed him Tobias. He is stubborn. You know how he is." Lily replied.

"Sweetheart, I know. I'm not blaming you. I keep on hoping this war will end soon. I've grown very fond of Arthur and his family but I want to go back to my life. I want to buy a house and raise Gus, go back to work."

"Arthur believes things might come to a head soon. There haven't been any news in the ministry." Tobias pointed out.

"Severus disagrees. He is worried about the lack of attacks. It's as if he's waiting for something to happen." Lily mused and rocked a squirming Draco.

The kids ate first. Sirius and Severus were back by the time Molly, Lily, Narcissa and Tobias finished feeding the twins, Ron and Draco.

Severus kissed her goodnight. He looked happy. "We found another one my love." He kissed her deeply. She hugged him. "I have no idea what you're saying."

He laughed, "I'm starving." He smiled.

Sirius was not in the best moods but Narcissa put a stopper to that. She glared at him when he made a rather poor comment about Tobias. "He bloody unleashed those hellions of yours Molly." The man had apparated to Hogsmeade. Dumbledore called upon him to ask him for a rather odd favor. The old man wanted to borrow a book from the Black's library.

Molly took it in good stride but Narcissa did not. Sirius wanted to leave as soon as he and Severus arrived back to the Burrow. The children were upstairs fed and asleep. He refused to eat dinner. Lily thought Narcissa would have a fit. "Excuse us for a minute." She smiled.

Lily and the rest of them watched as they walked into the kitchen. She must have said something that resonated because Sirius was quiet and almost pleasant during the rest of the evening.

They waited for Arthur to have dinner. They had a lovely meal and chatted, not about the war but about their memories of the Shrieking shack and Hogsmeade. Surprisingly it was Sirius who described Madame Pudifoot's establishment with the best accuracy.

"What can I say? I am very popular with the ladies." He said smugly.

"You wouldn't if they knew you growing up." Narcissa wrinkled her nose.

"Do tell Cissy." Sev said sardonically.

"Oh, he tormented me. He hated girls until he was thirteen. He put frogs in my room. Sirius loved to put his boogers on my robes. He refused to bathe for three weeks. No house elf was able to get him to do so. Aunt Walburga had to hose him down…"

"Cissy, that's private." He hissed. Tobias laughed and soon they were all laughing and swapping childhood stories.

Severus frowned when Tobias told a few. As it happened Tobias had a very good recollection of Severus's antics as a young boy.

They laughed when he told a particular one when him and Lily were missing.

"We were not missing. Sev and I went to the Zoo." Lily defended him.

"They ran away. They were barely ten years old. I think Eileen and I aged five years when I found the note."

"Mum and Dad, I will be back tonight. Lily and I went to the Zoo. Mind you, the Zoo was two towns away. Harry and I got into his car and found them inside the Zoo."

"By the polar bears." Lily finished. Sev smiled.

"Oh Tobias, you must have been beside yourself." Molly said.

"I hugged him tightly as did his mother when she saw him." Tobias replied.

"I was grounded for a month after that." Severus shook his head.

"Oh, how you argued your sentence. I left a note. I left a note." Tobias shook his head.

Narcissa timidly asked. "What exactly is a Zoo?" Lily explained as much as she could.

"Caging animals is common practice then. That does not seem very fair for the animals. They are supposed to roam in their habitats." Narcissa pointed out.

Remus explained the concept behind Zoos but the woman was not convinced. Lily did not want to raise the issue of house elves with the pureblood witch just yet. They spoke more and more. Tobias had more opportunities to learn about Narcissa and her friendship with Severus.

"I'm going to see Gus for a bit and then we'll get going." Sev kissed her cheek and went up to check on his baby brother.

Lily thanked Molly and hugged her. "I wish Alice could be here with us." She said gently.

"Oh, she's too pregnant to travel. I bet her baby will be here by the end of the week. Let me show you her picture."

Narcissa peeked, "oh yes. She looks ready to get that baby out of her. Draco's birth was torture for me."

"Which one was your hardest Molly?" Narcissa asked curiously.

"Percy. He was born during summer. I was miserable." Molly replied immediately.

"Harry will be born next month and I can't wait for him to be out. I want to meet him so bad." Lily smiled widely and rubbed her belly.

"You won't have to wait much sweetheart. It's July 29th, Harry will be here before you know it." Tobias kissed her goodbye as soon as he saw Sev coming their way.

"Thank you once more Molly. Your advice was wonderful." Narcissa smiled and kissed her goodbye.

"Anytime dear. You should really try that charm. It will save your life when he gets a few months older." She hugged her goodbye.

Sirius and Narcissa apparated. There was no use for them to travel through muggle means. Remus apparated soon after when Sev told him that Sirius didn't know the wards as well as he did.

Lily felt energized and a little carefree as they traveled home. They were on the train when she giggled uncontrollably. "What's so hilarious?"

"I remembered the day at the Zoo. Can you believe your dad told them about that?" She giggled.

"I can't believe we got away with it. When I heard dad talk about it; I remembered how he hugged me and told me to never ever do that again." Severus shook his head.

Lily leaned into his arms. "You were in a very good mood."

"I still am Lils." He replied honestly.

"I wish we could always be like this. I wish we could travel without worrying about death eaters and people trying to kill us." Lily said with some sadness.

"Soon Lils. It will all be over soon." Severus kissed her hands.

Sev opened the door to their home. "Come on, let's go to bed."

Alice gave birth a baby boy on July 30th. Lily knew the baby was named Neville and was born in early morning. She was happy for Alice. Severus smiled tightly. Lily remembered the prophecy, as the seventh month dies. She couldn't sleep that night thinking about Alice and her family.

Sev decided to spend the next day with her. He was insistent on doting on her. Narcissa smiled indulgently.

Her husband looked worried for some reason. He observed her all day and crowded her. Sev insisted on Sirius and Remus staying the whole day as well. She helped him cook dinner when she felt the liquid rush out of her. The woman looked down to see the small pool of water. It was almost 8:00 PM.

"My water broke." She looked up to see Severus's fearful eyes.