Cauldrons and Lilies

Chapter 46

Chapter 46

Lily Snape was happy for her friend. Cissy, Molly and her were talking in her kitchen.

"I have decided to give it a go." Cissy said with a small smile.

It was the following weekend after Draco accidentally dissapparated. "What happened? Where did Draco go?"

Narcissa shook her head delicately, "he does not remember. Those were the worst five minutes of my life. Lily healed him. Dragon was very shaken. Remus took him home and put him to sleep when he calmed down. Draco took a long time to calm down. Remus held him for about twenty minutes before Draco calmed down."

Narcissa sipped her tea. "Remus then walked me to my bedroom and we spoke."

Molly encouraged her to tell them more. "About…" Lily chuckled. Molly was such a gossip, but truth be told she was dying to know what happened between her child's godparents.

"Our relationship." Narcissa smiled. "He said he loved me again and that he missed me and Draco horribly. Remus said that he has been in love with me since before Draco was a year old. Remus said that it was fine if I did not love him back but that he was not going away." "I am his father. You cannot keep him away from me. He is mine and I will raise him. I will see him every weekend and take care of him when you are at your functions and events."

"I agreed to his terms and then hugged him goodnight." Cissy blushed. It seemed liked the blonde withheld information from her friends.

Lily girnned. "What happened?"

"He kissed me and I kissed him back. He made love to me." Cissy giggled.

Molly laughed, "How was it?"

Lily shook her head, "Molly!"

"It was different. Lucius was my only one. I loved him and he was good to me. Remus is different. He was loving and good. Remus made me forget everything. It was primal and I cannot keep speaking about this. " She said; her face redder than Molly's hair. They all laughed.

"So what is he going to do? Is he staying with you?" Remus had bot been back home and Lily was curious.

Narcissa nodded,"He is. Draco knows that daddy and mummy sleep in the same bedroom. Poor dear is having separation anxiety. He did not go five minutes without looking for Remus during the first three days." Cissy commented.

Lily was glad. Cissy looked happier than she had ever seen her.

"Draco knows Lucius was his father. He will know the sacrifices his father did for us. I want him to grow up with a dad. I deserve to be happy too. Remus is my happiness." Narcissa looked determined. "I mourned for Lucius, I really did but Remus wants me. He loves Draco as if he was his own and I want him. I want to wake up and see his face. I want to make Remus smile more. He has a beautiful smile."

The witches talked for hours until Remus came and fetched Cissy. "Ladies." He said and kissed Cissy. Lily beamed at him.

He kissed her cheek. "Your husband is in a wonderful mood. He's received Belby's research." Remus grinned. "You do have a wionderful smile." Remus winked at her playfully.

Lily smiled, "Well, I have to go." The redheaded witch stood up. "I have to put Sev on a schedule' otherwise he'll be reading all night."

She apparated home. Severus and Harry were watching the telly. Well, Harry was engrossed while Sev had Belby's research around the rug. Lily came in and went to kiss Sev.

"Mummy don't!" Harry yelled and stood up on the couch. "You can't. You have to get to the couch. Daddy put a spell."

Lily looked at him and Severus mouthed no. Lily watched as her son jumped from couch to couch to launch himself at her.

Lily caught him. "Daddy is mad."

Harry giggled. "Daddy said I can help you make dinner." Harry then came close to her ear and whispered. "Daddy and I have a secret." She carried her child to the kitchen.

"You do?" Lily kissed his little cheek. "But you have to tell mummy." She tickled him.

"Daddy gave me ice cream for dinner." Harry giggled some more.

"Daddy is a bad boy. I am very cross with him." Lily said and playfully frowned.

Harry shook his head. "I will tell him to give you a kiss. He will make it better."

Lily giggled with Harry. She loved her sweet boy. They made dinner and called Sev to join them. He looked up and kissed her. "Your son is a traitor. He sold you out after a few tickles and a kiss." Lily related.

Sev smiled and stood up. "I would have sold him out for a few of your kisses and a tickle." Lily pecked him.

"Flaterer." They ate beef stew and then she joined him and Harry in the living room. Their son drew dragons that Charlie Weasley had shown him from one of his books. "Let's take a bath sweetheart."

Harry did not give much fight and bathed with his toys. Lily dried him and dressed him for the night. "You have to brush your teeth." Harry did so quickly. He hated the taste of toothpaste.

"Mummy, can I go play with Won and Dwaco?" He asked sleepily.

"Sunday, when we go to Ron's house for dinner." Lily replied and kissed him goodnight.

Harry closed his eyes and went to sleep. Lily walked downstairs and kissed her husband. "Cissy and Remus are officially together."

"I knew that." Severus replied offhandedly.

Lily frowned. "Why did you not tell me?" Lily asked, a little annoyed that her husband would not disclose that important piece of information.

"Cissy wanted to tell you. I only knew because Sirius told me during our last meeting. Remus swore us to secrecy.

Lily frowned, "Fine, well, Cissy told us tonight. She's happy. How did Sirius take it? Cissy said he took it well."

Severus shrugged. "He seemed fine; happy that Cissy and Remus were together. Why would any of us care? Remus and Narcissa are adults. Let them do whatever they want."

Lily kissed his lips, "You are clueless."

He rolled his eyes. "Want to read about aconite with me?"

He waggled his eyebrows. "Sure, but we go to bed in two hours. I need my sleep. I'm covering for Meredith. She is getting married tomorrow."

"Why on a Tuesday?" He made small conversation. He did not really care to know that Meredith and Derek met on a Tuesday. "Read these first. I read them and I annotated them. Tell me if I missed anything."

Lily started reading. She read his comments; Sev was a genious. "Why would you think that aconite should be dosified in this particular amount?"

"Read page 103." She was on page 128. There it was, a small note about metabolism that would not make sense to anyone.

"I see." Lily read the entire journal while Sev annotated another.

"What do you think?" He asked when she took the journal away from him.

"I understand your basic premise but Sev don't you think Belby would have applied your idea first?" She asked concerned that his research would be for naught.

Severus looked at her. "No. Belby does not understand lycanthropy. He developed a potion to dull and weaken werewolves." He looked at her and kissed her hands.

"I plan to use his base potion to mute the animalistic sense of the wolf. I want to create a potion that could stop Remus' painful transformation and eventually mute his desires to bite or eat flesh." Her husband said excitedly.

She caressed his forehead "Not a cure then." He sighed. "Not yet, but in the future."

Lily hugged him. "I'm exhausted."

He kissed her neck and they were in the bedroom. "I love magic."

Before she knew it. Severus had developed a potion that helped Remus and countless others. It took him almost a year to perfect it. He obtained the rights to it and St Mungos paid him royalties for their mass production. Remus looked healthier, happier and rested. Severus and Sirius still ran with him. Werewolf attacks decreased significantly; Severus was offered a full time position as head of research at St. Mungos which he declined. "I don't wish to work more hours or advance politically. They would ask more time out of me and I am not willing to give them more time. I just want to do research and develop potions. St. Mungos has labs and books I like."

Harry turned eight years old when Narcissa announced she was pregnant. Remus was over the moon when he learned that Cissy was going to give him another child. Narcissa cried because he counted Draco as his firstborn. Her friend was also terrified; she never had easy pregnancies but Lily assured her the baby was perfectly healthy every time she checked her.

She gave birth to a baby girl in late February. Lily and his family visited Grimmauld Place. Sirius smiled at them. Draco greeted them and then ran off with Harry.

"You have to meet my new sister. She is so small. Daddy said I have to protect her. Come on Harry, I'll show you my secret place that I found." They ran off to the library.

"They are upstairs. She is beautiful, looks just like Cissy." Sirius said and went after the kids.

Lily and Severus went to Cissy's bedroom. She looked rested and had the baby on her arms. Remus was by her side.

Remus smiled at them "You'll be godparents."

"What about Black?" Severus asked while approaching Cissy.

"He understands. He's never in England for long anyway. He will be fun uncle." Cissy explained.

Sirius had been travelling for two years now. He dropped in unannounced and satyed a few weeks until he felt restless and travelled once more. He was happier that way. "What is her name?"

"Lyra" Remus touched her little cheek.

"She is beautiful Cissy." Lily held the very blonde baby.

She opened her eyes and noticed they were blue like Harry's had been. "She will have green and gold eyes like you Remus." Lily kissed and cooed Lyra until Severus asked to hold her.

She handed her husband the baby and felt a tug. He looked good with a baby on his arms. She wanted one. Lily chatted with Cissy. "Remus and I are planning a summer wedding."

"He proposed once he saw Lyra come into the world." Cissy said smugly.

"Molly told me it would be a girl because she had carried Ginny like I carried Lyra. She will visit tomorrow with the boys and Ginny." Narcissa kept talking. Lily was in love with the new little Lyra.

They left the new baby late that day. Harry met Lyra. "Draco is a big broher now; just like Ron and daddy."

"He is." Severus agreed.

"Can we go visit granpa?" Harry asked.

"It is too late. We'll go tomorrow." Lily kissed his face.

They went to bed. Lily practically attacked Severus. "I want to have another baby."

Severus kissed her, "A little girl with your face." He had been affected by Lyra too.

Lily giggled when he whispered they should practice as much as they could. Lily stopped taking the potion the morning after.

She knew it would take a few months for her body be hormonally stable. She was content with that. She offered to babysit Lyra as much as she could. Before she could think about babies. Harry turned nine years old.

They had a big party for him. Sirius was back from Indonesia. He brought trinkets upon tirkets for all the kids. Severus and Sirius went to pick up Tobias and Gus. Their relationship had improved since the "mutt" as Sev called him lived away and only dropped in certain weeks every other two or three months.

Augustus had been sorted in Slytherin of course. "I was afraid all those Weasleys would corrupt him." Severus said ecstatic that his little brother continued good traditions. Lily had rolled her eyes at his words.

Lily chatted with Molly and Cissy while the children ran around. The twins were back from their first year as Gryffindors. Molly had received more owls than for Bill, Charlie and Percy combined. "They will not be expelled. I have grounded them for the whole summer." Lily doubted that would stop the twins from being troublemakers.

"I am surprised Gus and Tobias are not here yet." Molly commented while magicking objects for Lyra to play with. The blonde was one year old and every bit as cute as Draco had been at that age.

"I think Gus was feeling under the weather." Lily said.

"Well, Percy saw him two days ago and he said something about a blonde woman knocking on the door as he left." Molly offered.

"Tobias is not dating anyone. At least we do not think he is dating anyone." Lily replied and tickled dropped to play with Lyra.

Narcissa sipped on her fizzy drink. "I don't think he will ever date."

Molly looked curious, "Why do you say that?"

"Well, I have spent less time with Mr. Snape than you two but he speaks very highly of his late wife. His eyes are always sad but there is no longing to experience those types of happy memories. After I lost Lucius, it was hard for me to imagine life without him and I did not look at anyone. After sometime however I wanted to be happy again and I hated myself for feeling that way until Remus kissed me and I knew I wanted to be loved and love again. I think Mr. Snape is perfectly happy to be a widower." Cissy reasoned.

"I never saw it that way." Lily commented. Harry, and the other kids grew restless and she cut the cake. They sang happy birthday to Harry and he asked about his dad, "He's getting grandpa and your uncle." Harry rolled his eyes. He never called Gus uncle.

The floo activated and in came Gus, Sirius and Severus. "Where is Tobias?"

"He will not be joining us. Lily, I have to tell you something." Severus looked upset.

"What's happening?" Lily asked a little worried.

"It's best if we go to dad's house." Sev pulled her to the floo.

She stepped out of the floo. Lily never expected to see her sister and nephew. She was shocked beyond belief when she looked at her. Petunia had a black eye and a broken lip.

Tunny stood up and hugged her. Lily hugged her back and cried. Petunia cried, "He will kill me. You have to take care of my Dudley."