Cauldrons and Lilies

Chapter 39

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Chapter 39

His father once told him he would need his sleep once Harry was born. Tobias wasn't mistaken. Severus loved his son and Lily but Harry was a nightmare at night. He was a difficult child. His son wailed every night without fail. Lily had the patience of a saint and tried to keep him quiet but their son had a temper. Severus and her would rock him, sing to him, and walk with him until he quieted for an hour and then the cycle would start again. He was almost five months before he stopped wailing all night.

"Figures, he had to be your kid." Black said one morning after Harry kept them all up. As it happened silencing charms worked as long as the person casting it was awake which defeated the purpose of sleeping. Narcissa served them tea; she looked tired too, well at least Draco was a good baby.

Severus did not have energy to refute him. Harry was a nightmare but he was absolutely beautiful and not even Black could resist those eyes he had.

Draco was awake and demanded attention. Narcissa placed him on a playpen. Lily held Harry and fed him a bottle from her milk.

"Where is Remus?" Cissy asked.

"Bed." Lily replied, "his time of the month is coming and he's started taking wolfsbane." Unlike them Narcissa was not used to his transformations; she avoided him during those days.

"Lils, I'm going with Remus and Black to the Shrieking Shack for his transformation." Severus said casually. He had not ventured out of their house since Harry was born. He was tired of being in that house. He needed fresh air even if it meant going out with Remus and Black.

"Fine, Narcissa and I will make a day out of it as well. I am taking her to muggle London and then we are going to Molly's. Harry and Draco have a playdate with Ron and the twins."

Severus looked at her and carefully explained, "I don't think it is safe for you to go about in muggle London."

Narcissa moved past them and retrieved two cups of polyjuice potion.

"We knew you would say that so Lily brewed polyjuice. No one will know it is us. No one will care." Cissy commented.

"I don't understand why you would care to go to muggle London." Severus tried to say then.

"I happen to want to learn more about muggles. Lily has told me amazing things, which I have to see first hand and she happens to know her way around muggle London. We will go Severus." Narcissa huffed.

"I don't have to ask him for permission." Lily said a little out of sorts now. This smelled like Narcissa all over. Lily would not have acted like that if she were alone. He did not like it.

"This is not about permission Lily. It is about safety, we might as well be fugitives. I don't want anything to happen to you or our son." Severus said explaining his point of view.

"There have not been any attacks. I could go with them too." Sirius said.

"No, you are not coming with us, not as a person nor as a dog." Narcissa declared.

Lily kissed him on the cheek. "It will all be fine. I will send my patronus and you will pick us up from the Burrow tomorrow. I owled Molly, she is fine with Cissy and I staying over. You take care and go out."

Severus kissed her, "Take the cloak and the stone." Severus had perfected the stone he gave her when they moved from the other safe house. He was not taking any chances with her safety. She would never face the Dark Lord again. That stone served, as an immediate portkey and it would take her to Hogwarts if need be. She would then go to the come and go room and wait for him. It took a lot of work for him to perfect it. Lily asked him every night to tell her how it worked and he did. Lily was amazed and asked why he had not told her before that he found a way to apparate to Hogwarts.

"Albus swore me to secrecy." He said with an innocent voice.

"Liar." Lily kissed his chin and left him alone.

"Where are you going?" He kissed her again.

"Botanical gardens, zoo and maybe catch a film." Lily handed him Harry.

"I'll go change. Cissy, come with me." Narcissa followed her. Black went to the playpen and played with Draco who unlike Harry was an easygoing child.

"Are you really coming with us? You are not an animagus, you don't have the talent to be so." Black taunted.

Severus laughed and startled Harry who opened his almost bright green eyes in reproach.

"I could become one in less time that you ever could." Severus pointed out.

"I highly doubt it. It took almost three years for me and James to do so."

Severus smirked, "six months."

"What are you willing to bet?" Black asked.

"Your humiliation will be enough." Severus replied.

"I want something else." Sirius demanded.

"What?" Severus was intrigued.

"I get to name your next child." Black smirked.

"No Sirius or James." Severus said seriously.

"Done." Black said.

Lily and Narcissa returned dressed as muggles. Lils wore jeans and a green jumper while Cissy wore black tights and a simple blue woolen dress.

"Give Remus my love." Lily grabbed Harry from his and placed him on a stroller while Narcissa picked a sleeping Draco from the playpen and put him on another stroller.

Lily kissed him soundly. "Don't worry. I will see you tomorrow." He nodded and kissed Cissy goodbye.

Severus and Black went their separate ways after the women left the house. Severus to his lab to read Azkaban reports trying to find something about Morfin Gaunt. He did not find anything yet. Black retrieved him and they went upstairs to check on Remus who looked frail in bad shape. "Come on we have to get going to the shack."

Remus was drugged with the wolfsbane, "I can't apparate."

"Don't worry mate, Snape will side along with you." Severus helped him up and they apparated.

The shack was a mess. "What now?" Remus asked.

"We wait." Severus said while dusting off a chair. They sat around a table. Remus looked sick. Black took out three joints.

"I don't think it is the best idea for us to be doing that right now." Severus however accepted the joint, there had not been any attacks as Black and Lily pointed out. He would cast a patronus and apparate if anything happened.

"Remus will transform in about two hours. He might as well be high to endure the pain of the transformation. I have Firewhiskey and soberup potion for the two of us.

Remus gladly took the joint and lit it. Severus lit his as well; he did not remember the last time he got high. He must have said that out loud

"I remember the last time we all got high together." Black said while gulping firewhisky.

"Was it seventh year?" Remus asked.

"Yes, Marlene and James were alive and Peter was still our friend." Black said.

"She was beautiful." Severus smoked his joint.

"I loved her, I still love her." Black continued.

Remus laughed after a while, "She never loved you." Sirius laughed as well.

"What do you give them?" Black asked him with a puzzled face, "You are not handsome like me or kind like Remus."

"I don't give them anything." Severus frowned. "I have no idea what you are mumbling about." He drank firewhisky.

"Come off of it." Remus chuckled and poured them more firewhisky. "You had Marlene, Lily and Narcissa drooling for you."

"Narcissa and I have always been friends. I never touched Marlene and Lily, well she is the love of my life." Severus smoked more of the joint.

"So you and Narcissa never." Remus insinuated.

"Not once. She is like my sister." Severus continued.

"I loved Marlene." Sirius said after smoking more.

Remus drank more, "I lost my virginity to Alice, don't tell Frank." He whispered.

Severus and Remus laughed, "I thought you lost it to that Hufflepuff bird."

Remus shook his head, "Alice and Frank were fighting or something. She said I was a sweet and took me to her dorm."

"You son of a bitch." Sirius said with a chuckle. "You never said anything."

"She swore me to secrecy and I am a gentleman." Remus replied. "I thought it best that you or James never knew you would have prodded and I did not want her to be unhappy. Frank and her were back together in matters of weeks."

"I lost it to Holly Jones during our fourth year." Black poured more alcohol into his glass. "I bet Lily was your first and only."

Severus shook his head; the alcohol and the drugs loosened him up. "I lost it to Magnolia Greengrass." Severus drank from the bottle.

"Now she is a looker." Sirius laughed. "I can't believe she gave you the time of the day."

"She enjoyed herself I assure you." Severus did not know why he said that.

Black barked a laugh, "You and James have more in common than I thought. He lost it to her as well."

Severus shook his head, "What would her Slytherin pureblood husband say if he knew Magnolia slept with a Gryffindor and a half blood?"

They all laughed, "I still don't understand that, how can you be a half-blood. All Slytherins are pureblooded.

"Well I am not. My dad is a muggle, you have met him, he is as muggle as they come." Severus shrugged.

"My mum is muggle. My dad and her fled to America last year. They want me to go there with them."

"Why don't you Moony? Your mum and dad they would love to have you there." Black asked.

"I am not going. This is my home, you and Severus are my best friends. I made a promise to James and Sev. I vowed to protect Lily and Harry." Remus puffed some smoke.

Severus was confused, "I made you vow it."

"James did as well." Sirius drank from his glass once more. This was new knowledge for him. Severus frowned, "He should not have. It was not his place to do so."

"You once told me we do not choose whom we love. He loved her deeply, more than I thought. The cloak was passed from father to son and yet he did not doubt it once and bequeathed it to Lily. We don't choose; it happens Severus." It was the first time Black called him by his first name.

"We are never going to be friends." Severus said with a harsh tone.

"I don't want to be your friend." Black growled.

"I think Narcissa is in love with you Sev." Remus mused. The other two wizards laughed at Remus.

"That is hilarious and untrue. She would never look at me like that." Severus drank more whiskey.

"You like her don't you Moony? I for one think it would be nice. I have seen you with Draco and her. It is too soon but maybe in a few years."

"I do not want her, besides I could never offer her anything more than a hard life." Remus said a little flustered.

"I was working on a cure for your affliction years ago." Severus accepted another joint from Black.

"You should continue. Remus needs to get over himself, and his little pity party of every month."

Remus glared at his friend, "It is not a pity party but the harsh reality; a half-breed they call me. I am nothing but a second-class citizen. I hate my condition and the way people look at me whenever I disclose that I am a werewolf, the fear I can handle but the pity, the revulsion is hard to get used to."

Severus looked at him, "I never thought you could feel that way."

Sirius looked at Remus and said, "Well those are stupid people. Snape and I never saw you with fear or disgust. We are your friends and you have us and Lily and Narcissa if you wished to." He waggled his eyebrows in a pretty funny manner.

Severus laughed, "Besides you are loaded. Potter left you a small fortune."

The Gryffindors shook their heads, "Ambitious, a true Slytherin you are." Remus said.

The potion master smirked, "I am only stating facts. You are loaded; any witch would marry you if only for your money. Cissy likes money."

"Oi, that's my cousin." Black yelled and then laughed. "She does like her galleons."

Severus laughed silly until they were quiet and he spoke once more. "Dumbledore told me once that they sort too soon."

"Can you imagine if you were sort in Gryffindor?" Remus asked with a laugh. "I would have never associated with James or the likes of him."

"Thanks mate, I happen to know that you love me and I am your best friend." Black swayed to the side.

"I don't think I would have particularly enjoyed our dorm room." Severus sneered.

"Mother would have loved me so much better if I had been in Slytherin." Black whispered. "Sometimes I wish I had been one, it would have been easier, so much easier."

Severus smiled, "You would not have fit. You lack what it takes to be in Slytherin."

"I'm not evil if that's what you refer to." Black glared. Severus was too relaxed to pay attention to his words. "I miss school, everything was easier then."

"I want this fucking war to be over." Remus growled as his transformation began. Black transformed into the black dog while Severus casted a protection charm and a disillutionment charm on himself.

It was painful to see him transform. It was hard to watch as Remus left all trace of humanity and became this creature, wounded, pained with dull senses. The creature whined and backed into a corner. Remus would sleep the night off in that corner.

Black transformed back and gave him another shot of whiskey. "What are you going to do once the war is over?"

Severus shrugged, "Take care of Lily and Harry. Lils will finish her mediwitch training and I will find a job somewhere."

"I am going away, far as I can maybe Remus will come with me. I want to leave all of this behind me."

"Why don't you go now?" Severus asked.

"I need to take care of Cissy and Draco. I will have her safe and then go away."

"Do you care for Lily?" Severus asked curiously.

"Of course I do but I must admit I would not be as involved or care so much if it weren't for my promise to James or the fact that your son is quite a charmer when he is not showing his Snape tendencies." Black slurred.

"What Snape tendencies?" Severus asked while smoking the last of his joint.

"I reckon he got his sunny disposition from you. Lily must have been an angelic baby while your son is hellish during nights." Black replied.

Severus laughed and could not help but agree more. They talked about Harry and Draco until Black fell asleep. The young man felt relaxed and enjoyed the lack of tension and the blankness of his mind until next morning when he opened his eyes and saw Remus shivering from the cold.

The man stood up and conjured blankets and clothes for his friend, "Black wake up." He yelled and immediately regretted his decision; his head was pounding. Severus was not used to getting stoned or drinking that much.

"Shit." Black stood up and helped Remus. Severus had more than enough potions to help his friend recover from his transformation.

"Drink all of them, you will feel better once they you do." Severus ordered and watched as Remus did so.

Black handed him sober up potion and he felt better then. Remus looked better then. "Can you apparate?"

"Yes." Remus looked pale but his voice was strong.

"We will take you home and then get the girls from Molly's" Black yawned.

Remus shook his head, "Let's head straight to the Burrow. I am starving."

"What time is it?" Severus asked thanking the gods for magic and potions.

"10:30 AM. They should be expecting us by now." Black apparated after that.

"Side along?" Severus asked but did not get his answer because Remus had apparated away. The man was stubborn as only he could be.

He vanished the potions away and apparated near the Burrow. He entered the yard and walked to the house.

He could hear the bustle of the house. His father embraced him, "You did well, he looks just like you but his eyes, those are his mother's eyes."

Severus grinned, "He is hell at nights."

"He's an angel compared with you." Tobias laughed good-naturedly. "I can't have been that bad." Severus muttered as he entered the kitchen. Narcissa and Lily were seated and feeding their children. Draco was more independent and could grab more cereal with his tiny fists whereas Harry wanted to do the same but lacked the dexterity yet. It was so strange to see how much two months made a difference in the infants.

"Good morning ladies." Severus said and kissed Lily.

"You got stoned without me." She whispered and smacked his arm.

"I did no such thing." He whispered back and kissed her nose.

Molly served them food. Bill and Charlie stayed only until it was necessary for them. "We're going to the pond mum." Bill yelled and Charlie followed. Percy and Augustus were eating porridge and talking about something or other. The twins were making a mess out of themselves. Ron was eating solids now and stuffing his mouth with food.

"Did you hear the good news?" Narcissa asked with a smile.

"No." Severus was wolfing down all the food Molly put in front of him, as were Black and Remus.

"Molly is having a baby." Narcissa said with a big smile. The woman sure loved babies.

"Congratulations Molly." Severus said honestly, this one would be the girl she wanted. Ginevra Weasley would be born in August or so he remembered vaguely.

"I hope it's a girl. I love my boys but I want a baby girl so bad." Molly said with sad eyes.

"She will be beautiful, she'll have your eyes and beautiful red hair." Severus said casually.

Lily laughed, "I told you he was a charmer."

"No offense Molls but Arthur's record is not the best, he will give you another boy." Black said between mouthfuls. Molly frowned at him, as did Narcissa.

"Care for a little wager?" Severus smirked.

"Of course Snape but money this time." Black replied.

"A thousand galleons." Severus said easily.

"That is 4,930 pounds." His father said with a frown, "Severus think your words before you speak."

"How did you make those calculations so quickly?" Sirius asked a little impressed.

"I happen to have put that boy through school. I know how much galleons are worth." Tobias replied while drinking pumpkin juice.

Severus shrugged, "You have plenty of galleons. Is it a wager yes or no?"

"Of course it is Snape." Black said with a glare.

Severus smirked once more, "Molly, that will be our gift for Gi…, your daughter." Lily nodded.

"I will give you the earnings as well Molls once you have a healthy baby boy. Maybe you'll name him after me." He barked a laugh.

Molly shook her head, "Impossible you two are." Remus laughed when Draco giggled and grabbed his cheeks. Draco liked him a lot as did Harry who babbled to him. Severus and Black ate at least three servings before calling it quits. Remus ate even more.

Augustus looked at him, "Sev, why can't you, Lily and the baby live with us?" his brother asked once he drank his juice.

"It is not safe Gus." Severus replied.

"Daddy said that the bad people who killed mummy are after you and Harry." Gus replied.

"Auntie Molly said it too. Percy and I heard it." Gus said with big brown eyes. Percy nodded, "Bill said there is a war and that is why Mummy cries whenever Daddy goes to work and why uncle Tobias is here with us because of the war and the bad wizard." The redheaded child said with scared blue eyes.

Severus was speechless. Remus who always had better tact replied almost immediately, "you don't have to worry. Tell Bill and Charlie they don't have to worry either. Sev, Sirius, your parents, Tobias, Lily and I, we are fighting the bad wizard. We will win."

Gus nodded, "I told you Perce." They climbed down their seats and chattered away.

"They're four year olds." Narcissa said with a broken voice. Molly sat by her. "I had no idea they were listening." She was just as shocked as all of them.

"They are safe. We will keep them safe; there will come a time when they don't remember any of this." Sirius said with strong voice.

Lily nodded, "Remus is right. We will win this."

Severus placed a muffliato charm around them, "There have not been any sightings or any attacks. All is so peaceful."

"The calm before the storm. Sometimes I cannot believe this is happening. It is so strange." Tobias Snape muttered.

"We can't behave like this." Remus stood up and grabbed Harry and Ron from their high chairs. "I am going to show Harry and Ron the ducks.

"I am going with you." Narcissa took Draco and Sirius followed them.

"Severus, a word." Tobias requested. Lily kissed his forehead. "Molly and I are going to knit some clothes for the new baby." She hugged him.

Severus and his dad stayed in the kitchen, "Augustus asked after your mother the other night. I told him about her death."

"He's too young to understand." Severus said feebly.

"He understands, believe me he does, he knows that Molly loves him but she is not his mum. Severus I want you to know that I need you to be safe for him and Harry. They will need you. I cannot think of what would happen if those wizards came into this house. Molly and Arthur are good people but I don't want to burden them with Gus. I want you to take care of your brother if something happens to me." Tobias said somberly.

"Dad, nothing will happen to you." Severus laughed it off.

"Look at me." Tobias said, "I am common, ordinary, unlike you and your brother. I do not matter to them. I don't like this calm. Please Severus listen and be careful." Tobias hissed.

"Yes father." Severus replied solemnly.

"It is time for Bill and Charlie's math lesson." Tobias stood up and left the room.

Severus thought about his father's words. Gus and Harry needed him. He watched the Weasley children running around the yard and saw as Harry and Draco giggled when Remus lightly put their feet on the frozen water. It was 1981, February. Severus felt fear, even more fear than when Lils told him she was pregnant. October 31st loomed and he was not sure what to do.

"What are you thinking?" Lily came near him and kissed his shoulder, "That father is right. This calm is unsettling."

Lily hugged him, "Love, I'm tired of this war. I had so much fun with Cissy; I know we have to hide but I don't think I want to hide for the rest of my life. Severus, I want something to happen." Lily said and then hugged him tighter.

Severus kissed her head, "If anything happens you have to take the pebble and go. Understand?"

Lily had tears on her eyes, "Yes. You will come and meet us at the room of requirement."

"Of course my love." Severus kissed her more.

"Come on, let's enjoy the day before it gets too cold." She looked up to him and dragged him to the frozen pond with the rest of them.