Cauldrons and Lilies

Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

"When do you have to go back?" They were lying on the grass, the sun blinding them; he liked the heat around his face. Thankfully it hadn't snowed yet so this was still possible. Lily asked him again.

"Midnight, mother put a spell on me." He ground out, still furious with her and Tobias for making his life miserable once again.

Lily sat up and pulled him. "We could go to the ice cream parlor. Vernon works there. I'm sure he'll get us in for free." She said cheerfully.

Severus remembered the oafish blond and declined, "I rather not." He said with a sullen tone. He ruminated; it was in his nature, he wouldn't let his worries go until he was absolutely spent.

She sighed, "Well I won't stay here all day. This is our first day back from school. We should do something."

Severus frowned, "Go back home if you'd like. I need to make mum understand that he's bad news." He said more to himself than anyone else.

She punched him in the arm. Severus opened his eyes and glared at her. "What the bloody hell is wrong with you. That hurt." He hissed.

"You stop right now. You can't do anything today. You'll think of something tomorrow. Now, let's go to the theater. I just got my allowance and I want to watch that film I told you about." She didn't take no for an answer and pulled him up. Of course she couldn't, she wasn't strong enough. "Don't be a child Sev." She huffed, her face was flushed and she frowned comically.

"Fine, but don't expect me to like it or discuss it with you." He replied petulantly. She smiled and hugged him. She was a hugger and he didn't protest. They walked hand in hand to the theater. They ended up watching Monty Python again. She laughed and he forgot about his parents like he always did when he was around her for more than forty minutes. He laughed too and soon they were walking to a pizza shop. He felt bad that she had to pay for everything. He decided to get a summer job. He wouldn't depend on his mother or Lily for things anymore. They ate and laughed, after the food they walked around town and visited a music store. They spent hours listening to records and catching up with their favorite artists. Severus enjoyed himself; he had forgotten how much he loved Led Zeppelin. It was getting late, well to Lily's standards. She had to be home by 8:00 for dinner.

He was heading for the park he would not go back to Spinner's End until it was absolutely necessary. "Have dinner with me. My parents would love to have you." He doubted that statement but it was better than staying alone in the park.

Severus followed Lily who tried to warn him about Petunia. "Please be nice to her, don't antagonize her." She said pleadingly. Severus remembered the tense dinners at her home. Petunia outright hated him while her parents didn't know how to treat him. They felt pity for him or so he thought.

They made it inside. "Severus dear how great to have you." Mrs. Evans said as she set the table. Petunia looked at him with the usual disdain.

Mr. Evans smiled lightly at him. They had pot roast and a side of roasted potatoes. Mrs. Evans was an excellent cook. Mr. Evans asked about their school work and the new term. Petunia was as sullen as possible. Mrs. Evans and Lily tried to join in the conversation whenever possible.

Eventually it was obvious that he couldn't remain in the Evans household anymore. He had overstayed his welcome. They were watching the telly, watching Doctor Who. Petunia taped the episodes for Lily. His best friend had been so touched by that, he remembered how difficult it was to do that in 1970. "Tunney, come and watch with us." Lils said excitedly. Petunia almost didn't but Lils convinced her with a smile. "Only because it's almost Christmas but I'm not sitting next to him." As if he would want to sit anywhere near Petunia, they sat down and started watching the show. At first Petunia didn't want to enjoy herself but it was obvious that she liked the show too. Lily asked all the questions and Petunia answered her dutifully.

They were in the living room watching a third episode when Harry Evans turned on the lights. "Severus lad, I think is time for you to go home. It's almost midnight." Severus blinked and watched the grandfather clock. The older man was right it was 11:58.

"I'm sorry sir. I apologize, time just flew by." He stood up and made for the door. Lily stood up too. "You're going to say goodbye?" Lily hugged him. She hugged him whenever she could. He didn't remember her being so tactile with him. He was about to say something when he felt a pull, like dissaparating. He blinked and was inside Spinner's End. He turned to see his father in the couch.

"Your mother is asleep. I wanted to have a word with you." Tobias said, his eyes pleading.

He ignored him and walked up the steps. He didn't want to speak with him or even look at him. He wanted Tobias gone, just like he had been for the last twenty five years. He went to sleep with a headache.

The next morning he woke up by his mum rapping on the door. "Severus, wake up. It's Christmas." He growled, "Go away mother." He said with an unpleasant voice.

"Get dressed Severus. Don't make me get in there and drag you out." She said in a shrill tone. Severus wanted to defy her, have her inside his room and confront her once and for all.

He stood up however. He marched into the restroom and washed his face. He brushed his teeth before heading downstairs. He noticed the improvements in the house. The bathroom looked clean and the pipes were working without him having to magic them. He rubbed his eyes and went downstairs.

Severus didn't say a word and went straight for the fridge. "No need for that dear. I made breakfast." Mum pushed him to a chair. He didn't say a word to her.

"Could you at least try? I know it's hard for you to speak to Tobias but he's your dad and he cares about us." She sat in front of him and tried to make eye. Severus ignored her and buttered his toast.

"Is that how it is then? You are giving us the silent treatment. Do as you please Severus Tobias Snape but your petulant attitude will not change the irrefutable fact that your father is back. You will treat him with the respect that he deserves."

Severus snapped, his anger could not be contained anymore. "He does not deserve anything. He left us. Did you forget about that? Did you forget how much you cried? He doesn't care about us mum. He'll go back to his bloody bottle just like he always does."

Tobias entered the room. "Severus that is enough" his father was taller, stronger and his eyes conveyed his message perfectly. Severus was to quiet down and listen. He didn't want to do so.

He lashed out, "You have no right to be here. You left and we were better without you." Severus made for the door but Eileen blocked the door with a spell. He was supposed not to undo the easy spell on the door. He wasn't supposed to do magic outside of Hogwarts but he knew that since mum was registered as a witch the ministry wouldn't track magical use at Spinner's End. He was so agitated he forgot to use retrieve his wand. He turned his hand and the door flew open. He left the house. "Severus you get back here right now." His mother yelled. He walked briskly, furious with her.

In his haste to leave the house he forgot to put on a coat. The cold morning air hit his face, he wouldn't go back and practicing magic would certainly bring the ministry down on him. The thin black shirt and the grey pants didn't protect him from the chilly air. He marched down to Lil's house. Lily's room was in the second floor, there was a tree by her window. Severus had climbed that tree many times when he was younger. He hoped he still could. He was still getting used to having an agile body. He opened the window and marveled at how easy it was to trespass. This was perhaps why the Evans were so easily murdered. He remembered the Dark Lord ordering the attack.

He dusted some of the snow off of his shoulders and hair. Lily wasn't in the room; surely she was downstairs opening gifts with her family. He looked around her bedroom. The memories assaulted him. They spent many afternoons playing, drawing and giggling about Hogwarts. He was sure he would finally be happy there; that once he became a wizard Dad would love him back. Severus thought that once Dad knew about how special he was he would be his daddy again. The one that took him to football matches and played with him. He never realized that Tobias pulled away from him when he showed signs of being magical. He lost his job when he was nine and became a drunk when he was ten. Ever since then Severus and Eileen were a nuisance to him.

Severus's anger increased by the second, he wanted to yell at Tobias and hurt him. He paced in the room. He stopped and hid behind the door. "Yes mum, let me change clothes first." Lily said and entered the room. She was about to pull her tank top up when Severus stopped her. He could see the white creamy skin of her belly. "Lils stop." He hissed. Her eyes opened and she closed the door quickly.

"What are you doing here?" She hissed back, she flushed and pulled her tank down.

"Eyes up Snape." Her tone a little hard.

Severus looked away embarrassedly. "Sorry Lils"

"Why are you here?" She asked and sat on the bed. She patted the space next to her. He sat next to her and sighed, "I had a fight with mum." He said sullenly.

"Did your dad do something?" She asked tentatively and clasped his hand.

"No, but before you go and defend him like you always do, he's not supposed to be back." Severus said angrily.

Lily nodded. She remained surprisingly quiet. He liked that, she just patted his hand.

"Lily, we're leaving in five minutes." Petunia knocked on the door properly.

"I'm not going. I don't feel well Tunney." She said quickly.

"Fine, but don't complain when we don't buy anything for you." Petunia said petulantly.

"You should go." He didn't want her to miss out on whatever the Evans were doing.

She smiled and shook her head, "It's just a shopping trip, besides I'm not leaving you here."

"Sweetheart, are you sure you don't want to come along? Open the door, maybe we should take you to the doctor." Mr. Evans turned the knob and for a second he was scared but the door didn't open.

"I'm fine daddy. I have a headache; it's my time of the month." Severus blushed and looked away from her smiling face.

Mr. Evans stuttered something until they both heard the doors shut. "What should we do now?" She asked him.

"I'm hungry." He replied

They ate breakfast, or well he did since Lily had her fill earlier. "Want to watch Doctor Who again?" He shrugged, better than talking about his dad. He knew she would want to. Lily always wanted to talk about feelings and all that sentimental rubbish.

They settled in the couch, soon they were immersed in the show. By the fifth episode Lily wanted to lie down. Severus remained seated but it was uncomfortable for her to not stretch her legs. "Lie down too." She simply pulled him down. They used to do that when they were kids but it was different now. He didn't know if his hormonal teenage body would withstand such close proximity with her.

He occluded and it helped him with his desires, it also made his sleepy. He closed his eyes and smelled her red hair.