Cauldrons and Lilies

Chapter 78

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Chapter 78

It was October 31st when Lily felt the labor pains. She began to feel the labor pains early in the morning. She had a light breakfast and felt the pain. It was going to be fast. She smiled at Tuney who asked her if she was fine.

"Yes, I just have to find Severus." Lily said and walked slowly to Severus' lab.

He taught Harry and Draco who seemed to have resumed their close friendship as if overnight. Lily would not question it. She kept quiet, just like she did not question where Hermione spent her nights. She did not bring it up with Severus because she knew he would say that she was too young to have sex.

Lily knocked on the door as a contraction hit. She smiled when Severus smiled at her. "The baby is coming today."

Severus smiled and waved his wand. "All Hallows Eve."

"Yes, she will be a very powerful witch." Lily said as they walked to the master bedroom.

"I think it's a boy." Harry as he trailed after them.

"Ask your mother to come." Lily told Draco.

"Yes, aunt Lily." The boy left to his mother.

Lily walked around the room and received her visitors for the next twenty minutes. Narcissa and Tuney stayed in the room as did Harry and Hermione. Lily bore the pain with as much strength as she could. She asked Harry and Hermione to leave once it got really strong. Tuney left as well.

"Severus stays." Lily stated when Tuney tried to take him.

"Just like last time." Sev replied.

"Yes, but quiet and don't scare her." Narcissa asked him.

Lily pushed for another ten minutes when she heard the baby cry. Severus kissed her sweaty forehead. "Another boy."

Lily asked to see him. "He looks just like Harry." The baby opened his eyes and they would be just like hers and Harry's.

"Another green eyes babe." He said and kissed his little forehead.

"What should we name him?" Lily said.

"He does not look like a Hadrian." Severus remarked.

"I want to give him a Roman name like yours." Lily said, "Tobias Aurelius Snape." She said beaming at him.

"Such as serious name." Severus said. "I like it, maybe this one will be in Slytherin." He chuckled.

Lily could tell he was besotted. Narcissa helped her with the afterbirth and the clean-up. "Let's show them the newest Snape."

Harry and Hermione came in first. "A brother." Harry said and carried the baby.

"Be careful with his head." Severus said and handed him their newborn. Hermione peeked over Harry's shoulder.

"What is his name?" She asked and cooed at the baby.

"Tobias." Lily said with a smile.

Hermione nodded, "he is precious."

"Don't get any ideas." Severus whispered. "you are far too young."

Hermione blushed and frowned, "stop it."

"I don't want to see Mr. Weasley by your bedroom anymore nor do I want to see you in his." Severus said blankly.

Lily smiled and punched him. "She is careful."

"I don't want any accidents. She has a bright future ahead of her. She will be Minister of Magic. Harry will be head of the Magical Law Enforcement. She can't do that if she has a baby so soon." Severus replied seriously. Hermione smiled and left with Harry.

Tobias, Tuney and Dudley came in next. "He looks just like Harry." Tuney said and smelled the baby's head.

"Snape genes are pretty strong." Dudley remarked.

"We named him Tobias Aurelius." Lily said when her father in law picked the baby up.

Her father in law smiled. "You shouldn't have."

Severus smiled, "we did." Tobias gave her the baby and hugged Severus. "You are the most wonderful thing I ever did."

Severus smiled shyly. Lily felt the baby fuss. "It is time for him to eat, I think."

Lily and Severus stayed with the baby for the rest of the night. The rest of their friends and family visited the following morning. Molly was in love with the baby. Ron looked uncomfortable around Severus but smiled at the baby.

Lily and Severus experienced a babymoon much like they did with Harry. Lily was glad that the missions seemed to be happening less. They had a few lows. Ted and Andromeda Tonks were murdered January 3rd. Nymphadora blamed herself. Amelia died in her home February 19th. Death Eater attack. Death eaters also killed the Creevey family. Harry and Ginny were really affected as they were very fond of Colin and Dennis.

Severus continued with the trainings and was only satisfied when the kids were sweaty or bleeding. Albus continued to pop every two weeks or so to duel with Severus. Kingsley and Sirius continued to head the recovery, relocation and recruit operations.

Lily nursed little Tobias and put him to bed when the day came. It was at night, as most of these things are bound to happen.

Albus' phoenix patronus soared and spoke with his name, "Floo to the Hog's Head. It is happening tonight."

Severus looked at her, "please stay for Tobias. I beg you."

Lily looked at the sleeping baby and shook her head, "No, you know I can't. I have to go with you and Harry."

"We said one of us needed to take care of the children that they came first." Severus plead with her.

Lily, "Go but you come back to me." She said and kissed him. "You come back, you come back to us and bring Harry and Hermione."