Cauldrons and Lilies

Chapter 59

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Chapter 59

"I cannot believe you make the kids call you professor Snape." The mutt yapped on as they trekked along the path to the Shrieking Shack.

Severus frowned, "I will not have them call me uncle or Severus."

The mutt laughed, "pompous little shit." He said.

Remus shook his head, "It is strange. You a professor." His friend said as if the notion were hilarious.

"I happen to be very adept at my job." The potion master defended.

The mutt snorted. "You hate teaching. I have seen you with the kids. Remember when Bill needed tutoring. I think the kid almost cried." Sirius reminded them.

Remus smiled, "Padfoot is not wrong."

Severus rolled his eyes. "Hurry along. The moon is about to be upon us." They picked up the pace and reached the abandoned house quickly.

Severus placed the potion in front of Remus. His friend swallowed down the concoction. "This is more disgusting than the last time."

The mutt had of course managed to procure two glasses of what looked like firewhisky. Severus took his.

Remus looked out and the window and so it began. He saw Snuffles and became the panther. Remus was disoriented and then scratched at the door. Snuffles led the way and they were in the forest in no time. Severus ran alongside Remus; his friend looked less weary. Time was faster and slower at the same time.

They returned to the shack as soon as dawn broke. Sirius and him helped Remus into the shack. He looked tired but less so than months before.

He smiled and accepted the chocolate bar Sirius offered. "Did you bring it?" Severus asked the mutt.

Black smirked, "of course I did." The man brought out the joints.

"I thought you did not like to partake?" Remus replied feebly.

Severus passed him a joint and the lighter. "It's an experiment." Remus was weakened and took the joint.

Sirius smoked his joint and lit one for him. Severus took it and took a long drag. "I miss cigarettes."

"You could pick up the habit again." The mutt said. "Your kid is in Hogwarts."

Severus smirked, "I happen to be around everyone's kids now. I hate the little shits."

"There is the big bat of the dungeons we all know you are." Remus laughed and kept smoking.

Sirius laughed, "it is wild that you have three kids." He said to Remus.

"Four. You always forget my son." His best friend continued.

Sirius sighed, "I love Dragon. You are his dad but he just reminds me of Lucius."

Severus had to give that to Sirius. "He looks like Lucius more every day."

Remus smoked more. "He is not Lucius. He is a nice, compassionate, caring boy."

Severus looked at Remus, "so was Lucius. He was nice to me. He found me clothes and gave me trinkets he thought I would like when I was eleven years old and alone. He refused to kill me when we fought in Diagon Alley. He was my best friend. I for one am happy that he looks like Lucius."

The other men remained quiet. They would never agree on this one, just like they would not agree on James Potter. The mutt had a gift for souring conversations but he was also wildly distracted and changed topics easily.

"I am going to buy a flat in London." Sirius said with confidence.

Remus laughed, "you don't need a flat, you have a house."

"It is not mine. It is yours and Cissy's." Sirius replied, "besides, I need a place to bring girls back. Your wife would have my balls if I ever brought anyone back."

Severus nodded and inhaled more. He took his notebook and watched as Remus mellowed. It was midday when Remus and Sirius disapparated. "Ask Cissy to write how much he ate and how he felt for the rest of the day. Owl me the results."

"Fine." Black said and grabbed Remus. They were gone with a pop.

Severus apparated to his quarters. "How do you do that?" Lily was in bed with a book.

"Magic." He said and dropped next to her. "You got stoned." She said accusingly.

The man chuckled and kissed her, "I did."

Lily kissed him back. "Did you save me some?"

"No. you are respectable mediwitch now." He said and played with the hem of her sweater. Severus made her feel twenty again once he was done.

He thanked heavens that it was a Saturday and he could sleep in. Lily woke him up later that day.
"Harry came by. He gave me some letters for Dudley and asked if he could see you after dinner tonight." Lily kissed his forehead, "I have a shift tonight. I am spending Sunday with Tuney. Sees you Monday love."

Severus frowned, "No."

"Yes. I am not apparating to Hogsmeade and walking to the castle after a shift. I need to see my sister too." She kissed his lips and left.

Severus was in foul mood the rest of the evening and his mood did not improve when he saw Harry and his band of friends. Draco, Ron and the Granger girl were in attendance. "Professor." His son began.

"We are concerned." The little girl continued.

Harry then began his tale. The children had seen Fluffy and Quirrell. They knew about the trap door. They knew about the philosopher's stone.

"There is no need to worry Mr. Snape. I will have words with professor Quirrell. Ten points from Gryffindor will be deducted from each of you seeing that you were out of bed after curfew. Ten points from Slytherin as well Mr. Malfoy." He said and walked them outside of his office." The children were aghast. Harry, Ron and Draco looked betrayed while the Granger girl looked chastened.

Severus almost flew into a rage as he approached the headmaster's office. "They are not safe. Albus this is a serious matter." He hissed when the old man did not look up.

"I heard you well and clear Severus. We have to let these events unfold naturally." The man said.

"I will not have my son in any harm Albus. It is time to confront Quirrell and kill Voldemort." Severus paced around the office.

"Not quite. We cannot alert him; we need him at his weakest. It will do nothing if we attack him prematurely. Pettigrew is still hidden." The older man said carefully.

"What are you doing about that? You have searched for years and there is nothing yet." Severus grew exasperated.

"There are weak leads Severus; you have to be patient." He said for the hundredth time.

"Fine, but I will not let my son or any of those children face him." Severus stalked out of the office.