Cauldrons and Lilies

Chapter 44

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Chapter 44

Lily woke up with a smile. It was Christmas, with Sev and Harry. They were safe, they were happy. She was a mediwitch. Sev was working for St Mungos as a researcher and potion maker and Harry was healthy and so big now. He was five and so beautiful. She was happy. Lily turned and caressed Severus's back, "Love, wake up." She kissed his shoulder.

"No." He replied grumpily and burrowed deeper into their bed.

"Come on. It's Christmas." She kissed his cheek and then his lips.

"Merry Christmas." He kissed her and pulled a leg over hers. "Give me my present." He kissed her neck and tried to lower the strap of her nightgown.

Severus whispered some things in her ear and as usual she was putty on his hands. They emerged from their room when Harry knocked on the door. Her boy had a knack for magically opening doors. He was doing magic here and there, usually when Sev did not let him play with the cauldrons. His first bout of magic came because of Draco. They were almost three at the time. Cissy, Sirius and Remus were visiting when Draco and him ran. Draco liked to clap and move books from shelves. Harry looked at his friend and pulled his hands. He wanted the blond boy to pay attention to him and made his blocks dance up and down.

Severus grinned when he saw those blocks dance. Remus bragged about Draco being able to do that for months now. Narcissa rolled her eyes. Her friend had not made a move yet but it was obvious he was besotted with Cissy and Draco. Lily was convinced Remus would someday make a move.

Lily grabbed her wand and opened the door. "Mewy Cwishmas." Harry yelled and tried to climb the bed. Severus launched him up in the air and kissed his face.

"Let's go Harry we have to get you ready to open your presents." Severus walked down to the Christmas tree and helped Harry open his many gifts.

They were to go to the Burrow for a Christmas feast. Lily dressed her son in a comfortable outfit. She knew he would run and sweat as soon as they set foot on the Weasley residence. Ron, Ginny and the twins would play with him and then Draco would arrive and it would become chaos. Severus caressed her arms when he saw her bright green dress. "Slytherin. I like it." He kissed her neck and she laughed and turned for a kiss.

"Mummy weady." Harry came running and hugged her legs.

"Yes, let's go." Severus picked Harry while Lily retrieved her potato salads. They used the Floo network.

It was noisy. Lily smiled; these were hers and Sev's friends. "They're in the kitchen." Arthur said while munching on some biscuits. Bill and Charlie were back from Hogwarts, Arthur could not be prouder; his boys were both in Gryffindor. Gus and Percy were petting Gussie's new black cat. The twins were giggling at Sirius's magic tricks. Ron, Draco and Ginny were running around. Harry struggled to break free from Sev's hold and joined the spirited chase.

Lily went in the kitchen and found Narcissa and Molly. The three witches had grown really close. They would babysit the children in turns so Molly could have some time for herself, Narcissa lived off of Sirius's inheritance since the Malfoy's assets were liquidated and paid for the war. She did not want to work; apparently it was a disgrace for Black women to work. There had not been one Black woman who worked ever; not even Andromeda, it was an insult, a reflection of financial struggle. Sirius decided to let her keep her lifestyle. Narcissa wanted to homeschool Draco just as Molly did with her children. Lily did not judge or say anything on the matter. She would take some shifts every other two or three weeks. It was a blessing that she had a set schedule. Molly and Cissy did not care much, especially because at first it was Severus the one who filled in for her shifts. Her husband did not have the best record. He once let Charlie Weasley buy a pet lizard and Gus did not stop saying bloody for a whole month. "Sev says it all the time." Tobias shrugged, he did not care but Molly and Cissy did. She smiled and opened the door to the kitchen.

Cissy was crying. Lily worried, "What happened?" She went to comfort the witch.

Molly was by her side. "Sev is here as well. I don't want him to see me like this." Molly warded the door. "There, we'll have time if he comes."

"Cissy why are you crying?" Lily asked with a frown. Narcissa was not a woman to cry unexpectedly. She was proud, haughty and like Sirius bred to not show such "weakness." The only times Lily had seen the woman cry much was during those first months after Malfoy's death and when Sev and her saw her again when You Know Who attacked them.

"Draco called him daddy." Narcissa said brokenly. Lily hugged her. "How? I thought you kept a picture of Lucius by his bedside and explained that he was daddy."

Narcissa sobbed, "And I did. Oh this is not fair. Lucius should be here with us."

Molly served her tea, "Dear, can you explain what happened?"

Cissy breathed and looked at Lily, "do you remember that bear Remus gave him for his first birthday?"

Lily nodded, "Yes, the brown one that would hug him when he hugged it." Cissy nodded and Molly did as well. Draco loved that bear; he carried it up and down everywhere he went.

The witch cried once more. Molly rubbed her back and Cissy breathed once more. "Draco went to sleep last night with his bear. He loves it when Remus reads him stories so he did. Sirius and I were speaking about the charity I am helping with. It was all fine. Remus came back and we asked him about his new job. You are aware the headmaster helped him find that job at Gringotts. I don't understand why he accepted; he is rich after all. Tobias sent that report and that is a lot of galleons. We all did well investing in those stacks Tobias recommended."

"Stocks" Lily corrected. Tobias was financially savvy. The Weasleys had benefitted a lot from their investments and tips, as had the rest of them.

"Yes, those." Narcissa continued with her tale, "We spoke some and tried to convince him to quit but you know him. He is proud and stubborn as only he can be. Sirius had a date with a lady friend and left. Remus and I stayed back and talked like we always do. We had a glass of wine and then I retired." Cissy liked Remus or at least Lily thought so but in those five years she had never even insinuated that she would want anything to do with Remus.

"And then what happened?" Lily asked once more.

"I fell asleep and then I woke up to Draco screaming. He's been having horrible nightmares. I went to get him from his room and he was inconsolable. He had ripped Randall right through the middle and was sobbing his eyes out.

"I asked him what happened and he said he had a bad dream. A giant scorpion chased him and pricked him." Narcissa wiped some of her wayward tears. Her voice was shaky.

"Remus woke up too. He went to Draco's room and my son looked up at him and cried harder. Draco waved his arms and hands up and down."

"I breaked it daddy I breaked it." He sobbed. "Daddy, fix him. Fix him now." Narcissa cried more after that.

"Remus picked him from the bed and hugged him. He fixed the bear and I thought that would be it." She said once more with anguish. "He sometimes calls him daddy but then we explain that he is not daddy and Dragon understands."

She breathed deeply, "So we did. We told him that daddy died and that Remus was uncle Remus like uncle Sirius. He could call him Moony too like Harry did but Draco looked at me and then at Remus and shook his head.

"Everyone has a daddy. Ron, Ginny, Fred, George, Gus, Percy even uncle Sevus has a daddy. I want a daddy too. I want you to be my daddy. Be my daddy." Draco cried so much. I placed a light sleeping spell on him and then Remus looked at me."

Lily heard Narcissa's account; "he said he couldn't do it anymore. "I am his father. I am raising him and it breaks me every time we have to tell him I am not his daddy. I am his daddy Cissa. He might as well have come from me. He is mine."

"I told him that Draco was not. He is a Malfoy; his father was Lucius. Remus told me he loved me and wanted to be with me. "I've been struggling; do you really think I have stayed only because of Sirius?" He said that he stayed for Draco and me. I told him to go and he left. He really left." Narcissa cried even more.

"Do you love him?" Molly asked with a soft voice.

"Could you ever love someone like you love Arthur? What about you Lily? Could you love someone else like you love Severus?"

It was obvious she could not and Molly could not either, "Remus is a good man Narcissa. He loves Draco, that much is obvious to all of us." Lily said clearly, "but what you feel is also important. I don't think I could love other man as much as I love Severus."

Narcissa cried harder, "I like him a lot and Draco loves him."

"Maybe him moving away is a good thing. You will have time to think about what you want Cissy." Molly comforted her. Narcissa wiped her tears.

"Don't tell Sirius. He thinks Remus is away with his parents in America." The woman applied some charms to her face and helped with the food. They focused on the food and getting everyone to fit in the dining room.

They ate. Severus cut up some of Harry's food. "Where is Remus?" He asked Sirius.

"He is in New York for the holidays." Sirius explained nonchalantly.

"I found something that might interest him. It is a new ingredient that could potentially help him the days before his transformation." Severus mentioned.

Tobias drank some juice while Augustus asked to stay in the Burrow. "Only if Molly and Arthur agree and you will come home tomorrow afternoon.

"Yes dad." Gus went back to the kid's table and ate by Percy who grinned maniacally. Lily did not want to know what those to would get up to.

Conversations flowed and soon they were all sleepy. The children played for a bit and then dropped to different parts of the living room.

Lily picked her son from the floor; he was by Ron who was fast asleep too. Ginny and Draco played with Sirius who was back in his dog form. The twins were in their room doing something or other. She sat by Sev's side and enjoyed the conversation that flowed. Arthur spoke of a few raids and of new regulations when concerning the statue of secrecy.

Severus pointed some flaws and then the conversation led to Severus's research for St. Mungos. "We are researching the types of plants to help with the effects of infectious magical diseases like dragon pox." That resulted in an hour or so conversation that even Sirius joined in.

It was very late when they flooed back home. Severus put Harry to sleep while Lily showered.

"Why wasn't Remus in the Burrow?" Her husband asked when he came back to bed.

"Draco called him daddy and he decided to finally tell her he is in love with her." Lily explained.

"Cissy did not take it well." He replied while nuzzling her neck.

"She did not." Lily kissed him.

"It is best that he is away for a while." Severus insisted.

"Maybe, but you should have seen Cissy, she was sad and so confused. She asked Molly and me if we could ever love someone besides you or Arthur."

Severus stroked her middle. "You said no."

"I did but I think she could love Remus. Do you think she would ever love him?"

"I am not sure." He replied.

Lily received an owl a couple of days later. Remus was back from his trip but was living in London near Diagon Alley.

She helped Harry with his clothes and held his hand as they walked to the pre-school. "I Don't want to go Dwaco and Won don't go."

"Their mummies teach them. Your mummy has to go to work and can't teach you."

"You not fun." Harry grumbled but held onto her hand as he went to school.

Lily walked to an Alley to apparate to London and go into St. Mungos for her rounds. She worked all day and saw everything, from a magically grown toe to a heart attack patient.

She apparated to her home and laughed when she saw her husband and child. Harry was naked running up and down while Severus chased him with a towel. "Come back Harry." Severus laughed when she heard her laugh.

"What happened?" Severus laughed and they both ran after their son until they caught him. He was laughing and could barely breathe. "For mummy please shower." Severus said cajolingly.

Their son showered and Lily helped him, the spots he could not clean himself.

"Tell mummy what happened." She asked.

"Awt." The little boy said seriously. Lily nodded and helped him dry off and then turn on the telly so he could watch thundercats.

Severus was in their bedroom changing his clothes. He looked at her burst out laughing.

She smiled, "what happened?"

Sev laughed some more while he put on his clothes. "They started finger painting at school." Severus held her as he laughed some more.

"He showed me his pictures and I said that was some beautiful art and I explained a bit since he had many questions. I went to make dinner and when I came back he had gathered all his painting supplies and painted himself." Lily and him laughed until there were tears.

Sev could barely breathe, "He told me with those big green eyes that now he was a very "vawuable piece of awt" Lils."

Lily laughed and hugged him, "He wanted to show you his art." Severus kissed shook with laughter. They laughed more and then composed themselves to eat dinner with their five-year-old son.

They ate some chicken stew and baked potatoes. Severus carefully cut Harry's chicken and then told him to not make a mess. Her son nodded and dug in.

Lily contemplated her son. He was the image of Severus and Augustus to certain extent. Augustus's eyes were not as dark brown as Severus's and his face was not the same shape. Harry had the same features as his father, down to the cheekbones and nose. The only physical aspect he seemed to inherit from her was the green eyes and maybe his ears.

They went back to the living room where Harry watched some cartoons. She smiled, the Weasley children were always transfixed when they saw the Telly. Harry grabbed his pencils and colors.

"No pieces of art." Severus said sternly as he gave him the colors.

"Yes daddy." Harry set out to color and draw.

Lily cuddled with her husband. "We have that invitation from the ministry." Every year they received an invitation from the ministry of magic to attend the Benefit Ball to commemorate the fall of Lord Voldemort. Every year they refused the invitation.

She did not expect Sev to accept to go this time. "We are going this year." He said while playing with her hair. Lily stiffened. "Why?"

Severus looked at her and explained, "Albus suggested I go."

Lily raised an eyebrow. "The headmaster suggests that every year. Why have you decided to suddenly listen to him?"

Severus smirked, "last time, Damocles Belby was there. He developed the wolfsbane and I need his patent to improve the potion."

Lily frowned, "You talked to Remus."

"As a matter of fact I have." Her husband said as he tried to braid a piece of her red hair.

She looked up to him. "How is he?"

"He is well. Remus will be going to the charity ball too. Black is forcing him to attend. Did you know Cissy arranged the event this year?"

Lily rolled her eyes, "Narcissa arranges all the annual balls."

"Is he in London?" Lily asked intending to tell Narcissa. She was sure Remus had lied to Sirius.

"No, he is in Munich visiting Alice and Neville." Severus yawned.

"Find yourself a dress dear." Her husband knew that she would want more details about his correspondence with Remus.

Lily kissed his chest, "I don't want to go."

Severus kissed her neck, "we have to go. We are going to that ball Lils."

She nodded, "For Remus. I have to tell Cissy that he is in Germany."

"Don't meddle." His hands ran up her torso.

"Will he be at the ball?" She asked as he tried to get rid of her sleeping gown.

"He will. Don't meddle." He nuzzled her neck and distracted her from owling Cissy.