Cauldrons and Lilies

Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

Severus was utterly speechless. He was too confused, this wasn't supposed to happen. He wouldn't live through his father's insults and drunken tirades again. He was rooted in his spot; it wasn't until someone pushed him forward that he regained his senses. He walked to his parents. His mother looked radiant. "Hello mum." He said and was pleasantly surprised when Eileen Snape hugged him. "I'm so happy to see you. We have so many surprises for you."

Tobias looked at him, "Hi Sev." He said slowly, Severus inherited his looks and voice. His father's voice was deeper than his. Severus was surprised and in a heartbeat remembered, it was him, Tobias who nicknamed him Sev, he had forgotten but it was his dad who used to call him by the nickname when he was young. "Sir." He addressed his father. The tension was palpable. He didn't want to be here. He didn't want Tobias to be here.

"We could give you a ride if you'd like Eileen?" Harry Evans said congenially.

"Thank you Mr. Evans but I secured a car earlier this week." Tobias said with a calm voice that Severus hadn't heard in decades. The two men nodded.

"Bye Sev." Lily was in front of him and hugged him fiercely as if she wouldn't see him again until September. "I don't know what's happening either. Mum's tight lipped about it but I'm sure I'll get Tunney to tell me all about it." She whispered. Severus hugged her back and smiled when she kissed his cheek and ran to get to her parents.

His parents were going through the wall when Severus caught up with them. He sullenly followed them. Was this one of the changes the books mentioned? He shouldn't worry, this affected Lily in the least. Tobias Snape was his problem to deal with. Mother was strangely cheerful. "You're going to love the house Severus. Your father has worked on it the whole winter. He even fixed your window." The car was obviously second hand but it seemed well taken care of. Tobias drove perfectly, he looked clean shaven. His mother kept asking him questions about school. Tobias didn't twitch or made any rude comment. Severus gave as much details and excluded the muggle even when mum tried to include him.

Once they were parked at Spinner's End Tobias carried the trunk to Severus bedroom. He insisted to be the one to do so. Severus took advantage of his absence, "What is he doing here?" He asked with a hiss.

"He's really trying love. He's your father and he went back to school. He works in the mornings and goes to night school. He's getting his accountant certification in a few months. His boss at supermarket offered him a management post once he does." Mum explained with a smile.

Severus shook his head, "It doesn't matter. I bet he's still drinking. Did you forget about last time? He tried to hit you." He said in an agitated voice. Couldn't she understand? Tobias Snape was bad news. A mean drunk who given the opportunity would become violent towards her. He wouldn't be here to protect her from him.

Her smiled faded, "Don't talk about your father in that manner." She said with a tight voice.

She caressed his face, she was still taller than him. She looked beautiful, happy so unlike his memories. "He's changed for the better. He came one night crying, just after you went to Hogwarts. He said he had a dream about me and you dying. He was incoherent love. Your father was so confused. He thought he had killed us in one of his drunken fits. He hasn't had a drink since. I promise you darling, he's changed, for good now."

"Are you insane? He'll never change. He's a drunk and he'll strike you mum. You have to decide mum. It's him or me." He exploded in an uncharacteristic fit of teenage outburst.

"I'm so sorry Sev, I really am." Tobias said from the tip of the stairs. Severus looked at him with contempt.

"I've let you and your mother down. I'm trying to make this right, I want us to work. I love you both very much." His father said with a stricken expression. That was the last nail to the coffin.

"You have to decide mother. I won't stay if he does." He said with his most serious voice which didn't exactly work when your voice hadn't fully changed and you were still shorter than your father.

"She doesn't have to choose son. I'll go if so you wish." Tobias said with a defeated voice.

His mother paled and drew her wand. "You'll do no such thing." She waved her wand around him and Severus felt magic envelop him.

"What did you do mother?" He almost yelled at her.

"Don't speak to your mum with that tone young man." His father admonished. How dared he play father? He who left, he wanted to say so but his mother answered.

"A simple, yet ancient spell, you'll find yourself back home by midnight." She said and smirked.

"Finite Incatatem." He said quickly.

"Son, I expected better than that. This is a blood spell, you won't undo it. Only the caster can terminate it." She had that glint on her eyes, the determination he had inherited from her.

Tobias didn't say anything. He stood behind her. Severus felt the irrational urge to yell and kick something. He glared at both of them and left the house. "Severus please we have to finish this. Where are you going?" His father said with a firm voice.

"Out" was his reply. He left for the playground, that place soothed him.

He went straight for the swings. He was glad when a familiar redhead swung next to him. Maybe she had more information about this bizarre situation.

"Tunney says he's been back since October. He's working at the supermarket." She said softly.

"I knew that." He said forcefully. He was enraged, his father often elicited that reaction from him.

"I just wanted to help." Lils answered a little hurt by his attitude. He didn't apologize, he was tired of apologizing. He wanted to be angry, to not always be apologetic. He wanted to be petty. He wanted to hit something, maybe it would be satisfactory if he set fire on that patch of overgrown grass by the slide.

"He seemed sober." Lily tried to sound hopeful

He snorted derisively, "Let's see how long it lasts this time. I wager that by the end of this week he'll be at a bar drinking what little money he made. He can't be back. I don't understand why she would take him back. He's toxic for her doesn't she understand?"

Lily grabbed his hand. "Maybe he deserves a second chance."

Was she serious? "Lils don't defend him. He's nothing but a drunkard who will end up hurting her. She is so foolish; she had the gall to tell me she's in love with him."

His best friend stood up in front of him. He looked up to her. "We can't help who we love. Severus. It just happens, you don't expect it. You think you know someone and suddenly you look at them and think. "He's not the same. I'm in the wrong. He's not arrogant, he's confident. He's not mean, he cares and it changes everything."She had that look in her face, the same smile she had whenever he spoke of Potter. This was shaping to be the worst day he'd had in this reality. She was already in love with Potter; the knowledge hurt him like a dull wound. It wakened his baser instinct, punching a tree didn't seem like a bad idea at all.