Cauldrons and Lilies

Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Lily laughed when he twirled and he laughed with her. Her laugh was such a beautiful sound. She looked just like he remembered her, the same striking green eyes, the same freckles and the graceful nose. She smiled and her lips looked just as ruby red, her hair. He remembered running his fingers through her hair while they studied. His trance like state was broken by someone pulling her from his grasp. He looked up to see Black and Potter.

"You can't be here Snivellus." Black aimed his wand at him; in his haste Severus had forgotten his wand in his dormitory. He could do wandless magic but he doubted performing such magic would be wise even if he only was here for a day. It wouldn't help his other self.

Thankfully Lily as always intervened in his favor. "Don't call him that." She came to his defense and trained her wand at the Marauders.

He didn't want to waste time. "Lil's, I've got to speak to you." He pulled her and they exited the common room.

Lily looked puzzled. They were walking to the black lake, their favorite spot to be when she stopped him. "There's something off about you." She stopped and held on his hand.

"There's nothing different about me. What could be different?" He asked innocently.

"Let me look at you." She looked at him and then smiled, "You're the same Sev but your attitude is different."

They walked to the edge and had sat down. "You didn't hex Potter or Black."

He ignored her comment, "I wanted to ask you something." Severus smiled when Lily frowned; she was annoyed by his evasion.

"Only if you tell me why you didn't hex Sirius," He frowned back and agreed when she started to get up to go back inside the castle.

"I knew you would get angry." Severus didn't look at her in the eyes and cut some of the weeds with his fingers.

She didn't press more; they lay on the grass looking at the sky just like they did when they were children. He was relaxed and happy for the first time in more than twenty years. She sighed, "You wanted to ask me something." She stated.

"Right, I can't remember the date." She laughed. "I told you to stop writing in that blasted book. You stop eating and thinking."

He nodded sheepishly, as a student he had told Lily almost everything about him and she knew him better than his own parents and he knew her better than anyone else too. He remembered being consumed with inventing new spells and bettering potions. It had to be fifth year. Lily kept ranting, "Honestly Sev. You have to take care of yourself. I bet this is the first time this week that you've washed your hair." She teased him. The other Severus would have retorted with something sour but he faked an offended face. "You wound me Lils." She laughed at the face he pulled and he decided he would do everything to hear as many laughs as possible.

"Humor me Lils." He said the nickname tasted sweet.

"Very well, today is Saturday September 27, 1975." She said simply. Severus nodded.

"That's it?" She asked and frowned when he nodded. He could see that she would ask a billion questions if he didn't appease him. "Fine, I wanted to know how much time we have until our O.W.L.S."

"I can tell that you're lying to me." Lily's face turned serious. "Sev, I heard from Emmeline Vance that she saw you and Yaxley hexing third years."

Severus remembered, it had been around this time when he had begun associating with the next circle of death eaters. Dolohov was already inducted. Lucius and him were friends since childhood and had taken the mark during that summer. Mulciber and Carrow were to be inducted by Christmas, Nott and him were to be inducted by September that following year. Severus shook his head a little. The Dark Lord wouldn't introduce the Dark Mark until his seventh year. They were Death Eaters in training.

Lily looked at him with her big green eyes and told him softly, "Severus, Dolohov and Mulicber hate muggle borns. They call me mudblood, they are bullies." Severus didn't know what to say. Lily was right his classmates were bigots and potentially dangerous. He couldn't swear to her that he wouldn't associate with them. It would raise even more suspicions.

"Lils, they are my friends…" He began; he remembered all those discussions they had because of his alliances.

"They're bad people." She argued and complained. Lily was stubborn and tended to lecture and be self righteous when it came to him and his classmates.

Severus remained quiet, the teenage Severus would have railed and argued but he had her back and for almost twenty years he had mourned her absence. He didn't want to spoil this. Severus evaded her gaze when she asked him to promise to not be friends with Dolohov and Mulciber.

Lily seemed to give up too, "What do you say we go to Hogsmeade?" She proposed.

Severus sighed, "Fine but no Three Broomsticks or Honeydukes."

Lily smiled, "You're no fun." She stood up and pulled him up; they agreed to meet at the entrance in twenty minutes.

He didn't have a care in the world and chose a warmer and decidedly old green jumper. He met Lily and they set out to town. Severus and her talked and spent the day with her. It had a dream quality to it and he was happy. He was sure he would wake up any moment and be dead so he would enjoy this time with Lils. They walked around Hogsmeade and ended drinking chocolate outside of the Three Broomsticks. Lils hated butterbeer.

"You did say no Three Broomsticks." Lily remarked and he laughed.

"It's so good to hear you laugh. I haven't heard you laugh since your dad left." Severus remembered Tobias Snape left him and mum that summer. Tobias tried to hit Eileen. His father was a drunk, a mean abusive drunk but he'd never hit him or mum until that night or so Eileen assured him. Tobias tried to backhand his wife because she had tried to go back to her parents and ask for money.

"You fucking witch." Severus remembered clearly when he got in the middle and he received the backhand. "Don't you dare touch her you drunk." Severus had said. His father looked as if he had been to one to have received the blow and staggered out of the house. Severus never saw him again. Eileen blamed her son for her husband disappearance. She loved Tobias and resented him for turning him away.

Severus sobered up, "I'm sorry Sev." Lily noticed his face and changed subjects quickly to Petunia's new boyfriend, Vernon Dursley and how much they disliked him.

It had been a good day; he spent it all with Lils and enjoyed her chattering and their close friendship. No marauders to bother them, just them. He closed his eyes and expected to be back with Dumbledore at King's Cross.

He woke up from a horrible nightmare. He was falling and the vertigo sensation never stopped since he never hit the ground. He looked around, the same curtains and his old room while he was a student. It hadn't been a dream; he was really back to his fifth year. The fear overwhelmed him suddenly. What was she doing back? Why was he here? He tried to remember Dumbledore's words. Severus sat up and went into the restroom. "Think, Severus." the old man said that few got this opportunity. To do what, he was back before he was a Death Eater. Severus wasn't precisely a scholar but he knew one could not meddle with timelines. There wasn't another one of him, it was only him and the knowledge he had of things already changed something in the timeframe. He hyperventilated and looked again he was still fifteen and nothing would change that fact.

He tried to remember Dumbledore's words once more and couldn't comprehend why he would have to relive this again. It wasn't a secret to the old man that he had always regretted taking the mark. Severus felt the cold marble against his spine and focused on the cold. He needed to concentrate, he died, he was sure of that. Dumbledore said few men had the opportunity to ride that train and then he woke up as a teenager, before he had committed to the Death Eaters. He shivered a little and continued with his thoughts. It was 1975, Voldemort was a threat. He felt an icy chill that didn't have anything to do with the dark marble against his back. Horrcruxes, there were pieces of Voldemort scattered around the Wizarding World. Why would Dumbledore sent him back to all of this? Was this his penitence? Severus realized that it couldn't be because Lily was here and she was alive. For a heart wrenching second he thought that maybe he was destined to betray her again. "No, I won't do it. It will not happen, not like last time." He stood up again and marched out of the lavatory.

He shrugged a well worn student robe and went to the seventh floor. The room of requirement would be the perfect place. He stood just in front of the empty wall and concentrated. "I want answers."

The door appeared and he was inside the room it looked like a library and there was a desk in front of him with a single page, from the Headmaster.

This is your second chance. A single line written by Dumbledore, he almost trashed the place. How could this be his second chance? Wizards were not supposed to meddle with time. Severus kicked the chair and picked a book. The title wasn't a surprise to him, it was about time, space and relative dimensions. He sat in a corner and started reading. He spent the whole afternoon in that same spot. Severus read and wrote about time travel and came to the single conclusion that Harry Potter needed to be born so the prophecy could be fulfilled. It was more than three books described it a fixed point in time.

He rubbed his eyes and left the room, amazed that he wasn't sore or tired, just hungry for the first time in years. He remembered how hungry he was all the time as a teenager. He arrived just in time to the Great Hall and shoveled all the food he could take. Mulciber and Nott invited him to a game of exploding snap but he declined.

He wanted to go back to the room of requirement to do more research but was stopped by Lily. "Sev, I've been looking for you all over the castle. Where have you been?"

Severus felt the same tingles he felt whenever he was near her. "I was in my dorm studying." He lied easily. Lily frowned, her face distrustful. Severus stretched. "Want to go to the room of requirement." She asked hopefully. Severus smiled; it had been their safe haven from the marauders and his classmates.

"Fine." They went to the seventh floor and the room took a different appearance. It looked like a common room but with neutral colors. She took his hand and they sat down in the couch. Lily laughed suddenly. "Why are you laughing?" he asked.

"Nothing, I hexed Potter with the new spell you taught me." She giggled, "You should have seen his stupid face."

Severus laughed a little, trying to mask his pain. She would be Potter's just like before and there was nothing he could do or bad things would happen. He wouldn't become a Death Eater however. He would be by her side, make sure she was protected fight for the Order if it was necessary. Dumbledore was meant to know about the Horrcruxes on his own. He only had to wait and maybe drop some hints as to the diary and the ring. Those were the only items he knew about.

"Sev, Sev." Lily shook his arm. "I'm sorry Lils I'm tired." He said as a poor excuse for the fact that he hadn't heard a single word of what she said.

Lily's eyes became sad. "I don't understand you Sev. Yesterday was wonderful, I finally had you back and today you act so distant just like before. Something changed after you spoke with Malfoy. What is it Sev?"

Severus frowned; the moment that he went back things started shifting, or so one author stated. According to many books in the room of requirement the major events couldn't change but everyday life events would shift and become different versions of the old things. His mere knowledge of things shaped and shifted this new reality.

"Nothing Lils. I'm fine." He said and an uncomfortable silence settled between them. Lily and his rift started their fifth year, he could sense it.

She looked hurt but nodded; he had forgotten how well they knew each other. They had been best friends since they were 9 year olds and told each other everything; well at least it had been that way until he realized he was in love with her. Severus knew he loved her when he was fourteen and in their third year. Lily was a ball of energy that day, one of her friends; Alice Smith kissed a boy, Frank Longbottom.

"I want to know what it feels like." She said.

Severus' eyes widened, "What?" he barely had time to say more when Lily planted a big kiss on his mouth. His heart beat rose and he felt a huge hole in his stomach. Lily looked at him and blinked. They never spoke about again, Lily ran out and he realized he was in love with her.

"Sev?" He shook his head again.

"You were out again. You've been doing that a lot. Sev, tell me please." She asked once more, she was persistent and worse than a dog with a bone.

"I had a dream and you were dead." He finally said and averted his eyes. She gasped.

He would never tell her the truth. Lils would never understand and he didn't want to burden her with the knowledge that she was destined to die for her son. "You died and I betrayed you. He killed you and I told her where you were." He said with a small voice.

"It was just a dream and I know you would never hurt me. "Not on purpose." She said just as quietly. He looked at her and saw her sad face. "I know about the death eaters Sev. They're not good people. They hate us."

He nodded, "I know." She hugged him. "I feel like you're pulling away from me. I don't want to lose you to them." She hugged him hard and he hugged her with the same strength. Severus shook his head and promised her. "I'll never hurt you or ever leave you Lily Evans. I love you, you're my best friend." He said and looked at her wet green eyes.

She moved closer and kissed him. Severus knew how to respond to her and kiss her softly. In his past lifetime he had kissed her once when he was fourteen and never again. He was sure this was his last chance to taste her sweet lips.

He kissed her expertly, slowly and determined to make it special. He was selfish but his Lils was to be for another man. He entangled his tongue with hers and moaned when she ran her fingers through his hair and then she was so close. He could feel all of her and parts of his anatomy responded. So did his brains. This wasn't supposed to be. Lily had to marry Potter. The prophecy was a fixed point in time. Harry Potter was to vanquish Tom Riddle.

He ended the kiss and they looked at each other with fear. It was Lily who spoke first. "I'm sorry Sev, I have to go." She ran out of the room without looking back. He smiled and closed his eyes. He had kissed Lily Evans again and that was something to be happy about.