Cauldrons and Lilies

Chapter 49

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Chapter 49

Severus was not sorry he punched and obliviated Vernon Dursley. Come to think about it he was sorry he did not punch him some more. Tuney's memories were awful. Dursley deserved more than the punches. He would never hurt Tuney or Dudley again.

The mutt and Remus had gone with him. He had meant to only tell Cissy to go to the Burrow but then the mutt had asked about Tuney. Soon enough the three men were going to Little Whinging. Remus had gone to dissuade him and Sirius had gone because he was bored.

Severus did not know why he told the men about his plans. Maybe it had been because Sirius already knew. He must have figured it out. The mutt was not stupid.

They had gone for drinks and some smokes after. It was strange to socialize with the mutt but he had to if he was going to go with Remus.

Lily pestered him until he told her about his visit to Little Whinging. She of course told Tuney who cried. She was nice to him and that was stranger than anything he had ever lived. Tuney was nice and respectful. They spoke little but they were cordial. They would never be best friends but they both loved Lily.

Lily woke him up with kisses on his jaw. "Wake up love." Severus reacted quickly He kissed her deeply. "I love it when you wake me up like that." He rasped and put his hand under her nighty.

He found what he was looking for, "I think we should play mediwitch and sick patient."

Lily kissed him and shook her head, "you like that game too much and we don't have time."

Severus rolled them until he was on top. "A quick one then." He lowered his voice and kissed her neck.

The man was in high spirits that day. He had to admit he appreciated Tuney in the house. She cooked better than him. She cleaned, brought him coffee and dropped off Dudley and Harry to their school.

He drank his morning coffee and worked on his potion for the cruciatus after-effects. The Lycanthropy cure was in the backburner for now. Remus did not want to be subjected to so much testing after Lyra was born. He wanted to be strong for his family. The testing took an enormous toll on him. Narcissa worried too much about his health. She advocated that the modification to Belby's wolfbane were good enough for now.

He read some research papers when Tuney entered his study. She sat down in front of him and cleared her throat. Severus got the message. "Anything I can do for you?" He asked absent mindedly. They were cordial it was true but they respected each other's space for the most part.

"Yes, I neeed your assistance." Tuney replied honestly.

Severus arched an eyebrow. "How so?"

Tuney fidgeted, "I found a job but I need to go to University."

Severus remembered that Tuney left school to marry Dursley. "That could be easily arranged. Where do you want to go?"

Petunia nodded, "It would be some local program. It will not take long. Mr. Snape found me the classes and I will start soon. I wouldn't pick up the kids but I could drop them off."

"Tuney, you do not need my permission to go to University." Severus slowly said.

"I know that Severus." She said with a mildly exasperated tone. He was glad that she was getting some of her traits back. He could not properly dislike a nice Tuney.

He arched an eyebrow, "Well then."

Petunia sighed, "I need you to make sure that the kids are fed and do their homework. I don't want to overwhelm Lily."

Severus nodded, "of course." He replied.

So Tuney went to University. Dad was really helpful to Petunia. He helped her with the courses at school. According to dad Tuney had a mind for number like no other person he'd ever seen. Severus thought it would be harder to accept Petunia in his life but it was not. True he never liked Petunia a lot but it was fine. Lily loved her sister and it seemed that Petunia loved his wife very much too. The sisters were different from each other. Lily was outgoing, funny, and extremely silly. Petunia was more inhibited, certainly more organized and freakishly clean. She was loving. Petunia loved Dudley and Harry. It was strange to see her help both Dudley and Harry so patiently. She was very indulging with both children. It was a complete opposite from the cold, careless and neglectful woman Harry Potter showed him on his childhood memories.

It was about three months when Tuney cooked a magnificent dinner. The children were asleep. Dudley was a polite boy who was not as adventurous as Harry. Dudley was kind and smart. A nice boy. They went to school together. They were very fond of each other.

Tuney drank some wine and looked at them. "I am eternally grateful to you both. Lily, I have found you again and I will never let you go but it is time." She said while she squeezed her sister's hand.

Lily looked confused. "Time for what?"

Tuney looked more like her old self but a nicer old self. Severus remembered the sure, haughty girl of his teenage years. Tuney was popular, smart and very assertive. This Petunia Dursley was in improved version. "I have a job and I have savings now. I will rent an apartment. There is one a few houses down Mr. Snape's. I liked it when I visited. He helped me find it."

"Tuney, you don't have to go." Lily said quickly. Severus noticed that she looked alarmed.

Tuney held her hand once more. "I know I don't have to. I want to. Dudley and I will not impose any longer. Oh Lily. I want to do so much for him. I can now. I am an adult mooching off my sister and my brother in law. You know that is not me."

Severus knew she was proud, stubburn. "I will visit. You will visit. Dudley and Harry will be in the same class. Severus will still watch them."

Severus nooded. "I will drop him off when you get off work."

"Oh no Severus. I will pick him up and stay for dinner." Tuney replied.

Lily held back tears. "If it is what you want." She said bravely.

"It is." She said.

So Tuney moved out. Lily and her met with every weekend. Dudley and Harry went to the Burrow during the weekends. Life continued as it always did.

He read some research papers when a bustling Lily came to his study. "We are going out tonight." Severus smirked when his wife sat on his lap. She must have known he needed some convincing.

It was Saturday afternoon and the man would rather stay home than go out. "May I ask why?" He ran his hand over her lime green slacks. Lily smiled brightly at him. Sometimes he could not believe she was his.

"Sirius is back from Australia." She said happily.

Severus rolled his eyes. "And how does that concern us?"

Lily pecked his lips. "He is here to stay. It appears that he is tired from traveling."

He frowned, "why are we celebrating then?"

It was Lily's turn to roll her eyes. "He will not take Remus away from you. If only the world knew what a jealous man you are Severus Snape."

Severus sighed, "I still do not see the cause for celebration."

Lily kissed his cheek. "When was the last time we went out?" She asked while kissing his neck and trying to undo his shirt.

"Wednesday. We went for ice cream with Petunia, Harry and Dudley."

Lily smiled, "I mean only adults."

Severus remained quiet. "Exactly, you cannot remember and neither can I." Lily jumped up. "Narcissa planned it all. Draco, Lyra, Harry and Dudley will stay with your dad. I tried convincing Molly to go out with us but she is not keen. It will be us, the Lupins, Sirius and Tuney. We are going dancing."

The man frowned, "I hate dancing."

Lily kissed the frown away. "Your dad agreed to take Harry until Tuesday. I forgot to tell you. I have a few days off that I took. I will be yours until Wednesday. You Severus Snape are on for a few childless days." Lily waggled her eyebrows.

He chuckled and kissed her. "Very well Mrs. Snape. We shall do as you say." Severus was not as hard to convince as Lily thought.

"Dad" Harry yelled at the top of his lungs. The ten-year-old looked for something. It was a hot August night. Lily was shut in their room getting ready for their outing.

"Do not shout. What is the matter?" Severus pinched the bridge of his nose. I cannot find my blue trainers.

"Your mum must have packed them already. Now, get through the Floo." He ushered the boy to the chimney.

Severus shook the soot from his shoulders. He wore black trousers and a grey long sleeved shirt. Gus and Percy had all types of books spread out the table.

"Where is dad?" Severus asked Gus who barely looked up.

"Out. He went to the supermarket." Gus was a moody teenager now. He rolled his eyes. Percy was no better. They disregarded him.

Tuney came from the kitchen. She looked very pretty. She wore her hair up and a nice dark blue dress. It showed her figure.

"Hello Severus." She said and then turned to Dudley. "Behave. Mr. Snape will tell me if you don't."

"Yes mum." Dudley said distractedly because Harry was gesturing to him.

"The boys said dad went to the supermarket." Severus began.

"Yes, he should be back any second now. I think I will step through the Floo. I lent Lily some earrings and I need them now. Wait for your father. Goodbye boys." She kissed Dudley and Harry.

Severus noticed when Tuney approached the table and kissed Gus goodbye. His brother smiled at the woman. "I made shepherd's pie."

"Thanks." His brother smiled happily and then hugged Tuney.

Severus saw as his sister in law disappeared in the the green flames. He would not have believed anyone that told him that Petunia Dursley would willingly uses magical means of transportation. He sat down and waited for his dad.

Remus held his two children hands' "listen to Mr. Snape. Draco took off and joined Harry and Dudley. Lyra clung to her dad. "You will have to wait until dad is here so she can take her from you." Severus observed.

Remus sat next to him. "I thought we were supposed to meet at your house."

"We are. Where is your wife?" Severus asked.

His friend laughed, "Last time I saw her she was curling her hair and moaning over the fact that she had nothing to wear. Mind you, the witch has more clothes than you and me put together."

Severus smirked. "Lily is not ready yet either."

Remus played with Lyra. "I am exhausted. Cissy is thinking of having another one. I don't know how to tell her no. Draco and Lyra are enough for the both of us."

Severus shrugged, "just tell her."

Remus looked at him, "how did you tell Lily?"

Severus arched an eyebrow, "I don't follow."

His friend frowned, "Cissa told me you two were trying since Lyra was about a few months. It has not escaped my notice that Lily has not become pregnant."

Severus sighed. "We have tried. Lily stopped taking the potion and we don't really take care of ourselves. It just has not happened."

Remus looked embarrassed, "I am sorry. I should not have brought it up."

Severus shook his head, "we are not heartbroken about it Remus. Lily was upset for the first few months but then she was distracted with Tuney."

His friend smiled. "So, will you try?"

Severus nodded, "as far as I know we are. To be honest I agree with you. Harry is enough to handle. I will have more children if Lils wants."

"I love my children but another one would drive me insane. You are a handful Lyra." Remus kissed his kid on the forehead and she squirmed down to play with some cars that Dudley left.

Severus switched the topic, "why is the mutt coming back?"

Remus chuckled, "I expected you to ask much sooner."

"Lils said that he grew tired of traveling. I highly doubt that. Why is he coming back to England?" Severus asked once more.

The man that grew to be his best friend replied honestly. "I don't have the slightest idea. He asked if he could stay with us at Grimmauld Place."

Severus frowned, "That is his house. Why would he ask to stay in his own house?"

Remus shook his head, "Not anymore. I bought it for Cissa. For some strange reason she loves that house. I planned to move us out of there when she became pregnant with Lyra but she refused to leave. I thought it would be prudent to buy the house from Sirius." The man was extremely proud still.

Severus nodded. "What is taking dad so long?"

Tobias Snape entered the house soon after. He came laden with groceries. "That should last us the weekend."

"Thank you for watching my children." Remus began.

"Don't worry. Draco is a well behaved boy and this little lady is beautiful." He said and picked up Lyra from the floor.

"Thanks dad. Tuney left some food for you and Gus. I better go now. Tell Harry we'll pick him up Tuesday afternoon." Severus stepped into the floo.

He thought he would find his wife and sister in law waiting for him. He was mistaken. Remus stepped in and waited by him. The mutt came through the floo as well. "I thought you would all be ready by now. What is taking so long?" He plopped down next to him.

"I do not have the slightest idea." They waited for about fifteen minutes before Narcissa came downstairs. She wore a gold shimmery dress.

"How do I look?" She asked and twirled.

Remus smiled and kissed her briefly. "Beautiful." His friend kissed Narcissa once more.

Severus could appreciate that she looked pretty but Narcissa was always pretty. Petunia and Lily came down giggling. Tuney's dress was different. She now wore a black dress that was definitely more figure hugging. She wore a very revealing neckline too. It was Lily's handiwork he was sure. His wife looked breathtaking. Lily wore a very short purple dress thing. She also wore very high heels. He realized his wife had very long legs. He smiled when she kissed his lips.

"You have to apparate Tuney to the place." She whispered.

Severus nodded, "Where are we going?"

Lily yelled out a London night club. Severus frowned but was powerless as the other wizards apparated away.

Tuney offered her hand. She smiled. "I promise not to puke." He smiled tightly. She did that once. The woman had been mortified. Severus merely waved his wand and disappeared all the puke.

He grabbed her hand and they apparated to the busy sidewalk. Narcissa and Remus went inside first. Lily and the mutt followed them and he did the same with Tuney.

The nightclub was crowded there were a lot of young men and women grinding against each other. Severus led Tuney to their table. They ordered drinks. The mutt kept looking his way in a strange way. Lily pulled him up for a dance. Severus wanted to say no but his wife took no prisoners.

Severus Snape danced with one Lily Snape for an hour. He enjoyed himself and laughed as they moved. "We should go out more. We should go dancing every week." Lily grinned. Severus could not help but kiss her until he was breathless. She danced closer to him. The man was afraid to make a fool of himself in that moment. Lily licked his lips and pulled him back to their table. Tuney and the mutt were toasting to something. Remus and Narcissa were nowehere to be seen.

They could barely speak over the loud music playing. Lily smiled at him. "I think Sirius and Tuney would make a great couple."

Severus laughed, "I think you are raving mad." He said honestly and then saw something strange in the mutt's eyes. He saw that look he used to give Marlene and all the other girls when they were at Hogwarts. The fucking dog was on the prowl.

His look became serious. He came closer to Lils. "You have to warn your sister. She cannot sleep with the mutt." It was Lily's turn to laugh.

"Why not? He's single. She's finally divorced. Tuney is pretty and needs some fun. Sirius is fun. All the girls said it."

Severus frowned. "He's not for Petunia. She doesn't like magic."

Lily frowned back. "She has come a very long way Severus Snape." Severus could detect a long rant.

"Sweetheart, I do not speak of that. She is too good for the likes of him. Tuney could do much better than the mutt." Severus ammeded his statement.

Lily stood up. "Let's go dance some more."

Severus followed her before he put his foot in his mouth once more. They were very sweaty when they came back. Cissy looked disheveled and so did Remus. "Where is Petunia?" Lily shouted.

"Dancing with Sirius." Remus yelled back.

Indeed, they were. His sister in law and the mutt ground against each other not very far from where their table. Lily distracted him with some drinks. Soon he forgot about Tuney and the mutt. All he could feel and see was Lils. They kissed, danced and drank. Lily even smoked. Severus grinned fithily when she gave him a fag. "To old times."

Severus savored the nicotine and kissed her, "Fucking brilliant you are." Severus was on his way to be very intoxicated. The night dragged on until finally the six of them sat around their table. "I think it is time we all went to our place." He showed them a bag with marijuana.

Surprisingly, it was Remus who grabbed Cissy and apparated first. Sirius stretched his hand to Tuney and apparated as well. Lily kissed him and apparated him to Grimmauld Place.

They were in the smallest sitting room. Lily conjured music. The starting notes of Killer Queen surrounded the room. It was loud and it made him laugh. Lily started singing off key. He was utterly surprised when Tuney joined in. She danced around Lily.

Severus smiled happily. He was reminded of his youth. The mutt offered him a joint. Severus took it and smoked some of it. Sirius then went to offer some to the girls.

"I don't think I should. I have never." Tuney said.

Lily took the joint way from her. "You do not have to if you don't want to. Don't think we do this often. Severus and I have not smoked since before Harry was born."

Of course the mutt had to speak, "How wrong you are dear Lily. Snape here was stoned out of his mind about two weeks ago for Remus' transformation."

Lily rolled his eyes, "that does not count. That is therapeutic." His gorgeous wife explained.

Tuney grabbed Lily's hand, "I'd like to try."

Severus lit their joints and soon music from their adolescene blasted through the library. There was more alcohol. Severus sang to some Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith and Queen so did Remus, the mutt and Tuney. Cissy laughed incontrollably and then decided she wanted to make baby number 3. Remus grabbed her and they left the library before Cissy flashed them.

Tuney looked happy and so did Lily. "You are welcome to stay the night." The mutt hosted graciously. "You could stay in the dungeons."

Severys pulled Lily. "I know where they are."

"Sirius show Tuney to her room." Lily giggled. Tuney blushed a little.

Severus ravaged Lily until they both passed out. He woke up with a raging headache. Lily was on his chest. His head pounded. He needed sober up potion and stomach soother. "Love, wake up."

"Oh Sev, my head is splitting." She moaned and kissed his chest.

"I'll get you some potion." He said and dressed. He made his way to the ancient lab that the house had. "Dobby." He whispered tiredly.

The perky house elf bounced up and down. "Find me the ingredients for a sober up potion and stomach soother."

He set to work and imbebbed the first bit of potion as soon as it was ready. He felt better and went to aid Lils. She was a better person once she was sober. She was sunny and happy once more.

"Let's make some breakfast." She said and walked to the kitchen.

It seemed Tuney had the same idea. She wore a long robe that he recognized as the mutt's. He arched an eyebrow but remained quiet.

Lily knew too. "Good morning Tuney. How can I help you?" The sisters set to work.

Remus strolled in and asked for the sober up potion. Severus handed him some. "Leave some for Cissy." Severus said thoughtfully.

As it happened neither Cissy nor the mutt needed anything. They pranced in at different times.

"How come you two are so springy?" Lily asked curiously.

Cissy smiled, "Black genes"

Petunia looked confused, "pardon?"

"We do not get hangovers." Sirius said airily while he ate some bacon.

Remus shook his head, "It is for peasants such the likes of us."

"Now, Moony, do not consider yourself so low." Sirius said mockingly.

"My darling husband." Cissy said and kissed his cheek.

Severus shook his head and ate his food in silence.

"Should we pick up Harry?" He asked when they were ready to leave.

Lily touched his chest, "do you want to just yet?"

Severus loved Harry but he wanted more alone time with Lily. "Dad would not mind to have him until Tuesday. We could drop Tuney by and then just go." He said quickly.

"We'll do that." Lily grinned.

Tuney said her goodbyes. "You have to tell me everything." His wife said and giggled along with Petunia. Severus frowned.

"Why do you want to know "everything"?" He asked her once they were home. "She's my sister and we get along now. We tell each other everything now."

"That oaf Dursley was awful. I just want her to have a nice time." Lily said while she undressed. "I'm taking a shower. Care to join me?"

Severus undressed and kept asking, "So the mutt is nice?"

Lily was naked and wet. "He is not husband material but he is fun. Rumor has it he's capable in bed. Tuney is in need of that."

Severus was repulsed. He joined his wife in the shower. At that point Petunia and Sirius were the last thing on his mind.